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9 Best Dog Dental Sprays in 2022

Imagine a solution to doggy breath. We are here to inform you that such a product is no longer imaginative; it’s now a reality. Bad breath can be an indicator of dental issues in your dog. Dental problems are more common than you think, affecting around 80% of all pups by the time they are 3 years old.

Sometimes brushing and dental sticks just don’t do the trick. Doggy breath can also be caused by your dog’s diet. Chances are if he is on a raw diet or it consists more of real pieces of food rather than kibble, your dog’s breath will smell less than fresh.

Dogs can put up quite a fight when it’s teeth cleaning time, but you can avoid this tussle altogether with dental sprays. Something that our dogs could potentially ingest needs to be safe and non-toxic. This begs the age-old question of how to pick the right one. Read on and our pet experts will help you make the right choice.

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1. Pro Pet Works Premium Pet Dental Spray

Pro Pet Works Premium Pet Dental Spray

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The dental spray from Pro Pet works on all domestic animals and turns bad breath into fresh breath. It’s an all-natural concoction that doesn’t contain alcohol or toxins. Not only does it freshen your fur baby’s breath, but it also prevents gum disease, and plaque and tartar buildup.

Vets actually recommend dental sprays as part of your pooch’s daily hygiene routine. Upon contact, the Pro Pet Works dental spray eliminates bacteria and leaves nothing but a fresh scent. Some of the ingredients include aloe vera, honey, cinnamon, and mint. If your dog accidentally consumes some of the sprays, it acts as a digestive aid and a dog deodorizer as well.

Your pet might be resistant to being sprayed on his gum line, but you can counteract this by spraying it into your dog’s water bowl as plan b.

2. Pets are Kids too Premium Dog Dental Spray

Pets are Kids too Premium Dog Dental Spray

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See and smell the difference in a matter of minutes when you spray this dog dental spray from Pets Are Kids Too. It’s a taste that pets will love sans alcohol, pesticides or toxic chemicals. Avoid monthly trips to the dentist with this teeth spray that eliminates oral diseases and fights against tartar and plaque.

You might find that dental chews and such treats don’t work as well, because unlike these dental care products, a dental spray solves the problem at an enzymatic level. Spray this formula into their water bowl and along their gums for the best results. The taste is delicious to your pets and they will soon be begging for it!

Remedy bad breath and dental problems with this pet spray. The company will pay it forward by donating a portion of the profits made from your purchase to help a pet in need!

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3. Oxyfresh Advanced Pet Dental Breath Spray

Another great vet recommended the brand, the dog dental spray from No products found. is great for traveling and doesn’t contain any sort of non-toxic chemicals. All you will find in the mixture are ingredients that improve your dog’s dental hygiene and are 100% safe. The best way to stop bad breath in your fur baby is with dental sprays.

They support and boost oral health and have been doing so for over 30 years! Not only does the pet dental spray fight against oral diseases, but it is also a preventative measure pet parents can take to minimize trips to the vet. Strengthen your pet’s gum tissues by neutralizing the problem at the source, and replacing bad breath with a fresh and clean scent.

The fast-acting formula will neutralize bad breath. When your fur baby is inbounding, spray the dental spray into his mouth and get ready for fresh kisses.

4. Plaque Attack Pet Dental Spray

Plaque Attack Pet Dental Spray

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The triple care dental spray is 100% safe for your fur dog or cat baby. It removes and prevents against plaque and tartar buildup while freshening breath at the same time. The herbal treatment is all natural and guaranteed to be safe. It is a vet recommended alternative to doggy toothpaste.

In every 65ml bottle of Plaque Attack Pet Dental Spray, you get a 6-month supply! Great for all small animals, spray the hygienic spray directly into your pooch’s mouth for fast-acting results. Consumers claim that you can see visible and smell obvious results within two weeks of utilizing the spray!

If you have been neglecting your dog’s teeth, it’s never too late to turn it around with a dog dental spray. See visible results in less than two weeks!

5. Arm & Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Solution for Dogs

Arm & Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Solution for Dogs

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They aren’t kidding when they label this product as the dental solution for dogs. A trip to the dentist can be nerve-wracking, but with the Arm & Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Solution for Dogs, the trips won’t be nearly as frequent. Freshen your dog’s breath and keep his teeth in tip-top shape. The natural ingredients combine together into a breath freshener that’s 100% safe and support dental hygiene.

With no harsh chemicals, the spray is suitable for dogs of all ages. Spray directly onto your dog’s teeth, and remember not to feed him any food or water for an hour afterward. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; if you encounter any problems, their excellent customer service reps are standing by to help you.

As a trusted name in the pet oral care industry, Arm & Hammer can safely save your dog from grueling trips to the vet with this dental spray formula.

6. Zesty Paws Fresh Breath Dental Spray for Dogs

Zesty Paws Fresh Breath Dental Spray for Dogs

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Peppermint and spearmint in this dental spray help freshen your dog’s breath for a long-lasting minty scent. Remove plaque and tartar buildup and promote dental health with herb compounds and aloe vera that are safe for your dog.

This formula from Zesty Paws is specifically formulated to fight bad breath and give your pup’s teeth a healthy appearance. Excess bacteria can lead to dental hygiene issues, but a few sprays of this teeth spray for dogs can prevent harmful bacteria and maintain dental health.

Dental sprays are formulated to appeal to your dog’s taste buds. The Zesty Paws spray is no exception, with a taste your dog will love.

7. Aromatherapy Pet Oral Care Spray

Aromatherapy Pet Oral Care Spray

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We associate aromatherapy with pleasant and calming scents, with this oral care spray leaving a fresh and minty scent in its wake. This natural oral spray for dogs is free of toxic ingredients and helps fight bad breath and bacteria. Stop tartar, plaque, and decay with just a few sprays a day.

This alcohol-free mouthwash kills bacteria in its tracks and is vet recommended. Aromatherapy Pet Oral Care Spray is made of all-natural ingredients including aloe, mint, it’s safe to be ingested by your pooch. It works on both cats and dogs and maintains healthy dental hygiene, allowing you to receive fresh kisses every day.

Pet products that are made in select countries are known to be safer. This is sad but true; this dental spray is USA-made and promotes long-lasting oral health.

8. Petkin Pet Dental Food Spray

Petkin Pet Dental Food Spray

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Lower vet bills and see the difference in a matter of days. Turn to Petkin Pet Dental Spray when nothing else on the roster works. The ingredients are gentle and mild on your pet’s stomach even if it’s ingested. Like an invisible tooth fairy, this spray has no taste, color or smell but will keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

Your dog won’t even know its existence on his gums. All you need to do is spray your dog’s gums a few times a week and sit back and wait for the results. No brushing or rinsing required this dental spray is great to keep in your arsenal to fight against bacteria, tartar, and plaque.

Although the FDA has not evaluated this product, the colorless, odorless and tasteless properties make it seem like there are no artificial additives included.

9. Wolfe & Sparky Minty Fresh Breath Defense Spray

Wolfe & Sparky Minty Fresh Breath Defense Spray

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As you can see from the clearly labeled bottle, no hidden or unclear ingredients are involved in the making of this doggy dental spray. Wolfe & Sparky is an all-natural doggy breath freshener that contains nothing harmful such as alcohol and parabens.

Made in the USA, this bad breath defense spray will clear up bad breath and doggy oral hygiene issues with just a few sprays a day. It’s like mouthwash for dogs, say goodbye to bad breath and hello to fresh kisses in under two weeks!

This organic USA made spray is trusted by consumers and eliminates bad breath effectively with just a few sprays a day!

Dog Dental Spray Buyers Guide

Anything that can be consumed by your pup needs extra attention from you during the vetting process. Advertisements will tell you one thing, but you really need to understand why certain chemicals have specific effects on your dog.

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid could save your dog a trip to the vet. As always, we are going to take you through what to look for when buying a dog dental spray that is not only safe but won’t irritate your dog.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Dental Sprays?


Taking the number one spot is once again, safety. High-quality dog dental sprays contain human-grade ingredients, meaning it’s safe for human consumption and therefore good enough for your dog. This would be the safest choice for your pup. Definitely avoid any sprays that contain artificial additives for fragrance, taste, and appearance.

A lot of the products stress they are alcohol-free because alcohol could be very harmful to your pooch. Make sure you give the bottle a good read before you make a purchase.

Grain alcohol is an ingredient you might find in dog dental sprays. It’s not harmful in low percentages, but we still advise against it. Make sure you comply with the dosage directions on the labels. The dosage recommendations are based on your dog’s weight, and spraying too much might cause alcohol toxicity.


Are you just trying to eliminate bad breath or do you also want to promote dental hygiene and maintain oral health? Dental sprays that kill bacteria and prevent against tartar and plaque buildup will nip the issue in the bud, while sprays meant to mask bad breath are just a short-term solution.


Make sure that the dental spray you buy is meant for dogs. Some dental sprays are labeled safe for multiple pets, but read the label to make sure dogs are included. Those intended for human use can be detrimental to your pup’s health, so steer clear of those.


It might seem insignificant, but the taste will determine how easy of a time you will have acclimatizing your dog to the spray. Pick one your dog likes and make your life easier.

Ease of Use

Some sprays require you to spray along your dog’s gums and teeth to work well. If you are having a tough time administering the spray into your dog’s mouth, maybe pick one that can be sprayed on another surface and can be licked off by your pup. There are also ones that can be added directly into your dog’s water supply.

Cleaning Properties

If you have deemed the main purpose of your dog dental spray to be fighting plaque and bacteria, then make sure of this by reading the label. Does it remove plaque? Eliminate tartar buildup? The functions should be clearly labeled.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Dental Spray?

Dog dental spray is a number one contender when it comes to eliminating bad breath, but what else does it do?

Kills Bacteria: Bacteria causes bad breath in dogs. Dental sprays can control harmful bacteria and put a stop to it to maintain overall oral health.

Cleans Teeth: Clean teeth leads to fresher breath and prevents gum disease.

Healthy Gums: Tartar and plaque can build up along your dog’s gum line and cause oral diseases and bad breath. They are also what causes bleeding of the gums when you try to brush your dog’s teeth.

Lessens Tooth Decay: You can imagine the smell of a decaying tooth. Tooth deterioration is something that will affect your dog’s overall quality of life.

How Do Dog Dental Sprays Work?

Simply put, they work in unison with your dog’s saliva and are activated upon contact, creating an enzyme that fights and prevents bacteria. In order for the sprays to do their job, they need time. Most manufacturers recommend not feeding your dog food or water for a period of an hour after spraying.

For better results, use dental sprays alongside dental chews and regular brushing. Don’t forget routine dental checkups just to make sure your dog’s oral health is on the right track.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Generally, if you opt for a spray that is vet recommended, it shouldn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Definitely educate yourself on what your dog is allergic to and make sure none of those chemicals or compounds are in the formula. You might find traces of grain alcohol, which isn’t harmful in small doses, but to be safe we still advise against it. If by any chance the spray causes any adverse effects, stop using it immediately and go in for a vet checkup.


Dental sprays are a godsend when it comes to the infamous doggy breath. They not only fight against a multitude of dental health issues but are also easier to administer than the traditional toothbrush and toothpaste approach.

Unfortunately, there is a chance these sprays may contain something harmful to your pooch, so it’s imperative that you read the label carefully. When in doubt, just ask your vet. We hope our buying guide will help you make the safest choice and bring more fresh doggy kisses into your life.

Expert Tip

Always follow the recommended dosage to avoid poisoning or any other detrimental effects. Never stray from these guidelines and only do so if your dog’s weight changes.

Did You Know

You should avoid sprays with xylitol, this is a sweetener that can cause adverse effects in dogs.

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