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How to Sand Dog Nails?

While grooming your dog, you can sand or trim your dog’s nail using a grinding tool such as a Dremel.

However, this will require some serious effort. You have to make sure that you know how to use the Dremel in a proper manner, only then you would be able to carry out this task successfully.

Make sure that your canine companion is not scared when you are holding his paws, or even from the sound of the Dremel. Getting your pup accustomed to the sound of the Dremel can make life a lot easier for both of you.

Once you are done with all these aspects, you are all set to sand or grind your pups’ nails with the Dremel tool. Below is a list of things that you should do while you are trimming or grinding your dog’s nails.

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+ The most important thing is to make your dog feel comfortable for the entire process. That can be achieved by providing a nice and comfy place where your pup can sit.

+ Be ready with AWESOME treats, as you are probably going to need them quite frequently!

+ Now you can gently take the paw of your pup, while switching on the Dremel.

+ Your grip on the dog’s paw should be firm but gentle. Now put the Dremel directly on the nail very briefly, this will grind some of the nail.

+ Release your furry friend’s precious paw

+ It’s time to give a tasty treat to your dog for behaving.

+ Repeat this entire process all over again for the next nail.

It’s advised that you do not keep the Dremel attached to the dog’s nail for longer intervals because it can heat the canine’s paw; making him really uncomfortable. The best way to use a Dremel is to just tap the Dremel on the nail and grind it gradually.

What Is A Dog Nail Grinder With Guard?

Dog nails

Almost all the nail grinders that are available on the market these days come equipped with a guard.

Now the question here is, what is the guard and what does it do? A nail grinder with a guard is what makes it different from nail clippers.

A guard actually prevents the grinder to harm the ‘quick’ of your canine, making it a better option than the nail clippers.

If you have used nail clippers on your dog, you should know that there are chances that the clipper can cut quite deep into the quick, and that can even end in bleeding as well.

On the other hand, if you are using a grinder with a guard, you don’t have to worry about cutting into the quick of your dog – making it extremely simple, safe, and easy for you both.

How Often Should You Grind Dog Nails?

Well going by the rule of thumb, you should ground your dog’s nails as soon as they start touching the floor when he walks – they would be making a tapping sound.

However, there is no certain time period for this. It could be different with different dogs. Dog owners often ask this question.

If you are starting with a young pup your aim should be to get him accustomed to this process of nail grinding and for that, the frequency should be high. You can grind the nails of your young puppy once a week or at least once in two weeks to get him accustomed so that when he grows older, he does not find this process of nail grinding confusing or alarming.

There are some other factors too, that can influence the frequency of the nail grinding of a dog. These factors are given below:

What They Eat

The eating habits of your dog always have an impact on the health and the growth of the nails. Therefore, it can be the deciding factor when it comes to the frequency of nail grinding for your dog.

Surface Type

Another factor deciding the frequency of the nail grinding is the type of surface that your dog usually walks on. Whether it is indoors on a carpet or he often stays out in the dirt or grass.

How often do the feet touch the Ground

Some dogs stay in the lap of their owners all day, and some like lying on the couch or the bed most of the time. The frequency of nail grinding for such dogs would be a lot less as compared to the dogs who spent most of their time on the ground.

Can You Use A Regular Dremel On Dog Nails?

Dog Nail Sanding

Technically you can use a regular Dremel on your dog’s nails, but it is not recommended at all. It can actually harm your dog by tearing off the fur that is close to its nail.

There are Dremels readily available on the market that are specially designed for pets, these dremels are mostly cordless/electric.

The regular dremels have cords and a lot of extra power when compared to the pet dremels.

Therefore, people think that it is a better option to go for these dremels when the canine nails are really long.

A piece of advice would be, do not let the nails grow too long in the first place – and if they have grown too long… go with a pet Dremel.

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