Dog Behavior

Understanding a dog isn’t always easy. It is common to experience confusion when trying to figure out what it is that our pups are trying to tell us.

If your dog has developed unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging up the yard, pulling clothes off the line, growling, or peeing indoors – you are probably eager to put a stop to it. Before we can tackle a bad habit, it is crucial to understand what causes the behavior, and why your dog is acting the way that he is.

When you encounter the cause and the source of the problem, it becomes much easier to find a solution.

This also applies when trying to understand to your dog’s basic needs. You need to be able to spot when something isn’t quite right.

The mysterious world of dog behavior is big, versatile, and often surprising. We have articles about both behavioral problems and how to solve them using positive reinforcement methods. We also write about funny things our dogs do to manipulate us into sneaking them an extra treat!

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