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Hi There! Welcome to Dog Nerdz family.

Dog Nerdz is a free online resource created for pet owners who are looking for the best advice for their pets.

I’m sure you our wondering how did Dog Nerdz come about and what motivated us to dedicate our life to serving dogs and their owners – read on to find out.

How did Dog Nerdz begin?

Dog Nerdz was founded in late 2017 by me, Brad. Around that time I had just got a precious short haired miniature dachshund puppy named Boogie and was spending a lot of time researching the best ways to train and raise my new pup as well as what products were best for him.

Now I don’t take research very lightly, I’m the type of guy that spends 10 hours researching the best dog kennel to start crate training or days looking into every ingredient in different dog foods to find out what is best to feed Boogie.

One day I had the idea that I should document my research and create a blog to share this information with other dog owners – that’s how Dog Nerdz was created.

Since then, Dog Nerdz has come a long way. We now have a full team and staff of writers who share our passion for dogs, research, and helping others.

You’ve come to the right place and are in great hands to get the right information about raising your amazing dog.

What is our mission?

Our mission at Dog Nerdz is simple – help dog owners raise their pets.

Raising a dog, whether you are adopting a puppy or an older dog, has its challenges and can be overwhelming at times.

We have dedicated ourselves to be the best online resource for owners of all breeds to help others understand their pet’s behaviors, provide preventative healthcare, and find the best products from food to leashes for their dogs.

We offer a large variety of buying advice articles and comparisons on the top pet products available online.

Our Team


Brad Clarke owner

As someone who cannot remember life without dogs around, I simply can’t live without them! There are numerous things I know now, that I wish I’d known before. My hope for Dog Nerdz has always been to provide owners with crucial tips and essential info in order to be the best dog owner they can be.

I have taken a lot of time and care while researching and identifying our amazing writers, who share the same values as I do (but write a lot better than me!).

I read, edit or approve the reviews and guides before they are released on the site. We have two amazing DVM’s who approve health-related articles, that I am not in a position to approve (these particular articles will have an “Approved By Veterinarian” badge at the top of the page).

I have learned so much about how to look after my precious pup Boogie and am so happy I get to share this knowledge with the world!

Veterinary Advisors

Paula Simons, DVM

Dr. Paula Simons has had a passion for animals since she was a young child.

She grew up rescuing animals in her neighborhood and volunteered at her local therapeutic equestrian facility.

She was born and raised in Philadelphia, but her veterinary adventures lead her to Ontario, Canada for veterinary school at the Ontario Veterinary College.

There she fell in love with working in the ICU and subsequently took on a rotating internship outside of Toronto. This only deepened her love for emergency medicine and now she is entering the final year of her emergency and critical care residency.

She is passionate about patient care and comfort, as well as client education. She feels a deep fulfillment from providing support to pets and clients during their time of greatest need.

She is a crazy cat lady and loves her cats Moo and Kal as if they were her own children.

Paula’s LinkedIn Profile

Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM

Sara Redding Ochoa DVM

Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM was raised in north Louisiana. She knew since she was a little girl that her dream was to become a veterinarian. She has always had a passion and love for animals. She attended Louisiana Tech University for her undergraduate degree.

Sara graduated from LA Tech in 2011 with a degree in animal science. She then moved to Grenada West Indies for veterinary school. She completed her clinical year at Louisiana State University and graduated in 2015 from St. George’s University.

Since veterinary school, Sara has been working at a small animal and exotic veterinary clinic in east Texas, where she has experience treating all species that walk in the hospital.

In her free time, she likes to travel with her husband Greg, bake yummy desserts and spend time with her 4-legged furkids, a dog Ruby, a cat Oliver James “OJ”, a rabbit BamBam and a tortoise MonkeyMan.

Sara’s LinkedIn Profile

Edele Grey, DVM

Edele Grey, DVM

“Raised on a farm with a menagerie of pets, working with animals was always my vocation. I graduated with my honors veterinary degree in Ireland and have since completed further education with a particular focus on equine sports medicine and orthopedics.

Passionate about animal welfare, I feel owner education and collaboration maximizes the health of animals while forging unbreakable bonds between owner and pet which provides both parties with the best quality of life.

I have a strong scientific background and I take a holistic approach in striving to provide my patients with the best evidence-based care and treatment options. In my little spare time, I love being with my horses and pup-sitting for all my friends. I consider myself incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days doing what I love and supporting owners and their beloved pets.”

We are delighted to have Paula Simons, DVM, Sara Ochoa, DVM and Edele Grey, DVM on board as our veterinary experts to ensure the information we provide is accurate and can really benefit your pups.

Edele’s LinkedIn Profile

Our Writing Team


Jess THP Writer Image

“I am the definition of a dog-lover if there ever was one. I’m sure fellow dog lovers will agree that a bond between us and our best friend is unsurpassable. I’ve grown up with two Jack Russell Terriers and an American Eskimo. The playfulness of the Jack Russells (Hot Dog and Ketchup) coupled with the cuddliness of the American Eskimo (Topher), my life is never boring and full of loyalty and love from my fur babies.

Being able to write about all of these products and being a doggy mom myself, gives me insight into what’s important when choosing the right products for our cuddly pals. I hope I’m able to help you and your dog make the best choices suitable for your needs!”

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carylle author

Growing up, Carylle has always been fond of dogs. She absolutely enjoys spending time with them and feels that nothing can replace the sheer joy of having a dog around to experience the affection and compassion they have for the people around them.

Writing about dogs is her favorite part of the day as she learns more about what makes each dog breed unique and special. Hopefully, these articles can teach you to celebrate all the good things that come with being a good dog owner for you and your beloved dog.

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Janni is a dog-loving writer who grew up around animals, and who currently shares her home with two dogs – Emmett and Frankie. Emmett and Frankie are rescues with troublesome pasts, but despite that, they are both incredibly loving and well-behaved dogs. Providing dogs with an active lifestyle is something Janni is very passionate about, and it is also where she finds motivation for her work and her writing. She once hitchhiked across 10 states with a large rescue pup, just to prove that there is no good excuse for leaving a furry friend behind. Dogs make excellent adventure buddies.

Writing dog articles is a way for Janni to share knowledge, find inspiration and to combine the two things she loves the most – dogs and the written word.

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“I’ve grown up around dogs most of my life, and I’ve enjoyed every moment with them. In my opinion, they are one of the purest, innocent creatures in the world. My dogs, Sadie and Keller, were my best friends growing up. They were black Labrador retrievers who filled my life with love, loyalty, and kindness.

I can’t imagine my life without dogs now, as they’ve always been a source of genuine happiness, and they’re always there for me when I’m feeling down. Being able to write for and about dogs is definitely a huge dream come true for me.

My goal here is to give you all the best, most honest and helpful suggestions for you and your dog in hopes that your journey together is just as good as mine with my dogs!”

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Carrie is a pet lover and enthusiast. She lives with her two dogs, and is on of our main contributors! Carrie knows the frustrations that come with ordering the wrong product for your pooch, and she joined us with a mission to help you!

Through her personal experience, she has the knowledge to recommend certain products and help you avoid some.

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