guide on how much does it cost to trim dog nails

How Much Does It Cost to Trim Dog Nails?

The cost of trimming your dog’s nails will vary. Nail trimming prices may cost some dog owners the initial amount of the tools needed. For others, it’s a weekly or monthly cost. You can save money by getting your dog’s nails trimmed at home. If you aren’t the most confident in your own skills, then you have to consider dog grooming prices in salons. Let’s check out the various types of nail clipping prices, and how to keep costs down.

Average Cost of Dog Nail Clipping

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Similar to human nails, dog nails grow continually and when the nail has been removed it can be dangerous. It’s vital to maintain nails trimmed to protect against potential illness or injury. There is a range of ways for dog tagging nails. You can take the dog to a veterinary for grooming. Your decision varies depending upon what your comfort level is when grooming your dog by yourself.

Many pet parents combine nail trimming with regular grooming sessions. This is a cost-effective and convenient way to maintain your dog’s appearance. Vet visits can also include nail clipping at an additional cost. Depending on where you get your dog nail clipping done and whether or not you include other services that can influence the price, you’re looking at an average of $10 to $25 dollars just for nail trimming.

$25 can seem steep, especially if you have more than one fur baby, but you can often get bundle discounts in that case. That price ceiling of $25 may include special needs and perks, which we will get into below.

Mobile dog grooming prices

mobile dog groomer grooms a dog to their house
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Mobile dog grooming is going to cost more. This service is when the professional travels to your house with all the equipment and tools in tow. This type of service is excellent for immobile pet owners, those who do not have the time, or elderly customers. Mobile dog grooming services often offer discounts for dog parents with more than one pooch and offer other services, not only nail trimming.

As said, the price is steeper and the whole package could cost anywhere between $35 to $75 on average per pet.

Self-service dog grooming prices

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What’s self-service dog grooming? It’s basically a facility that offers all the equipment and tools necessary for owners to do the washing, clipping, trimming, and drying on their own. This service is cheaper than heading to a professional groomer, and definitely more affordable than mobile options. The price can be anywhere between $10-$20 per dog wash.

They have the stuff you need and people on-site that can provide assistance. Most places may offer towels and shampoo, but for the more personal accessories such as nail clippers and brushes, we suggest bringing your own just for the sake of hygiene.

Dog groomer nail trimming prices

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If you’re headed to the groomers anyway, we’d suggest getting the full treatment of getting your dog’s nails trimmed, a good wash, ear cleaning, fur trimming, and a good blowout. If you’re going to give your dog a spa day with the works, the price can cost anywhere between $35 to $75, with the average usually around $50.

Just getting your dog’s nails trimmed is quite a bit cheaper than that around $10 to $20.

How to Choose Your Dog Groomer?

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Most of us go with a professional dog groomer rather than the bougie mobile services or head to a self-serve facility. Then there are those of us that just get things done at home. After all, the bathtub is a great built-in dog washing location if your dog fits.

Choosing a dog groomer is important because the person will know what they are doing, which will minimize the chances of accidents. We have seen a few cases where dog nail trims become a bloody fiasco. Look for a National Groomers Association of USA (NDGAA), ISCC International dog groomers, and international dog groomers Inc (IPG) certified professional.

How much do you tip the dog groomer?

Don’t forget about the tip! This will add to the overall cost. For a good experience, we would recommend a 15 to 20% tip. Assess the results and the groomer’s dedication to your dog before deciding how much to tip. There are times when a groomer includes additional services at the cost for free, which could include clipping your dog’s nails.

How often you should trim your dog’s nails?

How often you need to get your dog’s nails clipped will also add to the cost. How fast do your dog’s nails grow, and how often do they walk around on rough surfaces will influence the frequency of the nail trim. At least head in for a trim every few weeks, but for maintenance, we suggest doing it once a week. When you hear the familiar clickety-clack on hard surfaces announcing the arrival of our dog, then you know it’s time to get your pup’s nails trimmed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do vets charge to trim nails?

Getting your dog’s nails cut at the vet’s office could be complimentary if you’re going in for a procedure or checkup. If you’re paying for this grooming service out of pocket, the price could range from $7 to $20.

How much does Petsmart charge to cut dog’s nails?

How much does it cost to get your pup’s nails cut at Petsmart? The answer is around $10. However, the Petsmart grooming salon can do much more than just cutting your dog’s nails, so we suggest going in for a full grooming package at once.

How much does Petco charge to trim dog nails?

Petco dog groomers charge around $10 to get your dog’s nails clipped. However, if you want buffing and smoothing, it will cost you an extra $5. We really recommend this because freshly cut nails have a very sharp and rough surface that could break skin if you’re not careful.


Dog nail trimming prices will vary depending on the additional services you get and sometimes the size of your dog will also come into play. General grooming services for small to medium dogs will be more affordable than large to giant breeds. Getting your pooch’s nails cut is a must as it affects mobility and comfort. Some extra services you should look into when your dog is groomed are teeth brushing and ear cleaning.

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