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10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers in 2021

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Whether it’s rain or shine, grooming our beloved canine pals is a must. Some owners enjoy giving their companion the latest ‘hairstyles’ regardless of the time of year. While others only bring out the clippers when the sun’s out in the summertime and doggy fur tends to end up all over the house without weekly or monthly grooming. Whatever the reason, we have taken the liberty to research the 10 best dog grooming clippers available on the market this year to help you make the best choice for your dog.

Grooming your dog can not only be a fashion statement but also necessary with weather changes and day to day functionality. It is vital to choose the right one for your dog’s individual needs.

Before clipping, it’s a good idea to make sure your dog is clean and fresh!

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1. ONEISALL Dog Shaver Clippers

ONEISALL Dog Shaver Clippers

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Some of you may not like buzzing noise just as much as your dog doesn’t. Some of them know the inevitable process is coming when they hear this sound. This low noise clipper also has a built-in battery and can be used while charging. This makes it infinitely more convenient, without you having to worry about it stopping halfway through.

It comes with four combs of different lengths, which are detachable and easy to clean. One of the most important factors is its safety. With something that comes so close to your dog’s skin, you definitely want a sharp blade. With a fixed stainless steel blade and a moving ceramic blade, it ensures a swift cut and excellent performance for long-term usage.

+ Comes with 4 blades of different length
+ Long lasting charge
+ Smooth and sharp blades
+ Quiet blades
+ Easy to clean

Why We Like It – It’s really tough trying to get your pup to stay still while grooming, and nothing can hinder the process more than the clippers running out of battery. Being a rechargeable model, these clippers facilitate the process and gets the job done!

2. PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

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This is not only a pair of clippers, but it’s an entire kit with everything you might need. It may be hard to know exactly what you need, especially for those who are venturing into grooming their furry friends themselves, but this kit has it all.

Noise reduction on grooming clippers is at the top of the priority list for some pet owners, and with this model’s low-vibration motor your dog will be anxiety-free! It is also a good option if you need to get into those hard to reach areas, as it’s cordless. With adjustable blades and a lifetime guarantee, this should definitely be one of the top options!

+ Long lasting charge
+ Lightweight but sturdy
+ Comes with many items
+ Quiet motor
+ Easy to clean

Why We Like It – This is a great option if you not only want to trim your dog but also give them a bit of styling or groom hard to get to areas. PetTech has thought of it all for you. By including hair scissors, thinning shears, and nail clippers, you can give your dog a makeover all in one go!

3. Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper

For first-time self-groomers, knowing what to do with your pet could be a problem. What’s the best way to soothe my anxious pet? How do I get in those hard to reach areas without scratching my furry best friend? Fear not, this clipper kit actually comes with a step-by-step ‘’how to’’ DVD to ease the process.

The blades are self-sharpening and snag-free which adds extra precision and ensures less possibility of scratching your pet’s sensitive skin. Some of our canine or feline companions may have thicker fur, and with the power drive cutting system equipped in these clippers, you can get through it with 30% more power for a professional grooming job right at home!

+ Comes with instructional DVD
+ Includes many items
+ Carbon steel blades protect against cutting
+ 5-year warranty
+ Good for thicker hair

Why We Like It – This product really eases the new groomer’s mind. With an easy to understand instructional video and a kit that comes with everything you need, this really is a great option. And with sharp carbon steel blades, it reduces the risk of hurting your pet.

4. Bousnic Dog Clippers

Bousnic Dog Clippers

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We all know how expensive groomers can be, especially if we have more than one furbaby at home. With the good price and good quality of the Bousnic dog clippers, get ready to save a fortune.

These clippers have two speeds and have plenty of cutting power. For those of you with anxious pets, this is another good choice due to the low vibration that won’t scare your pet every time you turn these shearers on. Due to its ergonomic design and long lasting charge, you will be able to give your pet a thorough cut without interruption.

+ Digital battery indicator
+ Lifetime replacement guarantee
+ 2-speed settings
+ Quiet but powerful
+ Comes with a full charge

Why We Liked It – Different breeds of dogs come with different coats, some are smooth and silky and some are coarse and matted. These clippers work well with whichever breed thanks to the two-speed settings. If you find it hard to get through the fur with the normal setting, then the turbo setting is guaranteed to do the job!

5. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed

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These clippers are so versatile grooming pros love this choice. Its high and low-speed help with tough coarse hair and the quiet operation is non-threatening to anxious pets. The locking switch keeps the blades operational without accidentally shutting off.

The shape of the clippers is suitable for those who prefer a wider, firmer grip. It includes a special size 10 blade that has a special chrome finish that protects against corrosion and is long-lasting. This is a heavy-duty clipper that uses a rotating motor which can easily cut through tough and coarse fur.

+ Safe blade design
+ Extra long power cord
+ Does not heat up easily
+ Powerful cut
+ Quiet motor

Why We Like It – Cordless clippers are a more ergonomic design, but having it plugged in while in use minimizes the chances of the batteries running out. The extra long power cord makes sure you can do just that, without having to maneuver the clippers with great difficulty.

6. Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Kit

Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Kit

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If you have livestock by any chance, then this is the choice for you. This kit grooms both domestic pets and livestock. Due to the size and power of these clippers, they’re suited to medium to large sized dogs (minimum height of 25 inches). The grip area of the clippers is covered with nylon polymer, which reduces vibration so your hand remains steady throughout.

This kit also comes with everything you need complete with a handy carrying case, making it easy to transport. Get ready to save on cash with all the extra supplies they throw in with it, including another steel alloy blade, and an extra set of carbon brushes and an oil bottle for cleaning.

+ High cutting speed
+ Safely built with durable materials
+ Carrying case with extra supplies
+ Vibration reducing
+ Heavy duty

Why We Like It – Larger clippers don’t always mean clumsier and rougher cuts. With the quality make and precision of this model, it saves time with the swift execution. Look no further for larger breeds that need professional grooming.

7. Beautural Cordless Grooming Clipper Kit

Beautural Cordless Grooming Clipper Kit

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What is interesting about these clippers is the adjustable taper level of the clippers. You can easily adjust the trimming angle and depth and it comes with 10 clipper guides in different sizes. Like some of the other brands, this kit comes with many supplies. However, there are a few items included in this kit that are unique.

For example, the styling apron, 10 guide combs, and a storage case. The high-grade steel clippers stay sharper for longer and can work on diverse animal coats. Your pet will feel at ease with the low noise so it can relax while you do the tough job of getting the hair in the nooks and crannies.

+ Low price
+ Low noise and vibration
+ Rechargeable battery
+ Many blade options
+ Good with finer fur

Why We Like It – A lot of the time we hear which clippers are superior to get through tough fur. However, this is one that can get through finer more delicate fur with excellent precision and ease.

8. Hudson & Friends Pet Grooming Kit

Hudson & Friends Pet Grooming Kit

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I don’t know about you, but battery life is a big issue with almost all electronic products for consumers. With this grooming kit, the batteries last longer with a shorter charge time compared to the others on the market! Not only that, but it can be in use while plugged in for unlimited run time.

It has a high-power motor, but is also delicate enough to trim even rabbit fur! So if you have a little bunny friend or a smaller animal at home that also needs a trim, this is the kit for you.

+ Can be used on a variety of animals
+ Comes with an extra large 15mm guide
+ Cordless design/plug in power cord
+ High-powered motor
+ Titanium and ceramic blades

Why We Like It – This product is able to cut through fur quite easily. One can get a clean cut with just one stroke. It doesn’t heat up when used excessively and holds a charge well with up to 4 hours of battery life with short charge time. This is also great for fur buddies of a smaller size!

9. Andis ProClip AGC 2-Speed Clipper

Andis ProClip AGC 2-Speed Clipper

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This clipper, like its predecessor above, also comes with two speeds. This item comes in four colors for a more modern and stylish look. Like the other Andis model, these clippers are precise, quiet and have excellent performance. All ultra edge and ceramic edge blades are compatible with this model, giving you more selection when it comes to choosing the right length.

The body is shatter-proof and not too heavy with a wide grip, making it easy to take long strokes for a more even shave. With its quiet operation, your pet will thoroughly enjoy the process as if it is getting a massage!

+ Different colors
+ Compatible with many blades
+ 2 speeds
+ High-powered motor
+ Quiet operation

Why We Like It – Having two speeds give this product an edge over the competition. Even on the higher speed, it still operates with ease and makes little noise with low vibration. The color options just add an extra flair to these clippers.

10. Cyropid Professional Pet Grooming Kit

Cyropid Professional Pet Grooming Kit

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Whenever a product offers not only a yearlong warranty but a lifetime guarantee, buyers tend to feel more comfortable with their purchase. This item offers just that. The contour of the blades manufactured with high-grade stainless steel blades ensures the blades won’t bend, corrode or pull at your pet’s hair.

Blades that stay sharp allow for a cleaner cut, smoother process and better experience for you and your pet. The size of our furry companions matter a lot when selecting a blade, this product is designed specifically for medium to larger sized breeds.

+ Specifically for medium to large dogs
+ Lifetime guarantee
+ Adjustable blades
+ 2 speeds
+ Rechargeable battery

Why We Like It – The spacing of the blades is important for efficiency and safety when it comes to animal clippers. For those of us with larger pet breeds, this is a good choice with a battery indicator for you to easily monitor battery life.

Dog Grooming Clippers Buyers Guide

There are dozens of choices out there for any product we choose to buy. What works for someone else may not always be the best option for you or your pet. It’s important to first note your dog breed to identify its size and the type of fur. This is vital to choosing the right blades that will give the smoothest and closest trim without any pulling or snagging. Then we need to sort through all the different options of clippers out there. Take a moment to reflect on what’s important to you, is it the weight, material, safety, or convenience of the clipper?

What to look for when buying dog grooming clippers?

Safety and comfort

For many dog parents, the safety and comfort our animal is a top priority. Battery life is an important feature of dog clippers. Having a long battery life or even ones that can be used while charging adds to the experience. This means you do not have to pause in between, giving your pet a chance to scurry away and prolonging the whole unpleasant process. Whether you want a cordless model or a wired one, it’s greatly based upon your personal preference.

Make and Blade Type

The size of the clippers for your pet is also important. Knowing the length of fur best suited for the weather at the time is another factor to consider. Larger clippers may not give your small dog a close enough shave, while smaller clippers may take much longer to trim your larger dog. Taking into account the length of time each session takes is also something to consider. If it takes a while for you to groom your pet, a lighter model might make for a better choice.

Next, do you require one speed or two? For pups with a tougher coat, just the regular speed may not offer enough power to plow through matted hair. Therefore, a two-speed clipper may be the better option for you. It is almost unanimously agreed upon that quieter clippers are preferred, especially for anxious doggies. It is important to make sure that even at turbo speed, the Clippers still maintain the same noise level.


Making sure the blades are made with a durable material, which isn’t easily dulled is also an essential factor. Dull blades snag fur and will make for an unpleasant experience for you and your pup.

The grip and body of the clipper are also important for you. Anti-slip, softer grip materials could help you have a firmer grasp of the clipper allowing for easier strokes. This is especially helpful when you have a larger dog or coarser fur to get through.


At the end of the day, the product guarantee is by far the most important. Some brands allow for a 30-day return period if you are unhappy with your purchase with a 100% money back guarantee. So even if you made a less than ideal choice the first time around, fear not, you have a chance to make a better choice after returning or exchanging the product.

Does My Dog Need to be Clipped?

Grooming and brushing your canine pal is a basic but important part of pet care.

Depending on the breed and coat type, the care required for your dog can vary.

Of course, dogs with shorter coats require less care and grooming compared to those with longer coats but regardless of length, dogs need to be groomed in general. Brushing your dog can get rid of the loose hairs and fine dirt that get caught in between the strands and prevents knotting.

The easiest way to recognize whether your dog needs clipping is if the fur is starting to get in the way of everyday functioning. When they start to slip or bump into things due to fur getting in the way, you know it’s time to break out the clippers!

What are the Benefits of Dog Grooming Clippers?

Dog grooming fees can really add up over time. Having a pair of trusty dog clippers at home can really save on some of that money.

Dogs are very similar to people emotionally. They form a bond with us when their needs are being met. During the grooming process, it gives them a chance to bond and forms a deeper level of trust.

Other than removing wanted hair and giving the coat a desired length, it can also get rid of dead skin cells. This can help improve the air circulation to the skin for your pet, which minimizes skin problems. During the summer months, when the weather is hotter and more humid, this is an especially important action. With the right choice of blades, it can also reduce irritation to the skin and avoid clipper rashes.

When you brush or clip your dog, it stimulates the hair follicles by increasing blood flow to them. This can improve the overall health of the coat and skin. When your pet is lying flat and you’re combing through the hair with the clippers, it’s easier to locate any parasites. As you might know, parasites can cause a lot of problems that can be avoided. This will elevate the overall health level of your furry friend. Aside from being able to spot parasites and fleas, it also presents an opportunity for you to spot any irregularities on or under your pet’s skin.


When faced with an abundance of choices, it’s easy to feel at a loss. Dogs need grooming just like you need the occasional trip to the hair salon for a touch-up. They are members of the family and need as much care and attention to detail as the next person when it comes to selecting the right product for them. The right clippers can offer a great experience for you and your dog, resulting in strengthening your bond. Remember, grooming your dog is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also good for their health.

Expert Tip

Blades on any model can heat up quickly after a long period of use. This could hurt or burn your dog. Choosing a ceramic blade can help as it doesn’t retain as much heat. Buying a cooling spray is also another great option.

Did You Know

Shaving time can be minimized if you take a pair of trimming scissors included in many of these kits and shorten the hair first.

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