review of best collars for german shepherds

10 Best Collars for German Shepherd in 2024

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Once you have decided what dog breed is right for you, and especially if you already have the dog at home – picking put the right accessories becomes essential. In the case of the German Shepherd, these are dogs that require plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise, and for this you need quality dog collars, leashes and gear.

The last thing you want is for your GSD to slip out of the collar or for the collar to break, so here is a guide to finding the best collar for German Shepherd puppy dogs and adults, with suggestions for some of the top products.

Choosing the best training collar for German Shepherd dogs does not have to be difficult, necessarily, so here is what you need to know before making a purchase, as well as some quality product suggestions.

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1. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

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Blueberry Pet has the cutest and most durable animals for fur babies all around the world, and these collars will make a great one both for those who are looking for their GSDs first collar, and those who want training collars for German Shepherd puppies or adults.

It is an ideal and much more humane alternative to using a shock collar for German Shepherd dogs and other large breeds, with a chrome coated D-ring, high-density webbing and nylon fabric, where you don’t have to worry about the collar breaking or malfunctioning.

Just like with many other Blueberry Pet products, the buckles have been replaced by eco-friendly plastic buckles that are just as heavy-duty and durable.


+ Machine washable nylon fabric
+ High-density webbing for durability
+ Simple and budget-friendly
+ Multiple vivid color options

Why We Like It – A training collar for German Shepherd dogs does not need to be too fancy, and these basic collars will sit comfortably around the dog’s neck, while also looking great.

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2. ADITYNA Leather Heavy Duty Dog Collar

ADITYNA Leather Heavy Duty Dog Collar

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The hardware used for the ADITYNA Leather Dog Collar has been put to a 400lb test – and passed with flying colors, which makes it a great option for large dog breeds like the German Shepherd.

Collars for German Shepherd puppies and adults need to fit right, be comfortable and be constructed in a way that they can hold for the weight of such a large breed dog, and this gorgeous leather piece meets the high requirements and standards.

It has a reinforced double-buckle system, a total of six metal hooking caps to resist pulling from damaging the collar, and it comes with a dog tag that can be personalized with your pup’s name and your phone number.


+ Double-buckle system
+ Long-lasting natural leather
+ With six metal hooking caps
+ Included personalizable dog tag

Why We Like It – The multiple hooking caps make it a lot more durable than most other collars, and the included tag is a big plus.

3. Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar

Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar

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A German Shepherd training collar does not need too many advanced features, as GSDs are highly intelligent and trainable, and these simple and colorful options from Country Brook Petz are perfect for anyone who wants a great budget option that will last through the dog’s adulthood.

It is available in a total of 25 different colors, making it easy to find your favorite and the one that will look the best on your GSD. Everyone who has ever met a German Shepherd knows that they are a curious and fearless breed that likes to explore, but the good news is that whenever this collar gets a little dirty – just wash it in the washing machine!


+ Solid and sturdy
+ 25 color options
+ Simple and affordable
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – So many fun colors to choose from, and they will last long thanks to the fact that you can wash the dirt out in the washing machine.

4. Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle

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These vibrant German Shepherd collars have a feature you don’t usually find on dog collars, and it is the elastic handle that allows you to comfortably hold on to the dog’s collar without grabbing the actual collar!

Tuff Pupper Dog Collar retracts almost entirely once not in use, so it won’t bother your dog or in any way be bulky; the collar is resistant and made with rip and fray-proof ballistic nylon – great for powerful dog breeds – and has stainless steel hardware and buckle closure that keeps the collar securely closed and in place.


+ 3M reflective features
+ Stretchy safety handle
+ Heavy-duty ballistic nylon
+ Enhanced security design

Why We Like It – The handle is very practical when you are out in public, or if you have a reactive dog that tends to lash out when put under pressure.

5. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

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The best collar for German Shepherd pups is one they will feel comfortable wearing, and that is something you will get with this thick and durable nylon collar!

OneTigris is wide enough to sit safely around your fur friend’s neck, has a dual buckle strap for extra safety, reinforced seams and a heavy-duty metal D-ring, and it comes in colors like black, grey, coyote brown and ranger green, so that your four-legged companion can look his coolest no matter where you go.

The collar has a hook-and-loop panel where you can go ahead and add a personalized patch with your dog’s name and/or your phone number, just in case your pup would ever wander off.


+ Hook-and-loop panel
+ Dual buckle strap
+ Discrete reinforced seams
+ Military style design and colors

Why We Like It – There is something so simple about this collar design, yet it is also ideal for German Shepherds due to the double clasp construction and the heavy-duty material.

6. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather

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Soft Touch Collars is a luxurious German Shepherd leather collar with solid, treated brass hardware, padding made with soft and comfortable sheepskin, it has a separate ring for dog tags and a reliable lifetime guarantee if you would ever have trouble with it, but the brand is so sure of their product that they don’t think it will ever get to that.

They also offer a new collar free of charge if anything would ever happen to your product. It is made without any harsh chemicals and with real and natural leather, for your German Shepherd to get to experience the absolute best.


+ Real natural leather
+ No harsh chemicals used
+ Only natural dyes
+ Reinforced brass hardware

Why We Like It – For those who have a weak spot for leather – these handcrafted leather collars are some of the best German Shepherd dog collars, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

7. Max and Neo MAX Reflective Metal Buckle Dog Collar

Max and Neo MAX Reflective Metal Buckle Dog Collar

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A great thing about buying Max and Neo collars is that it indirectly aids homeless shelter dogs, as this brand donates a collar to dog rescue groups for every collar you buy.

These are great German Shepherd puppy collars thanks to the soft padding and many size options, they sit just right when you choose the right size, and the reinforced holes with metal eyelets makes this collar much more durable than many other products, which is essential for such a large dog like the German Shepherd.

There is a separate hole for your pup’s ID tag so that you don’t have to attach it in the leash D ring, something that essentially reduces the metallic noise as your dog moves around.


+ Holes with metal eyelets
+ Metals with gunmetal finish
+ Dog rescue donations
+ Highly visible reflective stitching

Why We Like It – Every time you buy a dog collar from Max and Neo – an identical collar will also be donated to a rescue organization in need.

8. Blueberry Pet Soft & Safe 3M Reflective Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Soft & Safe 3M Reflective Dog Collar

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Blueberry Pet is a brand that focuses on making safe dog products that will also show off your pup’s personality, and they make great German Shepherd collars and leashes thanks to the durable double stitching – made to hold together also for strong dogs like the GSD, and you have 10 fun colors to choose from!

You will easily be able to find the German Shepherd color size you need, as they come in all sizes, and the heavy-duty plastic buckles are eco-friendly with a chrome coated metal D-ring to prevent wear and tear from compromising its safety. The logo has a small loop that is meant to be used for dog tags.


+ Eco-friendly plastic buckles
+ 3M reflective threads
+ D-ring with chrome coating
+ Dog tag plastic loop

Why We Like It – In your search for the best dog collar for German Shepherd dogs, you should consider this joyfully colored collars, as they are made to last also when used on strong and powerful dogs.

9. USP Pet Soft & Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar

USP Pet Soft &Comfy Bowtie Dog Collar

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Want your GSD to look extra cute this year? Why not get one of these unique style paws adorable collars with a detachable bowtie? Your pup will look like he is headed off to some fancy event, and you can choose between a variety of fun patterns, including fox print, flowers, and polka dots.

An elastic strap is used to attach the little bowtie to the collar, which makes it easy to detach when washing it, or when simply wanting to change it up and wear these German Shepherd collars without the handsewn bow. It is available in all sizes so that you can get one already when your GSD is a puppy, and then another one as they grow into an adult dog, because – believe it when we say it – that’s how much you will end up loving this collar.


+ Detacheable bowtie
+ Charming patterns
+ With 100% cotton
+ Easy to wash and clean

Why We Like It – Who wouldn’t want their pupper looking like a million bucks in a bowtie collar such as this? These are both comfortable dog collars for German Shepherd family members, and ridiculously stylish.

10. Black Rhino The Comfort Dog Collar

Black Rhino The Comfort Dog Collar

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This collar for German Shepherd dogs is made to sit comfortably around their necks, and the Neoprene padding prevents irritation and rashes so that your fur friend can wear his (or her) collar around the clock if needed.

Black Rhino is a much more gentle alternative to a German Shepherd chain collar, with size options ranging from small to extra-large, reflective stitching to make sure your dog is visible also when out after dark, a durable D ring and multiple color options.

Get it in pink, red, black, blue or aqua, and enjoy watching your GSD run around with a collar that both looks great, and has them feeling great.


+ Neoprene padding for comfort
+ Available in sizes S-XL
+ Reflective stitching for visibility
+ Quick-drying and durable

Why We Like It – A dog collar for German Shepherd dogs like this will add a welcome dash of color to your fur friend’s neck, and the reflective stripe is an excellent feature for additional visibility.

Best Collar for German Shepherd Buyers Guide

German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds are very large and strong dogs, and this puts a lot of pressure on you to find the proper accessories. Any cheap dog collar won’t do, as these could malfunction or break in the worst of times, and it is important to put some time aside to find the best possible collar for your dog.

Even if you prefer to walk your GSD with a harness, having a dog collar is still essential as they can wear these 27/4 – making collars a great place for dog tags with name and contact information.

Nobody wants to think about their dog getting lost, but it can happen, and it can happen to anyone. Take a moment to read through this buyers’ guide, and use it to find the dog collar that will work best for your German Shepherd.

Types of Dog Collars

There are many different types of collars, and many work great for German Shepherds! We have the kind that is similar to a human belt, with a steel buckle that closes just like you would close your bet, and these can be made by leather, nylon or basically any other materials, but it is one of the most common presentations of a leather collar.

The benefit here is that it is a very secure design that is highly unlikely to open up or come off on its own, provided you have chosen the right size for your dog.

The other collar type you are likely to have seen is the snap-buckle collar, often made with nylon and similar materials. The plus here is that they are very easy to take off and put on, which could potentially be beneficial for those having a dog that is somewhat impatient when it is time to go outside.

These also tend to be secure when used correctly, and the snap buckle closure rarely malfunctions. While the belt buckle collar was once the most common model, it now seems like a dog collar with a snap buckle is the easiest to find.

A Martingale collar is another dog collar model that works great for German shepherds. They will tighten as the dog pulls, but only to a certain point where it isn’t actually choking your dog, and it is a kinder version of a German Shepherd choke collar.

There are many different versions of the martingale collar, but what they have in common is that they have one part that tightens, while the rest resembles a regular dog collar.

When these collars are pulled so that they are at their tightest, they still should not be choking the dog, only prevent it from getting out of the collar and possibly adding a small amount of pressure, which means that a Martingale collar is not the same as a choke chain.

Lastly, we have the choke chain, but despite common belief, these are not usually recommendable for dogs, as they could cause damage to their throat, neck, and windpipes, and research shows that they don’t necessarily help train dogs to pull less. A better alternative is a quality collar and proper positive reinforcement training.


Many GSD owners prefer to purchase leather collars for their pups, and this is usually a good decision as real leather is very durable and tend to last for years.

Leather, however, is often more expensive than a, for example, a nylon collar, so it depends on whether you feel you have the extra money to spend. Opting for a fake leather collar isn’t usually a good idea, as these aren’t nearly as durable as a real natural leather collar.

Fake leather may also have been treated with harmful chemicals to look like leather and this could cause irritation to your GSDs neck.

If you are looking for something a little more colorful and economic – nylon and similar materials could potentially be a better fit for your German Shepherd.

These collars can come in any collar and with any print, and they are usually easy to wash in the washing machine if they get a little dirty (which, let’s be honest, will eventually happen when you are the owner of a German Shepherd).

Chock Collars & E-Collars

If you set out to find the best shock collar for german shepherd dogs in your family, then you might want to reconsider. Many professional dog trainers agree that the use of positive reinforcement methods is the most effective way towards a well-behaved dog, and a shock- e- or bark collar for German Shepherd dogs can easily become a burden rather than a help.

Dogs are very intelligent animals, and many learn that to bark at frequencies the collar cannot pick up on, or they simply start barking again as soon as you remove the collar, making the use of one nothing but a temporary solution. A better option is to contact a professional dog trainer for help with how to reduce your GSD’s barking.

Finding the Right Size

Size matters when it comes to collars, as one that is too small will cause discomfort for your dog, and an oversized collar can easily come off – putting your pup in direct danger.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck (not more, not less), as this will be the ideal size for your fur friend. It is also helpful if needing to grab the collar, so always measure your dog’s neck and then add enough so that you think you could easily get two fingers in there.

If your German Shepherd is still growing, the smartest thing you can do is to get an easily adjustable collar, as this will allow him or her to grow with it. For those who keep the collar on 24/7, remember to check regularly that you can still fit two fingers between Fido’s neck and the collar, and loosen if needed. Getting an adjustable collar is a good tip also when shopping for adult dogs, especially if purchasing online, as it is a lot more likely for it to fit right if it can be adjusted.

What Size Collar for German Shepherd Puppies Should I Get?

All GSD puppies are different, and they can vary greatly in size, which is why there is no standard answer. Measure your puppy’s neck and consider getting an adjustable collar to grow into.

Is a German Shepherd Prong Collar a Good Idea?

Probably not. You want your GSD to trust you, and this can be hard to achieve with a device that inflicts possible pain and discomfort. Instead, work on communicating properly with your large fur friend, and contact a professional trainer if needed for help with pulling and problem behaviors.


Shopping for a German Shepherd dog collar can be fun, and especially with so many great options out there! We have narrowed it down for you and presented you with products that are especially great for a large breed dog like the GSD, and now it is up to you to decide what is right for your dog, and what you are willing to spend on a new collar.

The most important thing is that your GSD cannot get out of the collar, both for his or her safety, but also for that of other people and animals. The collar should also be comfortable for your dog to wear.

Expert Tip

If your GSD is a puppy, then he or she might not accept a collar right away. Be patient, and practice for a few minutes a day until your four-legged friend is comfortable wearing a collar.

Did You Know?

The first known Seeing Eye Dog was a German Shepherd, who in the 1920s assisted her visually impaired owner Frank with daily duties.

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