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Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes?

Whether you have a service dog or just a well-behaved dog, sometimes it’s nice to take our dog with us on a trip to the sore.

While some stores have become more dog friendly, there are still many stores that do not allow dogs apart from service dogs.

It’s always nice to know which stores are pet friendly and which ones are not. Some stores will allow dogs no matter the circumstances so you can take your dog and just enjoy the stores while other stores recommend that pet owners leave their dogs at home.

The answer to if Lowe’s allows dogs is not a simple yes or no, to fully understand their rules let’s take a deeper look into Lowe’s Dog Policy.

Understanding Lowe’s Dog Policy

understanding dog policy if dogs are allowed in lowes
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Most stores, including Lowe’s home improvement stores, have a written policy that only allows service animals to enter the store with pet owners. Their official dog policy is that only certified service dogs are allowed in their stores.

This policy is almost the opposite of Home Depot home improvement stores which actively welcomes dogs in the stores.

However, while the Lowe dog policy states that it will allow dogs that are clearly service dogs, the truth is most of them allow dogs in their stores without question or argument.

A well-behaved dog in Lowe’s should be met with a dog-friendly attitude from Lowe employees, regardless of whether or not it is a service dog. Some people tend to take advantage of a pet-friendly environment like this so it is not consistent from store to store.

You might even want to call ahead and ask about the dog policy before you go.

At the majority of Lowe’s home improvement stores, you should find that they are pretty relaxed about the dog policy and they rarely ask for documentation for a service dog if the dog is well-behaved.

So, while the policy at Lowe’s might specifically state that dogs are allowed for service dog purposes, people have found that dogs are allowed at Lowe’s for the most part and that most Lowe’s stores are pet friendly towards people with dogs.

Proper Etiquette for Taking Your Dog Shopping

Dogs looking out the car window have proper etiquette while shopping
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There are some things to know if you visit your local store as a dog owner and you should use this example for any location or store, regardless of the place.

If you’re taking your pooch to the store with you, be respectful of customers and owners that are around.

It may very well be your right in some circumstances to take your pets with you to the store but this isn’t your home. It is a business and there are times it might be better to leave your dog at home if it is not able to behave in this environment.

For young puppies that come into the store with you, you should try keeping them in the shopping cart since they are usually not as well trained yet.

If your pooch breaks products or tears something up in the store, the owners are responsible. Some pets are well-behaved but even so accidents can happen.

If the policy states that only service pets are allowed and you take the dog in anyways, you shouldn’t expect the company to take issue if the dog is misbehaving.

If you are just working on public obedience training and want to take a field trip to train your dog, we recommend that you go shopping at a location that has an open policy for shopping with your dog.

For example, remember that Home Depot openly welcomes dogs so this may be a better alternative to test your pet’s behavior. There are also some great pet stores for this as well.

Why Can’t We Take Our Dog Everywhere?

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For those of us who love our dog unconditionally, it just seems like all of the different places you visit really should accommodate your dog, right? We totally get it!

We wish we could take our dog everywhere also but you have to understand that it’s just not feasible.

Don’t get mad at the employee or the manager when they are just doing their job and enforcing a policy that they were told they have to.

Remember it is probably a company policy and not just made up by the manager.

It’s important to be respectful in these instances even though you may not agree with the policy.

While many owners might carefully regard the leash and make sure their dog is on their best behavior, there are others who will not.

Most of the policies out there are designed because of this latter category, and Lowe’s is one of those places.

Not every dog is trained to act right in public and there are some people who simply won’t make sure their dog is behaving in Lowe’s and other similar stores so they have to create a policy that might seem like it is not nice for your dogs.

Don’t take it personally, just know Lowe’s is doing what they have to do to run its business smoothly.

A Dog-Friendly Response

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While the official policy is to only allow service dogs into Lowe’s, we’ve also seen plenty of examples that shows that most Lowe’s locations do not heavily enforce these rules and the majority of dogs are allowed to come and go with no problems.

If your dog does not cause a ruckus, Lowe’s will most likely turn a blind eye when you enter with your dog.

The Laws About Taking Your Dog Inside Stores

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Maybe you’re wondering whether Lowe’s really even has the right to say your dogs can’t join you inside.

Are Lowe’s and other stores within the law when they prohibit dogs that aren’t service dogs?

In short, the answer is typically yes. The ADA is the only federal legal guideline in place that determines whether dogs should be allowed entry into Lowe’s and other stores. The ADA regulations specifically accommodate dogs that are used for service.

The definition of a service dog according to the ADA is a guide dog, signal dog, or another animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this statement, they are considered service dogs and must be accommodated on state and local levels.

From there, the states can add laws that might require Lowe’s or another entity to allow more flexibility. This is perhaps why you will see different allowances from one Lowe’s to another. It could depend on their state requirements.

In addition, an emotional support dog is not considered a service animal unless a doctor such as a psychologist deems that the animal is required for your health.

There are some pretty standard stipulations there that would make an emotional support animal credible as a service animal. There is a difference defined by the law.

Do I Have to Prove My Animal is a Service Animal?

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Lowe’s typically does not require documentation that your animal is a service animal but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case you are asked.

A business can never ask you why you need a service animal but they can ask you if your animal is a service animal.

You can register your service animal or perhaps make sure that your animal has a vest or a collar or something that marks them as such. Typically, there is something to show that is what they are and then there are no questions asked. The law does protect your privacy from divulging specific details to Lowe’s or another retailer.


If you’re planning your next trip to Lowe’s, most likely you won’t have any issues bringing your dog along.

Lowe’s may state that their policies only allow service animals but the general consensus reflects that Lowe’s does not heavily enforce this unless there is a problem.

Just remember to respect the building and the business, make sure your dog is on a leash and that you keep watch of them, and make sure they aren’t tearing things up or making messes and clean up if something does happen.

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