The Weimaraner: Breed Characteristics

The Weimaraner: Breed Characteristics

Breed Characteristics of Weimaraners

Dive into the world of the Weimaraner, a breed that’s as silly as it’s smart, and loyal to the core. These pups turn heads wherever they romp with their sleek, silver coats that gleam like liquid silver under the sun. They sport a gray shade so unique, it almost seems like they stepped out of a fairy tale.

Before you decide to get a Weimaraner, there are many things to consider and plenty of reading and investigating for you to do, to determine whether it is the dog for you and if you have what it takes to be a good Weimaraner owner. We are going to have a look at some of the characteristics of the breed, and how this may affect your life with a Weimaraner.

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Loyal to Family Members

Loyal to Family Members is one of Breed Characteristics of Weimaraners

Weimaraners make excellent family dogs due to the devotion they tend to show towards their owner. They are loving, caring and gentle, and they wouldn’t hesitate to step between a human family member and a potential threat (another dog, a wild animal, a human with bad intentions, etc. etc.). The Weimaraner is noble in a way that few other dog breeds are, and you will find yourself with a friend who cares more about you than they care about themselves.

There is a downside to this, though, and that is the extreme dependence the Weimaraner can start showing signs of. Many Weimaraners suffer from separation anxiety, simply because they don’t like to have to be separated from their owners, and that reluctance to be apart shown also when you are at home.

It is not unusual for a Weimaraner to want to sit by your side when you eat, sleep next to you when you watch TV, sit by your feet and stare at you while you use the bathroom and wait patiently outside the shower every morning. It is almost as if they are glued to you, and while it is insanely cute in many ways – it can also get a little frustrating.

Most dog breeds are loyal and like to be close to their owners, but the Weimaraner takes the codependence to a whole new level. They don’t just want to sleep with you in your bed – they want to share your pillow!

Some training is required to prevent this from becoming an issue (separation anxiety, which could lead to destructive behaviors), but if it is handled early it does not usually present a problem (unless, of course, you consider the lack of personal space a problem).

Highly Intelligent

Breed Characteristics of Weimaraners is Highly Intelligent

These dogs are far from just a cute and cuddly house pet – they are also incredibly intelligent with a need for mental stimulation. The Weimaraner is a fast learner that loves to work with their mind and body, and it can be surprising how fast they pick up new things, and how well they comprehend commands and even longer sentences.

The breed is capable of learning and recognizing hundreds of words, and many Weimaraner owners describe an almost human-like behavior and intelligence.

The breed is known for making facial expressions and yawning when they want attention – almost as if they are consciously trying to tell you how bored they are, and where most other dogs would just bring a toy to get their humans to play with them.

They are one of the dog breeds that often “look” like their owner, due to seemingly being capable of picking up (and copying) behaviors and facial expressions. It is a dog that needs attention – all the time – and if you are not able to give a dog constant attention then perhaps the Weimaraner isn’t the right breed for you.

Intelligent dogs are fascinating, but they also require more training, entertainment, and stimulation. The smartness of a Weimaraner allows them to figure out how to do things like open doors, which could result in their escape, and when they get bored, they could easily turn to destructive behaviors like barking, digging, scratching, chewing and more. However, if properly stimulated, their intelligence makes them a fantastic dog breed for any affectionate and active family.

Goofy & Playful

Weimaraner Breed Characteristics Goofy & Playful
Image by Martin Tajmr from Pixabay

The personality of a Weimaraner can almost be compared to that of a joyful toddler. Yes, they are highly intelligent, but they also love to run around and play, and they have the goofiness of a puppy that never seems to grow up. The Weimaraner makes silly faces, loves to run around, to jump and to play, and it is likely to have you laughing until your stomach hurts!

Weimaraners are large dogs, but they don’t seem to be aware of their own size, and they will play and goof around as if they were the size of a Chihuahua. More than one Weimaraner owner has had objects whipped off the living room table by an overenthusiastically wagging Weimaraner tail, but how can you be mad at such a happy and adorable dog?

The best thing to do is to provide them with plenty of exercises, find a dog park where they can run around freely and get together with friends for doggy play dates, or you will have a rocket fast Weimaraner roaming around your house and yard as if there was no tomorrow!

To have a dog with such a silly and innocent personality is a blessing and something that will have you smiling even on days when you are feeling stressed and down. The Weimaraner is the happy pill you might have never known you needed, and they love to be the clown in any social setting.

Developed Instincts

Breed Characteristics of Weimaraners Developed Instincts

The natural instincts of the Weimaraner are very sharp and on point, and they make excellent hunters! If you are into hunting, there is no doubt that the Weimaraner will make the ultimate companion for you, but you can also find alternative ways to keep the breed entertained and happy.

Look for an activity that mimics hunting, such as Lure Coursing, where they get to use their natural abilities to hunt down prey or give them a chance to work with their nose in some type of scent work activity. A kennel club or the internet can help you find courses and training groups in your area.

Some Weimaraners do not get along well with cats and small animals due to their strong prey drive, but this can sometimes be overcome with training and socialization. You might not want to put your Weimaraner and a cat in the same room without first introducing them properly, as it could have an unfortunate outcome.

Also, don’t be surprised if you come home one day to find your trashcan tipped over with all the leftovers gone, as the Weimaraner has a very developed sense of smell, and the intelligence required to figure out how to get their paws on what they are after.

If you have more than one dog at home and even if your Weimaraner sleeps innocently in a corner by the time you get home – he or she was probably the mastermind behind the raid of the trash, but they are simply too smart to let you catch them in the act.

A Dog Breed Unlike Any Other

Breed Characteristics of Weimaraners A Dog Breed Unlike Any Other

The Weimaraner certainly is a dog breed unlike any other – for good or bad – but the truth is that it is hard not to love them. They have that unique mix of intelligence, playfulness, devotion, and loyalty, which – for many – is exactly what they are looking for in a dog.

All Weimaraners are different, and you won’t know exactly what your dog will be like until you have lived together for a while, but these are some standard characteristics you are likely to recognize if you have ever spent time with a Weimaraner.

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