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PetGentle Reviews (2024)

The web brims with secrets on teaching your dog, from fancy tricks to fixing bad habits. But what’s your move when all those tricks fall flat?

Barking is a big issue for many dog owners; some dogs bark excessively when they hear cars go by on the street outside, when the mailman shows up, when the kids leave for school or when they are trying to get you to play with them.

As much as we love our dogs, all that barking could be enough to drive anyone crazy, and it might be time to look for a solution.

If you are reluctant to using devices such as prong collars, spray collars, dog shock collars or ultrasonic collars, there are more gentle alternatives that could aid with your regular training. One of those devices is the PetGentle – an innovative dog whistle with a flashlight.

What is PetGentle?

PetGentle Dog Whistle
PetGentle Dog Whistle

You may have heard of a dog whistle, and perhaps you’ve thought of it as a somewhat old-fashioned device that few tend to use nowadays? While we can see where that is coming from, it is products like the PetGentle that show us how we couldn’t be more wrong!

It has taken the classic handheld bark control concept to a whole new level; not only is it completely silent to humans (meaning you won’t bother anyone at the dog park), and it has a small infrared flashlight added to it. This is the gentle way to stop dogs barking, and an anti-bark device that won’t harm your dog in any way.

The benefit of the added flashlight, other than just the ultrasonic dog bark control device itself, is that it offers you two different methods to distract your dog. If the sound of these dog silencers doesn’t seem to have a strong enough effect, you can switch the light on and use both simultaneously, or you can use it on its own. Keep in mind that the PetGentle dog barking control device is not meant to be a punishment for your dog, but more of a temporary distraction to stop excessive barking and other undesirable behaviors.

The product comes with a 9-volt battery when delivered so that you won’t have to worry about the battery indicator showing a low battery anytime soon. With the PetGentle, you will no longer need bark collars or other control devices, as this remote trainer offers a more gentle yet equally effective method that hopefully stops barking.

How a Dog Whistle Can Stop Barking

dog stopped barking with the help of petgentle whistle barking device
Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

The most important thing to point out here is that you can’t expect any training device to do all the work for you, as this attitude will only have you feeling disappointed. Gadgets like the PetGentle is meant to be used in combination with positive reinforcement training, and while they can help you reach the desired results faster, they are unlikely to do the job on their own.

Buying an ultrasonic dog training device, such as a whistle, simply offers a step in the right direction. A whistle is also one of the most gentle pet training gadgets available, as this type of remote trainer for dogs does not physically harm your furry friend.

What a handheld bark whistle does is that it emits an ultrasonic dog high-pitch sound at the push of a button, and it is a sound that is not audible for most humans, but which dogs – with their impressive hearing abilities – can hear just fine.

This sound may be unpleasant for some dogs, due to the high-pitched nature, and it is often this that makes the dog snap out of whatever behavior you are trying to control or reduce.

It could also be that the dog is simply surprised by the unexpected sound, and distraction is another great way to stop excessive barking and other undesirable mannerisms. Whenever your dog starts barking, you blow the whistle with the intention of redirecting the dog’s attention.

What Makes the PetGentle Better Than Other Products?

PetGentle is a lot better than other bark control devices
PetGentle Dog Whistle

There are so many different dog whistles, ultrasonic units, anti-bark controllers and other bark control devices, but what makes the PetGentle Ultrasonic anti-barking product unique is the philosophy behind it!

It is made by a company that understands that a handheld ultrasonic device is not a solution, but an asset, and something that can help when wanting to stop your dogs from barking and misbehaving.

They are not selling you a magical solution, which would be likely to let you down, but instead a carefully tested product aimed at loving and dedicated dog owners.

A dog bark is not a conscious act to bother or irritate you, as it is simply how dogs communicate, and the PetGentle is designed with this in mind. It also has two dog barking controls where other anti bark devices have only one – the ultrasonic barking control sound, and the flashlight!

While there is no guarantee, this product may also be useful as a handheld dog repellant for other dogs (such as the next-door neighbor dogs) approaching when you are out for a walk!


+ Handheld devices for practicality
+ Great alternative to a bark collar
+ Calms a barking dog


– Could easily get lost due to its small size

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Final Words

This bark controlling handheld ultrasonic device is a revolutionary bark genie! It has the potential to work for any type of dog, and it is a great bark stopper alternative to for example bark collars for dogs.

By using an ultrasonic barking control device, you get a chance to speed up the learning process and to deal with difficult cases of excessive barking and unwanted behaviors.

When you want to stop dogs from barking, it is essential to go all in and work hard on training your dog and resolving the issue, and positive reinforcement training should always be the foundation.

A product like the PetGentle can help you on your way to reaching the results you would want, without harming your dog or scaring him or her into obeying your commands. The PetGentle ultrasonic dog bark controls are easy to carry with you no matter where you go, so that you are always ready to deal with both mini barks and those bark frenzies your pooch might get caught up in. Training your dog should be fun, both for you and your dog, and the PetGentle is here to help.

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