american bulldog pitbull mix

Know Your Facts: The American Bulldog Pitbull Mix

The American Bulldog Pitbull Mix is a fierce and bold dog breed. It is a breed that gets a bad reputation in the streets and we would love to clear up any misconceptions that you may have about this crossbreed. 

The American Bulldog Pitbull Mix has many other names such as the bully pit and the American Bully. These names will be used interchangeably throughout this article. 

What is an American Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix
Photo by Nattaphat Phau on Pexels

The bully pit is a crossbreed that was bred with two very muscular and smart dog breeds. The American bulldog and pitbull are both very dominant and beautiful dogs. When these dogs are bred together, they make courageous, bold, and loyal dogs.

The American bulldog is a large and muscular dog, they are very lively and love to be social. These dogs make great companions and can be good working dogs as well. American bulldogs get bored very easily, especially when they are left alone. Due to their destructive nature and powerful bodies, they should be monitored until they are fully trained. 

The pitbull, also referred to as the American pit bull terrier, is a loyal and active dog breed. Pitbulls are high-energy and friendly, which makes them great dogs to have if you live an active lifestyle.

Pitbulls need a lot of stimulation to help them deplete their energy and should not be purchased by a person who isn’t willing to give them the lifestyle needed to keep them happy.

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Where Did the American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Originate From? 

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Origin
Photo by Paulo Bento on Pexels

The American bully is considered a designer dog breed.  While bully pits have been occurring naturally for as long as the two breeds have been available, they weren’t bred as companion dogs until the 1990s. 

The origins of the breeding of the American bully are not completely clear, some believe that the breed was created in the United States, where they are still popular today. 

What Was the American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Bred For? 

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Bred
Photo by Luis Negron on Pexels

Since the history of bully pits isn’t known, it is speculated that the breed was bred for companionship. It is also assumed that they were bred as guard dogs to help protect the homes of their owners. Bully pits have strong bodies and are loyal, these dogs are great pets and protectors. 

What Does An American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Look Like?

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Look
Photo by Brandon Crawford on Unsplash

An American bulldog pitbull mix can look like either parent breed, depending on whichever parent has stronger genes.  Often a bully pit will have the size of the American bulldog with the head and face of a pitbull.

The bully pit can have a wide range of coat colors that come from their parents. They can be white, black, tan, red, yellow, gray, brindle, or a combination of these colors. The American bulldog pitbull mix has a short, fine, single coat of fur that sheds minimally. 

Unique Physical Characteristics

Each bully pit has its own combination of characteristics and will favor its parent with the dominant genes. Many bully pits have a few physical features from each parent.


The bully pit has almond-shaped eyes that range in color from light blue, hazel, dark brown, or black. 


The bully pit has a medium-sized tail that is slender and gets narrow toward the end. Some American bullies have shorter tails or have their tails docked when they are young. Their tail has short fur similar to their bodies and is straight or slightly curled up.


Bully pits often have cropped ears that stand in an upright position. The American bully’s natural ears are folded-over and floppy at the tip. Due to an increased chance of ear infection from the ear folds, they are often cropped to help prevent complications. Their ears are covered in an even short layer of fur.


The bully pit has a very broad, square head with a short and wide muzzle. The bully pit has a very powerful set of jaws, they have a bite that measures up to 300 PSI.

How Big Does a Full-Grown American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Get?

Full-Grown American Bulldog Pitbull Mix
Image by dillondygert from Pixabay

A full-grown adult bully pit stands between 16 to 20 inches tall and weighs between 50 to 90 pounds. They are short in stature with bulky and dense bodies. 

Male vs Female

Male bully pits are larger than females, the males weigh 70 to 90 pounds, and depending on their genetics they could weigh up to 100 pounds. Females are the smaller sex, they are often a few inches shorter and weigh between 50 to 70 pounds. 

How to Take Care of an American Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Exercise
Image by Lars Nissen from Pixabay

American bulldog Pitbull mixes must have an owner that understands how to handle such a stubborn and powerful dog. Bully pits require exercise, grooming, and a quality diet to keep them active and healthy.


Your bully pit will need about one hour of exercise per day. Walking around your neighborhood, playing at the local dog park, or allowing your dog to roam around in the backyard are all types of exercises that are beneficial for your bully pit. 

American bulldog pitbull mixes can become destructive if they do not get enough daily exercise, so always remember to set aside an hour a day to let them play!


Grooming is something that helps your bully pit remain healthy and happy. Bathing helps keep your dog clean and free from parasites, having their teeth brushed keeps their teeth and gums healthy, and regular ear cleaning helps prevent infections.

Make appointments with your groomer every 6 to 8 weeks to have your bully pit serviced, or you can learn how to groom your bully pit at home. Always use quality shampoos for bathing to help your pet’s skin stay hydrated and healthy.


Your American bulldog pitbull mix should eat a diet that is made or contains high-quality foods. Premium kibble and dog food made by you is great for bully pits. Their diet should be full of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The better the quality of food, the less likely they are to have allergic reactions or experience complications from the ingredients.

Bully pits do well with treat training, so you will want your dog treats to also be made of high-quality ingredients! Fresh vegetables and fruits or store-bought treats are all great options for your bully pit to eat. But, remember that treats also contain calories! Remember to count the calories from the treats given to ensure that you aren’t overfeeding your bully pit. 

How Much to Feed

Your bully pit should be eating about 20 calories per pound of body weight. For example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds, it will need about 1,000 calories per day. Many dog foods have 300 to 500 calories per cup, this would equal 2 to 3 cups of food per day.

How Often to Feed

We recommend that you feed your bully pit 2 to 3 small meals per day. Preferably one small meal every few hours, once in the morning, afternoon, and evening. At the bare minimum, you should be feeding them twice per day.  Avoid feeding your bully pit one big meal per day. A single large meal can trigger a condition known as bloat. 

Common Food Allergies

American bulldog pitbull mixes can be allergic to proteins that naturally occur in meat. Chicken, fish, duck, lamb, eggs, beef, and turkey, can all trigger an allergic reaction in your bully pit. 

Cheap kibble is another food item that can trigger allergic reactions in your bully pit. Low-quality dog kibble uses unnecessary ingredients called fillers to bulk up their food. Companies also add preservatives to make them more shelf-stable and last longer. These ingredients will be listed as white flour, corn syrup, artificial coloring, and artificial flavors. Many of these ingredients cause skin irritation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. 

Be sure to pay attention to your bully pit after they eat, especially if you are giving them new dog food. Watch out for symptoms of an allergic reaction, and call your vet as soon as possible if you notice any changes in their behavior like lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea. Any of these symptoms can be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Are American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Easy to Train?

Easy To Train American Bulldog Pitbull Mix
Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

American bullies are a somewhat stubborn breed, but they are very motivated to please their owners! If you want to train your American bully be sure to firmly command them and let them know what you want from them. When your bully pit sees you as a leader, they become easier to train. 

Are they Easy to Potty Train?

American bulldog pitbull mixes are easy to potty train when the concept is learned while they are still puppies. Always give direct commands to help your bully pit understand what is wanted from them.

What is the American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Temperament?

American Bully At Play With Another Dog
Photo by David Taffet on Unsplash

The American bulldog pitbull mix is a confident and courageous breed. Socialization is very important for this breed to properly interact with other dogs and humans because they can also be temperamental when provoked. 

Bully pits get a bad reputation because they are raised in environments without the proper training or socialization. Without the proper knowledge of how to raise this breed, you can create a dangerous and unpredictable dog.

The bully pit must be properly introduced to others and socialized from a young age. When they are given the right tools and training, they become calmer and less dangerous overall. 

Does This Breed Do Well With Children?

Bully pits can be good pets for families with children, especially older well-behaved children. But, American bulldog pitbull mixes need to be socialized from a young age to help them overcome apprehension towards children. When your bully pit is raised with children in the household, they can be loyal and loving companions. 

Always remember that any child that interacts with this breed should behave calmly and respectfully toward them. They should never hurt, trick, or tease the dog because fear can trigger aggression. Training your children is just as important as training your dog to help keep them both safe and happy.

Does This Breed Do Well With Other Pets?

Bully pits and other pets can get along when they both have the right tools needed to achieve peace. Both animals must be socialized and comfortable around each other for the interaction to be safe. Bully pits that are raised with other pets from a young age have a better chance of getting along with other pets in the household. 

When you are ready to introduce your bully pit to other household pets, be sure that you are a confident leader who can provide a calm and safe place for the introduction to take place.

Have each animal meet while they are relaxed and separate them if they show any signs of aggression. Remember to be patient, and try again as many times as it takes. 

Sometimes two animals may not be compatible with each other, and this is okay. Keep incompatible animals separated at all times to prevent dangerous situations.

Are American Bulldog Pitbull Mixes Aggressive?

Bully pits have a bad reputation for being aggressive. While they definitely can be an aggressive breed and are dangerous, most of their bad behavior can be trained out of them with the right owner.

Many inexperienced owners buy or adopt this breed without the proper knowledge needed to raise them, which causes a surplus of untrained, unsocialized dogs to get dumped at shelters across the United States. 

Bully pits should only be adopted by a confident leader who knows how to train them. Do not adopt a bully pit if you are inexperienced or lack the needed tools to help this dog reach its full potential.

What Environment is Ideal for an American Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

Ideal Environment For American Bully
Photo by Brandon Crawford on Unsplash

Bully pits are a medium-energy dog breed that requires at least an hour of exercise per day to help them stay active and healthy. It is beneficial to have an outdoor space for these dogs to play and roam freely to get out their energy. 

City vs Rural

Bully pits can thrive in either a city or rural environment as long as they are given enough daily exercise and playtime. This breed is pretty compact and it is not as high energy as their parents, so city life can be okay as long as they are taken for walks or to a local dog park for exercise. 

A rural setting is safer in my opinion since some bully pits have a stand-offish attitude toward other dogs, which makes dog parks a less-than-ideal option. Having a fenced-in yard where your bully pit can freely play and interact with you while getting their needed daily exercise is a much better option.

Cold or Hot

American bulldog pitbull mixes do best in temperatures that are neither extremely hot nor cold. Too much heat can cause this breed to have a heat stroke. A heat stroke is a life-threatening condition if not treated immediately.

If you have a bully pit in a cold climate, be sure to buy them a sweater or jacket to help them stay warm! Never leave your bully pit outdoors in the extreme cold for longer than a few minutes.

What is the Average Lifespan of an American Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

13 Years Old American Bully

The average lifespan of an American bulldog pitbull mix is around 13 to 15 years! Their lifespan depends on how well they are kept and their genetics.

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Common Health Issues

Healthy American Bully
Photo by David Taffet on Unsplash

We all want a healthy dog that doesn’t have any health issues. The truth is that some dogs are predisposed to common illnesses and health issues. Understanding the bully pits’ needs and common health issues can help catch these problems early on. Knowing what to look out for can help these common health issues be treated early and manage to help your dog live a long and healthier life. 

Skin Dermatitis

Many bully pits have a skin disorder known as skin dermatitis. Skin dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by food allergies, or problems with various organs such as the pancreas, liver, or kidneys.

Common skin dermatitis symptoms are sores, itchiness, redness, or inflammation. Talk with your vet to see what could be causing dermatitis and which treatment they recommend.


Epilepsy is a serious neurological condition that disables proper brain function. Epilepsy causes a rush of electrical activity in the brain, this surge causes the muscles to spasm and twitch, leading to minor or severe seizures.


Some American bullies can have a condition called cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy is a heart disorder that affects the heart muscle, it often stays unnoticed until it is too late. Symptoms of cardiomyopathy include shortness of breath, swelling of the limbs, and lethargy. Cardiomyopathy causes an increased risk of cardiac arrest and death.


Parvo, also called parvovirus, is a life-threatening condition that is quickly spread between dogs, especially unvaccinated dogs. This virus is very serious, and many times it results in death. The symptoms of parvovirus are severe vomiting and diarrhea. Untreated and prolonged vomiting and diarrhea cause severe dehydration, malnutrition, and death.


Bloat, also referred to as gastric dilation-volvulus complex, is a deadly condition that occurs when the dog’s stomach fills with large amounts of air. The surplus of air causes high amounts of pressure to form, creating a blockage in the dog’s blood system, and hindering its overall function. The blockage in the system restricts blood flow and causes blood to pool on the back side of the dog’s body. 

Bloat often causes dogs to go into shock due to the restriction of blood going to their heart. The sudden onset of shock and lack of blood flow to their hearts results in heart attacks and death.


Osteoarthritis is a common health problem that is often seen in older or large dogs. American bulldog pit mixes can experience osteoarthritis at any age though. Osteoarthritis is also referred to as a degenerative joint disease, and it’s an inflammatory disease caused by the deterioration of the cartilage in the joints.

Once osteoarthritis progresses, there is not enough cartilage to protect the joints from rubbing together. The lack of cartilage leads to excessive inflammation of the joints, pain, and decreases the range of motion. This disease is only manageable if it is discovered early on, there is no cure. 

How Much Does an American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Cost?

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Cost
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

An American bulldog pitbull mix can cost between $800 to $2,000. 

Other Costs

Your American bulldog pitbull mix will need quite a few things from the pet store in order for them to feel comfortable and happy in their new surroundings. The cost of the new items will need to be factored into the entire cost of buying your bully pit!

For example, your new bully pit needs to visit a veterinarian for a check-up once it has been adopted. At the first check-up, the vet will look the puppy over to see if they are healthy. They may want to run medical tests, administer vaccinations, or prescribe deworming pills. Your bully pit doesn’t only need one vet appointment though, they will need yearly visits with the vet for their annual checkups. The cost of vet appointments can cost between $250 and $500 each.  

Your bully pit must also visit the vet to be spayed or neutered when they are between one and 2 years old. A vet appointment for spaying and neutering can cost between $250 and $1,000.

Bully pits are known to get into things that they were not supposed to, and unexpected veterinarian trips in case of injuries or accidents can cost upwards of $800!

You want your bully pit to feel happy and comfortable, as well as safe! Due to their needs, they will require dog food, bedding, food bowls, collars, harnesses, leashes, accessories, and of course toys. The cost of these items is between $100 and $300. 

You’ll also need the best dog food for american bulldogs or pitbulls to feed your pup.

We advise switching out your dog’s bedding such as blankets and pillows as needed. Upgrade their bowls, collars, and accessories as they grow to keep them comfortable. Your bully pit will grow fast! During the first year, they will go from a few pounds to almost fully grown, which means you will be replacing items very often.

The final cost of owning an American bulldog pitbull mix adds up very fast. The cost of dog ownership doesn’t stop as long as you have the dog. This is something you should consider before making the commitment to buying a dog.

Other Similar Dog Breeds

Distinguishing Features of a French Bulldog
Image by JacLou from Pixabay

Sometimes the dog you dream of is not the right dog for you. Whether it’s because they are too large, too energetic, or there is a breed restriction where you live, you may need to find an alternative dog breed that is similar to the one you want. Below is a list of similar dog breeds that would make a great alternative to the American bulldog pitbull mix!

American Bulldog

An American bulldog is very confident and loyal. They are one of the parent breeds of the bully pit and are similar in temperament. The American bulldog has longer legs and often weighs up to 100 pounds. These dogs are well-balanced and make great pets due to their friendly demeanor. The American bulldog has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

American Pitbull Terrier

The American pitbull terrier is one-half of the bully pit. American pitbull terriers are confident, loving, and loyal! Pitbulls are very strong with an abundance of energy. This breed is high energy and must be exercised for hours each day to help deplete their energy levels. Pitbulls often live long lives when properly cared for. Pitbulls often live between 14 to 16 years old. 


The boxer is a great alternative option if you are considering an American bulldog pitbull mix. This breed is less frowned upon by society, and they have fewer restrictions than bully pits. Boxers are fun, friendly, and extremely active. Boxers are great with families that have children and are very affectionate. Boxers often live between 10 to 13 years. 

French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a sweet and loving companion. They are small and adaptable which helps them to be a great alternative to a bully pit. They have a similar build with broad features and a dense muscular body. French bulldogs are small, which is great for households with small children or limited space. The French bulldog has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Tip For Finding The Right Breeder

When you are ready to commit to buying a bully pit, make sure that you search for a breeder with positive reviews. The breeder that you choose should be reputable and trustworthy. Not all breeders are created equal, seeking out a good breeder is up to you. To help assist you, we put together a list of tips to help you during the purchase of your bully pit puppy.

Tip 1. Meet With The Breeder

Meet the breeder before making an agreement to purchase a puppy. Meet the breeder at their breeding facility, inspect the cleanliness of the facility, and see how large the breeding area is. Make sure you can visit with the puppies and see how they are treated. 

Tip 2. Ask Questions About Your Puppy and its Parents 

Ask the breeder if they have done medical testing on the puppies or the dogs they breed. Find out if the parents or puppies have any illnesses or show any symptoms of common diseases. To help you know if this is the right puppy for you, ask the breeder questions to help you decide if you want to continue with the purchase. 

Tip 3. Ask To See The Puppies Pedigree Papers

Once you have visited with the breeder and have picked out your winning bully pit, you should then ask for your puppy’s pedigree papers. The pedigree papers are certified documents that contain legal information about your puppy and its parents. The pedigree papers are needed if you wish to become a breeder and to breed your puppy when they are older. 

Things To Avoid

When you are buying your bully pit, never make any exchanges before you see that the puppy is real. Avoid breeders who ask you to wire them money without meeting the puppy you want to adopt. Breeding scams are unfortunate businesses that collect money without following through with a healthy puppy, some don’t provide any puppies at all! There are many scammers who will take your money and you will never hear from them again!

A reputable breeder will schedule an appointment for you to visit your new bully pit before any exchange is even discussed.

Avoid purchasing any dog from places known as puppy mills. A puppy mill is a breeding center that breeds unhealthy dogs without giving them a quality life. These dogs are often sick, diseased, and injured. They are kept in tiny cages and they must live their lives solely to breed puppies. Puppy mills are inhumane and should not be supported. 

Is an American Bulldog Pitbull Mix The Right Dog For You?

American bulldog pitbull mixes are muscular and strong, with a  bit of stubborn behavior. Bully pits require a calm owner that can provide them with firm commands. They need someone who understands their needs. Socialization of a bully pit is important, they must be trained properly to keep them from becoming unruly or destructive. This breed can be a great pet because they are loyal and sweet. 

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