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10 Best Dog Doorbells in 2022

There are so many tools and gadgets out there for pets now that make them even more part of the family. From clothing to igloo houses to beds to playpens, what else can people come up with? Dogs have needs just like we do and giving them a way to communicate is extremely important. The latest trend to hit the market is dog doorbells.

What is this you ask? Is this something dogs can press to get into the house? Do they use this when they visit their furry pal down the street to make sure they’re home? Well, it’s quite the opposite.

This gadget is actually used for them to indicate leaving the house. It’s used to notify us that they need to go outside and do the deed. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the best choices we’ve come across.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Doorbells are becoming very popular as a way of training your dog to let you know they need to go outside. The doorbells will save you from having to repaint your door because your dog has scratched the paint off!”

We associate doorbells with wanting to enter a building, but doorbells for dogs were made for the opposite purpose. This nifty device is extremely useful for potty training your new pup. It allows them to communicate when they need to be let out to do their business.

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1. BLUETREE Adjustable Dog Bells

BLUETREE Adjustable Dog Bells

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As all dog-owners know, dogs have exceptional hearing and sense of smell. We as humans, however, are no match for our pooches. This is why BLUETREE Adjustable Dog Bells is at the top of our list. It has not only one, but seven big loud bells attached to it so that it can even reach the ears of those with the hardest of hearing.

Dogs love to play with new things and they can sometimes get rough with their new toys and this is no exception. Being made with durable material makes this doorbell a great option. Who doesn’t like a free gift included with their purchase? The thoughtful people at Bluetree include a dog whistle with every product.

+ 7 big loud bells
+ Durable material
+ Adjustable length
+ Clear sound
+ Easy to reach

Why We Like It – Something that dogs are required to paw at every day can easily be torn to shreds if it isn’t made with reliable material. The heavy-duty nylon the bells are attached to can do their job and outlast the other ribbon designs available on the market.

2. Might Paw Smart Bell 2.0

Might Paw Smart Bell 2.0

Just from the name alone, you can tell this is a carefully tailored model and improvements have been made. Might Paw Smart Bell 2.0 is vastly different from the other options you can find because it isn’t just traditional bells attached to a ribbon or strip of material. There are no strings attached with no batteries or wires.

It’s easy to use, just mount it on your wall with double-sided tape, no tools necessary! This even makes it easy for those of us who struggle with assembling. It’s also small and portable, making it extra easy to reposition as your pup grows.

+ Customizable volume and ringtone
+ Wireless
+ Water resistant
+ 90-day money back guarantee
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – For people who like a special flair or personalization, this volume and ringtone can be customized on this model. If you decide it’s also necessary to have a bell outdoors so your dog can notify you when it wants to come in, this is also a good choice as it’s water resistant!

3. GoGo Bell Deluxe

GoGo Bell Deluxe

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This is a product the developers fully stand behind. With a 95% success rate, this is really something to boast about. Because it looks like a traditional bell, this design is safer compared to ones with jingle bells. With the jingle bells, your dog’s nails can easily get caught in the slots.

This traditional bell doesn’t have the dangerous slots that could potentially hurt your canine friend. The other strap designs could also encourage dogs to scratch at the door if you install it too close. The GoGo Bell Deluxe is designed to float a few inches away from the door or wall, minimizing the risk of scratches.

+ Safe bell design
+ Prevents scratching of nearby doors or walls
+ Easy to install
+ Solid brass bell
+ Step-by-step instructions

Why We Like It – Having a new pup is already tough enough on your interiors. This bell reduces the headache of having your wall or door scratched as well. For new dog owners, the developers also thoughtfully included a step-by-step instruction manual to help in the training process.

We think you may also wish to consider a doormat for your pup while he or she is waiting patiently at the door!

4. My Doggy Place Electronic Chime Bell

My Doggy Place Electronic Chime Bell

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When most people think of electronic devices, they also think it’s more of a hassle. The thoughts that cross their mind might include battery life, installation, maintenance etc. But have no fear, this specific item is self-powered. No longer will there be headaches with unnecessary wires and you can save on your power bill to boot.

Being small in size, the My Doggy Place Electronic Chime Bell is easy to place anywhere you’d like. Not only does it fit anywhere on the wall, but also anywhere on the ground. It is so versatile it can even be used with toddlers and small children!

+ Self-powered
+ Includes 3M mount pad, screws and plastic wall mount
+ 4 adjustable volumes
+ Light pressure trigger
+ Waterproof

Why We Liked It – Oftentimes buyers need to buy extra supplies or equipment to supplement their purchase. This product includes everything you need to mount it to the wall. It’s ready to use all-in-one purchase.

5. Kissin Dog Door Bell with Wireless Touch

Kissin Dog Door Bell with Wireless Touch

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For some smaller dog breeds, they might lack the strength to press the doorbells. Kissin has thoughtfully taken smaller breeds into consideration and designed it with touch activation. It is equipped with 55 polyphonic ringtones and 5 levels of adjustable volume that will literally be like music to your ears.

The sound is strong and penetrating with a signal transmission that is so stable it can reach up to 950 inches! Of course, this is also easily installed and mounted with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. Look no further for an all-in-one model!

+ No need to press
+ Easy installation
+ Water resistant
+ Powerful sound
+ Adjustable volume

Why We Like It – The no-press function can also help train your dog not to paw at the device and subsequently scratching the surrounding areas. With this doorbell, you can be sure the sound will reach your ears in any area of the house.

6. CandyHome Potty Doorbells

CandyHome Potty Doorbells

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Unlike the electronic models, these jingle bell type models can handle the toughest scratches and yanks dished out by your dog. Made with heavy-duty nylon, this CandyHome model can sustain piercing from the largest and sharpest of teeth. This item can be installed with maximum convenience.

There is a snap buckle that makes it easy to attach to any door handle. The unique handle rivet allows you to easily adjust and tighten the doorbell to fit well so your dog doesn’t run away with it. If all that doesn’t convince you, this product comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

+ Adjustable length and tightness
+ Lifetime guarantee
+ Heavy duty
+ Loud sound
+ Easily installed

Why We Like It – The guarantee a seller offers is a major component amongst buyers. The lifetime guarantee along with the ease of use and durability, this product would definitely be one of the top-runners.

7. Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells 2.0

Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells 2.0

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Whenever we see a 2.0 in the title, we know the product has been revamped and any previous errors have been fixed. The Mighty Paw Tinkle Bell 2.0 is no exception. It is available in four stylish patterns for those of you who like to be different. The bells used with this item are made to withstand stress from even the most playful of puppies.

Constructed with a blend of the most optimal metals and thick walls, the bells also produce a clear and crisp sound. To top it all off, it comes with a free wall hook with every purchase, making it easy to install.

+ Different stylish patterns
+ Durable bells
+ Clear crisp sound
+ Free gift
+ 3-step training manual included

Why We Like It – Design options always have an appeal. No longer will you associate scratching and whining with potty time, but you’ll have the colorful image of an additional decoration in the house with a pleasurable sound.

8. Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells

Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells

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Tried and true, the Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. Potty Bells come with a simple 3-step training manual that makes potty training easy. Never live in fear that your dog will have an accident because the 1.4 inch loud bells will ring clearly throughout the house. They are the loudest bells available on the market today.

The snap design makes it easy to hang from any type of door handle with no risk of being yanked or snapped off. What’s better than having to hear cute festive bells ring than your poor dog whining and scratching at the door?

+ Free training manual
+ Loudest bells on the market
+ Fits on any door handle
+ Lifetime money back guarantee
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – The bell option for doggy doorbells seems to be the easiest model for pups to understand. Once you hang it on the door they usually use to do their business, they’ll catch on fast!

9. VIMOV Pet Training Bells

VIMOV Pet Training Bells

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This doggy doorbell comes in a set of two. What’s different about VIMOV is that it’s not made to be mounted, but rather put on the ground like those bells we ring for service at a counter. It is, of course, waterproof and easy to transport. Even when you are on vacation with your dog, they can still use this device to indicate potty time no matter where in the world you are! The buttons on top of the bell are flat and wide, making it easy for the pets to press without missing.

+ Portable
+ Two in one set
+ Lightweight
+ Comes with silicone protective cover
+ Cute exterior

Why We Like It – Having two in one set just gives you bang for your buck. You can keep one at home and one in the car if necessary. As it is waterproof, leaving one in and one outside the door is also an exceptional way to train your pup.

10. Folksmate 2 Pack Potty Bells

Folksmate 2 Pack Potty Bells

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2 for 1 is always a win in my books. Heavy-duty nylon is always durable and chew-resistant for any type of dog breed. The black color with silver polished metal hardware will look good in any home with any sort of interior décor. Along with a set of potty bells, a training manual is also included to ensure success with your new pup.

There is also a free lifetime unlimited warranty guaranteed to customers with quick and responsive customer service. Product assurance and great service to back it up? Folksmate 2 Pack Potty Bells sounds like a great choice.

+ 2 in 1
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Chew resistant and durable
+ Training manual included
+ Great customer service

Why We Like It – Simplicity and efficiency is something we have come to value in modern times. This product has both and will match well with virtually any home. With the adjustable length for any sized dog, this product has really taken everything into consideration.

Dog Doorbells Buyers Guide

Dog doorbells are a little easier to shop for since they really only come in two basic designs. The first is the basic heavy-duty nylon strap with jingle bell design, followed by the electronic option. Before you decide on which is the best choice for your pup, you will also need to take into account your preferences.

This will be something that will affect your day-to-day as well. Would you like a pleasant ringtone with adjustable volume that you can switch at your convenience? Or would a simple crisp and easy bell sound that comes from a pretty hanging strap that could be a decoration be enough? After you have reached a conclusion on that point, you should then consider your dog’s preference.

Is your pup the type to try and pull on the newly installed hanging doorbell? Then the electronic one would be the option for you. Keep in mind all of these suggestions as we delve deeper into what to look for.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Doorbells?

Model & Look

Between the two models, the obvious better choice would have to be the one that you also find pleasurable. Weigh out the pros and cons of a hanging type doggy doorbell and the electronic type.

Due to your dog’s personality, would it be more likely to view the hanging design as a toy and pull on it whenever it’s bored or wants a treat? Would your dog miss the little electronic device stuck to the wall or disregard it, rendering it useless? It might take a few tries to train your pup, or you might realize that the other design might have been a better choice.

No need to worry though, many of the products listed above have lifetime guarantees or at least a 90-day money back guarantee. Maybe you are one of those people who care a lot about the aesthetics of things you keep in your house.

You might want a small white inconspicuous device mounted on the wall that is barely noticeable. Or maybe you’re the type that likes cute bells on a black or patterned nylon strap hanging on door handles that could pass for a decoration. Whatever your preference and whichever you choose, these devices will surely make your potty training process easier and more fun!


The next important factor to consider would be the sound your choice of doorbell makes. Think carefully, as this would be the sound you will associate with potty time indefinitely. Is a crisp and loud bell sound what you’re looking for, or would you prefer a simple melody ringing throughout the house?


At the end of the day, the product guarantee is by far the most important. Some brands allow for a 30-day return period if you are unhappy with your purchase with a 100% money back guarantee. So even if you made a less than ideal choice the first time around, fear not, you have a chance to make a better choice after returning or exchanging the product.

Different Types of Dog Doorbells?

There are only really two main types of doggy doorbells on the market. The more advanced electronic one and the hanging jingle bell doorbell. As mentioned above, whichever one is right for you largely depends on your needs and the sound you prefer.

Does My Dog Need a Dog Doorbell?

The need for a dog doorbell depends largely on personal preference and how you’ve decided to train your pet. If you have those urinal pads at home, then this device would be unnecessary for your dog. If you’ve trained your pet to do its business outdoors and want to avoid having your door or walls scratched up, or you find that you often can’t hear your furry baby whine, then this is the way to go.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Doorbell?

There are quite a few benefits to training your pup to use a doggy doorbell. Aesthetics and preservation of your interior aside, it is actually more efficient. Sometimes you might not notice your dog sitting quietly by the door wishing you’d notice it and let it out.

The guilt you feel when you have no idea how long he or she has been there can be avoided. All the doorbell designs ensure loudness. It forms a way of communicating with your pup and allows them to communicate with you with absolute ease.

How to Teach My Dog to Use a Dog Doorbell?

A lot of the options mentioned above come with instruction manuals. Time and patience are two essential factors you must remember. Be kind and gentle and encouraging to your pup for however long it takes. An easy way to train them is to place the bell or device near the door they usually use. Using a reward system also proves successful. Only feed your pet when it has rung the bell.

After your pet has associated the ringing of the bell with getting a treat, you can move on to placing the treat outside. When it rings the bell, let it out to get the treat. Over time, you can teach your furry pet to associate ringing the bell, to going outside, to doing their business. From the many success stories we have read, the dog doorbell seems to be a great asset to potty training.


This is a great new idea to facilitate the potty training process that comes with any new furry member of your family. It’s important to decide where you want your pet to go potty. All of this may depend on where you live, the size of your house, how often you’re at home etc.

The bell is only really necessary if you have decided that potty time needs to be done outside. Take the careful suggestions above into consideration when choosing the right option for you and your best friend. Your dog deserves the best, and so do you.

Expert Tip

Electronic devices allow you to control the ringing remotely, which could be helpful in the training process. Sometimes you might need your dog to understand and associate the ringing to going outside for potty time. This could be a nifty trick to facilitate and speed up the process.

Did You Know

You could also train your pup to ring the bell even if its potty trained to go in the house. The purpose of this is not to notify you he or she needs to go potty, but for you to know it’s cleanup time.

Read more about bell training in this post by the AKC.

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