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10 Best Collars For Puppies in 2024

Collars are essential for any canine, and they play multiple crucial roles for puppies. Puppy collars are important for identification purposes, with attached tags that carry important details like vaccination records and your contact information.

Finding a pup collar that is comfortable, durable, useful, and stylish can be tough.

Before you head out to find the right collar, we are going to equip you with sufficient knowledge of the best ones on the market, and what to look for so you can make sure to pick the best one for your precious pup.

Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “If you have a very tiny puppy and are having a hard time finding a dog collar that is small enough try looking in the cat section as they are usually smaller.”

Best Collars For Puppies

1. AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Collar

AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Collar

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More and more people are minimalists when it comes to style and opt for more basic designs. This pup collar comes in a very standard belt design. The four different sizes make it easy to find the right leather collars for your fur baby.

The supple and padded leather is easy on the skin and fur and the metal alloy buckle won’t snag. The affordable price does not equate to cheap quality.


+ Padded leather
+ 10 colors
+ 4 sizes
+ Durable and long-lasting


– Not completely waterproof

Why We Like It – If you love simplicity, AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Collar is a great option you don’t need to put too much thought into.

2. StrawberryEC Puppy Collar

StrawberryEC Puppy Collar

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The little bows and bandana designs add a lot of style to your new pup. More suited to smaller pups, you can find the perfect bow for your fur baby girl and bandana for your fur baby boy!

StrawberryEC Puppy Collar is made from a high-quality polyester blend material that even the most active pups won’t wear it out.


+ Cute design
+ Durable material
+ Padded and flexible leather
+ Affordable Price


– Not recommended for puppies that like to chew

Why We Like It – We love how the dog collar can clear up any confusion on your pup’s gender. At such an affordable price, you can go for both the bow and bandana options!

3. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection

Another standard design, Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Collection pup collar comes in the form of a buckle strap. The simple solid color design allows you to customize the dog collar with letters and/or numbers.

The basic nylon fabric has high-density webbing, which adds to the durability, while the buckles are made with eco-friendly plastic!


+ Multiple sizes
+ 22 colors
+ Fortified high-density webbed nylon
+ Customizable


– Can be a bit difficult to adjust

Why We Like It – The beautiful colors are one of the best traits of this design. The fabric is extremely durable but still soft against your pup’s skin.

4. Heavy Duty Adjustable Puppy Dog Safety Harness

Heavy Duty Adjustable Puppy Dog Safety Harness

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Harnesses are arguably better than dog collars for your pup for long walks. This adjustable harness comes in 4 sizes and three patterns. The package comes with a 120cm long dog leash. This FakeFace Dog Safety Harness is well padded to guard against skin irritation with breathable mesh lining and scratch-resistant nylon for comfort.


+ Multi-functional
+ Comes with a leash
+ Quality materials and durable construction
+ Easy to use


– Not the best for strong pullers

Why We Liked It – With so many functions, you really get the most for your money! The affordable price almost makes this a deal you won’t believe.

5. PUPTECK Basic Nylon Collar

PUPTECK Basic Nylon Collar

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The PUPTECK Basic Nylon Collar comes in six colors in four different sizes. The high-quality nylon is very durable and lightweight.

The dog collar can grow with your pet, just adjust it as necessary when your puppy ages. Each pup collar comes with an ID tag with a cute paw print.


+ Quick buckle release
+ Easy leash attachment
+ High-quality nylon
+ Vibrant colors


– Can run a bit small

Why We Like It – This dog collar is sturdy, light, and great for a puppy as it will not weigh down on your dog’s neck. It’s an added accessory that will give them some extra flair!

6. Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Floral Collection

Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Floral Collection

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Much like its solid-colored counterpart, the Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Floral Collection has a matching leash and harness sold separately.

Made with eco-friendly plastic and strong polyester, the pup collar is easy to put on and won’t snag on fur or irritate your pooch.


+ Spring flower pattern
+ Strong polyester
+ Eco-friendly plastic buckle
+ Adjustable


– Higher priced for the design

Why We Like It – Blueberry Pet is basically a fashion line for your pet. Unfortunately, if you opt for the beautiful flower pattern, the dog collar won’t be customizable.

7. Friends Forever Paisley Pup Collar

Friends Forever Paisley Puppy Collar

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Another buckle design with a leash ring, Friends Forever Paisley Pup Collar adds an extra layer for added comfort. The cute garden or paisley designs are perfect for spring garden parties!

If you have multiple pets at home, not just dogs, Friends Forever is offering a great deal!


+ Beautiful patterns
+ Durable
+ Great buy two get one free deal
+ Adjustable


– Not the softest

Why We Like It – The nylon is surprisingly soft and lightweight. Anything meant to be worn for long periods need to be as easy to use as possible.

8. CollarDirect Nylon Puppy Dog Collar

CollarDirect Nylon Puppy Dog Collar with Buckle Tribal Pattern

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If you have a slightly larger pup or a big breed, this nylon dog collar will look great around your dog’s neck! The strong but soft and flexible material is comfortable and the tribal design will not fade over time.

All of the best dog collars are handmade with the utmost care with eco-friendly materials. Feel free to toss the CollarDirect Nylon Puppy Dog Collar into the wash or hand wash it after a day rolling around in the mud.


+ Fade-proof pattern
+ Made with eco-friendly plastic
+ Flexible and soft nylon
+ Washable


– The smallest size is a bit thin

Why We Like It – It’s good to know these best dog collars can withstand the washing machine and soap and fit comfortably around your dog’s neck.

9. BONAWEN Crystal Rhinestone Pet Collar with Bow Tie

BONAWEN Crystal Rhinestone Pet Collar with Bow Tie

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For the little puppies with extra sass and the owners who are a tad more girly, we have a sparkly rhinestone option! Coming in four different colors, the black would even look sharp on a male puppy in a tuxedo!

The soft and supple velvet leather is very smooth against the skin and your dog’s fur, there are no chances of irritation with this BONAWEN Crystal Rhinestone dog collar!


+ Soft velvet leather
+ Cute rhinestones
+ Heavy duty rust-resistant hardware
+ Adorable design


– Doesn’t come without rhinestones

Why We Like It – This is a cute design you can slip on your dog for special occasions. Even if it’s not used for daily walks, having something like this in the back of the closet can come in handy for certain occasions!

10. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar

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Nothing is more unique than an item that is customized. If the nylon or polyester fabric isn’t appealing, here is a customizable option in leather!

Engrave the Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar with letters and/or numbers. There are also cute pictures you can add at no additional cost! There are four sizes and six solid colors to choose from.


+ Genuine leather
+ Customizable engravings
+ Different text options with decorative pictures
+ 6 colors


– Isn’t completely waterproof

Why We Like It – We love it because it’s a great alternative to the more basic fabric designs. The letters and numbers are engraved rather than stamped which ensures longevity.

Puppy Collar Buyer’s Guide

The options we have presented you with are affordable and durable. The most important thing is for the dog collar to do its job. So what should you be looking for? Read on and you will see!

How We Evaluated Collars for Puppies

There are so many things to consider when you’re looking for dog accessories. Dog collars that are not durable could compromise your pup’s safety. We found the best ones by making sure they check off the sections below.


Your dog collar will need to be comfortable, and that ties into the material as well. You don’t want anything too stiff or feature too many embellishments that may snag your dog’s fur.


We will go into more detail about the material choices in the buyer’s guide below, but the material you choose will have to be durable, non-toxic and preferably waterproof or at least water resistant. Nylon collars are a good example of a decent material.


As your pup grows, you want a dog collar that will grow with him. Aside from purchasing the right size, you also want an adjustable collar that has a few extra holes just to give your pup some room to develop.

What to Look for When Buying a Puppy Collar?


How long it lasts and the level of comfort the dog collar offers is all about the material. It’s vital that the material you choose is soft, smooth and SAFE. By safe we mean chemical-free and doesn’t snag or fade. Nylon and leather are the primary choices for dog collars, although sometimes polyester ones with blended materials can be found. Flat collars tend to be more comfortable than something like a martingale collar.


Of course, we need the pup collar to be as durable as possible. If it isn’t destroyed by the elements, we surely do not want our puppy to have a hand in its demise. Leather dog collars are harder to clean and easier to chew through, and the synthetic options absorb odors.


Next on the list is the size of your dog’s collar. Too small a collar will be extremely uncomfortable and choke your puppy. One that is too large is easy to squirm out of. The best dog collars have adjustability.


Make sure your dog’s collar fits like a second skin. Your puppy shouldn’t be aware of the collar or bothered by it. The best dog collars are lightweight but durable and made of strong materials. They should definitely not be heavy enough to weigh your pup down.


Harnesses are generally better for outdoor walks, hikes or treks. It distributes the pressure and force throughout the torso and won’t choke your pup. If your dog pulls and lunges a lot, we would suggest a harness. The tamer fur babies can do well with a collar.


For puppies, the best dog collar is lightweight and narrow. The less cumbersome it is, the higher the chance your puppy will accept it. Some collars adorned with rhinestones and extra ornaments can be very appealing aesthetically, but extra heavy.

Expert Tip

Do not use choke chains or prong puppy collars. Some might think this drastic method of training is useful. In reality, it can severely damage your pet’s spine and throat. The same goes for smaller dogs, or all dogs in general, really.

Did You Know?

Take the time to get to know them to choose the perfect collar to fit their personality. You can also opt for both a collar and a harness for more security.

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