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Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs in 2022

It doesn’t matter what you’re planning to do, whether it’s camping, traveling, or just wanting to give your large dog his own “room”, you the best dog crates to do that. For large-sized dogs, they need heavier reinforcement and much more space than their little counterparts. Yes, while some large fur babies tend to have a calmer personality compared to smaller breeds, but all hell will break loose if your large breed does manage to escape.

What may sound like the ultimate nightmare for a dog owner can be prevented with the right large crate. Other than getting the right size for your pooch, there are many other factors to consider such as the material, is it heavy duty enough? The best large dog crates are also easy to clean and preferably foldable and easy to store. To give you a good place to start, our experts have compiled a list and a buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect large dog crates for your big canine.

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1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Dog crates usually come in a variety of sizes, but the biggest issue large dog owners face is that some of the best folding metal dog crates out there just don’t come in sizes big enough. If this sounds like something you have faced, then take a look at the MidWest Homes Dog Crate. They come in single door and double door designs and a free divider panel. The divider comes in handy when crate training and if you have more than one smaller pet that wants to share a crate.

The heavy-duty metal dog crate has a secure latch that keeps your fur baby inside in your absence. The crate itself is easy to assemble without the need for any tools and folds flat for storage. Metal wire crates are designed to be tough enough to keep your dog from escaping.


+ Folding metal dog crate

+ Single or two doors

+ Secure latch

+ Durable dog tray

+ Carrying handle

Why We Like It – The Midwest Home for Pets Crate is an excellent solution for large breeds that need a secure space. The plastic bottom is durable and can be covered with a soft insert for comfort.

2. AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

If you only have one pet, the a single door design for one-way entry will suffice for your large dog. Top-rated dog crates for large dogs come in both designs, with the most important factor being the size rather than the point of entry. The sturdy folding metal dog crate stores flat and out of the way when not in use. That is one of the largest benefits of wire crates.

The dog crate comes with an optional divider for training purposes until your dog grows into the crate and the plastic pan is also removable and can be replaced with a comfier dog bed.


+ Large-sized crates for dogs

+ Sturdy metal design

+ Removable plastic pan

+ Optional divider

+ Easy to clean

Why We Like It – The biggest perk of having the AmazonBasics folding metal dog crate is the reliability and the overall durable construction of the large dog pet crate.

3. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

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Here is another similar design of a single and two-door dog crate. The New World folding crate is another heavy duty dog kennel that can hold your large dog until you return. It comes with leakproof plastic pan and a complimentary 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee for any defects. Every door on the wire crate comes with a slide bolt latch for security to make sure your large breed won’t escape.

The design of metal crates allows them to be assembled and disassembled easily without the need for any tools. This gives pet owners the option to store their kennel for dogs and free up space in their homes. No one wants a big and cumbersome cage, especially one fit for large to extra-large dogs in the middle of their living space.


+ Comes in extra-large sizes

+ Heavy duty

+ Single or two doors

+ Slide bolt latches

+ Foldable

Why We Like It – The complimentary 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee really swayed us on this option. Knowing that the crate is secure but if there happen to be any issues, you get your money back.

4. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Kennel

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Kennel

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This next option takes durability and security to the next level. It has a similar design to wire crates but the metal bars on these crates for large dogs are much thicker and stronger. It also comes in two colors, a dark gunmetal color, and a brighter silver. The construction is made from corrosion-resistant steel, which is also highly durable and not easily destroyed, even by an aggressive large breed dog.

The crate is easy to assemble, comes in extra-large sizes and has four wheels for portability. The plastic tray is located below the floor bars and is easily removable for cleaning. Although this design does require some assembly, everything you need is in the package.


+ Tough and durable

+ 2 different colors of corrosion-resistant steel

+ Four lockable caster wheels

+ Removable plastic pan

+ Everything included for assembly

Why We Like It – We love an option that is nearly 100% foolproof to keep our large breeds safe in our absence. The durable construction will surely be more than a good match for your dog’s powerful jaws.

5. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate

Manufacturers are always looking for innovative designs and new ways to disguise otherwise unsightly and aesthetically unpleasing dog crates. The New Age Pet ecoFLEX pet crate can double as an end table, camouflaging and blending the large dog crates with your interior. The sturdy recycled plastic-wood polymer composite construction will not easily fall victim to your large dog’s teeth.

With the elegant and luxurious design, you might expect a much assembly, but surprisingly, the setup won’t require any tools at all. It’s just a matter of fitting together all the pieces correctly to get this nice piece of furniture that is also a pet crate for your large breed.


+ Good size for large dogs

+ Doubles as an end table

+ No-tool assembly

+ Sturdy construction

+ Recycled plastic-wood polymer composite

Why We Like It – A large benefit the ecoFLEX pet crate has over wire creates such as the AmazonBasics folding metal crate is the beautiful design that can also function as an additional piece of furniture.

6. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

To round out the list, our experts have also inserted a soft crate option for those who prefer one that’s more malleable. Even soft crates can come in extra-large sizes for extra large dogs. It doesn’t take any effort to put together a soft dog crate and they also fold easily for storage. Another benefit of soft crates are the assortment of colors. But don’t let the design fool you, soft dog crates can also be useful against an expert escape artist.

The soft dog crate for large dogs also comes with its own fleece blanket to make sure your large breed is comfy and warm and a carrying bag as well for easy portability. This is something plastic crates and their wire crate counterparts lack.


+ 2-year warranty

+ Carrying handles and straps

+ Easily portable

+ Many colors

+ Strong steel tubing and 600D fabric

Why We Like It – We like the soft design that is inherently more comfortable than the tough wooden, wire or plastic crates. It’s also very easy to transport your fur babies in soft crates and you won’t have to worry about scraping yourself against the frame.

7. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Whether you adopted your fur baby from the breeder or the shelter, chances are you transported him or her home in a crate such as this one. While it is one of the most rudimentary designs, these are excellent kennels for dogs that can also function as an everyday heavy duty dog crate. It can still keep your fur baby secure and even for the most talented escape artist, this plastic crate can still keep him in.

It’s the perfect travel kennel with a removable top to become a sturdy dog bed, or a safe space for your fur baby. You” want to add in a soft dog bed to make it more comfortable, especially during flights in this airline approved design.


+ Heavy duty dog crate

+ Durable metal door

+ Airline adaptable

+ Carry handle

+ Many sizes

Why We Like It – Sometimes what’s familiar is still the best option. There is a different crate size for every dog and Petmate creates more than enough options for large breed dogs to find a safe place in one of their kennels.

8. COZIWOW Heavy-Duty Large Dog Kennel Cage Crate

COZIWOW Heavy-Duty Large Dog Kennel Cage Crate

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This large size dog kennel cage crate really redefines what a new home means to your dog. It adds extra standing space for your large breed thanks to the slanted roof design and looks cute in any home. The sturdy metal frame is corrosion and rust-resistant and designed to be the perfect adversary for your dog’s large teeth. Don’t worry if they do go at it because the coating is 100% non-toxic.

There are two points of entry and each door has slide-bolt latches to keep your seasoned escape artist inside his durable metal kennel crate. The metal dog crate can be moved easily with four lockable castor wheels and is easy to clean.


+ Slide bolt latches

+ Two-door style

+ Heavy duty dog crate

+ Cute slanted roof design

+ Bottom tray

Why We Like It – We love how the COZIWOW crate for a dog has a slanted roof design that really gives your dog his own house inside your home and more standup space.

9. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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There was a lot of thought and care that went into the design of the Smonter heavy duty dog crate. It’s one of the best large dog crates in terms of safety, with special Y-patterned weaving that’s also bite-proof. The crates are then reinforced with three different locks to prevent escape. There are different doors that provide you easy access to your dog for a few good pets or during feeding time.

The entirely steel design is non-toxic and not harmful for your large dogs and it features an easy to clean and move design with the help of 4 mobile wheels. The design of these crates allow for clear vision of you and enough ventilation for your dog to be content inside for hours.


+ Anti-injury and anti-bite design

+ 3 different locks

+ Steel design

+ Ventilation

+ 4 mobile wheels

Why We Like It – This dog crate isn’t just designed to keep big fur babies inside, but to keep them safe while doing so with the special Y-patterned weave that prevents against injuries and bites.

10. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Here is another wooden pet crate design that can also function as a small coffee table or side table. The pet crate comes in different colors to complement your interiors and to make the perfect home for your dog. It’s a single-door design that’s easy to clean and while it doesn’t come with a plastic pan, all you need to do is take a damp cloth to the surface and it’s as good as new.

The side slats give your dog a view of the outside so he won’t get antsy and to provide adequate airflow. It’s a lockable design to keep your dog safely contained while providing extra storage space. The wood may seem to be no match for your big dog’s jaws, but the durable design created for longevity will give you peace of mind.


+ Extra storage

+ Multiple colors

+ Secure lock

+ Side slats

+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – We always feel that anything that comes with an additional purpose is a good deal for our money. Lots of dog crates for large dogs reviews don’t inform readers about the extra versatility these tools can provide.

Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs Buyer’s Guide

We briefly mentioned that the size isn’t the only consideration when looking for creates for your dogs. You need it to be heavy-duty, so the material comes into play as well. Other than that, there are tons of extra features to look for such as double door designs and ones that are relatively comfortable. To help you in your search. your experts have put together a detailed guide on what criteria to seek in your next dog crate.


First of all, you must determine what kind of crates you want for your dog. Are you someone with a destructive fur baby that leaves nothing but devastation in his wake? If so, then you need a heavy-duty metal crate. A plastic crate may not be tough enough for those with strong teeth. Although it won’t break, your dog may be at risk of ingesting parts of the plastic crate he manages to chew off.

Then we have the soft crates that aren’t the best option for avid chewers. Soft crates can provide a soft and comfortable home for your big dog but wouldn’t be the best dog crate option for destructive breeds. Air travel requires airline regulations to be met, and soft crates and plastic crates are the best option for extended vacations with your pet.

Then we have the wooden crates that blend in seamlessly with your interior decor. These designs can also be used as additional storage spaces and little coffee tables.

Soft crates and some metal dog kennel crates can easily fold flat for storage. This is another option plastic crates and wooden crates generally do not offer. Before you decide on what the best type of crate is, you should take a closer look at the materials, which brings us to the next section.


If you get a wire or metal dog crate, it is heavy duty and the toughest out of all the materials, but there is a risk of it having a harmful chemical coating. Before you resolve to getting the toughest and most robust crates on the market, consider what your dogs may potentially consume. Look for ones that are safe with a non-toxic coating.

For plastic crates, the same criteria must be followed. BPA-free and non-toxic materials should be at the top of your list. Don’t compromise your pet’s health for the appearance of the crates. There may be some that come in the cutest patterns and color variations that will have harmful effects on your pup. Plastic crates are second on the durability scale and are also very easy to clean.

Wooden crates can be tough but aren’t as durable. If they are made of real wood with a protective coating, the same risks of the previous two options will still apply. Not only that but if the wood was to splinter, it would be the worst nightmare of all dog parents. This is especially true if you happen to be out of the house. There is a risk of your dog choking on the pieces of wood or for the splinters to get lodged in your dog’s esophagus or trachea. We definitely advise against a wooden crate for dogs of destruction.

Lastly, we have the soft-sided crates that are constructed with steel tubing and some sort of durable fabric such as 600D. There won’t be injuries sustained from soft crates like the potential ones your dog could suffer from with a hard crate. Soft-sided crates are a very popular option for small dogs, but since we are talking about big to giant breeds, our experts would only suggest opting for one these ones if your large breed happens to be of a peaceful nature.


The design pertains to what the crate looks like, how many access points or doors it has, the ventilation, color, the use of a plastic pan and more. Most crates have a rectangular design, and that is because it takes after the shape of your dog’s body. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a crate that features a sloped roof for more standing space or a soft crate that is expandable.

Durable metal kennel crates have a very basic design and pretty much all look the same save for some color variations. Wooden crates have a very elegant finish that goes well with any home décor, and while plastic kennel crates aren’t the most visually pleasing, they are the cheapest option and airline approved. Soft-sided crates can double as a carrier for all your dog’s accessories and can be carried easily. To decide on the right design, consider your needs.

Does your crate have one or two doors? Two-door designs usually come with a complimentary divider so the kennel can be transformed into a two-room apartment for 2 dogs or until your dog grows into the full size of the crate. Two-door designs and the divider panel are very useful for crate training. The multiple access points will also give dog owners easier access to your pups.

Look for ample ventilation, especially since your dog might be spending an extended amount of time in the crate. Metal crates with wires or bars are great for ventilation and to give your pup a full view of the outside world. Anxious pups will need to know where you are at all times, which makes having windows on wooden, plastic and soft crates a very crucial criterion.

Metal dog kennel crates will usually come with a plastic bottom tray or pan that catches all the accidents. This is a very useful feature in a crate for home use and makes it easier for you when cleaning up messes. Since sleeping on a hard and cold surface probably isn’t your dog’s preference, add a soft blanket or dog bed inside the crate to create a comfortable den for your dog. Some crates even include a soft fleece lining.

Lastly, we have color options. Keep in mind what we mentioned about crates with elaborate patterns, designs and colors. if you are sure that everything is safe and non-toxic, then by all means choose a color you like! Remember, never compromise the safety of your pooch for a pretty-looking crate.


For dogs that need super-sized spaces, it’s critical to get the measurements right. If not, your dog could end up spending hours in a cramped and tight kennel. The correct size of a dog crate would allow your dogs enough room to turn around and maybe even take a step or two, but no more than that. This is to minimize the chances of accidents happening, after all, dogs don’t tend to go where they lie or sleep.

So how do you find the right size for your dog? You may want to break out the measuring tape and a pencil for this part.

Start by finding the right length for your dog. Measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Make sure his tail is outstretched. However many inches long your pooch is, add about 3-4 inches on top of that.

For the height of the cage, measure your dog from the top of his head to the bottom of his paws when he’s standing upright. After that, when you have how many inches long your pooch is tall, add about 3-4 inches on top of that for enough room. Generally speaking, if you find a cage of a good height and length, the width will already be optimal for your pet.

Give your dog an inch or two of leeway since each dog varies in size. One thing to be sure of is to make sure your dog has enough room to at least turn around. Some might think getting an extra-large dog crate from the get-go will save money. We would only advise it if you have a crate divider panel.

Locking Mechanism

A heavy-duty rate is only as good as its locking feature. Large latches and locks can actually be opened quite easily if you have a smart puppy. We suggest looking for crate features such as double latches and locks to ensure the security of your pooch.

Portability and Storage

You’ll want the sturdy crate to also be a convenient one. By convenient we mean one that is easily portable or stores flat to save space when not in use. a wire dog crate features a folding design that can slim them down to only 3 inches tall! Soft-sided crates can also afford users the ability to fold flat for storage. It’s the plastic and wooden pet crates that can pose a problem. But since wooden pet crates can also double as a cute side table, there is less of a need to fold them away.

If you don’t plan to store the crate away and need them for home use, then the storage aspect is less of a concern for you. But a large dog crate can get quite heavy, so what happens if you need to move it to another part of the house or just out of your way for a bit? There are plenty of crate options with lockable castor wheels that make great choices for mobility.


Chances are, you’re looking for the best dog crate to keep your dog safely inside and your belongings away from their chomping jaws. However, many dog parents neglect to consider the safety of their pets while inside the crate. Many wire, plastic, wooden and metal crates feature slats or wiring with plenty of space between them for visibility and airflow. However, these same spaces can also pose potential dangers.

When your dog is trying to get out, and most will, he can easily get his jaw or paws stuck. To combat this, look for smaller spacing between the slats. While we’re on the topic of safety, you should also inspect the crate, no matter what kind to make sure there are no sharp areas or edges your dogs could cut themselves on.

Easy to Clean

Wire and metal crates will most likely have a plastic tray to catch all the mess so nothing leaks out. Plastic kennels and wooden crates may not have this but their bottom basin will be curved to keep all the mess in. Plastic and metal crates are very easy to clean, it’s just a simple wipe down or hose down or even just using a damp cloth on the surface. If wood crates aren’t treated, it’s possible your dogs’ waste could eventually damage the crate.

Do I Need a Crate?

Most dogs need a dog crate at some point in their lives. Unfortunately for some destructive pups, they could need one for their entire lives. A dog crate provides a calm retreat and a safe place for pups that are anxious. They will also have their own personal space they can use for sleeping, resting, or to use as a little den. Since they are used to the dog crate, taking it along with you on your travels will greatly lessen their stress.

Dog crates are also a necessary evil (according to some) to keep your dogs confined when you’re not at home. Sadly, not all dogs can be trusted without your supervision and if you don’t want to come home to complete devastation, a dog crate is your new best friend. Not only is it necessary to keep your interiors safe, but puppies can easily get into things and potentially hurt themselves.

Active puppies can be a handful, especially when you have company over. To keep your rambunctious dogs from becoming a distraction or getting into the food, having a crate is a nice way to keep them out of the way. Not all friends and family are dog-lovers. However hard that is for us pet parents to understand, some would appreciate it if your fur baby didn’t get his dirty paws all over their clothes. For individuals that fear or dislike dogs, a dog crate is important to keep your pups at bay.

Crate training can also be helpful for potty training and giving you some peace at night. Since dogs rarely go where they lie, keeping them in that confined space during the night will ensure you won’t wake up to a soiled mess. But before you put your pooch down for the night, it’s best to let them relieve themselves beforehand and to give puppies under a few months a midnight potty break.

How Do I Crate Train My Puppy?

One of the most difficult and trying things to do with a new puppy is crate training. Get ready for days of crying on end but we assure you that with a lot of patience, your pup will get used to it. Some may never whine in protest but they will come to accept that the crate is where they need to be.

First start by introducing your pup to the crate with positive reinforcement. Place some treats inside and let them inspect it in detail. You can even graduate to feeding your pooch inside the kennel and placing his favorite toys, blankets and treats inside. Once he has shown acceptance, you can start slowly closing the door inch by inch until it’s fully closed. Then move on to keeping your pup in there for longer periods.

Remember, the goal is not to get them to never cry, because he will. The goal is to get them to understand that the crate isn’t bad, he needs to be in there sometimes and most importantly, crying doesn’t work! Never let them out while they are crying or whining, it just shows them that that’s exactly what they need to do to get let out. Instead, wait for periods of silence to open the door.

Keep them in there for longer, start to incorporate you leaving the room, all with positive reinforcement until he no longer cries in the crate in your absence. It will take time and a lot of patience, but if each step is done carefully, you will get there soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best heavy duty dog crates?

The best heavy duty pet kennel crates are ones made from sturdy yet safe materials. They should be of the right size and feature latches and locks that are virtually unbreakable by your pup. The MidWest Homes for Pets crate as well as the AmazonBasics Crate for Dogs are some of the best heavy-duty dog kennel crates.

Can a dog crate be too big?

Yes, they can. One that’s too big could cause your pooch to go to the bathroom freely inside without the risk of having to lie in it or trudge through it. The ideal way to get the right size kennel for your pup is to measure his full length from nose to tail and full height from the top of his head down to his paws and add 3-4 inches to each measurement for the most ideal size.

What size crate do I need for a 10-pound dog?

A 10-pound dog can fit quite easily into most crates. Typically, and XS or S-sized kennel will be sufficient for a 10-pound pooch. Just to be sure, we would suggest measuring the full length and the full height of your canine and add 3-4 inches on top of however many inches long to get the best measurement.


The right doggy crate is waiting for you if you know what to look for! You may want to keep safety and comfort in mind above all else, because your dogs taking to the crate is the most important thing. Consider what you will use the crate for to find the best type for your needs. Remember, it takes a great deal of patience to introduce a dog to a crate, so don’t be surprised if you are met with some resistance. Just keep your hopes up and the treats flowing and you’ll get there!

Expert Tip

A good way to help crate train your anxious pup is to perhaps leave your shirt inside with him so he can have your scent close by. This tends to help with some anxious puppies but it’s not recommended if you think he will tear through the shirt and possibly ingest the fabric.

Did You Know?

Making the doggy crate as comfortable as possible with a soft and cozy bed or lining could speed up the crate training process.

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