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Cesar Dog Food Review in 2024

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Who makes Cesar dog food and where is Cesar dog food made? Cesar dog food and their mushy and wet products are manufactured in the United States by Mars Incorporated – under the company’s pet care division. Mars has its headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and has been operating from within the United States from the start.

They use a West Highland White Terrier (Westie) as their signature mascot – one they feature on all their products, and which you are likely to have seen on the shelves in your local supermarket or store.

About Cesar Dog Food

Cesar Classic Loaf in Sauce Smoked Bacon & Egg Flavor Dog Food

There are approximately 16 wet dog foods in the Cesar dog food line; of which two are puppy Cesar classic dog foods, one product for senior dogs and the remaining cups for dogs all ages. There are also limited-edition varieties appearing on a regular basis and some flavors that are sold temporarily. Cesar currently does not offer any dry food options, and while a few treats are available – the focus lies on their Cesar wet dog food. The available standard presentations for dogs all ages and breeds are:

+ Cesar Classics with Beef
+ Cesar Classics with Lamb
+ Cesar Classics with Turkey
+ Cesar Classics with Duck
+ Cesar Classics with Top Sirloin
+ Cesar Classics with Filet Mignon
+ Cesar Classics with Grilled Chicken
+ Cesar Classics with Chicken and Veil
+ Cesar Classics with T-Bone Steak
+ Cesar Classics with Porterhouse Steak
+ Cesar Classics with Oven Roasted Chicken
+ Cesar Classics with Chicken and Beef
+ Cesar Classics with Chicken and Liver

Young puppies and older dogs naturally have slightly different needs, and Cesar has Caesars Pet Food lined up for them too. The ingredients are slightly altered in these, along with the existing levels of each ingredient, so if you have been reading through a Cesar dog food review and feel it is the right choice for you – these are your options if your pup is a senior or a young puppy:

+ Cesar Puppy with Lamb and Rice
+ Cesar Puppy with Chicken and Beef
+ Cesar Senior with Slow Simmered Chicken and Rice

Cesar Dog food can be found in most grocery stores in the pet section – both in the United States and abroad – and it is one of the most well-known brands of dog food. For a brand to be well-known, however, it does not necessarily mean that it is good food, or that it is recommended. Is Cesar dog food good? It depends on what you are looking for, but the 1.5/5 rating in respected Cesar Wet Dog Food Reviews says a lot about what quality to expect. Cesar Pet Food may be popular and easily accessed, but with Cesar, dog food ingredients is an immediate issue.

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The first ingredient, surprisingly, is water. Water has zero nutritional value and it only serves to make the food wetter in this case, and as it is listed first – it also means it contains more water than any other ingredient. The second ingredient and many of those that follow are animal-by-products.

Many are misled to believe that just because it has the word “animal” in it, it must be good. This is not the case. Animal by-products are almost always slaughterhouse waste; leftovers deemed unfit for human consumption, and it can be anything from tissue, to the bone, to bird beaks, hair and more.

Not a quality protein source, as it might not include anywhere near as much protein as one might think. As a dog owner, one should always be skeptical of products that include animal by-products, and especially when finding this high up on the list.

All Ceasar dog food products also contain animal liver. Liver found in high-quality premium dog food products is usually a good thing, but here it is not specified what animal the liver comes from, and such lack of information is usually a bad sign or a sign of a low-quality item. There are a couple of named meat ingredients in most flavor varieties, but they are listed too far down the ingredient list to be truly relevant.

We can also see that Cesar Classics dog food and the other presentations contain both artificial colors and added artificial flavors, and that is something you should try to avoid when feeding your dog. Some artificial colors have been linked to cancer.

The benefits of Little Cesar dog food may not be the nutritional content or the ingredients, but it is very accessible and cheap, and dogs seem to like it. While it is probably not suitable as a complete diet for your dog, it could possibly be used as a topping (for a higher quality kibble), to convince a picky eater to finish dinner.

Cesar Dog Food Recall History

cesar dog food recall history
Images from Unsplash

In 2016, Cesar voluntarily issued a recall of some of their Filet Mignon dog food products, due to reports of small shards of plastic having gotten into the food during production. These presented a significant choking risk, especially for small dogs, and the company chose to file for a recall of a limited supply of products.

There are no reports of a dog actually having choked on these plastic pieces, and it seems to be a recall that was requested as a preventive method. Cesar dog food reviews are usually quick to mention this, making it anything less than a secret, and it is, after all, a good sign that it was the company itself that discovered the potentially life-threatening mishap and requesting a little caesars dog food recall.

Other than this, they do not seem to have had any other recalls or documented quality scares, and while they may not exactly provide the healthiest food or care too much about Cesar dog food nutrition – they seem to at least care about handling their production correctly. Is Cesar good dog food? It depends on what you compare it to, but their recall history is at least reasonably clean.

Which Dogs Can Eat Cesar Dog Food?

wet dog food in a bowl sit out longer in front of a dog
Image by Mat Coulton from Pixabay

Any dog can hypothetically eat Cesar dog food, especially as they do offer a senior- and a puppy variety, but the question is – should they eat it? Cesar puppy food reviews are not too kind on the brand, and neither are classic Cesar’s dog food reviews, which is due to its poor-quality ingredients and questionable nutritional content.

With this in mind – it is not recommended for any dog to eat only little Ceasar dog food, as it might not provide them with essential nutrition, but a small portion ever now and then will probably not harm them either.

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Best Cesar Dog Foods

All of Cesar’s products are very similar in content and nutritional value, and if you do choose to give this dog food to your pup – pick the flavor you think your four-legged friend would be the most likely to eat. Is Cesar dog food bad? Is Cesar good for dogs? It can be debated, but should you still decide to buy a product, below are five of the available options:

1. CESAR Sunrise Wet Dog Food with Smoked Bacon and Egg Souffle Breakfast

2. CESAR Classics Porterhouse Steak Flavor

CESAR Classics Porterhouse Steak Flavor

3. CESAR Home Delights T-Bone Steak Flavor with Egg and Cheese

CESAR Home Delights T-Bone Steak Flavor with Egg and Cheese

4. CESAR Classics with Lamb

CESAR Classics with Lamb

You won’t find any Cesar dry dog food reviewed here as there aren’t any, but you can always choose a quality kibble and simply top it off with Cesar dog food for additional flavor and appeal. Dogs do seem to love the flavor, and they are likely to gulp it down in seconds when offered a chance.

Cesar Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

With Cesar Dog Food being such an accessible brand, the easiest way to find good deals is most likely to keep an eye out for such on the websites or in the stores where you usually shop. The food is very affordable in price normally, and you will often see large packs at reduced prices at Amazon and other websites and discounted directly at your grocery store. These types of offers generally do not last very long, but they tend to be frequent and easy to track down.


Is Cesar Dog Food good for dogs and is Cesar dog food healthy? The simple answer is no, as it is unlikely to contain enough nutrients to serve as a complete diet. On the other hand, the small cans of food also do not contain anything necessarily harmful, leading us to believe that it should be fine to feed in smaller portions as a topping or a compliment, but not as sole dog food.

For any dog owner who do wish to use it or who is already using it – consider it a delicious treat for your dog to munch on occasionally, but perhaps not at the cost of a higher quality kibble or wet food.

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