Best Dog Food for Poodles in 2024

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So you are planning to invite a Poodle into your home and family? Or maybe you already have one?

Poodles are incredibly sweet, goofy and fun-loving dogs, and it is hard not to fall in love with them the moment you first reach out to touch their thick curly fur.

Poodles are also very active, and they need a diet that is easy to digest, full of Omega fatty acids for improved skin and coat, vitamins and minerals, and while you can opt for feeding additional supplements – the best approach is to choose a quality dog food for adult dogs and for puppies, and one your Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles will munch on happily.

These dry dog food options are not only some of the best dog food products for Poodles, but also some of the best dog foods for dogs in general, and it is a great place for you to start your search for your pup’s next meal!

Best Dog Food for Poodles

1. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry

Being as active as the Poodle is, they obviously need high-quality dog food, and Wellness Core is a brand that does not disappoint!

The first ingredients are deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal – ensuring you of a dog food that meets the nutritional needs of a dog breed that loves to play.

It has added taurine, and a healthy mix of vegetables like apples, broccoli, blueberries and kale, and there is enough salmon oil to provide your furry friend with a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6, without the need of giving additional supplements.

The addition of taurine makes this a great grain-free dog food for your Poodle, and it is suitable both for miniature Poodles, toys and standard Poodles.

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2. Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food


If you want to avoid having to get one type of dog food for your adult Poodles and another for your Poodle puppies, this kibble with white fish and Omega fatty acids is the perfect solution! It is a balanced recipe that is suitable for dogs all ages, with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for growing pups, but also for adult dogs.

When looking for the best Poodle food with enough quality protein, you will definitely have to consider this crunchy kibble, because while it is not a breed-specific diet- it has everything your Poodle needs to thrive. A strong immune system is the key to a long life for a Poodle, and that is something we all want for our four-legged friends.

This healthy and delicious fish recipe is a limited ingredient formula with protein from only one source, and that makes it a great choice for Poodles with food allergies and sensitivities.

3. Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat

Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat

For a breed like the Poodle, it is essential to dedicate time and effort to skin and coat care, both to prevent itchiness and allergies, but also to make their coat look and feel soft and hydrated.

Taste of the Wild is a top dog food brand – one of the best dog food brands in the world – and it comes in both a grain-free version and a version with wholesome grains, to give dog owners like you the opportunity to choose what you believe would be best for your dog. Check the Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review to learn more about this brand.

The antioxidants will help your furry friend with their immune system, digestion, and metabolism in a way that a lower quality kibble or wet food never could, and its natural ingredients are one of the reasons for why many choose this brand over, for example, brands like Hill’s Science Diet and grocery store brands.

Your Poodles (or Poodle), whether you have miniature poodles or standard poodles, will benefit from premium ingredients from traceable and sustainable sources, along with everything they need to keep their skin and coat in top shape.

4. Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Small Breed

Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Small Breed

A protein rich dog food like this is perfect for Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles, as it is a small breed kibble designed to meet the unique needs of smaller canines. Healthy carbohydrates come from quality ingredients like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables, with no corn, wheat, animal by-products or artificial preservatives, and it is a dry dog food that contains a great balanced mix of protein and additional nutrients.

With real chicken and chicken meal, your Poodle will always feel nice and full after a meal, it is easy to digest for small sensitive doggy stomachs and a suitable dry dog food for poodles with a tendency to experience stomach upset and loose stools.

This dry dog food provides your miniature or toy poodles with appropriate breed health nutrition, and the high quality meat content makes it a diet adult Poodles and growing Poodles can both benefit from.

5. Canidae Pure Real Salmon Limited Ingredient

Canidae Pure Real Salmon Limited Ingredient

A Poodle’s sensitive stomach will benefit from this limited ingredients recipe, where each bag has 10 or fewer key ingredients. Knowing exactly what is in a kibble is helpful when trying to live with a food allergy, and also to determine what the source of an allergy is, and it is a pet food both standard poodles, toy and miniature poodles are likely to thrive on.

Poodles often have an energy level that somehow seems neverending, and it is important to provide them with a kibble or wet food that can keep up, to ensure the levels stay balanced.

Canidae food is made with just the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber that poodles, puppies and adults, need, and it is a food that has a texture that blends soft with crunchy for superior flavor.

Your dog deserves the best dog food there is, whether it is a Poodle or something else, and here you have six protein options to choose from, to make sure your dog gets what will best suit his or her individual needs.

6. Royal Canin Breed Nutrition Poodle Adult


Royal Canin is Royal Canin – a brand known all over the world for their variety when it comes to dog food options as well as for their veterinary diets. This Royal Canin product is made specifically for Poodles, with the breed’s unique needs in mind. The formula is suitable for a Poodle that is over the age of 10 months, and this applies to all sizes and Poodle types. A great thing about a dog food like this is that it contains DHA and EPA – two fatty acids that work wonders for the skin and coat of a dog, and that is exactly the type of dog food for Poodles you should be interested in feeding your dog. Here, Royal Canin has done the research for you, to make sure your best Poodle friend won’t be missing anything in their diet.

A dog like the Poodle doesn’t ask for much more than love, exercise, and a healthy diet, and Royal Canin has made it easy for you with this breed-specific Royal Canin recipe for poodle dogs. Learn more about this brand by checking the reviews about Royal Canin dog food.

7. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult


Dog food for Poodles should only have real and natural ingredients that you can easily read and understand, and this dry dog food has exactly that! It is a dry dog food made for dogs over the age of one, with antioxidants that benefit aging immune systems; there is also no GMO ingredients and chicken meat from farm-raised chickens. The protein content is a lot higher than what you would expect to find in some other popular brands like Hill’s Science Diet, and that is something a Poodle needs to be able to stay active throughout the day. The first three ingredients are chicken, chicken meal and brown rice, with no pointless fillers or artificial flavors.

Grain-free isn’t right for every Poodle, and this is one of the best dog food products for someone who wants to feed their Poodle with a meat-based kibble that is high in protein, but that still contains a selection of healthy grains.

8. Orijen Puppy High-Protein Grain-Free

Orijen Puppy High-Protein Grain-Free

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Feeding an adult Poodle is one thing, but a Poodle puppy might need additional nutrients that won’t be to find in an average dry dog food.

This is a puppy food made by a highly reputable dog food brand, and it contains the health nutrition poodle puppies need to thrive and to grow up strong. It contains real chicken, chicken meal, wild-caught fish and more, with a mix of deboned meat, organs, cartilage, and bones – imitating the way a canine might have fed itself in the wild.

Everything used to make this kibble comes from trusted suppliers, and Orijen takes a lot of pride in providing quality ingredients with known and reliable origins. Fat is important in a puppy diet, which is why each bite contains healthy levels of the breed health nutrition poodle puppies need.

With this dry dog food, your puppy will get the start in life he or she deserves, and it is so tasty that you shouldn’t be surprised if your puppy ends up begging for more after a meal.

9. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient

Looking for a good food for toy, miniature and standard Poodles? This protein rich kibble is suitable for any breed, and especially for breeds like the Poodle as these are dogs that love to run around, play or just be with you on your daily adventures, and they need a dry dog food that can provide them with enough protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, along with vitamins, minerals and nutritious omega fatty acids.

The amino acids in these dog foods help promote strong and lean muscle, something Poodles tend to have naturally

A dry dog food like this is nutritious, delicious and high quality, and it is likely to become your Poodle’s new favorite dry dog food (and even if your pooch usually doesn’t seem to like dry dog food very much – he or she is likely to become convinced when you feed this delight!)

10. Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula

Purina Pro Plan Small & Toy Breed Formula

The Purina dry dog food products are very easy to find and often recommended by veterinarians, and the accessibility is a plus for many people. It has a decent level of protein, more than what you would expect to find in grocery store dry dog food, and it is suitable for smaller dogs, such as the toy Poodle.

This is a breed that needs a very specific mix of nutrients, and this way you don’t have to worry about supplements and additives, as it is a dry dog food that has everything your dogs need.

It contains phosphorous and calcium, both of which are great for oral health, which can often be an issue in smaller breed dogs. A dry food like this does not replace oral care like tooth brushing, but it is a great additional precaution to prevent bad breath and plaque.

This dry kibble is perfect for a toy breed, like the toy Poodle, and it has nutrients that are added with the purpose of strengthening those thin bones and preventing oral issues.

Best Dog Food for Poodles Buyers Guide

Poodles come in more than just one size, as most Poodle lovers are aware of, but they also come with more than one personality and more than one preference when it comes to what to eat.

Not all Poodles will enjoy the same type of dog food, and that is why it becomes important to take your time to find a kibble or wet food that your four-legged friend enjoys and benefits from. This can be quick if you luck out and manage to choose the right product right away, but it could also mean trying a few different things until you figure out what works best.

The products listed here are all quality dog food products, to at least take that concern off your mental list of concerns, and we have put together a quick guide to help you find the perfect dog food for your dog.

Recognizing a Good Dog Food

The bags of food at the grocery store might look tasty and nutritious, but they are usually filled with artificial flavor, color, and preservatives, as well as fillers that work to fill your dog up, but that does not provide them with enough nutrients to stay healthy.

A smart thing to look at is the packaging, as it can be a great indicator of how good the food is. Grocery store dog food will usually have very colorful and visually attractive packaging, often with photos of meat, vegetables, and grains, but this can be a sign that the company has spent more money on marketing than on making their dog food nutrition. Flip the bag over and read through the ingredients, and pay special attention to the following:

+I’m sorry, but you have not provided any text for me to rephrase. Could you please provide the text you would like to be rephrased?The first three ingredients.I’m sorry, but you have not provided any text for me to rephrase. Could you please provide the text you would like to be rephrased?These are key ingredients that can tell you a lot about the food you are considering, and if you see anything like corn or wheat listed there – it is not a good dog food for your poodle. Ingredients are listed in order of content volume, so whatever is listed first is what there is the most of. You want to see real meat here, possibly followed by a meat meal product for the sake of the protein content, and it should be listed what type of meat it is and not just the word ‘meat’, as you want to know where this supposed meat comes from.

+I’m sorry, but you have not provided any text for me to rephrase. Could you please provide the text you would like to be rephrased?Animal by-products.I’m sorry, but you have not provided any text for me to rephrase. Could you please provide the text you would like to be rephrased?Don’t be fooled by ingredients like “chicken by-products,” as there is no quality guarantee for these types of meat products. Being by-products, it basically means it is the left-overs from a slaughterhouse that could not be sold, and it is rarely (or ever) specified exactly what this is, meaning there might not be enough protein for your Poodle to thrive.

+I’m sorry, but you have not provided any text for me to rephrase. Could you please provide the text you would like to be rephrased?Artificial additives.I’m sorry, but you have not provided any text for me to rephrase. Could you please provide the text you would like to be rephrased?Low-quality dog foods are known for having artificial additives rather than natural flavors and color, and why should you want to give your dog anything other than the best? The existence of artificial preservatives, color and flavor are tell-tale signs of it being a low-quality dog food, and some artificial colors are linked to cancer in dogs.

Oral Health

Poodles are generally very healthy dogs, with fewer genetic health issues than some other breeds, but you still want to take proper precautions, and especially when it comes to their teeth. Teeth health is important no matter what dog you have, but Poodles may sometimes start presenting signs of oral issues like the build-up of plaque already at an early age. You can help prevent this by choosing a dog food that contains polyphosphates, chlorhexidine and zinc.

Skin & Coat

We all know how gorgeous a well-kept Poodle coat can be, and the key to this is to keep the coat hydrated and nourished. Some dog owners make the mistake of thinking that this only entails a proper grooming routine, but a nice coat is directly related to how well your pooch is cared for on the inside, and what they eat. Your dog needs a healthy mix of vitamins and minerals, but another ingredient to keep an eye out for is fish oil, due to its fatty acid content (such as Omega-3 and Omega-6) which nourishes a dog

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What human food can Poodles eat?

Some human food can be used as treats, but dogs should always be provided with a complete canine diet, and examples of human food Poodles can eat are pumpkin (unsalted, if canned), bananas, strawberries, boiled chicken, eggs and carrots.

What can Poodles not eat?

This is very individual as some Poodles might have food allergies that others do not, but there are some foods that you should never give to Poodles or to any other dogs. Human foods like chocolate, avocado, grapes, garlic and more are all considered toxic (some more than others), and it is better to avoid them all together.

How much do you feed a Poodle?

How much to feed depends on the Poodle’s size, type of food and activity level, so make sure you follow the instructions on the product you purchase.

How many times a day do Poodles eat?

After having found the best food for Poodles, you also need to know how and when Poodles eat. Some dogs seem to prefer to eat only once, but this isn’t generally recommended, as it increases the risk of the dog eating too much and too fast, which could lead to life threatening conditions like bloat. Try to feed an adult Poodle at least twice – once in the morning and once in the afternoon or at night. Young puppies should be fed more often.


Toy Poodle

A Poodle needs dog food that allows them to be their naturally goofy and active selves, and they need high-quality ingredients that set them up for a long and healthy life. With so many products to choose from, it is no wonder you might have been struggling a little to find the right one, but this guide will hopefully have helped you make an educated decision, and one that will make your best fur friend immensely happy.

Expert Tip

Poodles are often very food motivated, and it is a good idea to use a small portion of their daily food intake as treats, as this prevents overfeeding and obesity.

Did You Know

The Poodle is a hunting breed, and it was originally bred in Germany, which comes as a surprise to many as the Poodle is the national dog breed of France.

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