8 Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety

8 Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety

Anxiety might be an old friend you have known for most of your life. For the lucky ones, it’s quite the stranger. People with depression, anxiety or any other kind of mental health issue could benefit from owning a therapy dog.

Some breeds are more in tune with their mommy and daddy’s feelings. They will feel when you are down in the dumps and lift your spirits. We will explore which of these breeds are more empathetic and can really connect with you on an emotional level.

1. Bulldog

Bulldog is one of the Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety

Bulldogs, English or French, are among the most loving dog breeds on the planet! They possess a calming factor that helps reduce stress. Attentive little fellows, Bulldogs will feel your somber attitude and melancholy feelings and come cuddle up next to you.

Loyal and dependable, Bulldogs will be with you till the end. Anxiety sends your thoughts and heartbeat racing, so to have a calming presence in your life that is quiet and also doesn’t require much exercise is great to calm your nerves.

2. Golden and Labrador Retrievers

These two breeds are very similar in temperament. Both are highly loyal, intelligent, trainable and loving dogs. Two of the most popular family and therapy dogs, they are very friendly, with little to no aggression. Once you bond with a Golden or Labrador pup, the bond is not easily broken.

They are completely content just to be in your presence. This is helpful during your down times or when anxiety hits. Just knowing that you will have a loving and dependable furry friend for the foreseeable future is enough to keep those anxious feelings at bay.

3. Standard Poodle

Poodles are very smart pooches. Due to their intelligence, they are very easy to train and therefore are able to help those with severe anxiety. They are generally very eager to please and bring lots of love and affection into your life.

If you are anxious with mild to severe allergies, then this is the best choice for you as their coats are hypoallergenic! Have you ever had a panic attack? Do you suffer from anxiety and depression? A poodle is a great therapy dog to help with those exact issues.

4. Havanese

Havanese is one of the Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety

Just look at their furry little faces! These little bear cub-like pups are amazing at cheering up their humans. They are crazy and funky little fur babies that can help kids with autism socialize with other individuals. Being affectionate and loving is a general trait of this adorable lapdog. They are small in size and perfect to carry around!

5. German Shepherd

These tough looking police dogs give you the impression of a ruff pup, but in reality, they are incredibly sweet and loyal animals. They are often used as rescue and police dogs and are highly intelligent and very easy to train.

He will definitely keep your house safe, so if you are anxious about break-ins and the safety of your family members, a German Shepherd can definitely put that tension to rest.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

People with anxiety need calming and gentle breeds to soothe their nerves. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very intelligent and highly intuitive. This intuition keeps their finger on your emotions.

You can trust they will stay by your side for as long as you need. If you are having an episode, these watchful pups will stay by your side and keep you company through it all. They are proven to relieve anxiety in humans.

7. St. Bernard

St. Bernard is one of the Best Dog Breeds for Anxiety
Image by SEAN SHIH from Pixabay

This breed is like a giant teddy bear! These gentle giants are extremely patient and giving creatures. If you have children that give you anxiety from time to time, hand them over to this furry nanny for a break.

They are intelligent and easy to train. Just because they are gentle, it doesn’t mean they can’t protect you. If they perceive a threat, they are more than willing to risk everything for you. Depend on these pups to always be there. They are loyal service dogs that will definitely bring some sunshine into your life.

8. Pug

How could you not have a smile on your face as soon as you lay eyes on these adorable smooshed faces? Pugs are adorable fur babies that will definitely make your heart melt with their affectionate licks littered with cute snorts.

Aside from their cute exteriors, Pugs are loving and can even get a bit jealous of other receivers of your attention! For those who have abandonment anxiety, Pugs let you know that you are the center of their universe!

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How Can Calm Dog Breeds Help Reduce Anxiety?

How Can Calm Dog Breeds Help Reduce Anxiety?
Adorable Labrador Retriever

Many of those who suffer from anxiety suffer from a fear of no control and abandonment. Many forms of insecurity can surface as anxiety. Having a loving and dependable pooch around you for constant support can have a greater effect than having humans! What’s more, is most dogs need some form of consistent exercise. We all know exercise leads to endorphins, which elevates your mood.

Having a furry family member can mean more security. They are often more aware and can sense danger before we can. Knowing that they will alert you if something is amiss can help make you feel more secure.

Physical love and affection can relieve anxiety. Studies have shown hugs and human contact can make someone feel better. But the physical contact does not have to come from just humans. Canines are more than capable of providing adequate love and affection to right your mood again.


Dogs doing good for our mental and physical health is a scientifically proven fact. They are able to lower our blood pressure, and cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, as well as elevate our moods. No matter which fur baby you choose from the list above we believe they will make you feel infinitely better. Dogs are loving family members with whom you can build a strong bond. This bond is what can kick anxiety in the butt!

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