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5 Best Nail Grinders for Dogs in 2021

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Owning a dog is not a small matter, and many things need to be done, and one of those things is taking care of the dogs’ nails and making sure that they are trimmed and healthy. It is something that’s not that easy, but is really necessary, but could be considered easier if you’ve got the right tools for the job.

Some dog owners don’t really like trimming their dog’s nails, and that is why they decide to have them grind off. This can be a lot safer and an easier way of getting rid of all the excess nail, and your dog will definitely think that it’s better than the nail clippers. Many people believe that grinding the dog’s nails off is best and a lot easier and safer.

Note from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Even with the dog nail grinders a dog’s quick can be cut, getting a dog used to grinders can be very hard it is something I recommend starting as a puppy. I have some dogs that refuse to have their nails ground and I have to just trim. Even with a nail grinder, a dog can scratch a person or object. I find if not done correctly a dog’s nails will be sharper with a nail grinder than just trimming the nails.

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Our Top Rated Dog Nail Grinder- Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

This is a highly known brand of nail grinders and you will find that the name of it – Dremel, is sometimes used by the professionals as a synonym for a nail grinder. This just illustrates what a well-known brand this is and how good their products are.

The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is a rotary nail grinder, and you use it by gently pressing it against your dog’s nails, and then start grinding slowly. This pet nail grinder is completely cordless and comes with a standard warranty. Dremel is a company for which you know is going to meet your demands and uphold the quality for which it is known all around the world.

There are other great and important features that this best dog nail grinder has to offer, and that includes the fact that it possesses a 2-speed operation, meaning that you can switch them based on the behavior of your dog. The slower speed does require a lot more time to get the job done, but it’s quieter than the high speed option and it makes sure that your dog won’t get spooked.

The battery lasts for more than three hours, and when you wish to change it, you just have to look for a Dremel battery, because they are all compatible with this product. This means that this affordable nail grinder can last a long time – much longer than some other grinders that require you to change the entire unit, not just the battery.


+ Rotary nail grinder
+ Cordless
+ With warranty
+ 2 speeds
+ Long battery life

Why We Like It – This rotary nail grinder allows you to press it gently against the nail of your dog and grind away. It does not have a cord and comes with a warranty, which is a standard this for this amazing brand. It is a quality producer on which you can count on any time.

Our Runner Up Choice – Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

If you’ve come across some grinders, you might have already heard of the Oster brand, and if you haven’t had any touch with the grinders but still know that you’ve heard this name before, it’s because it’s also a big name in the field of tools and appliances.

If you’ve come across some grinders, you might have already heard of the Oster brand, and if you haven’t had any touch with the grinders but still know that you’ve heard this name before, it’s because it’s also a big name in the field of tools and appliances.

The Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder was designed in such a way to give you the chance to grind down your dog’s nails no matter how strong they are, or how novice you are in this. And knowing that it comes from such a well-known brand will ease your mind because you’ll also know that the quality of it is top notch. This grinder can also be used to trim other animals’ nails, like cats. Also, this particular nail grinder can be used on virtually all breeds of these animals.

This nail grinder is really special and different from all the other nail grinders out there because it has a safeguard that is completely adjustable. It has a plastic sleeve that can be fitted onto the nail grinder, and it has multiple holes in order to trim your dog the best possible way.

All you have to do, in order to use this grinder, is to insert the nail of your dog into one of the holes, and the nail grinder itself will grind it to the exact perfect length – not too short and not too long. So, it can be done rather easily and rather quickly, and most importantly, without any mistakes.


+ High quality
+ Safeguard
+ Plastic sleeve adjuster
+ Heavy duty

Why We Like It – This is a kit with which you can trim your dog’s nail, but also your cat’s. It has been tested on various different breeds, meaning that it can be used on any of them. An adjustable safety guard is a great addition, because it makes sure that your pet is completely safe.

Best Budget Pick – Furminator Nail Grinder

The Furminator Nail Grinder is a very colorful one that comes with a bunch of great features. It is really lightweight and easily portable, which in no way influences the quality of the work done by it. Also, one of the most important aspects of this grinder is its shape, which makes sure that nothing bad happens to your dog while you use this product.

You just need to hold the paw of your dog in your hand and then slowly start inserting the nail grinder over that nail. Then, you just start grinding it down to the live part of the nail. This basically tells us that it is safe to grind the nail to a not too far or a length because you can see what it is you’re grinding!

This nail grinder has a plastic sleeve that is completely see-through, and that is the part of this product that collects the nail shavings. It really helps out a lot when you know that you won’t have to clean the floor or carpet afterward. This grinder made by the Furminator company works great both on cats and dogs; it is also really gentle and quiet, which means that there should be no trouble with the introduction of it to your pet, or with the grinding process itself.

Alkaline batteries are what this nail grinder runs on, but you get them with the product, which is great. You also get some extra grinding bands. Seeing what it is you’re doing here is not an issue, because there is an LED light that shines the way. It allows you exactly how much of the nail you need to grind, and does not allow you to grind too much of it. This allows to pet not to feel any pain, which in turn assures the pet that this is nothing to worry about.


+ Colorful
+ Lightweight and portable
+ Quiet motor
+ LED light
+ Collects nail shavings

Why We Like It – This is a really light nail grinder that is easily portable, but still offers amazing quality, unlike other inexpensive nail grinders. It also has a design that guarantees the safety of your pet. Your pet deserves the best, and a pet nail grinder that’s safe with amazing quality will make the process more painless for both parties.

Best Budget Pick – Amir Gentle Paws Premium Pet Nail Grinder



Amir is an amazing company, and now it has brought us this product, which is basically a really safe nail grinder, that at the same time looks neat and rather sporty. The Amir Gentle Paws Premium Pet Nail Grinder has a diamond bit grinder, making it really efficient when it comes to nail grinding. It also gives you more control in order to make sure that your dog is completely safe.

It offers many advantages, but one of the biggest ones is definitely the fact that it is amazingly quiet. The sound of it gets reduced to as little as 60 decibels, making it perfect for all the pets that get easily afraid of various appliances or any other sounds.

It has a plastic guide cover, making it really safe for all the pets, which basically means that you can use it to trim the nails of both cats and dogs. You just have to choose between one of three ports, and start grinding until the claw can’t go any further. It’s also great because it collects shavings, making the cleaning process a lot easier.


+ Quiet motor
+ Plastic guide cover
+ 3 ports
+ Collects nail bits
+ Diamond bit grinder

Why We Like It – This is a really quiet grinder which reduces the sound to less than 60 decibels. This means that you can now grind the nails of even those pets that are terrified of the sounds of gadgets and appliances.

Best Quiet Dog Nail Grinder – Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder

The last grinder on our list is the Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder that comes to us from the famous Conair brand, which is familiar for its beauty products, appliances, and accessories, but they are also well known for their nail grinders, which are well respected in the market. It is a nail grinder that offers professional quality for dogs of all sizes and breeds. However, it should be said that it is only for dogs and no other animals.

This is a nail grinder that is extremely quiet and is extremely well made. With it, you also get an adjustable cover which is used to protect your dog. Also, other things you get with the grinder are the stone and sander attachments, which are fully swappable. It is really comfortable to hold and easy to use.

It should also be mentioned that this nail grinder looks amazing and that it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Some experts even claim that it is better than Dremel’s product. This is mostly because it has the ability to stay cool a lot longer than all the other pet nail grinders, making it truly one of the best.


+ Top brand
+ Great quality
+ Adjustable safety guard
+ Different attachments
+ Ergonomic grip

Why We Like it – This is the best dog nail grinder that works on dogs of all sizes and breeds. It does so completely safely, and is considered to be one of the best nail grinders on the market. It allows you to grind the nails completely comfortably and quickly.

Nail Grinder for Dogs Buyer’s Guide

How do you know what the best dog nail grinder looks like? Is it really better than nail clippers? Well, It’s more than just the look, it’s the function and added attachments as well. On top of that, not every pooch can use the same dog nail grinder. Factors such as the breed, size, hardness of a dog’s nails and even color of their nails can affect the efficacy of a pet nail grinder. It’s best to weigh out the options to suit your dog breed.

When to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Many factors affect deciding when exactly you ought to trim the nails of your dogs, and what the right amount of time that ought to pass between two trimmings is. The breeds of dogs are different and various, and that is one of the most important things that need to be learned here.

Why? Well, there are some dog breeds that don’t even have to have their nails trimmed due to the fact that they wear them down naturally, and are therefore maintaining them themselves. This all depends on the breed of dog you have (as we have already mentioned), the level of your dog’s activity, the surface on which your dog spends most of his days, etc.

If you are a dog owner that is taking the dog to a groomer, then you are probably relying on the advice you get from them. They can tell you everything you need to know about the right time that needs to pass between two trimmings. However, you should still inspect your dog’s paws every now and then in order to make sure that the nails aren’t protruding the pad of their foot. If you even notice something like this, then it is a sign that you ought to trim the nails immediately.

Probably the best way of knowing if your dogs need to get their nails trimmed is by the sound their paws make when they hit the ground. So, if you hear your dog’s feet “clacking” while they’re walking over a hard surface, the time for nail trimming has come.

Is it better to grind or clip dog nails?

There are plenty nail clippers out there which are said to be the best dog nail clippers. So, what about them? Are they better than the pet nail grinders? Well, it all depends on the owner of the dog and if they live doing the nail trimming or the nail grinding.

Each of the two ways has their own benefits, but it would appear that the dog owners, veterinarians and groomers have started to employ grinding a lot more, and that the majority of them are grinding their dog’s nails. And there is a good reason for that – grinding is much safer and a lot easier than clipping the dogs’ nails, and with grinding there is no risk of accidentally cutting into the dog’s cuticle bed. Also, because the nail grinding is gradual and gentle, the dogs prefer it as well. Of course, if you’re doing it properly.

Are Dog Nail Grinders Safe to Use?

Grinders are completely safe to use, but what is important to learn is the fact that it is necessary to learn how to use them the right way. If they are being used the wrong way, then some problems might occur, because it isn’t really easy getting used to that, both for your dog and for yourself. An electric pet nail grinder gives dog owners the ability to exert full control over the force exerted and they are also incredibly easy to use.

However, this is no way means that you ought to switch to clippers in order to do your dog’s nail trimming. All you need to do is to read the guide in order to learn the best technique for nail grinding, or you can just watch some videos on YouTube on this topic. The most important thing is that you learn the proper way of using a nail grinder.

How do you grind a dog’s nails?

Dog lying down having it's nail clipped by it's owner
Dog lying down having it’s nail clipped by it’s owner

In order to give you a quick start to learn what the best and proper way of using a nail grinder is, we’ve decided to give you some techniques that you really ought to use.

You need to know that each nail grinder is different and that these techniques vary from one to another. That is why it is important to read the instructions. But, these are the basic things you ought to know:

You ought to understand the anatomy of the dog’s toenail in order not to get too close to all the blood vessels, which could cause pain to your dog.

You ought to start really slowly and be really careful when using a nail grinder until you get the hang of it.

You ought to decide how much of the nail you need to trim before you start grinding.

You should also get the dog to know the grinder even before you start grinding. Also, make sure that the dog always associates the grinder with positive things.

You ought to grind your dog’s nail in 5-second increments on all grinders.

You ought to know that the grinding wheels tend to heat up rather fast, which is exactly why you need to grind the dog’s nails in short intervals. Then, you should wait for 15-20 seconds for the grinder to cool down, and then continue. You can touch the grinder bit in order to see if it’s cooled down.

What to Look for When Buying Nail Grinders

Speaking of this, you need to know that the grinders aren’t just simple tools and there is so much you should look for and do when it comes to selecting a good dog nail grinder. The first thing you need to do is to find a grinder that is rather easy to use and that has been approved by other users. This can be done by paying attention to the reviews online. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to look for when buying a nail grinder for your dogs.


The first and most important feature of nail grinders is the safety of the tool. Look for plastic guards and guides to make sure you aren’t over-grinding your dog’s nails. When the grinder is not in use, is there a case where you can properly store the bits and the grinder itself? Having a safe storage case will keep the components free from dirt and dust.

Dog nail grinders can heat up quickly due to the friction when grinding. There may not be a safety feature on the grinding tool to prevent this, but as a dog owner, we would suggest keeping this in mind and taking a break every once in a while.

Bits and Pieces

A diamond bit is the best as it’s the hardest and affords users the highest precision. Other replaceable bits can have different roughness and textures for heavy duty jobs or just a simple trim. A pet nail grinder should come with more than one bit and preferably even ones of different sizes from small to medium sized grinders to accommodate different dogs and nail types.

The Speed

Variable speeds go hand in hand with the diamond bit. For faster jobs, we have found 2 speed or even 3 speed variations on the market that can still be low noise. The faster it is, the more your dog will feel the vibrations, which could possibly scare them a bit in the beginning. Before you go back to traditional nail clippers, try trimming your dog’s nails at a lower speed first.

Ergonomic Handle

You should have a good grip on the pet nail grinder to lower the risk of injury. The grinder should be conveniently and comfortably shaped for your hand and have a soft textured handle to take the stress off your wrists. Dog nail grinders are here to stay and an everyday staple of your pet grooming arsenal, which is why it needs to be easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Corded or Cordless

There are two options of dog nail grinders – corded and cordless. An electric pet nail grinder can be both, while battery powered ones are mostly cordless. A corded option will guarantee you never run out of juice when trimming your dogs’ nails and it will always provide steady power.

However, with cordless options, you are afforded range and more spatial movement. The downside of this kind of grinder is the power is limited. If you don’t have batteries handy, you may be left without options in the middle of a trimming session. For electric options, always make sure you charge the dog nail grinders for an hour or two beforehand.

The Motor

Dogs are very sensitive to noise and vibrations, so it’s only natural that the steady hum and movement of the nail grinder will catch them off guard. Getting them used to the grinder will take some time, but you can shorten the length if you look for one with quiet low noise motor. This will also prevent them from running far far away when you use the pet nail grinder in the future.

Benefits of Nail Grinders

There are many benefits that a dog nail grinder can offer, and you need to be familiar with them. The first one of those definitely has to be the fact to give your dog’s nail a smooth tip, which will prohibit your dog from scratching anyone or anything. The next benefit of this device is the fact that they are battery operated, meaning that you can carry them anywhere with you.

Then, the grinders are really cool because they can eliminate the issue of having or experiencing the cracked nails. And finally, the main reason why the dog owners really like these nail grinders is that they reduce the risk of cutting the cuticle bed of your dog and in that way cause some unwanted harm, pain or bleeding to your dog.


A dog nail grinder is a lifesaver and useful invention for pooches who have made a lifelong enemy of nail clippers. However, the right dog nail grinders vary from dog to dog. Your best option is to take a good look at your dog’s nail quality to determine the dog nail grinder for him.

We recommend a 2-speed pet cuticle grinder at the very least and diamond bit grinders to go head to head against any nail. Electric pet nail grinders that are cordless are the best for nail trimming as they offer the most consistent results. Look for ones with a safety guard and a quiet motor to make sure your pet is safe during the process and won’t be put off by the sound.

Expert Tip

A diamond bit is the best for pet nail grinding tool due to its heavy duty construction and hardness. They are able to deliver precise results at a high speed while keeping a low noise operation.

Did You Know?

Pay attention to the dog nail grinder bits. The best dog nail grinder is not only easy to use, it will come with different bits that can suit small to medium-sized dogs or larger. It will only be a matter of switching out the bits on the grinding tool.

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