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Best Dog Mixes in 2023 (Our Favorite Mixed-Breed Dogs)

Mixed breeds are bred from purebred dogs to gain the best characteristics of both. Are pure breeds or mixed breeds better? This debate is one that has no definitive answer. One thing is for sure, the hybrid name of the two pure breeds responsible for these mixed breeds make for really cute words. Generally, pedigree pooches are more prone to inheriting hereditary diseases and genetic conditions.

Mixed breeds tend to be healthier and therefore live longer. But due to the unpredictability of gene mixing, there is no guarantee on the behavioral issues your dog may possess or what size they may grow to be. These hybrid puppies may just take on the cutest traits of their parents and inherit their best characteristics if you’re lucky. Let’s look at our top 10 picks for mixed breed dogs.

1. Labradoodle: Labrador and Poodle

Labradoodle best dog mixes

Possibly one of the most popular mixed breeds out there, the Labradoodle has a guaranteed spot on our list. This is a very favorable choice due to the friendly and mild temperament of the parents. They are usually the size of a Labrador, with a curly fur coat like a Poodle that comes in the colors of blond, black or brown. Poodles and Labs are predisposed to eye diseases that your Labradoodle may not be able to avoid. Aside from this, hips problems are also common due to their size.

Large dogs are more susceptible to hip and joint issues. Due to the friendliness of both the lab and the poodle, Labradoodles are suited to households with children and other pets, but they wouldn’t make good watchdogs due to their tame personalities. Remember that there are no guarantees on the appearance and personality of mixed breeds, so take this as a guideline.

2. Yorkiepoo: Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Poodle

yorkiepoo yorkshire terrier and miniature poodle
Image by Curtis Gregory Perry via Flickr

The size of this mix is most likely guaranteed to be a small dog. Since the size is basically ensured, it’s a great choice for smaller home or apartment owners. They are very playful and affectionate and inherit those traits from their parents. Depending on which gene is more dominant, Yorkiepoos can be hypoallergenic, great for those of us with allergies.

Smaller dogs are usually noisier and like to yap, but with their cute little faces, you’d enjoy their company any time of the day! As for health concerns, they can be more anxious and suffer from hypothyroidism among some other issues, which can cause their weight to fluctuate.

3. Corgipoo: Toy Poodle and Corgi


I think we see a pattern here. The poodle is such a popular breed that they are used as parents to many mixed breeds. The Corgipoo possesses the cute little stubby legs of a Corgi paired with the cute curly fur of a Poodle.

Corgipoo’s are also hypoallergenic, a trait they will likely possess thanks to their Poodle parent, making them an ideal fit for children and smaller homes.

They are very affectionate and adapt well to family life. Again, the Corgipoo can inherit any disease prevalent in its parents. Among the health issues it may suffer from, Canine Degenerative Myelopathy is among the worst. This is an issue that affects the Corgi’s spine, which causes gradual paralysis. Elongated dogs are prone to this type of disease.

4. Horgi: Corgi and Husky

horgi corgi and husky mixed breed
Image by TS Eriksson via wikimedia commons

The Husky is such a beautiful and regal breed. When paired with the cute little Corgi, it becomes a breed that can possess both the beauty and cuteness of both breeds. They have a friendly disposition that is inherited from both parents and will likely be unsuccessful in being a watchdog.

Because the size difference of both parents is more obvious, their size is unpredictable. Due to this, making sure you have enough space for them in case they take after a Husky, would be your best choice. Since the Corgi is involved in this mixed breed, they can also suffer from Canine Degenerative Myelopathy. If they turn out to be bigger, hip dysplasia could also be an issue. Certain supplements and foods can help Husky Corgi mixes if this happens to be the case.

5. Pitsky: Pitbull and Husky


Loyal with a lot of energy, the Pitsky is a great dog for those who love to exercise. One shared trait of both parents is how strong they are.

You can be sure a Pitsky will be strong, but the coat depends on which parent it takes after. Pitskies can thrive in warmer weather thanks to the Pitbull.

Make sure you have lots of space for these pooches because they are a ball of energy. Imagine a sleek Pitbull with the blue eyes of a Husky! With Huskies in the mix, eye problems are a big risk.

Since the Pitbull and Husky are both slightly larger in size, hip dysplasia is another health issue to look out for. Supplement with joint supps or the right dog food for pit bulls, or huskies, and this can help eleviate the symptoms.

6. Goberian: Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky

potential goberian health issues
Photo by Mark Zamora on Unsplash

This has to be one of my favorites and another popular hybrid breed. Again, since the parents are larger breeds, the size is more predictable. Good temperament can be inherited from both sides of the pairing. This dog is known to be friendly, loyal and intelligent. Easy to train and eager to please, the Goberian is suited to families, but they need a large space where they are free to roam.

They can look like either the Husky or Golden, but their coats tend to be fluffier. Goberians are generally healthy dogs, but aside from the basic eye and hip problems, they can also be prone to cancer and heart issues.

7. Chug: Pug and Chihuahua

Chug Mixed Breed Dog

This mix is of course extremely cute and small. These are proud little puppies that can pose a threat to bigger dogs. By threat we just mean they might act tough, with little to back it up. Since they are so small in stature, they are suited to any home in a warmer climate. They also require less exercise, so if you are a homebody, this is the companion for you.

If they resemble the pug more, you might need to pay extra attention to their diet, as they tend to overeat. Even such a small breed can be prone to hip dysplasia. Since both sides of the family tree possess protruding eyes, they are more prone to eye injuries as well.

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8. Maltipoo: Maltese and Poodle

Maltipoo Puppy on a toy cart
Image by NoahsArkNGB via wikimedia commons

Being a product of two of the cutest breeds out there, they can win your heart on appearance alone. The Maltipoo is highly adaptable and can fit into many environments. Their coats often take after a poodle and are mostly hypoallergenic depending again on which parent it takes after.

Maintaining their small size and their cuteness from puppy to adult, the Maltipoo is a great choice for a family with children. This breed can very often suffer from White Shaker Syndrome. This causes the pup to shake throughout their entire body. Epilepsy is another issue we commonly see in Maltipoos but it can be managed with medication.

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9. Puggle: Beagle and Pug

Puggle - Pug X Beagle

This combination brings out the curiosity of a Pug paired with the independence of a Beagle. If your Puggle has a shorter snout like the pug, it could have a tendency to snore and pant. Because of their curiosity and friendliness, they make great companions for a developing child.

Also, not a hybrid that will grow to too large a size, this pup is suited to a wide variety of environments. As mentioned before, breathing problems could be an issue if your Puggle takes after a Pug.

Smaller dog breeds such as both the parents can suffer from luxating patellas, meaning their kneecaps can easily dislocate or slip out of the socket. Be careful with your Puggle around the house and make sure they don’t jump from high places.

10. Schnoodle: Schnauzer and Poodle

Pomsky Dog Mix

Yet another combination that involves a Poodle, the Schnoodle is a friendly, fun, and alert little pooch. They usually tend to be on the smaller side, but love to exercise and make great exercise buddies. These dogs travel well and make them the ideal pet for those of you who like to take weekend trips outdoors.

Schnauzers are aloof and protective, making them good watchdogs. Unlike most other hybrid breeds, if your Schnoodle is more Schnauzer than Poodle, it will surely protect you and your house. Cataract is an issue commonly found in this designer breed, along with Patellar Luxation, and epilepsy as well.


That rounds out our top 10 list of hybrid designer dogs. No longer do you need to choose between your two favorite breeds. You can now get the best of both worlds as they say. Even if your favorites are not on our list, we’re sure someone somewhere has a litter of Pomskies, Yoranians, Maladors or Bullmations waiting for you.

Before you adopt a pooch, make sure you do extensive research into the history of both breeds and read up on the health issues. Other things to watch out for would be the trainability, temperament, and exercise needs. Don’t only pick a mixed-breed for appearances alone, make sure you are able to care for it and its unique needs.

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