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8 Best Dog Food Toppers in 2024

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Even dogs can be picky eaters sometimes. Are you tired of going through brand after brand just to find one your dog finds more palatable? Save yourself some coin and look into dog food toppers. Also known as dog food mixers or dog food enhancers, these little pieces of food or paste improve the taste of dog food and supplement it with extra nutrition.

No longer will your pup take a whiff of the food and walk away. Instead, he will come running right when he hears you tear through the packaging!

Not only are dog food toppers useful to enhance the taste of dog food, but they also round out the ingredients list. Dog parents are becoming increasingly more aware of nutrition for their beloved four-legged fur baby. We all want to give our fur babies the best. Anything you feel your dog is missing from his daily meals can be added with a dog food topper.

Our team has spent hours researching products to find the best food toppers for your dogs, read our in-depth reviews below. Learn more about ourI’m sorry, but there doesn’t seem to be any text provided that needs rephrasing. Could you please provide the text you’d like rephrased?10 point inspection checklist.

Best Dog Food Toppers

1. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Marie’s Magical Topper Dust

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Marie's Magical Topper Dust

Get two big packs of meal mixers for your purchase. Its main ingredient is a free-range chicken that adds more protein to your fur baby’s meal. Aside from the raw meat, you get wholesome fruits and vegetables alongside healthy amounts of probiotics and antioxidants.

If you have a small or toy-sized pup, the little bite-sized morsels were engineered to fit their little mouths. Every ingredient that goes into this recipe is natural and organic. Stella & Chewy put your dog’s health above all else. Made in the USA, each bag comes with a little scoop for your convenience.

Why We Like It – Everything is organic, absolutely nothing artificial or extra hormones are added into the blend. You will know exactly what your dog is putting into his body.


+ Made in the USA
+ All natural and organic
+ Smaller kibble for smaller dogs
+ Added nutrients

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2. Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers: Natural Human Grade Dehydrated

Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers: Natural Human Grade Dehydrated

These chunky balls of nutritional supplements add a dash of superfood health to your dog’s meal and boost the otherwise bland taste. You get six superfood ingredients alongside the main flavor. There are four main ingredients to choose from; turkey, chicken, beef, and fish.

The dog food toppers are made from human-grade ingredients with nothing artificial, no GMO’s, or by-products. These delicious food mixers are made in the USA, so rest easy knowing your dog will get the best. Honest Kitchen has been a trusted pet food manufacturer since 2002, providing dogs with the best nutrition for over 15 years.

Why We Like It – Living up to the name of a food enhancer, these balls of delicious dehydrated ingredients for your dogs will boost their nutritional intake.


+ Human grade ingredients
+ 4 flavors
+ Made in the USA
+ Superfood

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3. The Honest Kitchen Superfood POUR OVERS

The Honest Kitchen Superfood POUR OVERS

Maybe your dog isn’t inclined to eating powder or added chunks of food he can easily pick out. We introduce another option from Honest Kitchen, their pour-over food toppers. The paste-like liquid-based gravy is slow-cooked with 100% natural ingredients. Of course, to take care of your pup’s health, Honest Kitchen adds anti-oxidant rich ingredients such as spinach and broccoli.

Each of the 3 flavors come with two servings in one BPA-free box. Nothing artificial, no grains, and no GMO’s can be found in the recipe. All you will find is 100% natural human-grade ingredients manufactured in the USA.

Why We Like It – The gravy style topper makes an excellent food enhancer. It will add a ton of flavor and nutrients into your dog’s bowl for a well-balanced diet.


+ Slow-cooked stew
+ 100% natural
+ BPA-free packaging
+ Antioxidant rich

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4. Flavored Sprays Bacon and Beef Dog Food Enhancer

Flavored Sprays Dog Food Topper

With the Flavored Sprays Bacon and Beef Dog Food Enhancer, we now believe that dog food toppers come in almost any form. These mixers come in a spray bottle that is easy to administer onto your dog’s food. Take otherwise bland and dry kibble and spray a few pumps to turn something boring into something mouthwatering.

It’s free of anything artificial but full of omega fatty acids to aid in coat and skin health. It’s insanely easy to use, just simply aim and spray the bacon or beef flavored sprays. It’s long-lasting as well, an 8-ounce bottle will last you for three to four months!

Why We Liked It – Solve the picky eater fur baby problem with both bottles. The two flavors will even satisfy the most spoiled puppies.


+ Long-lasting
+ All natural
+ Omega fatty acids
+ Easy spray form

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5. Basic Flavors Food Topper & Gravy for Dogs

Basic Flavors Food Topper & Gravy for Dogs

Each bottle of Basic Flavors food toppers is similar to powdered seasoning for your dog’s meal. It comes in four different flavors for your pup to try. This is a great deal if you are not sure what flavor your dog would like. The powder coats each kibble so your dog won’t be able to pick out and separate the dried food from the delicious taste.

The ingredients used are all of human-grade quality and manufactured in an FDA registered facility. A very safe recipe, each bottle contains no traces of anything artificial. Do you have a sensitive fur baby? Not to worry, the formula is grain-free and low-calorie to boot.

Why We Like It – With the powder, which fully coats each kibble, your dog won’t be able to separate either of them, which means an empty bowl after mealtime.


+ Made in the USA
+ 4 flavors
+ No artificial additives
+ Grain-free

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6. Fruitables Beef Broth Bowl Pet Safe Natural Food Topper

Fruitables Beef Broth Bowl Pet Safe Natural Food Topper Low Sodium

Extra care needs to be taken when supplementing your pup’s diet with Fruitables Beef Broth Bowl Pet Safe Natural Food Topper. If you give too much, the calorie and sodium levels will spike. Fruitables takes this into consideration and concocts a low sodium and caloric diet mixer.

Aside from the great extra flavor your dog will get from one of these broths, get some veggies into his diet as well. All the ingredients are sourced and the broth is made in the USA. Kibble can be dry, and the soup broth adds a bit of hydration to the mix as well.

Why We Like It – Fruitables takes the delicious flavor of human broths minus MSG and other indigestible ingredients for dogs. Everything is safely made and packaged in the USA.


+ Adds hydration
+ Low sodium and calorie
+ Made in the USA
+ USA-sourced ingredients

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7. Only Natural Pet RawNibs Freeze-Dried Food

Only Natural Pet RawNibs Freeze-Dried Food

The Only Natural Pet RawNibs freeze-dried chunks contain 3 different mixes of meat, from salmon & cod to beef & tripe, and chicken & liver. Decipher what your pet likes, and top off his food with these bite-sized nibbles infused with fresh fruits, veggies and goat’s milk.

The best part? They can be given to your dog as treats as well! With all the ingredients sourced and made in the USA, you know you are giving your pup the best grain-free and all-natural diet. Like all Only Natural Pet products, your purchase will also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why We Liked It – Freeze-dried dog food keeps the food fresh and preserves the nutrients longer. Each one of these snack bites is packed with protein and nutrients to give your dog his energy boost for the day.


+ Freeze-dried
+ All natural
+ Made in the USA
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee

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8. Purina Moist & Meaty Wet Dog Food; Steak Flavor

Purina Moist & Meaty Wet Dog Food; Steak Flavor

Each of these pouches is resealable and travel-ready. Other than being on-the-go moist dry dog food, they make for tasty snacks as well. They help balance out your pup’s meals and the burger with cheddar cheese flavor doesn’t hurt either. Your pup may not like dry kibble and perhaps canned food isn’t something enticing to him anymore.

Canned food also contains a lot of extra calories and moisture. Turn to these burger with cheddar cheese-flavored bites into dog food mixers for more doggy smiles. Purina Moist and Meaty also comes in other flavors if your dog likes steak more or maybe bacon and eggs.

Why We Like It – To add a bit of texture to your dog’s meal, Purina’s snack bite toppers are moist, adding a bit of hydration to the otherwise dry kibble.


+ Travel-ready pouches
+ Can be used as snacks
+ Many flavors
+ Moist

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Dog Food Topper Buyer’s Guide

Dog food toppers are made to make mealtime less of an effort. While most dogs love to eat food, some get tired of the same old flavors every day. Although it’s ill-advised to spoil your fur child, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge them once in a while.

At the same times, these delectable food mixers can add a little something extra to their daily dose of nutrients. However, like with all food, we need to be careful about what we put into our pets and make sure the ingredients are natural. What else should we look for in food enhancers?

What to Look for When Buying Dog Food Toppers

Breed/Age of Your Pup

Be careful not to overfeed your dog! Depending on the breed and age, the daily caloric and protein intake for each dog varies greatly. Puppies need more energy while elderly dogs need to watch what they eat. The hearty chunk or stew enhancers generally contain more of everything than a spray or powder form.

For smaller pups or ones with less need for a rich diet, sprays and powders could be a better option. You can also manually control the amount you add to maintain the proper caloric levels, but it may not add enough flavor to tempt your pup.


What the manufacturers use to create these delicious flavors need to be safe and natural. There is always more than meets the eye, so make sure you turn the packaging around and give the ingredients list a good once-over. It’s okay if you are not well-versed in dog food lingo, for example, if something is flavored it means only trace amounts are needed to in order to make the label.

Check out our dog food reviews for more information on how to better identify healthy ingredients. In the meantime, looking for 100% natural and organic is a great start. The ingredients should balance out your dog’s meal, so if possible, look for toppers containing vitamins or minerals your dog food is missing.

Type of Food Topper

As introduced above, dog food toppers come in many forms. You get the tasty little bites that can double as snacks, to the hearty stews, thin broths, flavored powder and spray forms. They all enhance the flavor for a more pleasing taste, but only the thicker and chunkier options add enough value nutrient-wise.


Manufacturers come up with every taste imaginable. It all depends on your dog. What does he like to eat? What flavors are alluring to him? Try to determine this by looking into dog treats first. A lot of pet stores and pet food companies supply sample packs for pups to try out. This is a good way to distinguish your pet’s food preferences.

Benefits of Dog Food Toppers

Well, for one thing, dog food toppers give your dog the motivation to finish his meal. It also saves you some coin in case you acquired a brand or flavor, not to your pup’s liking.

If your vet has determined your dog is lacking some sort of nutrition, a delicious mixer is a good way to introduce it into your fur baby’s diet. And of course, everyone and every dog like change once in a while, and the variety it adds will be appreciated by everyone.

They are also handy for poor sick doggos that need more nutrients. Food toppers also keep things interesting with another texture. Sick dogs may not be inclined to eat, so hopefully, your ill pup will feel better right away after he gets some food in him.

Can I Make My Own?

What’s to stop me from creating my own dog food topper? Nothing! You are more than welcome to try. Just like we have suggested making your own Kong toy stuffers, you can do the same with dog food mixers.

If you indeed have the time, knowing exactly where the ingredients came from and what went into the mixer will make creating your own enhancer a healthier choice.

Just be aware of meeting nutritional requirements as closely as possible and do NOT add any dangerous components into the recipe. Who knows, your dog may love your brew much better than anything bought in stores!


Dog food toppers are a wonderful solution to picky pups. Add more to each meal and improve your dog’s health. They can also be used to boost already existing ingredients in dog food. Maybe your dog needs extra omega 3’s, which can be easily found in certain mixers.

It’s almost as if you are cooking a meal for your dog! It’s a great way to get in touch with your maternal/paternal side. Remember, if you have any questions about whether or not a topper will be beneficial to your pooch, your first step would be to consult your trusted vet.

Expert Tip

A lot of parents out there could be wondering how often food toppers can be used. Assuming that the topper you chose is perfectly healthy without anything artificial and with moderate calories and sodium, they can be used quite often. Still, we would suggest consulting your vet. Even as snacks, these mixers can give your dog extra energy every day.

Did You Know?

Some toppers can be used as whole meals. Especially on-the-go, resealable pouches make feeding your dog on the road easy. However, toppers may not always include all the necessary ingredients to create a well-balanced meal, so we would still advise against using them as a meal substitute. Read the label carefully, and direct any questions you may have to your vet.

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