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Yorkie Pomeranian Mix: Small and Adorable or Difficult to Care For?

With all these adorable mixed breeds available, we personally feel that some of the cutest ones are Pom mixes. For example, the Pomsky, Pomchi, and now the Yorkie Pomeranian mix. Yorkies are known to be dainty little dogs that can have long and silky fur, and Poms are renowned for their fluffiness. So, what would a mix between the two look like? We’re pretty sure they’re small and cute, but would they be tough to look after?

We’ll answer all these questions and more about the Yoranian or Porkie. 

What is a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Image by daisy_emma_adventurers via Instagram

The Yorkie Pomeranian mix is a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and a Pomeranian. These little dogs with big personalities have become very coveted designer dogs today. Mixed breed pups look very different, and you can get an eclectic mix even within the same litter!

One thing that remains pretty consistent in Yoranians is the size. These dogs are always small since both parent breeds are toys for small dogs.

Where Did the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Originate From?

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Origin
Image by sweetvalleyacres via Instagram

The origins of the Yorkie Pom mix are not quite clear. It could have happened during a chance romantic encounter in the past years that sparked a eureka moment. It could have happened that one time and that led to a long line of Yoranians over the years, or it could have happened multiple times throughout history before breeders took notice. Either way, we can’t put a precise finger on the timeline.

Designer mixed breeds really garnered attention in the states within the past two decades. Both parent breeds are recognized by the AKC for at least a century, although their crossbreed offspring aren’t as of yet. 

What Was the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Bred For?

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Bred for Companionship
Image by misspixiezl via Instagram

Many designer breeds were cross-bred for the purpose of companionship or appearance. Breeding for a dog’s appearance can have a dark side. Some illegitimate breeders may focus on the aesthetics of a dog rather than the health. So, you may end up with an adorable teacup (super small) breed that has a slew of health issues.

The Yorkie Pom was most likely bred for both companionship and the adorable appearance of a small fluffball. 

What Does a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Look Like?

What Does a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Looks
Image by chibirick via Instagram

Exactly what can a Porkie look like? As we mentioned, it is very difficult to predict what your pup will look like. Many mixed breeds can look one way as a puppy and then look very different when they mature. Fur can lighten or darken, patterns can change, and even the fur length. What we can tell you is what an average Yoranian can look like.


These extremely cute pups can have the fur colors of both breeds. Most commonly, we see white, cream, tan, brown, black, and even blue. Porkies can have solid colors or a mix of piebald or merle. Piebald pups are ones with a white base and colored patches usually on the face, back, and tail. Merle pups are the ones that look speckled, like what we see on Aussie Shepherds.

Remember that your dog could change as it matures and light brown fur can turn dark, or black fur can gradually lighten. 

As for the coat types, you can get a wide variety. Yoranians can have long and silky single coats like their Yorkie parent, or they could have thick double coats like the Pom. You may find straight, wiry, frizzy, or puffy coats. It all depends on which parent the Yorkie Pom takes after. 

Unique Physical Characteristics

1. Eyes

Both parents usually have dark eyes, so there is a very high chance your Porkie may inherit the same. Be careful, Porkies know how to do the “puppy dog eyes” really well, but don’t give in during training!

2. Tail

Porkies will have fluffy or feathery tails that can curve and arch over their back, or they could look more like a Yorkie’s and hang down. Either way, it won’t affect the Yoranian’s endearing appearance. 

3. Ears

The ears will be triangular and perky, as both parents exhibit this trait. They could be small triangles or a little oversized, but the ears should be erect.

4. Snout

Porkies have cute black button noses that sit on the end of a shorter pointed snout. These dogs also have small mouths and tiny little teeth even during adulthood, which is why it is important to feed them small dog kibble. 

How Big Does a Full-Grown Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Get?

A Full-grown Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Image by tink_the_pomeranianyorkie via Instagram

1. Height

We already know these adorable creatures are very small, but just how small are they? They can get up to 12 inches, but most sit around 6 to 10. Teacup versions are usually on the lower end.

2. Weight

As for the weight of a full-grown Yorkie Pomeranian mix, it is only about 3-7 pounds or 1-3 kg! Super small, right? Shouldn’t it make these dogs easy to handle? Well, it may be easy to control them due to their small size, but they do require extra care – but more on that later. 

3. Male vs Female

Males are usually bigger than females but both have small dog needs such as food specifically developed for small breeds. Males are closer to the 10-inch or 12-inch height while females are generally smaller around 8 to 10 inches. As for the weight, females are also the lighter ones with males usually around 7 pounds.

How to Take Care of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Taking Care of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Image by Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels

We teased you with a clue that stated that Porkies can be tough to take care of, but in what way? Let’s find out here.


What makes the Porkie a little more high maintenance isn’t just their lovely locks but their size as well. Yes, smaller dogs are easier to control, but their small size also renders them much more delicate than say, a German Shepherd.

Due to their small size, the Yoranian is excellent for families or individuals who aren’t really big on the outdoors and like to spend time at home or have a breed that could possibly travel in the cabin of a plane. All they need is around 30 min of exercise a day, despite their high energy.

Don’t forget to also provide your Yoranian with plenty of mental stimulation to go with physical exercise.


Grooming your Porkie can take some time, especially if they have long or puffy coats. They are not hypoallergenic and do shed moderately. Professional grooming isn’t necessary, but getting a nice trim a few times a year will do your dog good. 

What you can do at home is brush out your Pom Yorkie mix daily. Extra fish oil supplements along with the brushing will give your pooch a nice and shiny coat that will be the talk of other dogs! 

Bath time doesn’t have to be that regular and once a month should suffice unless they get really dirty on their adventures.


1. How Much to Feed

Small dogs don’t need as much food as big dogs, and Porkies only need about half a cup to a cup of food a day! That is all they need to maintain their energy. Small dogs could also suffer from hypoglycemia which can be combatted by feeding more frequent meals throughout the day.

Although they say puppies need 3 to 4 meals a day, you can keep to this routine even after your small or teacup breed becomes an adult.

You can also choose to follow feeding guidelines on the back of the food packaging if hypoglycemia isn’t an issue for your dog. You can also gauge how much your dog needs by keeping an eye on his food intake.

If you notice he constantly finishes meals quickly and asks for more, then you know your dog has a bigger appetite! Other factors that could impact how much you feed are the activity level, size, and age of your dog. 

2. How Often to Feed

Puppies should eat about 3-4 times a day, or even up to 5 times a day if you have the time. Because their digestive system is still developing, feeding a lesser amount more frequently throughout the day will be easier for them to digest. As your dog ages, around 6-12 months, you can gradually decrease the amount to 2 or 3 times a day. 

3. Common Food Allergies

The most common food allergies in a Yorkie Pomeranian mix is a reaction to either beef or chicken. It could manifest as itchy paws and ears, gas and bloating, or food intolerance depending on the severity. Other food allergies could occur as well, or the allergy could be unrelated to food and be tied to the environment.

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what a dog is allergic to without doing tests. Currently, there are no conclusive tests for food allergies, so your best bet is to try an elimination diet.

Are Yorkie Pomeranian Mixes Easy to Train?

Easy to Train Yorkie Pomeranian Mixes
Image by chloedebolt via Instagram

Porkies are moderately easy to train, although they can have a stubborn streak. They are also a pretty vocal and yappy breed, so make sure you’re ready for talk-backs! What really helps with training for this breed and most breeds is positive reinforcement in the form of playtime with their favorite toys or treats.

Establish that you are the pack leader early on by rewarding good behavior and ignoring the bad. We want to stay away from punishment as research and many experts say it is counter-productive. Dogs respond better to a reward system. 

Are they Easy to Potty Train?

Potty training is one of the toughest parts of training a new puppy or a new dog. For Yoranians, it can prove to be difficult at times. Make sure you are mentally prepared and always come at the situation with a lot of patience, love, consistency, and rewards!

Remember, accidents happen and it’s okay! It could take just a few days or a few months for your dog to understand potty training, but don’t let go of the hope that it will get there!

What is the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Temperament?

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Temperament
Image by vumisspixiezl via Instagram

These dogs can be quite commanding and vocalize their wants. Don’t give in to their cuteness (although we know it’s hard). Remain steadfast and let them know that you’re the big dog around the house and they can’t just get what they want all the time. 

Yoranians can develop “small dog syndrome”, which is an issue in small breeds (surprise, surprise). It is a little bit like the Napoleon complex with people. So, you may notice that your little breed is more aggressive towards big dogs. Rest assured that many big dogs are gentle giants and won’t pay your pooch much mind, but there could be instances when your dog is met with aggression, so always keep an eye out!

Does this breed do well with children?

These dogs are playful, love attention, and are super affectionate (though they expect the same in return from you)! They are the perfect little companions and can do very well with kids (kids that are a little older may have a better time with Porkies). However, they may be wary of strangers so be sure to have the proper introduction.

Does it do well with other pets?

Porkies are not very independent dogs (perhaps it is their Pomeranian side), and they can also be a bit anxious. Early and adequate socialization can potentially help the situation or prevent it, but in many cases, it can’t be helped. When introducing another pet, try to do it on your Yoranian’s terms.

Ideally, you would raise a Yoranian in a single-dog household. Although there have been many instances where Porkies have a great life in a multi-pet home, there is a chance that they can be a little aggressive, territorial and jealous because they get very attached to their humans. 

Are Yorkie Pomeranian Mixes Aggressive?

Generally, no. But it’s important to understand that a dog’s aggression has a lot to do with its personality (which is unique to every dog). You may get the world’s most agreeable Porkie that is happy with everything and anything. Or one that is extremely picky and not accepting of others. 

Get to know your dog to understand its personality, what its preferences are, and how to build a life with it in the best way possible. 

What Environment is Ideal for the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Ideal Environment for the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Image by khalporkie via Instagram

If it has a double coat, then your Yorkie Pomeranian will be able to tolerate cold weather. We would still suggest doing what you can to make sure it stays warm in the cold winter months. However, if it has a single coat or fur more like a Yorkshire terrier, then it won’t do so well in colder climates so a sweater is necessary!

They can adapt to most environments and because of their size, the Porkie can live very well in apartments and adjust to city living (although they will never say no to more room!).

What Is the Average Life Span of a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix?

Smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds, that’s just the statistic. You can expect your Yorkie Pom to take after the parent breeds and have a pretty long lifespan of 11-15 years! With good care, there is a chance that your pooch may even exceed that!

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Common Health Issues

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix With Common Health Issues
Image by Lisa Horne from Pixabay

Mixed breeds have the tendency to take on health issues that plague both parent breeds, just one, or if you’re lucky, none at all. The most common issues a Porkie can face are:

  • Eye conditions
  • Patella luxation
  • Tooth decay
  • Epilepsy
  • Liver, kidney disease

These conditions are all speculative and your dog could be perfectly healthy, as mixed breeds are known to be “tougher” than purebreds.

How Much Does a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Cost?

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Cost
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Yorkie Poms can cost you a pretty penny since they are considered designer dogs and oh, so cute! The typical price is around $500 to $1000. Some breeders who take extra care of the breeding, and lineage and take initiative with early training and socialization may charge more. 

Other Similar Dog Breeds

Other Similar Breeds Like Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Image by Валентин Симеонов from Pixabay


If you like the mixed breed, then you’ll definitely love the parent breeds! Why not get yourself an adorable Pomeranian? The size won’t be that different and you can have more concrete expectations about the health, appearance, and temperament of your pooch.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Porkie is the result of two breeds that are similar in size (unlike the Pomsky), so a Yorkshire Terrier is also a great choice if the unpredictability of the Yoranian doesn’t sound appealing. You can be more sure about the coat type and color as well. 


If you are set on having a small mixed breed, then the Pomchi is another excellent alternative. The Pomchi is a cross between the Pomeranian and Chihuahua. The result will also be a spunky small dog that is full of energy!

Finding the Right Breeder

Right Breeder for Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

Regardless of what dog you choose, finding the right breeder is crucial (unless you’re looking for a shelter). It will impact the health of your pup. Find yourself one that really cares about the pups. How can you be sure? Well, you can’t, but there are definitely questions you can ask that will point you in the right direction.

  1. Is the breeder shifty and won’t answer questions or reveal to you the kennel environment?
  2. How many litters do they produce a year? Do they use the same parents? If yes, stay away! Those are puppy mills that should be shut down and the poor dog parents need to be rescued right away.
  3. Do they have a waiting list? If so, it’s less likely they are a puppy mill and only breed at optimum times to give the moms and dads a break.
  4. What do they know about the breed? The breeder should be able to answer all your questions about the breed and more.
  5. How does the breeder treat the pups before sending them off to you? They should be socialized and some even do early potty training.
  6. When do they let you take them home? No dog should be taken away from its mother before 8 weeks at the very least.
  7. Do they have a reputable vet they work with?
  8. Do they engage in responsible mating?
  9. What does the internet say? Look for references, reviews, etc.
  10. Are they asking you the right questions? A good breeder should be concerned about where their puppies end up. They should ask you questions too.
  11. Do they keep in constant contact with you and are always available for advice and help for the duration of your pup’s life?
  12. Is there a contract? Does it stipulate returning the pup rather than giving it up to a shelter? Is there a health guarantee?
  13. Does your pet come with necessary papers stating the pedigree, etc., if applicable? 
  14. What does your gut say? If you’re not comfortable and something feels off, trust your instinct!

Conclusion: Is the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Right For You?

Is the Porkie/Yoranian the right dog for you? If you love both breeds and can’t decide which to get, then the Yorkie Pomeranian mix is the perfect option! For those looking for small companion dogs that will love you, be attached to you, and develop a strong bond, then we suggest the Porkie. They are adorable creatures that will not only bring lots of love into your life but also cuddles, smiles, and lots of positive energy!

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