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Wild Earth Dog Food Reviews (2024)

Wild Earth Dog Food stands out in the crowd. It’s one of the rare brands that rolls with a plant-based menu for pups. Now, you might reckon your furry friend ought to chow down on meat to bulk up on protein, but Wild Earth’s grub has got the science to back it up, ensuring it packs more than enough nutritional punch. Every scoop serves up nothing but top-notch goodness for your four-legged pal. Wild Earth commits to primo ingredients and eco-friendly ways that are a win-win for your pooch and Mother Earth. So, dive in to treat your dog to a feast that’s kind to their body and the world we share!

Each vet-developed recipe strives to achieve the same result – a happier and healthier dog. The difference is impressive, with results showing in just a week or two. You will notice a more energized dog with a healthier coat. You can reduce allergies and help your dog achieve his goal weight with this plant-based vegan dog food diet.

About Wild Earth

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Wild Earth is a relatively new dog food brand established in 2017. They got their claim to fame in Shark Tank, and was offered over half a million dollars to push their business to the next level. They got their start the way many other dog food brands do.

They were tired of the less than desirable ingredients being included in dog food and decided to take matters into their own hands. They believe that meat-free plant based vegan dog food is the way to go and set out on a journey to develop healthy vet-developed recipes made with cruelty-free ingredients. They know what they’re talking about, so much so that they even wrote a book!

The Clean Pet Food Revolution is the title of the paperback and delves deep into the pet food industry and whistleblows on the effects they have on the environment, what is actually put into each formula and debunks myths and associations with grain-free and all-natural diets.

Dr. Ernie Ward, co-founder of Wild Earth Dog Food is a well-respected veterinarian with years of experience under his belt. He has been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, Good Morning America and more to lend his expertise on the dog food industry. With his insight on how each recipe is created, you can rest assured your dog will be getting high protein dog food and necessary nutrients in each meal.

Wild Earth Pet Food Ingredients/Key Features

wild earth pet food ingredients and key features
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Wild Earth dog food uses plants as its protein source. Each recipe utilizes plant-based protein and is sustainably sourced. Amazingly, even as a plant-based protein diet, Wild Earth features over 30% protein content, which is the optimal level for muscle development.

No meat in WIld Earth dog food means no fillers, additives or artificial ingredients. The meat-free recipes feature healthy carbs extracted from sweet potatoes, chickpeas and more. All the ingredients in each Wild Earth dog food recipe is clearly labeled without any mystery additives. The best dog food doesn’t need to have any meat, and Wild Earth proves that with the absence of corn, wheat and soy.

What you can expect in Wild Earth’s Clean Protein Dog Food is as follows:

+ Dried Yeast
+ Pea Protein
+ Potato Protein
+ Oats
+ Sweet Potato
+ Chickpeas, Peas
+ Flaxseed Meal
+ Canola Oil
+ Sunflower Oil
+ Marine Microalgae
+ Inulin
+ Fructooligosaccharide
+ Oats
+ Wheat Germ
+ Blueberries
+ Cranberries
+ Pumpkin
+ Spinach
+ Vitamins
+ Minerals

You have a protein content of about 31%, fat at about 10.5%, and carbs make up the rest at 43.5%. If you are wondering which food is best for dogs who need a lot of protein, look at ones with about 25-30%.

The main ingredient is dry yeast, and that may raise more questions than answers for pet parents who are more used to animal ingredients as the first on the list. Dried yeast contains plenty of amino acids and is a great source of protein, not to mention the delicious taste.

Pea protein is another high protein ingredient the dry dog food delivers. It is also an excellent source for vitamins and minerals.

Oats make up your fur baby’s need for fiber. In our Wild Earth dog food review, we assured pet parents that your dog will have a balanced nutritional profile and oats not only provide the fiber and carbs needed to round out the meal but it can also regulate your dog’s blood sugar levels.

Sweet potato is healthy food for humans and can be seen in the best dog food for your pooch. They not only contain fiber, but also calcium, potassium and a myriad of vitamins.

Chickpeas further contribute to the protein profile in this vegan pet food. It supplies fiber that also helps with digestion.

Flaxseed is a superfood that contains amino acids and fatty acids that help boost the immune system.

Canola oil is often used in cooking human meals but it has surprising health benefits that will help your dog. It contains an abundant amount of omega fatty acids to ensure healthy skin and coats.

Blueberries are high in antioxidants, a key superfood ingredient and these fruits also contain an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals to keep your fur baby healthy and strong.

Pumpkin is an amazing source of fiber and can help with weight issues. it fills up your canine faster and suppresses hunger to regulate feeding.

Spinach is a veggie added in the recipe that contains a slew of different vitamins and minerals to supplement your dog’s health.

Health Benefits of Wild Earth Pet Food

dog health benefits of wild earth pet food
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Meat-free vegan dog food is still a new concept for most people. Pet food is known to be packed with meat as the protein source and vegan dog food seems like a far cry meat-based pet foods. The absence of meat is not only beneficial for your dog but for the planet as well. When you feed your dog meat-free dog food, you are also doing your part for the environment and animal cruelty.

When you eliminate junk ingredients from your dog’s diet, you will notice a revitalized fur baby with more energy, one that doesn’t suffer from allergic reactions, a dog that looks healthier with a shinier coat and one that is more closely aligned to its goal weight.

Wild Earth Flavors/Product Line

types of dogs that eat wild earth flavors/product line
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Wild Earth puts focus on the quality of their pet food, which is why they have a limited product line. For dry kibble, they have Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food, which is the brand specialty vegan dog food. It meets the required 25-30% protein levels with yeast protein sources. You won’t find any artificial ingredients such as hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.

Wild Earth also makes a line of dog treats called the Superfood Dog Snacks with Koji. These dog treats were made to go with Wild Earth’s dog food line to offer an all-around plant-based dog diet. You won’t find any fillers or artificial ingredients in the recipe and only peanut-butter flavored treats with a side of the superfood koji. There are also added levels of omega fatty acids and each treat is only about 15 calories.


how much does a wild earth flavors/product line cost
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With all the benefits they offer, Wild Earth dog food is surprisingly affordable. Their ethical and cruelty-free practices and environmental considerations do not come at a cost to you. Their dog food comes in 2 different sizes, a small bag of just 4 pounds and a large one at 18 pounds. You are offered the choice to subscribe to consistent deliveries every 2-8 weeks depending on your needs and with that, you can get a 20% off discount on your first order and 10% on any subsequent one.

If you are thinking of purchasing the dog food as a one-time purchase, the small bag is $29 and the large bag is a whopping $70. You will always have free shipping and flexible delivery. If at any time you want to change or cancel your order, that can be done through their website.

Where to Buy Wild Earth Vegan Dog Food

wild earth vegan dog food can be bought on amazon or their website
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You can purchase Wild Earth vegan dry dog food on Amazon or online on their website. You may find that Amazon charges a few dollars more, so we would recommend purchasing from Wild Earth’s own website and for better deals as well. If at any time you are unhappy with your experience, Wild Earth will offer a full refund.

Recalls of Wild Earth Dry Kibble and Dog Treat

As of 2022, the brand hasn’t suffered from a dog food recall, which is amazing and further promotes their mission of only using the best ingredients.

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Wild Earth is taking a stab at a whole new diet plan for your pooch. There aren’t many reviews out there about pet food that hasn’t suffered a recall, which is a testament to the brand. Vegan based dog foods can have just as many nutrients as regular pet food without sacrificing amino acids, fatty acids and other much-needed ingredients for a happy and healthy dog.

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