wag dog food review

Wag Dog Food Review

These days, just about every retailer has their own private label brand to add to the table. When it comes to Wag dog food, it’s the same story. Wag dog foods are an Amazon brand. They have several different choices out there that seem to be well-rated and reliable options.

The challenge with just about any private label brand like this is it can be very hard to find true and factual information about the brand itself. For some of us, it can be really concerning not to be able to read about a brand or their history. How do we know what inspired them to join dog food brands or did they just hop in to make a buck?

Most dog foods have a unique story behind them. While not all dry dog food is created equally, it’s still reassuring to learn more about them overall as a pet food brand. Wag dog food has canned dog food, wet dog food, and dry dog food to offer. They are still fairly new but so far, they’ve shown great promise.

About Wag Dog Food

about wag dog food
Amazon Brand – Wag Dry Dog Food, Lamb and Brown Rice, 30 lb Bag
  • Real Meat First: Lamb is the #1 ingredient; protein helps keep your dog at...
  • No added by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy
  • Probiotics and fiber support healthy digestion and immune system

Wag dog food certainly takes a look at nutrition and building an affordable brand that doesn’t have things like corn, wheat, or soy. They have several flavors and varieties to choose from. They guarantee that you won’t find an added grain or artificial colors. You also won’t find artificial ingredients to worry about in this food.

Real meat is the first ingredient on their labels, which is something we always like to see too. The Wag brand says “we’ll take a wag over a smile any day”. They also have a guarantee for their food so that you can get a refund within the first year if you aren’t happy with the food. This tells us a little something about the care they put into creating the food.

With this being an Amazon product, you can sign up for subscribe and save and have it regularly shipped to you. That saves you a little bit of money with every shipment. They also regularly post coupons on the food, which is always a plus for any dog food brand.

If you have large breed puppies, it’s nice to know there are ways to have food sent directly to your door and to know it can be affordable too.

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When you compare the ingredients and quality of Wag to similar choices like Blue Wilderness Royal Canin, or Wholehearted, you find a lot of similarities. The different elements and even the ingredients are comparable across the board with these brands.

Wag does let us know that the brand is produced in California, USA. The facility used is family-owned. Ingredients are globally sourced and noted as high quality ingredients from around the world.

Wag Dog Food History

wag dog food history

Here’s the thing about these private label brands. We’re not denying they can be of great quality. However, it’s very hard to find history directly from the source. Most of what you find is heavily detailed by others that have gone digging. This leaves us unsure how much is actual truth because it’s best to go to the source itself, right?

But most private label brands just group their products together with the brand as a whole. Wag is a label from Amazon. So it just groups in with Amazon and you can’t really find the history of the brand or what inspired this dog food in creation. We love to hear about a dog food brand with a story. We know they are driven to a purpose.

But we can’t find that here. Now, don’t let that turn you away. In the end, what matters most is the quality of the food. We will get to the food quality in a bit. It is a bit disappointing to have such limited details into the foray of the brand.

Here’s what we do know. Wag was first produced beginning in 2018. It’s still early but in those few years, you will find substantial feedback from customers. Some of the Wag dry dog food has more than 15,000 reviews and remains 4.5 stars.

This is not Amazon’s first go at dog food. You can look at brands like Simply Perfection and Solimo and know Amazon’s dog food track history. But this is a totally different brand so while you can compare Amazon to Amazon, keep in mind they are not the same things still.

Now, the one thing that you should know is that just because this is an Amazon brand doesn’t mean the owners of Amazon are sitting in some special kitchen creating it for you. They’ve brought in their own “people” for that task. It just means that the brand falls under the Amazon umbrella.

Where is Wag Dog Food Made?

One of the things that make it harder to really get a feel for this Wag dog food review is the lack of information. Things like “Mad in the USA” are typically details that most brands are proud to spout. Wag does share this detail but you have to dig pretty deep to even find that honestly.

That wasn’t their sales point of relevance. That being said, the brand is made and produced through a facility in California, USA. Wag also is very open about the fact that while it’s packaged and made in the USA, ingredients are sourced globally.

However, Wag still takes a steady stand towards ingredient quality. This means they globally sourced certain ingredients with quality in mind, which is how most dog foods should operate. Our pet food matters. The quality matters but do we really care that much where every little piece of ingredient came from as long as the quality is consistent in the pet food?

That’s the stance that Wag has taken. They source globally, looking for the best quality of ingredients in relation to cost. They bring those globally-sourced ingredients together to produce and then package Wag fry dog food in California, USA. W

Wag Dog Food Cost

wag dog food cost

What you will find is that Wag dog food is reasonably priced. They fall pretty close to those brands that we know don’t focus heavily on nutrition as far as affordability. They’re not nearly as high as other high quality brands out there, which is a plus. Dog food brands can get very expensive. Let’s now even get into the weeds on limited ingredient dog foods or specialty foods.

Now, we are not knocking those brands They are typically that price because of the quality and the research that goes into making them. But Wag is comparable as far as quality and nutrition and more affordable. The truth is that we can’t all afford premium pet food.

Wag dry dog food can be bought in as small as a 5-pound bag or as high as a 30-pound bag. The prices range from about $8-$66 depending on the size of the bag that you choose as well as the formula. Formulas like salmon or lamb might be slightly higher because of the ingredient cost and source. Obviously, the larger the bag, the more it costs as well with these dog foods.

Wag Dry Dog Food Ingredient Quality

salmon high quality dog food ingredients
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Let’s talk about the ingredients, shall we? After all, what really makes up a dog food brand is the quality of its ingredients. We aren’t going to hone in on canned food here but you should assume that the canned food is made with similar care as dry dog food. Canned dog food is made differently but we assume that Wag cares about the overall quality across the board.

So, this ingredient analysis is specific to Wag dry dog food for the most part. When you look at pet food, what is it that you want to see on the ingredient list?

We know that this dog food uses real meat as the first ingredient. This is always something we like to see. Even with wet dog food or canned dog food, we want real meat in there somewhere. That meat is then followed by chicken meal, salmon meal, beef meal, lamb meal, or whatever appropriate meal matches the meat.

It’s perfectly acceptable to see a meal as long as it is clearly identified and not just a “meat meal”. We also like to see things like chicken fat with a chicken-based meal. It tells us that the brand is using nutrients from all parts of the animal and then building on it.

Wag dry dog food promises no artificial fillers or colors. They also mention that there is no corn, soy, or wheat. Those things automatically give us good vibes. So let’s look closer at some of the high quality ingredients and their highlights.


Protein is typically one of the most important ingredients. Of course, you want to see balanced nutrition but protein is what should be one of the first. Pea protein is a common addition, particularly in a food that is grain free. In a food that is chicken, we want to see chicken as the first ingredient. You find that here consistently. Every flavor option uses meat as the first ingredient and that’s the primary protein source.

If there is a meal (and there almost always is in a dry dog food), we want a specific name like chicken meal, lamb meal, beef meal, turkey meal, etc. The meal really should match the meat. That means a chicken dog food should have a chicken meal. If it says it’s turkey pet food and it has a chicken meal, this is a red flag. But we don’t see that here. Chicken meal is where it should be and so on.

They also use pea protein to substitute the total protein levels in this pet food, which is acceptable. Pea protein is a valuable protein additive with its own benefits. Pea protein is sometimes questioned but if you research pea protein, you will find it can be beneficial when used properly. Pea protein for the win on this one. Pea protein is primarily used in the grain free choices here.

Wholesome Grains or Grain Free

Part of a balanced diet is to have wholesome grains or to have ingredients like sweet potatoes that can support the lack of grains. We do want to point out that Wag uses white rice, which is not one of our favorites but it will do. They also use brewer’s rice. This is perhaps the one area that these dog foods are lacking.

That being said, it could be much worse as a pet food. They could have added artificial preservatives or added in those naughty words like wheat, corn, and soy. They didn’t do that so we will still commend them in this category. Again, grain free foods are supported by pea protein as well.

Dried Plain Beet Pulp

Another ingredient that is valued and often looked over is dried plain beet pulp. This is a great source of fiber so when you see it, you know that the creators considered fiber needs. This ingredient is sometimes controversial but we see the value of the fiber. Dried plain beet pulp does little more than add fiber content but it is useful for this particular need, which is saying something in our books.

Chicken Meal, Chicken Fat, and More

From there, the list of ingredients grows. The primary ingredients are all identifiable for a purpose. What we noticed is that chicken fat is actually added to almost all the recipes. There are some without it. However, if your pet is sensitive to chicken, chicken fat might be a problem.

You should check the ingredients for chicken fat before you settle on food if this is a concern to you. The chicken fat is used to add flavor more than anything else. They want your dog to like the food so they use chicken fat to accomplish it.

But they use this same ingredient in every recipe so it might be something to watch for. In most cases, it’s really not a problem for any Wag recipes.

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Wag Recipes Top Pet Food Choices

wag recipes top pet food choices

Now, let’s dig just a little bit deeper into the different Wag recipes that you can find. They don’t have a million different lines like some pet food out there. They do have wet dog food or canned food. They also have some treat options. But you will find that their lines are consistent and not overwhelming.

We have to say this is a positive attribute. It’s nice to just have simple choices and not have to dig through 50 different options to make a final selection to fit your pup, right? Simplicity is sometimes much better.

And even with simplicity, you can still support grain free diets or choose a brown rice recipe. You can choose a lentil recipe. You still have the options you need.

Wag Grain Free Dog Food

wag Dry Dog Food Salmon & Lentil Recipe

Check Amazon Price

The dog food from Wag that doesn’t have grains is perhaps one of their most popular choices. It’s not necessarily heavily labeled as such but you won’t find the grains in the ingredient list on this line as you do in the other blends. That’s what sets this apart.

Wag does like to use sweet potato. Sweet potato offers a lot of dense nutrition and is considered to be a superfood. When you replace grains, you still need those nutrients and sweet potato is a great way to accomplish that.

The only thing is the sweet potato isn’t high on the list. However, we find value elsewhere that isn’t always in other recipes. The grain free diets add things like lentil recipe, salmon oil, and natural flavor additions. Almost every option is a lentil recipe of some sort. You will also see dried chicory root alongside the lentil recipe and salmon oil (at least in the salmon variety). They all contain Vitamin E supplement as well, as the best dog foods should.

Here are the flavor choices for this line.

One thing we want to note is the wild boar in that beef recipe. We’re not sure the purpose but we assume it’s for natural flavor as well as additional protein source and it’s from the wild, which is great!

These are suitable for puppy formula, adult food, or all life stages.

Wholesome Grains and Brown Rice Recipe

Wag Wholesome Grains Dry Dog Food

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Next up, we have their line of dog food that is packed with wholesome grains. In these dog food reviews, we do want to point out that they use both white rice and brewer’s rice as part of the compilation. While sweet potatoes would certainly be better, the intent of this recipe is to use wholesome grains.

White rice and brewers yeast or rice are not necessarily the best wholesome choices. However, brown rice is the base of the dog food so all the grains are combined. Again, we also want to give Wag credit for not using nasty fillers like corn, wheat, and soy in their dog food.

It’s not exactly the best but it certainly could be worse and we think that’s worth a little something. Again, you will find the appropriate meat accompanying the right meat meals. You will also find that the salmon option has salmon oil for an additional Vitamin E supplement.

These also have dried chicory root in them. Each bag has a Vitamin E supplement so things like the salmon oil are great for additional protein or natural flavor solutions too.

Wag food adds beef liver, chicken liver, and some egg product as well. The omega fatty acids provide a nutritional balance for many dogs. Here are some of the flavors.

Dog owners can appreciate again the simplicity behind the dry food concept here. There maintains a focus on your dog’s health.

Wag Expedition

Wag Expedition Human Grade Organic Biscuits Dog Treats

Check Amazon Price

Are you the kind of person that likes to give your dog human treats or old food? Maybe you can consider these Wag Expedition human grade biscuits. These are pretty neat and definitely worth a mention. We can talk about foods all day long but wholesome treats are harder to find.

These can be used for adult dogs or a puppy formula addition. They are organic, non-GMO, and gluten free. They are just small treats that you can enjoy and they are made with human-grade ingredients.

That means you could technically eat them if you want to. Dog owners sometimes like to try their animal’s foods. BUT you can also just take their word for it. Either way is fine!

These treats will support Omega-3, Omega-6, and fiber. They’re great for added nutritional needs and your dog’s skin and overall health. They are truly USDA certified organic. Check out these flavors!

Puppy Recipe

wag Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Chicken and Lentil Recipe

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We really want to point out that in all of the lines here, you will find they are suitable for all life stages. However, Wag also creates a puppy recipe in each line, including wet food options for puppies. You can also use the puppy options for small breed dogs if you prefer.

However, there are measurement recommendations for all breeds and sizes on each Wag pet food bag so you can technically go either way there. This doesn’t cover Wag beef, Wag lamb, or Wag turkey recipes. The puppy formula is only Wag chicken but it is adjusted to meet a puppy’s needs.

This particular option is harder to find in stock. They are often out but it depends on the size of the bag. Your pup will get much needed Omega 3 fatty acids among other valuable nutritional needs.

Wag Dog Treats

Finally, you should know that Wag has quite a few options when it comes to dog treats. We already talked about the Expedition line but that is just one small piece of the puzzle. Here are some of the other choices.

These give you a bit of variety and those Wag chicken and waffle bites are certainly a tasty treat when you want something special for your pup.

All of the treats are made in the USA. They also note on some of the treats that the ingredients are sourced within the USA so that’s a bit different from the other food lines. On the Wag chicken and waffle bites, they even use farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient. That makes Wage chicken and waffles a win in our books!

The treats come in different sizes and styles so you have options upon options. But just like their other lines, it’s not annoyingly overwhelming on the options.

Alternatives to Wag Dog Food

alternatives to wag dog food

If you’re not feeling Wag or perhaps can’t find the formula you want in stock, there are other options out there that are comparable in total quality and ingredient style. There are several choices out there that you can go for but we’ve tried to seek out options that are the most similar to dog food in terms of quality. Check these out.

Crave Dog Food

CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food with Protein from Lamb and Venison

Check Amazon Price

Crave is one good alternative and it is similar in pricing to Wag. We like Crave because they turn a huge focus on high-quality protein. These brands are actually made for high protein needs. They use protein-rich foods that are of premium quality.

The concept behind the brand is that they choose the protein based on wild predecessors that lived on rich protein in the wild. While your animal isn’t wild now, they still have those bloodlines and this food is created to fulfill that need.

They have dry dog food, dry cat food, and wet dog food options to choose from here. Their tagline is to “satisfy their nature” and you can see that in the various ingredients and selections too.

The recipes are natural, rich, and balanced in design.

Pure Balance

Pure Balance Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Check Amazon Price

This is another good alternative. Pure Balance is slightly more expensive but still overall affordable as a choice dog food. They have several different options and their flavors take a more focused appeal to nutrition.

Their recipe choices are very simple and basic. They use things from the wild that are free of any questionable ingredients. Their formulas are options like salmon & pea or bison, pea, & venison. They do also have a chicken and pea recipe for those who like to stick to the basics. Their recipes are basic and the guaranteed analysis shows crude protein as 30% minimum, which is phenomenal!

Where to Buy Wag Dog Food

where to buy wag dog food
Image by 白猫日理万机 on Pixabay

Wag is an Amazon brand. Therefore the best place to buy it is on Amazon. If you do to the Wag store on Amazon, you can see the different categories and then break it down to whichever flavor interests you in that brand.

Remember that Wag keeps it pretty simple. In the dog food options, you find the same flavors in different lines so it’s a matter of choosing whether you want grains or not and then determining the flavors that you prefer in that category.

You can also see their treats from here or check out the wet dog foods if that is your preference when it comes to food. It’s really totally up to you. It’s easy to navigate here.

You won’t find Wag in stores or available on other websites. If you do find the, it’s possible its’ not legitimate at this point. As an Amazon brand, it is only legitimately available on Amazon. This is the safest and most reliable source to ensure you truly get what you think you’re getting.

Wag Dog Food Recalls

wag dog food recalls
Image by ariesa66 on Pixabay

Let’s talk about recalls. It’s pretty common for most food brands to face a recall at some point. Sometimes it’s because they sourced an ingredient that was contaminated. Most brands will be proactive to try to prevent this but it can still happen.

The question is really how does the brand handle that recall or recover from it? Do they try to hide it, or do they shrug it off? Do they change processes to try to avoid another issue?

The good news is that Wag so far has not had any recalls. Their food has only been out a few years so it’s still very early. However, so far the fact that there have been no recalls is a positive checkmark for the brand.

Hopefully, they can continue on that path. It will be interesting to see how they handle it should the time come that they do have to face recall action.

Wag Dog Food Review Wrap Up

When we look at Wag food overall, we find a lot of great things. It’s affordable and it’s well-made as a whole. We see very little that concerns us as this brand starts to build and grow in the dog food industry. We find consistency across their lines and the simplicity of just having a few base choices.

It’s really nice to be able to look through one page of choices and not be completely overwhelmed by a hundred different food choices. This is appealing to us. While you can’t necessarily find the extensive history behind the building of the brand, we still see the attention to quality in the USA-made product.

The one downside that stands out to us the most is the use of white rice and brewer’s rice in their wholesome grains options. We really don’t care for those as “wholesome grains”. However, as we mentioned earlier, it certainly could be much worse. Despite it not being the BEST choice, it also is much better than some of the alternatives that could be there.

Overall, this Amazon brand dog food seems to be well-made with a lot of nutritional value to offer at an affordable price point.

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