Traveling With Dogs

Taking your dog with you when you go on vacation is a dream for many, and while it does not have to be impossible, there are a few things you need to consider first. We have articles about different ways to travel with a dog, how it works, and how you can make traveling safer for your fur friend.

Before setting out, you need to know a few things. What to bring, how to prepare your dog (especially for longer trips), what is required to travel internationally, the options you have for leisure traveling, what fun dog-friendly activities you could engage in and what to expect when going away with a four-legged family member. It can seem stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you make sure to acquire facts and knowledge ahead of time.

These are some of the topics you can read about in this section:
+ Plane travel with dogs.
+ Best dog traveling crates.
+ Dog car seat belts and other travel items.
+ How to treat a dog’s car anxiety
+ Tips for cycle touring with dogs
…And much more. Whether you plan to travel for fun or because you need to move your dog from one location and to another – we have everything you need to know gathered right here for your convenience.

Dog Travel Related Articles

There are many different ways you can travel with a dog; you can go by car, by plane, take a train or a bus or go on a biking holiday, and there are also a variety of reasons for why you might want to take your dog on the road with you. Perhaps you would like to include your fur pups when going away on your yearly summer vacation, or maybe you are planning to move and need a way to get your dogs to your new hometown? Whatever your reasons are, our articles are written to guide you through the process. Preparation is what will make any trip a pleasant one – for both you and your dog.

About Our Traveling with Dogs Articles:

Before you travel, you always want to verify any information with the airline, bus- or train company, immigration for the country you plan to go to, etc. etc. This is because rules can change, and while we try to keep our articles updated – it is best to double-check before making any set plans.