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The Farmer’s Dog Review (2023) – Is this fresh dog food the right fit?

Giving your fur baby the best nutrition is important. It is how as pet parents you can ensure your pooch grows and develops to his full potential. With all these different brands out there on the shelves and online, finding the best choice for your dog may be increasingly difficult. Being able to consider the contents of their daily intake of food will help you discover the best brand.

The Farmer’s Dog Food prides itself in creating natural and healthy formulas that fur babies and dog parents alike can trust. In this review, you will be provided with all the information needed to understand why The Farmer’s dog food is a wonderful choice for your furry best friend.

About the Brand

As said, The Farmer’s Dog brand decided to create their own formula that forgoes all the processed and unnatural ingredients by focusing their efforts on creating healthy alternatives. They believe that true love and care for your pooch starts from the stomach – with healthy and nutritious food.

Their founders performed a lot of their own research accumulated for decades and working hand in hand with vet nutritionists, they began The Farmer’s Dog brand to bring high-quality and safe food to the homes of all pet owners. They adhere to stringent safety standards to produce a product that is even safe enough for pet parents to eat!

A lot of dogs out there suffer from genetic problems or congenital illnesses and rely on their intake of food to help control their issues. This is when it’s even more pressing to make sure what your dog is getting is the best. Coincidentally, this is also how The Farmer’s Dog’s story begins. Brett, their co-founder needed to help support his puppy Jada but no dog food on the market was good enough.

He then decided to make his own fresh dog food from home (which was also recommended by his vet). Using natural ingredients that were listed on popular brands, he created a formula in his kitchen that smelled and looked good enough for humans to eat! And just like that, his dog Jada was cured overnight.

Brett then realized how many unnatural processes went into creating dog food and he set out with his buddy Jonathan to rethink and revamp the whole entire dog food industry. They made it in their very own kitchens well into the night and started on deliveries early the next morning. Loving dog parents all over the nation are thanking The Farmer’s Dog brand for giving them peace of mind, knowing that what their dog is getting is not only safe, but nutritious.

The Farmer’s Dog product is available and suited for dogs of all breeds and sizes with freshly made meals delivered to your door. With a name that takes after all the toughest dogs in history, The Farmer’s Dog brand has all the trusted ingredients your dog needs to thrive.

How It Works

The Farmer’s Dog brand actually caters their dog food to your dog. The process is extremely easy and interactive, and you can receive real food that is freshly made and delivered right to your door. Right on the homepage of their website, click on the orange button to “start today”.

It then takes you to a page where you can start from scratch to build your dog’s diet. There are 4 different steps: Me, my dog, my plan and checkout. Feel safe in knowing that all the ingredients used to create your pooch’s daily meals. There are no preservatives and everything is made with USDA human-grade materials.

You first enter the number of dogs you have in your family then enter their names. Then comes your zip code and your own first name. Then you need to fill in the statement on how much you believe that fresh food is best for your dog. Then you enter your email so you can receive all the latest updates from The Farmer’s Dog.

The next part of the questionnaire is focused on your dog. You need to fill in specific information such as his weight, age, breed and whether he is neutered (or spayed if she is a girl), then you pick from a chart that illustrates different dog body types. Pick the one closest to your dog then move on to the next question to answer what your dog’s ideal weight would be/is and choose his activity level.

They also ask you about your dog’s eating style, whether he is an avid eater who will eat anything or if he is the pickiest of eaters. No matter which type, The Farmer’s Dog has a recipe for you.

Next, you need to inform The Farmer’s Dog whether or not your dog has any health issues, what kind of food he is used to eating and how often he gets human food and treats. You should also let them know if your dog needs a prescription diet.

After you click “next”, the system will start calculating your meal plan. They will come up with a few different recipes and you can click through each one to see all the ingredients in detail and pick the one you like the most (or you can pick all of them). The food is incredibly easy to serve (just pour) and it comes in a convenient packaging.

The Farmer’s Dog’s deliveries are timed perfectly to make sure you never run out of dog food for your pooch. You can get a mega discount with your first order, as high as 50% off! The calculations for the price will come up on the right-hand side of the screen for you to review.

They provide about two weeks’ worth of food to ensure freshness but after the trial, you can opt for 4-week cycles. After you fill out your billing information you are done! Sit back and get ready for fresh dog food to be delivered right to your door ready to serve within days.


Their formulas and ingredients are all vet-approved and adhere to and exceed AAFCO standards. Everything is made fresh with real human-grade food in recipes catered to dogs. Not only are the ingredients natural and safe, but the kitchens in which they are cooked up in are all USDA approved.

There are no preservatives, no powders and fillers, no brown pellets and label tricks and loopholes. All you get is an honest listing of all the nutritious ingredients your dog will ingest.

Oftentimes other commercial brands will use fillers, powders and meals to fill out the formula. Meals can include meat from diseased livestock and ground up guts and beaks and bones (depending on your recipe) which you definitely don’t want your dog to eat.

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The Farmer’s Dog’s promise to have none of these in their recipe guarantees dog food quality you cannot get in stores. Preservatives are necessary for store-bought dog food (especially in wet food) and help prolong the shelf life of the food. However, when consumed, preservatives have less than ideal health effects. The fact that The Farmers Dog doesn’t include any preservatives, natural or not, also gives pet parents more peace of mind.

Dry dog food or kibbles are very very processed. It’s understandable since natural food doesn’t become condensed into dry pellets without going through some processing. Once you take a look at food from The Farmers Dog, you will realize that you can actually see the ingredients that went into the meal. It almost resembles a porridge of some kind that’s ready to pour and serve.

The Farmer’s Dog is also very transparent with their labeling, letting you know exactly what goes inside each bag. Just as they said on their website, a label that says the dog food contains beef, it may only be a minuscule percentage.

Health Benefits

Working together with veterinary nutritionists and other experts, the small team at The Farmer’s Dog customizes each plan to your dog. No two dogs will get the same standard recipe as they take your unique information and formulate what’s best for your dog. This will help target your dog’s individual issues and needs without ever having to ingest more than they need.

With their age, weight, breed and different tendencies, habits and illnesses taken into consideration, the fresh food you serve your dog can help curb or cure these issues. The fresh food is sans preservatives and the natural process makes it easier for you to make sure your dog gets whole foods in his diet. Since they are so delicious compared to dried kibble, there will be less waste involved as well. This means that for picky eaters, hungry bellies will no longer be an issue.

Dogs can have allergies too, and some dogs are more sensitive than others. Some have digestive issues and some breeds are more prone to bloating. These issues can be mediated with the right diet. Fresh food for dogs allows you as pet parents to control what goes into their meals. When filling out the questionnaire at the beginning, these are all issues you can inform the team at the brand to make sure they accommodate you.

With freshly cooked meals, there will be a significant change in your pup’s health which will include better digestion, stronger immune systems, higher energy levels, and healthier skin and coats.

You will notice a difference between your pooch’s eagerness for mealtimes with fresh food vs store-bought dried kibble. Not only will it keep your dogs healthy on the inside, but it will extend to the outside as well. A canine’s health is reflected on his coat, in his energy levels and overall look as well.


The flavors that the brand offers will depend a lot on the information you fill out. Dogs are quite fickle, just like humans and no two dogs are the same. One may love chicken while another may prefer more exotic meats such as bison. One thing is for sure, and that is having more variety is better. It will allow you more chances to nail your pup’s preferences.

At The Farmer’s, veterinary nutritionists came up with a few recipes including turkey, beef, pork. Beef is a hearty protein and is great for pups who have a lot of energy. Pork is the better choice for pooches with sensitivity issues. A lot of canines are allergic to beef or poultry, so pork is a good alternative.

Next, we have turkey. Turkey is a lean protein that is primarily given to those who need to watch their weight but still get a healthy amount of protein in their system. No matter which flavor you choose, they aim to give you and your furry best friend a variety of choices to keep their palate satisfied and their tummies happy.

You can be sure that here at the Farmer’s they offer well-balanced meals that cover most if not all food groups no matter your canine’s preference.


The price for these subscription services can vary depending on your dogs and how long you plan to opt for the service. It’s safe to say that a larger breed such as a German Shepherd would cost more than a smaller Maltese. The total price will cover the food itself, shipping (which can be free) and tax. The trial is offered for a two-week period and it comes with free shipping and a huge discount.

After the trial, The Farmer’s will then take it upon themselves to replenish your supply every month. If at any time you change your mind or want to switch to a new recipe, you can change the orders that are not yet processed at any time in your account.

Trial Offer

Their official website will have all the latest deals and promotions. The biggest offer we have seen so far is their trial deal, which can earn potential clients up to 50% off! (see below for coupon) Since dogs can be picky little creatures, and a lot of larger brands do offer money-back guarantees if your pooch doesn’t like the food, it’s no surprise that The Farmer’s also offers this promise.

If your fur baby doesn’t like the food or the flavor, you can choose to pick another recipe, or get a full refund if you donate the food to a shelter. You can follow them on social media for all the latest news, offers and promotions via their website. The biggest appeal, and since it’s such a good deal, we need to mention again that you get more than a 50% discount for your first trial order.

The Farmer’s really cares about dogs in general and we love how their contingency for a full refund is for you to donate the food your pooch doesn’t quite enjoy to those in need.


We understand that recalls are a huge off-putting factor for pet parents when it comes to choosing the right food. The Farmer’s brand hasn’t been in business for long, but we’re happy to inform you that so far their quality has been exceptional and recalls have not happened. This also has a great deal to do with the quality of their food and the ingredients they include.

They are a smaller brand but this only allows them even more control over the cooking process and the packaging and more closely monitor their product.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do Shipments Work?

The brand currently ships to 48 states and allows customers to enjoy food catered to their pup’s needs and for it to be made as freshly as possible.

The cardboard box in which the food is packed and the insulation is recyclable and biodegradable. Water that is run over the packaging will cause it to dissolve right in your kitchen sink! All packs are biodegradable and made from BPA-free materials and are non-toxic.

How Do I Store the Food?

Since there are no preservatives in their recipe, it is advised that you refrigerate the food. They are safe to refreeze and should be stored in the freezer. Just take a pack out to thaw in the fridge and when in doubt, the package comes with a guide that will answer all your questions!


A relatively new brand to the scene, thefarmersdog is a brand that many paw parents can get behind because of the quality and care they show all their little furry clients. The most attractive feature is your ability to customize the recipe to fit your pup’s needs. Not to mention, they have a very appealing deal for your trial order and they guarantee your pooch will love it or your money back (if you donate the food)! Now that is a brand that we can support!

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