review of the best spiritdog training and how to become the top dog with spiritdog training

Spiritdog Training Review: How to Become the Top Dog With Spiritdog Training

Looking for a training program for your dog? Tired of having a bad behaved dog, or just want to teach your pup some cool tricks?

You’ve come to the right place!

In this article we are going to take a look into SpiritDog’s online dog training programs and let you know why we think their courses are a great alternative to expensive in person training.

We’ll go over the benefits, cons and help you find what course is best for your dog.

dog trained in the Spiritdog Training school

The backstory…

Having looked around for a professional dog trainer to come and assist me with my canine chaos at home (I love Baxter but sometimes he can drive me me up the wall), I concluded that, as much as our dog would benefit from this intervention, there’s simply no way our budget can accommodate the $150/hour fees (I’m sure many of you can relate).

Seeking a more affordable alternative, I turned to online dog trainers and, after much research and numerous trials, finally hit the jackpot in the form of SpiritDog Training.

What Is Spirit Dog Training?

How to Potty Train A Lab Puppy Potty Training Outdoors
Image by 825545 from Pixabay

My husband likes to refer to SpiritDog Training as the “Netflix of dog training,” with 700 lessons and over 400 videos demonstrating various training techniques and dealing with everything from basic obedience to behavioral issues such as separation anxiety and aggression – it has something for every dog owner.  

In addition to a range of lifetime access online courses, SpiritDog also has its own virtual Academy aimed at transforming your relationship with your dog through bite-sized lessons, weekly Zoom meetings, and a community of like-minded people and their dogs.

I found this especially helpful because I was initially overwhelmed at the concept of training Baxter with a comprehensive course, but when the steps were broken down into small bites it helped relieve some of that anxiety and kept me motivated.

My SpiritDog Training Experience

steffi trott
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Does SpiritDog Training really work? Let me answer that based on my own experience.

Before committing to a monthly subscription, I decided to try a couple of individual lessons to see how comfortable both my dogs and myself felt about SpritiDog’s techniques and approaches.

As I have a multi-dog household, I chose the Taking Turns course first, thinking this was the only way to avoid chaos and separate the dogs during training.

Starting with one of our younger dogs, a four-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, I concentrated on rewarding her for stillness rather than activity.

As she’s a herding dog with a strong work drive, doing nothing doesn’t come easily. Fortunately, she also has a powerful food drive, so responded quickly to the positive reinforcement training.

When it came to repeating the lessons with our older dog, a Jack Russell cross who was bred as a hunting dog, I found I needed to swap the regular kibble treats for something a bit tastier – his food drive just isn’t the same as the Cattle Dog’s!

Rather than buying expensive treats, however, I took Steffi’s advice and cut up a few hotdogs and used those instead. Suddenly, our old dog became capable of learning new tricks, like sitting still without howling like a banshee!

After the success of our first training sessions, I decided to focus on our new puppy – a Springer Spaniel. With his short attention span and seemingly constant need to either pee or sleep, I was anxious about how much progress we’d be able to make.

As it turns out, the SpiritDog Ultimate Puppy Program is self-paced so you can go as slowly as necessary to ensure your dog’s development. It only took a few days before we could see significant improvements in our puppy’s behavior, especially when it comes to reducing play biting and improving recall. If your dog is biting your feet a lot or perhaps your children’s feet, you will want to be mindful of the action and understand why dogs bite your feet and how to help them.

steffi trott

Meet Steffi, The Instructor for SpiritDog Training

steffi trott with dogs
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While some online training sites offer different and sometimes contradictory approaches from numerous trainers, SpiritDog Training is the brainchild of just one – Steffi Trott.

Having started her dog training journey in Europe, Steffi has worked with some of the top European trainers, including World Champions in agility, Silvia Trkman, and Martina Klimesova.

Now in the US, Steffi has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners, both in-person and online, giving them the tools to perfect their training skills and develop a strong relationship.

Committed to finding the ideal training approach for each dog and owner team, Steffi assesses each team’s natural strengths and weaknesses to determine which positive, game-based methods will be the most effective.

Pros and Benefits Of SpiritDog Training

Here are some of the things I really liked about SpiritDog’s training courses.

1. Offers Age-Specific Online Dog Training Courses

SpiritDog Training Courses caters to every life stage of a dog. They offer courses SpiritDog training that’s specific for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. I just love how inclusive these courses are.

They have the Ultimate Puppy Bundle, priced at $49, which tackles important topics for a developing puppy. The ultimate puppy program includes lessons about early socialization, potty training, puppy biting, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of their courses are suitable for adult and senior dogs alike.

2. Work With a Trainer That Guides You Every Step of the Way

What makes SpiritDog Training worth it is that along with the lessons, you also get a hands-on trainer that will guide you, give you advice, respond to your questions, and more.

According to most Spirit Dog Training Reviews from their website and Trustpilot, Steffi, the instructor, is a wonderful trainer because she makes the lessons easy to follow and provides a great explanation for each training method she uses.

Not to mention the typical in-person professional dog trainer will cost you more, so really, it’s a win-win situation for you if you enroll in these courses. Also, if you avail of their Legend Dog Package for $89 a month, you will get a 30 min private, one-on-one remote session with their trainer every month! Awesome deal, right.

3. Enroll in Courses as Low as $9

Their training courses start at an affordable rate of $9! Isn’t that amazing? For just $9, you can gain access to their course Learn to Fetch Course or the Mastering Potty Training Course, great courses for a new puppy. See their list of individual and bundle courses with the corresponding prices here.

4. Accessible Courses Anywhere You Are

The beauty of online courses is that you get to take them from the comfort of your very own home! SpiritDog Academy gives you lifetime access to their online dog training courses with informational PDFs you can download and videos with step-by-step instructions you can watch anytime.

What’s even better is that these courses are all self-paced, and you can take them whenever with no rush.

5. Convenience

One of the best things about SpiritDog Training is that it doesn’t require a huge investment, either financially or in terms of your time. Training for just five to 10 minutes a day is all it takes to “transform your dog into the ultimate teammate.”

6. Accessibility

All the training material available on SpiritDog Training can be accessed via a mobile phone or downloaded to whatever medium you find most convenient. There’s little point in having all your training sessions on your laptop if you need to access them while out walking, so the mobile-friendly nature of the content makes it ideal for outdoor sessions, as well as indoor games.

7. Versatility

Whether you’re trying to teach a young pup to pee outside or correct an older dog’s aggressive behavior, SpiritDog Training has the answers.

8. Cost

Whether you opt to join the SpiritDog Training Academy or just sign-up for an individual course, the costs are minuscule compared to what you’d pay a professional for in-person training.

You’ll also get lifetime access to all the lessons you sign up for, so you can return to them later or even use them for training a new dog without having to pay a second time around.

9. Money-back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the results of your training after 14 days, you can get a full refund, so you can reinvest it in a different course or opt for an alternative approach.

10. Top Tier Content

SpiritDog Training already has hundreds of lessons and videos available, and more content is added weekly, providing you with new training techniques, games, and fresh reward ideas. This flow of new materials and ideas helps to keep your training sessions varied, making them more stimulating for both you and your dog.   

11. Tips and Blogs

In addition to the courses or bundles you purchase, the SpritiDog training site contains a comprehensive blog section that tackles a range of dog-related subjects.

Here you can get practical advice on a range of behavioral issues, as well as advice on the best collars and harnesses for your canine companion.

There is also a wealth of information about individual breeds so, you can make an educated choice about which one will fit with your lifestyle and circumstances.

Cons Of SpiritDog Training Courses

If you know the famous saying, nobody’s perfect, well neither are is SpiritDog training. However, we should mention that it’s about as close as we’ve seen when it comes to online courses.

1. Training Courses Can Be Overwhelming

Now, whether you’re a first-time fur parent or not, I can admit that the amount of online classes that SpiritDog Training offers can be a little overwhelming. Information overload is a real thing and what you need to remember when taking these courses is to take it one step at a time.

Being patient does not only apply to your dog but also to yourself. Remember that this SpiritDog online dog training course is made to TEACH YOU how to train your dog.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing immediate results from your training sessions. What’s important is consistency and you will see that the end product will eventually be worth it.

2. No Exclusive Online Public SpiritDog Community

The current SpiritDog Community is good, and I especially like how the trainer is so hands-on in answering questions from concerned dog owners and taking feedback from them. However, I think the community can still be improved by taking advantage of today’s social platforms.

Having a Facebook group, Discord channel, or subreddit where dog owners can freely discuss, exchange ideas, or raise issues about the SpiritDog Training Courses would be a good idea.

An online public community like this can improve pet parents’ involvement in dog training as well as encourage interactions with fellow pet owners.

This pandemic has especially made it difficult for face-to-face interaction, and so with a community like this, we would still have the support we’re looking for online. Taking advantage of this technology is great for improving communication within the SpiritDog Community.

Female dog owner training her pet

What Types of Courses Does Spirit Dog Offer?

1. Individual Courses

What Is Spirit Dog Training? Individual Courses
Image by Vilve Roosioks from Pixabay

A selection of extensive courses covers a wide range of dog training issues, including puppy training, socialization, improving focus, and boosting fitness. This is the best place to start if you’re not sure SpiritDog is the right fit for you and your canine companion.

There are 18 different individual courses to choose from, the cheapest of which is a mini-course consisting of eight lessons designed to teach your dog to fetch. More in-depth options include the basic obedience course, which helps owners understand their dogs’ behavior and uses games to teach them better manners.

If you sign up with SpiritDog Training, you get lifetime access to any courses you purchase as well as online guidance and troubleshooting.

SpiritDog’s Most Popular Individual Courses

Fantastic Focus Training
  • Is your dog's barking drive you insane?
  • Is walking a nightmare because of his barking and lunging?
  • Have you tried everything to calm him down, but nothing is working?

More than 9,000 dog owners have mastered "crazy" behavior with this course.

Learn More
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Tackling Reactivity Training

Owning a reactive dog makes life difficult...

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You're always worried about your dog's next meltdown
  • You're embarrassed to walk your dog or have visitors over
  • You worry your dog will bite someone (or he even has already!)
  • It's been a long time since you could just relax with your pup
Learn More
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2. Bundle Packages

What Is Spirit Dog Training? Bundle Packages
Image by Ilka Lünstäden from Pixabay

SpiritDog Training bundles group together relevant courses to give you lifetime access to a whole host of mobile-friendly training videos and tips. Affordable and effective, these comprehensive bundles can transform your relationship with your dog and cost less than two in-person professional training sessions.

There are several bundles available, the most extensive of which is the SpritDog Masterclass which gives you lifetime access to 17 different courses, from basic obedience and puppy training to at-home agility classes and SpiritDog Parkour training.

The other two bundles are designed to help you understand reactivity, improve your dog’s focus, and teach basic obedience.

The Perfect Obedience Bundle includes free courses on dealing with separation anxiety and stopping your dog from jumping up while the Perfect Focus Bundle will transform your dog from an ill-mannered, distracted canine into a great companion.

SpiritDog’s Most Popular Course Bundles

Perfect Obedience Bundle

Get your dog to finally listen and behave!

  • Does your dog refuse to listen to your commands?
  • Is he always pulling on leash or jumping up on everyone?
  • Are you frustrated and want to give up on training?

If this sounds like you then the Perfect Obedience course is the right fit.

Learn More
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Ultimate Masterclass Bundle

This is the most comprehensive bundle that SpiritDog Training offers.

It includes lifetime access to training for all phases of your pets life:

  1. Puppy Phase
  2. Adolescence
  3. Problematic Behaviors
  4. Fun Training
  5. Senior Phase
Learn More
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3. SpiritDog Academy

What Is Spirit Dog Training? SpiritDog Academy
Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

This academy is, arguably, the most extensive dog training resource available online and, for as little as $20 per month, gives you access to over 700 lessons and 400 video tutorials. You’ll also become a part of the SpritDog community and have access to Steffi’s weekly Zoom meetings.

If you sign up for the Academy and don’t see any improvement in your dog’s behavior or find you don’t have the time to commit to training your dog, you can request a full refund.

The SpiritDog Academy has three different subscription programs on offer, all of which you can test out for a week for just $2.

The entry-level subscription, Puppy Starter, gives you access to five core courses, 11 roadmaps, and the online community for a monthly fee of $20.

The Super Dog subscription offers the best value for money, giving users access to every one of the current 17 courses and all future courses as well.

Super Dog users get access to the same 11 roadmaps and online community as Puppy Starter subscribers, but on top of that, they also get all the benefits of the weekly Zoom meetings and video blogs, as well as a few other extras. A Super Dog subscription costs $24.95 per month and, like all subscriptions, comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

For those committed to a long and prosperous training experience with their pooch, the Legend Dog subscription includes everything in the Super Dog program, as well as a 30-minute one-on-one consultation with the SpiritDog trainer every month. That means personalized and professional dog training for just $89 per month!

Who Should Enroll in SpiritDog Training

You should enroll in SpiritDog Training if:

  • You want to correct your dog’s behavioral issues
  • You want your pooch to grow up well-mannered
  • You want to encourage positive behavior in your dog
  • You want to establish a good relationship with your dog
  • You’re someone who wants to be a good dog parent

These are only a few of the reasons why you should enroll in SpiritDog Training. At the end of the day, it’s your job as a fur parent to ensure your dog grows up with a pleasant attitude and good behavior.

Who Should NOT Enroll in SpiritDog Training

These courses and training take time before you can see a change in your dog’s behavior.

If you’re someone who likes to rush or tend to look for a shortcut to get faster results, this is not the type of training for you.

Also, these courses will not work if the dog owner themselves doesn’t show initiative.

The most important thing about training a dog is having the motivation and discipline to train them consistently and patiently. A good dog training routine can only go so far with an unmotivated or undisciplined pet parent.

SpiritDog Training FAQs

What is Spirit Dog Academy?

Spirit Dog Academy is a community where you can have access to all their 700 dog training courses through a monthly or yearly subscription. They also offer a $2 1-week trial for the Academy for fur parents who wants a taste of some of their courses.

How much is SpiritDog Training?

SpiritDog’s training courses can cost you anywhere between $9 up to $199. The complete list of their courses is listed below from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

CoursesPrices in USD
Learn to Fetch Course$9
Mastering Potty Training Course$9
Dog Tricks Course$29
Taking Turns Course$29
Frisbee Games Course$29
Confidence Booster Course$35
Coming When Called and Outdoor Course$35
Calm Down Course$49
Focus in Public Course$49
Indoor Games Course$99
Loose Leash Walking Course$114
Basic Obedience Course$115
SpiritDog Parkour Course$119
Canine Fitness Course$149
Distance Control Course$149
Just Listen Course$149

Meanwhile, their bundles are priced between $49 to $499. Here’s the complete list of their bundles listed from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

BundlesPrice in USD
Tackling Reactivity Bundle$49
Ultimate Puppy Bundle$49
Perfect Obedience Bundle$49
Loose Leash Walking Bundle$59
The Perfect Focus Bundle$99
Fantastic Focus Bundle$99
Listening Bundle$149
Home Games Bundle$199
Games Unlimited Bundle$349
Ultimate Masterclass Bundle$499

You also have the option to join the SpiritDog Academy where they offer three deals.

Puppy Starter$20/month• 5 Core Courses
• 12 Roadmaps
• Community
Super Dog$497/year• All 17 current courses
• All future courses
• 12 Roadmaps
• Community
• Complete Quizzes
• Earn badges and certificates
• Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings
• Video blog
Legend Dog$89/month• All 17 current courses
• All future courses
• 12 Roadmaps
• Community
• Complete Quizzes
• Earn badges and certificates
• Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings
• Video blog
• A 30-minute, private, one-on-one remote session with our trainer every month

What kind of training method does SpiritDog Training use?

SpiritDog Training uses positive reinforcement, science, and game-based training methods to teach dog owners how to properly train their puppies and dogs.

They do it in a way where both you and your dog can have fun and, at the same time, condition your dog and help mitigate their unwanted behaviors.

Do you get individual feedback from the trainer?

The courses are advertised as having individual feedback to training questions, and I was skeptical at first – how long would I have to wait for an answer? How well could this even work?

I was really surprised at how quickly and extensively my questions got answered.

After posting them below the lesson in question, I received an email with a response within 48 hours (often much faster). The replies were in-depth and really targeted to our specific situation – you could tell a real trainer was on the other end!

Does SpiritDog having training for aspiring dog trainers?

Not only is Steffi willing to share her expertise with dogs and their owners, she even extends a helping hand to other professionals seeking to create online courses and training materials.

This course shows participants how to develop an online training resource, covering every aspect, from the best camera angles for your videos to the best online payment systems.

Learn more here.


Whether you’re a first-time owner or a lifetime dog enthusiast, you and your canine buddy will find new tricks, games, and skills to master at SpiritDog Training.

Affordable courses, bundles, and subscriptions give you lifetime access to invaluable training tools and materials, with step-by-step tutorials guiding you through the training process.

There are hundreds of videos and lessons to choose from and an online community with whom you can share your successes, and your struggles. Whether you’re struggling to potty train a new puppy or have a rescue dog that’s frightened of its own shadow, there’s a SpiritDog Training course just for you.

Accessible, cost-effective, and mobile-friendly, SpiritDog Training gives you quick results and the tools to keep on growing and deepening your relationship with your best four-legged friend.

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