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Ruff Greens Reviews

There are constantly new products and options out there for your pets. When you start hearing about them, it can certainly make you curious.

Or even if you’re just looking for a new dog food or product that cares for your dogs health.

Ruff Greens is one of those newer products. Since their introduction, they have become very popular.

They take human grade ingredients and create a food for your pet that provides for your dog’s healthiness and diet in a valuable way.

Ruff Greens has several different products and they are designed to be used in coordination with your dog food of choice.

We’ve put together a detailed review of Ruff Green’s products and the company as a whole. T

ake a look below to learn more.

About Ruff Greens

ruff greens holistic treatment food
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This is not your typical food approach. Instead, Ruff Greens provides you with defined supplements regularly added to dog foods. You can use it with any food and the intention is to offer nutritional value through an added source.

Where some people use food as a holistic treatment, Ruff Greens allows you to use any dog foods and then just combine it with Ruff Green’s products for the health benefits it provides.

It’s almost a way to incorporate human health practices on your dog’s diet without depriving them of their favorite kibble. The company’s mission has always been to deliver an addition to your pet’s diet that uses exceptional products and is reasonably available to you.

Ruff Greens website points out the vision of giving your pet the quality of life that they deserve using your dog’s diet. They want your dog to live a happy and healthy life with the appropriate vitamins and minerals that supports their nutritional needs.

What you will find is that Ruff Green’s focus is on carefully selecting their ingredients to craft a product that you can depend on. We will more about the products themselves in a bit.

Ruff Greens History

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Ruff Green has worked closely with naturopathic doctor professionals to really fine tune their supplement. It’s really all about giving your dog vital nutrition to support their immune system, healthy skin, overall healthiness, valuable probiotics, and more.

The company is all about loving their animals. They even allow the employees to bring their dogs to work with them. It’s part of encouraging care for the dog and the dog owners that are the customer.

Their promise is that “if they wouldn’t take it home to their dogs, they won’t send it home to yours”.

The Ruff Greens facility is FDA-registered, GMP certified, and vegan. The supplements are all designed and manufactured under these guidelines. The best way to enjoy the products is to sign up for the monthly package and get the supplement shipped straight to your door regularly.

While it’s hard to confirm specifically, the business seems to be closely associated to Doctor Dennis Black, who is licensed to practice human medicine for nutritional purposes.

Dennis Black is known as the “natural doctor” and is said to have had a hand in the creation of Ruff Green supplements.

The company doesn’t share a lot of detail about their work with Dennis Black so it’s unclear whether Dennis Black created the formula or simply worked together with a team to design a solution for your pet.

The brand makes several supplement options for nutritional addition but they also make toys that can be quite useful.

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Where is Ruff Greens Made?

ruff greens location
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Ruff Greens is made in the USA at their plant headquarter in Tennessee. They even use vegetables and fruits and other ingredients that come directly from the USA.

They have a very high standard for the quality of ingredients that are used and just how they are processed as well, which is different from other supplements out there.

In fact, they even have a strict QA process before any ingredient is even allowed into the facility. Y

ou will know exactly what you are feeding your pet and why, and you can rely on that consistency with every single bag.

Their manufacturing facility is vegan, FDA-registered, and GMP-certified.

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How Much Does Ruff Greens Cost?

Dog owners are typically willing to pay a bit more for quality. When you use Ruff Greens, keep in mind that you can use whatever dry dog food or wet food that you want.

If you choose to use some cheap kibble and then supplement with this, that is fine. Your dog can get all of the nutrients they need from this supplement. It’s packed with health benefits.

Ruff Greens is pretty unique in their approach. There are different supplements out there with similar choices but none of them are quite like this one.

It is extremely important to be aware that once you’ve purchased Ruff Greens, there are no returns on the Pack Pak so doing a trial pack might be beneficial. Y

ou can return other products within a specific timeframe and with approval but you will be charged a restocking fee.

Ruff Greens does use a subscription method. They are a bit higher in price than some options but the product will auto ship out to you each month. The auto ship is nice because you don’t have to remember to order again before you run out.

The prices really depend on what you try. For just the greens, the smallest package starts at $79.95.

Remember that it might be beneficial to get the free trial pack or free sample first so you know how your dog will react before you invest more.

Ruff Greens Ingredient Quality

When it comes to nutritional needs for your pet, dog owners should be more concerned about what they are giving their dog.

Does it really provide health benefits? Are you making sure they get the vitamins and minerals that they so desperately need?

The ingredient quality is what really sets this food supplement apart. They utilize a stringent process for analyzing food from the source before they even bring it into the plant. They also carefully choose each ingredient with a focus on overall nutrients and support for your dogs needs.

You will find that they provide support for the immune system, vitamins and minerals, skin issues, and so much more.

Ruff Greens is devoted to quality. It’s all about live nutrition. You will find that they pack this supplement with things like digestive enzymes and omega oils and fatty acids.

Here are the primary benefits of the ingredients.

  • Plenty of energy support
  • Optimized immune functionality
  • Skin and coat
  • Digestive health
  • Reduced pet odors and better breath

The ingredients are much like what you would see in our own healthful diets. Veterinary medicine plays a role in the creation. The things were chosen with a dog in mind and a healthful approach.

Here are some of the ingredients.

  • Barley
  • Kale
  • Flaxseed
  • Mushroom
  • Rice bran
  • Sweet potato
  • Wheat grass
  • Sunflower seed
  • Strawberry
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach
  • Papaya
  • Blueberry

There are more ingredients in Ruff Greens but this gives you a general idea of the selection and what to expect. Things like rice bran are used to provide healthy grains while most things are selected to give your pet vitamins.

The fatty acids enrich the food. Fatty acids also have several benefits for immune systems, brains, joints, and hearts.

Ruff Greens Product Lines

While Ruff Greens has a nutrition supplement line, they also have play toys and accessories that you can access too. We’re going to just discuss their supplements here in the product lines as that is really the focus of our review.

Remember that you can request a free trial pack before ordering anything. This is a one-month supply to get you started on the supplements. Then, you can get a bag automatically each month with auto ship.

1. Ruff Greens Supplement

rudd greens nutritional support review

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Ruff Greens nutritional support is loaded with vitamins and more. This is your auto ship supplement and it comes as a powder that you pair with your own brand of food.

Your pet can enjoy the benefits and you don’t have to change your food brand. It just gets mixed in as a supplement to their diet.

You can get this as a large size or in a small bag. If you have multiple dogs or a dog over 40 pounds, you should consider the large size to be sure you have a full month for your pet food. You can adjust dosage for your dogs need or size as well.

You have the ability to purchase this as a one time purchase but you do save about $20 if you set up recurring shipments. Support your dogs hair, vitamins, fat content, coat, minerals, and more. It doesn’t have a taste to turn your dogs nose away.

2. Pack Pak

The Pack Pak is designed to give you a little bit of everything. Actually it’s just a giant pack of the supplement Ruff Greens so you don’t have to worry about running out in 2 weeks with your large pet or multiple pet household.

It simply gives you another way to purchase the supplement and provide the minerals to your dog easily. This comes with 2100 grams of supplement and it is the one product that cannot be returned or refunded.

3. Hemp Oil

If you prefer a supplement for your dog’s health in liquid form, take a look at the Ruff Greens Pet Hemp Oil. This is not the same as the Ruff Greens powder but it can be beneficial to your dogs overall health and can be mixed with their food as well.

You may want to work with your vet to be sure there are no concerns. This is a great solution for animals that tend to be aggressive or anxious. It’s still loaded with vitamins. Again, feel free to work with your vet for reassurance. The oil is flavored like beef so it will be like drops of meat basically.

Where to Buy Ruff Greens Dog Food Supplements

ruff greens dog food supplements
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At this time, the place to purchase Ruff Greens is directly from the source. Since they have the subscription option, you can choose the selection that works best for you and they will make sure you get your supply as quickly as possible.

Ruff Greens handles every aspect from the creation, quality control, and manufacturing, clear down to customer support and shipping as well.

Your best bargain is the subscribe and save option but you should also take advantage of the trial before you buy. It just gives you the real chance to see how well you and your dog like the formula.

Ruff Greens Recalls

man feeding dog with ruff greens supplements
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Ruff Greens is still fairly new in the market. They are incredibly choosy about their ingredients, which is perhaps why the quality is so clear. It also most likely plays a significant role in the fact that the company is recall free.

Ruff Greens is all about excellent quality. If you read about them, you find that they do a substantial review of every single ingredient before it even comes into their plant.

Their commitment to quality seems to be paying off since Ruff Greens has so far not been involved in any active recalls.

Hopefully, they can continue to this standard in the future.

Wrapping Up

Ruff Greens is quite unique. If you’re looking for a food, this is not that type of solution. Instead, you add it to foods to make sure your pup is getting every last bit of nutritive additions that they need in their diets.

When you understand the purpose behind this product, it becomes very clear how you can use it to your pet’s advantage. These items are designed to support every function from hair to digestion and even energy needs.

They have the powder, which is the primary product but you can also check out their treats and their hemp oil as well.

Ruff Greens also designs some cool toys that most pets really love. It’s not a huge selection but the toys are made to be indestructible so if you have a chewer or a large pet, it could be a great option.

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