redford naturals dog food reviews

Redford Naturals Dog Food Reviews

The days of picking up any old bag of dog food from the grocery store are long over. Society has moved towards a more holistic, wholesome focus on nutrition for their pets.

Redford Naturals dog food embodies this trend and does an impressive job offering an all-encompassing line of wet and dry dog food options in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With a focus on natural ingredients, Redford Naturals packs a lot of good stuff in the bag, making it an overall excellent product that offers superior nutritional value when compared to other brands at the same price point.

About Redford Naturals

about redford naturals

Redford Naturals is a premium line of dog food, made in Kansas from high-quality ingredients. Their vision is to include as many natural ingredients as possible, as indicated by the name, to ensure their customers can feed it with confidence to their furry best friend.

Redford Naturals’ focus on natural ingredients helps it stand out from the pack above and beyond the bargain brand, grocery grade options that saturate the market like Purina Dog Chow, Iams, and Kibble ‘n Bits.

While these brands are popular and generally inexpensive, they use cheap filler ingredients like corn, corn gluten meal, animal byproduct, and other unidentifiable ingredients that most people struggle to pronounce.

If you don’t know what it is and you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t want your dog eating it!

Quinoa is a notable exception to this rule. Quinoa is not remotely pronounced the way it’s spelled, but it is a superfood, very healthy, and included in some of Redford Naturals wet canned food options.

Redford Naturals’ current line is comprehensive, offering recipes formulated for all life stages. From puppy food focused on growth to senior dogs that require lower calorie diets to address the reduced activity levels of an older dog, Redford Naturals has got you covered.

Breed specific recipes for small breed and large breed dogs are available as well.

On average, Redford Naturals dog food recipes contain approximately 28% crude protein content, which is very good by AAFCO standards and especially impressive considering the quality of ingredients from which the protein is derived.

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History of Redford Naturals

history of redford naturals
Image by Spiritze from Pixabay

Redford Naturals dog food brand was established in 2016 with a vision to offer superior, natural nutrition to pet owners that did not wish to feed their dogs cheap grains, filler ingredients, or byproducts.

In 2017, they expanded the line to include limited ingredient diets to address the increasingly widespread prevalence of food sensitivities.

Although the brand is relatively new, the masterminds behind the product are Harry Shallop and Jack Berry, the founders of the prevalent Pet Supplies Plus retail chain.

Like Petco and PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus is a big box retailer with industry credibility based on their long-standing presence.

Pet Supplies Plus was established in 1980 and has over 450 stores open in the US today. Shallop and Berry apply their decades of expertise in Redford Naturals products to ensure the quality is topnotch.

Where is Redford Naturals Dog Food Made?

where is redford naturals dog food made?
Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

Redford Naturals dog food is made right here in the United States. Pet Supplies Plus contracts CJ Foods to produce the dry kibble, as they are one of the most well-known names in the kibble business and manufacture kibble for many ubiquitous brands including Blue Buffalo and Nature’s Variety.

In recent years, pet owners have become distrustful towards manufacturers that outsource the labor overseas. For owners with these concerns, they can confidently purchase Redford Naturals since it is made in Kansas and sourced mostly in the United States as well.

Dog owners can feed Redford Naturals confidently knowing this, as competitors that outsource the labor and ingredients overseas are more prone to recalls due to questionable or unethical ingredient sourcing and less stringent restrictions during the manufacturing process.

Since it is produced in the United States, the price reflects this quality.

Redford Naturals Cost

redford naturals cost
Image by Pixabay on Pexels

Although Redford Naturals is considered a premium product, the price point is average to above average. Customers should expect to pay more than grocery grade brands like Purina Dog Chow or Eukanuba, but less than ultra-premium or raw-coated options like Orijen or Nature’s Variety Instinct.

Redford Naturals’ price point is in line with Blue Buffalo and Merrick, which are categorically similar and of similar quality. If your dog’s diet has customarily included these brands but they can no longer eat them due to dietary restrictions, sudden onset of allergies, or simply losing the taste for them, Redford Naturals is a great choice to transition.

Considering the quality of the food, the price is competitive and reflects good value for a dog food of its caliber.

Redford Naturals Ingredient Quality

redford naturals ingredient quality
Photo by Justin Doherty on Pexels

Redford Naturals not only sources high-quality ingredients, most are sourced here in the United States. As their brand name indicates, Redford Naturals dog food focuses on natural ingredients free from artificial preservatives, colorings, or additives like antibiotics or hormones

Their dry dog food formulas always contain an animal protein as the first ingredient, so you know that you’re getting mostly chicken when you buy the chicken and brown rice recipe.

The second ingredient is often a protein meal like chicken meal, which is a meat concentrate containing approximately 300% protein content when compared to the whole protein ingredient. Chicken meal sounds less ideal than whole animal protein but it is used widely in the pet food industry.

For their grain inclusive recipes, Redford Naturals uses high-quality grains like brown rice or oatmeal, while in their grain free recipes they utilize potatoes, sweet potatoes, lentils, and legumes.

However, Redford Naturals does include some lesser quality ingredients such as brewers rice and rice bran. While ingredients like these buff the carb content and assist with the calorie intake, they add minimal nutritional value to the dog food.

Most of their dry recipes will contain animal fat like chicken fat due to the high concentration of linoleic acids and omega fatty acids. Options like the salmon and potato recipe really do an excellent job of including high quantities of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

For recipes that do not use fish as the main protein, Redford Naturals uses ingredients like fish oil and menhaden fish meal to pack in those good fats for healthy skin and a good immune and inflammatory systems.

Taurine, an amino acid commonly found in wet cat food, is an unusual dog food ingredient that Redford Naturals includes in many of their recipes. Although Redford Naturals does not highlight this ingredient and explain its presence in the diet, some dogs are deficient in taurine, especially those that eat a grain free diet, so adding taurine is a beneficial dietary supplement in these cases.

It is an essential nutrient in feline diets, but not required in dog food for a complete canine diet.

Top Redford Naturals Product Lines

top redford naturals product lines

Redford Naturals offers a comprehensive selection of dry dog food options for dogs and owners that have varying tastes, ingredient sensitivities, or nutritional requirements.

1. Original

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The Redford Naturals standard line is a grain-in diet that prioritizes high-quality protein and grains such as brown rice and oatmeal. It features an impressive nutrient profile that is complete and balanced by AAFCO standards.

The regular line has an impressive array of protein choices including chicken, lamb, duck, beef, and salmon. There are also puppy, adult, senior, small breed, and large breed formulas that specially formulate the nutrient analysis for the specific life stage or adult size of the dog.

Each protein is coupled with brown rice which is a wholesome and nutrient rich way for dogs to ingest their carbohydrate requirements. Brown rice encourages healthy digestion and sustained energy throughout the day.

2. Grain-Free

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Grain free diets have become more popular in recent years for pet owners that prefer to feed a diet that is richer in meat-based proteins instead of from cheap filler ingredients like corn or brewers rice.

Redford Naturals has a complete line of grain free diet which removes the brown rice and couples each protein with a lower carbohydrate option. The line features chicken and potato, duck and potato, lamb and potato, venison and potato, and red meat and lentils.

The venison is a great inclusion to the line, as some dogs have sensitivities to some of the more common proteins found in dog food and brands that do not offer more exotic choices like venison become impossible for these dogs to enjoy. Redford Naturals completes the nutrient profile by using potatoes, lentils, and legumes in most of their recipes.

For dogs that have sensitivities to rice or for owners that prefer their dog eat more like their wolf ancestors, the Redford Naturals grain free formulas are an excellent choice.

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3. Freeze-Dried Raw

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For those that really want to lean in to their dog’s wolf roots, Redford Naturals offers a full line of freeze-dried raw formulas. Redford Naturals’ freeze-dried raw formulas are high in protein, grain free, and contain no artificial preservatives, added antibiotics, or hormones.

The freeze-drying process enables the product to remain shelf stable with no freezing or refrigeration required. It’s ready to eat right out of the bag! However, the price reflects the cost of the freeze-drying process, so some owners might find it less feasible due to the price difference. Redford Naturals freeze-dried line includes flavors such as chicken, duck, beef, salmon, and pork.

For those intrigued by freeze-dried foods but not ready to try it out as their pet’s regular nutrition, Redford Naturals offers freeze-dried dog treats as well. It is also totally fine to offer the regular diet as a high value training treat, but owners should be cautious of overfeeding since it is intended to be used as a diet.

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4. Limited Ingredient Diet

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Unfortunately, food sensitivities are more common than ever. Dogs that consume diets containing trigger ingredients may experience gastric distress, nausea, diarrhea, or skin-based reactions like irritation, itchiness, and developing rashes.

In these cases, a common solution is to limit the ingredients a dog consumes to identify and avoid the trigger ingredient.

For this reason, Redford Naturals offers a full line of Limited Ingredient diets that contain one protein source and few additives to give pet owners options to work around their dog’s sensitivities.

Redford Naturals Limited Ingredient line includes options such as duck and sweet potato, lamb and sweet potato, salmon and oatmeal, and beef and oatmeal.

Their limited ingredient line also includes a weight management formula using salmon and sweet potatoes. This option is a low carb, low calorie, high fiber formula that uses lentils and chickpeas to provide rich dietary fiber for full nutrition. It is an ideal dog food for less active or overweight dogs.

5. Canned Wet Food

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For diva dogs that turn up their nose at kibble or older dogs that have a harder time crunching on hard food, Redford Naturals offers a comprehensive line of wet foods including grain-in, grain-free, and stews.

There are various proteins to choose from like chicken, turkey, duck, beef, lamb, and salmon and various side ingredients like quinoa or vegetables.

What’s great about Redford Naturals wet foods is that, unlike other brands, it is recognized by AAFCO as a complete and balanced diet, so it can be fed exclusively to dogs or owners that prefer not to use kibble.

Turkey is an intelligent addition to the line as well, as chicken and grains are two of the more common sensitivities in dogs and this formula removes both to provide a great option for owners that need an alternative white meat option.

Alternatives to Redford Naturals

alternatives to redford naturals
Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Redford Naturals is considered a premium food, so owners that would like to feed a similar quality could find options in Blue Buffalo, Merrick, or Wellness.

1. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Sometimes referred to simply as “Blue,” Blue Buffalo set precedents with one of the most impressive marketing strategies for a pet food brand ever. Blue Buffalo brought the concept of holistic nutrition to the masses and remains an excellent option, as it is premium quality and widely available.

Blue Buffalo’s price point is above average, but generally more affordable than other brands that are of similar quality.

In addition, Blue Buffalo features a grain-in line, grain free formulas, a high protein line called “Wilderness,” and a Limited Ingredient diet called “Blue Basics.”

If Redford Naturals is not a realistic choice, Blue Buffalo is a very good alternative because it is holistic and widely available at most retailers.

2. Merrick

Merrick Dry Dog Food, Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Grain Free Dog Food Recipe

Merrick was relatively unknown for a long time but gained more attention in the pet food industry when Purina acquired it and alleged they would leave the recipes untouched. They made good on this promise, as Merrick was of excellent quality prior to the acquisition and remains excellent today.

Merrick offers a grain inclusive and grain free dry food recipes, a raw-coated high protein kibble line called “Backcountry,” and an unparalleled wet food line that features all types of ingredients and textures.

Merrick offers seasonal flavors of wet food as well, so your dog can enjoy a Sweetheart Stew on Valentine’s Day and a Christmas Day Dinner in December.

Overall, Merrick is a widely available, high-quality product and an obvious option for owners that like wet dog food for their pooch.

3. Wellness

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food with Grains, Natural Ingredients, Made in USA with Real Meat, All Breeds, For Adult Dogs

Wellness can be summed up as Blue Buffalo with a more extensive history and a less effective marketing strategy. The two brands have similar nutritional value, ingredient quality, and MSRP. While Blue Buffalo was founded in 2002 though, Wellness has been making pet food since 1926.

Wellness’ regular line, called “Complete Health,” comes with or without the grain, and they also have a high protein line called “Core” and a raw-coated kibble line called “Core RawRev.”

The food is premium quality, just like Redford Naturals and the other previously mentioned alternatives, and makes an excellent choice as your pet’s primary nutrition.

Where to Buy Redford Naturals Dog Food

where to buy redford naturals dog food
Photo by Sammy Leigh Scholl on Unsplash

Pet Supplies Plus created Redford Naturals dog food, so it is sold exclusively at their retail pet stores or online through their website. This is great because Pet Supplies Plus locations are everywhere in the US, boasting 450+ locations, and dog owners can browse their wide selection to purchase other good stuff while they’re there.

On the other hand, the exclusivity makes it more of a dire situation if your local retail store has the item out of stock. Consider this when making your decision regarding Redford Naturals.

Redford Naturals Recalls

redford naturals recalls
Images from Unsplash

Dog food recalls are always alarming and seem to happen more and more in recent days.

Fortunately, Redford Naturals has had no recalls to date, making its track record pristine and maintaining its status as an excellent, premium quality dog food brand.

Often, recalls are a result of irresponsibly sourced materials, poor facility standards where the food is made, and commonly seen in overseas operations where the oversight of Uncle Sam is less omnipresent.

Since CJ Foods makes and manufactures Redford Naturals right here in the United States, the risk for future recalls is less when compared to other products that rely on overseas operations to oversee the quality control.

Redford Naturals has an immaculate reputation and will likely enjoy that feather in their cap for the immediate future.

Wrapping Up

Owners in search of a premium quality dog food with a competitive selection and price point will be pleased with the impressive array of options Redford Naturals offers. The brand uses superior and locally sourced ingredients, manufactures in the United States, and was created by and is exclusively sold by a reputable long-standing pet supply retailer.

Some customers may be deterred by the exclusivity and elect not to purchase Redford Naturals since it is only available from Pet Supplies Plus. Thankfully, Pet Supplies Plus is ubiquitous and its widespread prevalence ensures there is always a location within driving distance. You could grab a few treats and a new toy for your best friend while you’re there!

Redford Naturals is sold online as well for those that prefer to have their dog food delivered directly to their doorstep.

Overall, Redford Naturals is an excellent product, and we recommend it highly.

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