Puppy Care

The word “puppy” is enough to make most people smile. How can you resist such a tiny little furball with large gleaming eyes and an always wagging tail? Puppy Care is our section for everything related to puppies and growing dogs – packed with relevant information and fun facts.

Bringing a new puppy home will inevitably change many things about your previous routine. The best thing you can do is to prepare for what is to come. The puppy will need to be fed on specific times and taught to do its business outside or in a designated area.

Your pup will need forgiveness when it chews up your favorite book, and it will require almost constant supervision in the beginning. Puppies need structure, plenty of patience and a happy and positive attitude, as it helps them grow up into joyful, friendly and well-adjusted dogs.

You may think you are prepared for a puppy, but most of us will eventually find ourselves with questions and worries. Any medical concern for your puppy should be brought up with a veterinarian. Our articles are meant to guide you through the rest and to provide you with some useful facts.

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