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Pedigree Dog Food Review

Your pup deserves nothing but the finest meals at all times. This implies that when you’re sifting through the various food choices available, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you’re truly offering the best option. Keep in mind, the bulk of your dog’s nutritional intake comes from the kibble they eat.

We’ve taken on the responsibility of researching and reviewing some of the top dog food brands on the market, where we will share the good, the bad, and the ugly (if there is ugly to share). Today’s topic is a review of Pedigree dog food. We will dig deep into this brand and share everything you should know in a dog food reviews Pedigree format.

About Pedigree Dog Foods

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Pedigree is a brand that has been around for a lot of years. It’s not a new name for many of us but how much Pedigree review research have you done to truly understand the brand? Let’s start by first understanding the company and then we will talk more about the food and the quality.

Pedigree’s catchphrase is “Dogs bring out the good in us. Pedigree brings out the good in them. Feed the good.” Seems pretty awesome and straightforward at first glance. Pedigree strives to feed the good using both wet and dry dog food options as well as treats. They commit to nutrition with an effort to fuel, fortify, and support your dog’s health needs through every stage of life.

In addition to their commitment to nutrition, they also have a commitment to protecting animals, particularly shelter dogs. Pedigree has an attached Pedigree Foundation that was designed to offer support to shelters and rescues throughout the United States. When you buy Pedigree, they give back and donate meals to shelter dogs in need through the You Buy, We Give program.

Ingredient Pedigree Dog Food Review

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One of the most important factors in understanding your dog’s food quality is to understand just what is in the food. This comes from digging into the ingredients and determining whether they are of good quality and providing valuable nutrition for your pet. Dog foods can promise to be wholesome but do they really provide complete nutrition for your pet? That’s what we plan to uncover in this dog food review.

Pedigree dog food offers dry dog food, wet dog food, and treats. The ingredient list could easily change depending on the flavor of the food. For example, in a beef and lamb flavor, you might expect to see meat and bone meal in addition to the meat and other ingredient items.

Here are the main lines that Pedigree dog food review will cover.

+ High protein
+ Adult Dog
+ Small Dog
+ Puppy
+ Big Dogs
+ Healthy Weight
+ Tender Bites

These are just dry dog food options from Pedigree. They also have a full wet food line and the treats available. We will dive into some of these more later but for the ingredient review, we are going to focus on a single flavor. Understanding just one flavor will give you a good idea of whether or not these dog foods could be a good option for your pet.

Ingredient Analysis

Natural food in a bowl as opposite of dry dog'd food

For this review Pedigree dog food, we are going to focus on one of their top sellers to complete a full dog food review and take a closer look at the ingredients that they contain. You need to know that your dry dog food will provide your adult dog or any other dog with complete nutrition, including Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals from pet foods, animal protein, and quality calorie content.

In our reviews on Pedigree dog food, we are going to dig into an adult dog food flavor from dry dog food. The pedigree dog food reviews we will be covering is Adult Dogs roasted chicken, rice, and vegetable flavor.

Here is a quick list of most of the ingredients listed in this product.

+ Ground whole grain corn
+ Meat and bone meal
+ Corn gluten meal
+ Animal Fat (source of Omega 6 fatty acids, preserved with BHA & citric acid)
+ Soybean meal
+ Natural flavor
+ Chicken by product meal
+ Dried plain beet pulp
+ Salt
+ Potassium chloride
+ Brewers rice
+ Ground whole grain wheat
+ Dried Peas

We’re going to stop there. Everything else on the ingredient list is honestly something we are not fans of. There are a few vitamins and minerals but there are also things like artificial colors. We didn’t notice any high fructose corn syrup immediately so that is a plus.

Now, let’s look at some of these ingredients in more detail and you can make your comparison to other dog food brands or pet food products of your choice. Remember that this is an adult dog food and not the pedigree puppy or pedigree small breed food but we would assume that if we completed a pedigree dog food review on another Pedigree dog food, we would find similar ingredients.

Ground Whole Grain Corn

whole grain corn ingredient
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Typically, for dog food, including this dog food Pedigree reviews, we like to see the first ingredient as a protein or an animal source. We can even get on board with meat by products or poultry by product meal but animal ingredients are key and these products simply don’t have it.

Corn is used because it is inexpensive and it is a filler. The good news is that this is whole grains corn so that is something but we are not impresses. Ground whole grain corn provides very little nutritional value for a dog but here we see it as the first ingredient on the product label.

This, unfortunately, leaves a bad taste where quality is concerned for this product. Protein should always be first, particularly when the description of the product flavor is roasted chicken rice and veggies.

If corn were in this dry food, we would not be as harsh on the products if the protein were the first ingredient here and ground whole grain corn was not a hefty percentage of the food makeup. Whole grains are important, we just don’t like the way they approached this first ingredient.

Meat and Bone Meal

meat and bone meal ingredient
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It is not uncommon to find meat and bone meal or other product meal on a dog food list, particularly in the dry food. Here is where we find our animal protein from animal ingredients but this product meal is really a mystery. We have no idea what meat it is or whether it is a combination of meats. In general, when a label says meat and bone meal it is a combination of meats that can include pigs, sheep, goats, or cattle. Unfortunately, the bone meal can also contain bone, tissues, blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide, manure, and stomach contents.

Meat and bone meal is not very specific and it tends to have lower digestibility overall. We don’t know what your dogs are eating here and Pedigree adult dog food seems to have this listed in almost all of the options. It looks like puppy food also contains some. If you’re looking for adult complete nutrition, you might not find it with this ingredient.

Corn Gluten Meal Soybean Meal

We’re going to address two ingredients simultaneously here. Corn gluten meal soybean meal ingredients also don’t bode well for us, particularly since they are high on the ingredient list. We have yet to see choice cuts, vegetable flavor or even poultry by product meal. Pet parents be aware that meal products are a source of protein for your Pedigree adult dogs. While it is protein, it’s not a good source of protein.

Animal Fat

Finally, as the 4th item on the ingredient, we find animal fat. Animal fat is typically a positive sign because it does provide some additional animal protein and is typically rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, which are a valuable source in pet foods. We would prefer that the ground dinner additive have a more transparent label. We don’t know if it is poultry or other meat by products.

There are not many rules in the industry on animal fat and since we have no other information to help us. It could be any type of animal including diseased cattle, roadkill, spoiled meat from the supermarket, or waste from the slaughterhouse. It could also be substantiated with high fructose corn syrup but we really just don’t know!

One more thing we want to point out here is that this animal fat is labeled as preserved by BHA. The FDA allows this but part of the dog food review is to know the truth and this particular substance has been known to potentially cause cancer.

Chicken By Product Meal

Now we’re getting somewhere. We can totally handle pet foods that contain ground dinner like meat by products if we know the meat specifications. We would much rather see this as the first ingredient or second ingredient. Before we made it to this poultry by product, we did see natural flavors listed but we have no idea what those flavors are.

The chicken meal provides high protein calorie content and adults dogs, Pedigree puppy, and the small dog all need protein as the majority of their calorie content.

We don’t know the true quality or flavor here but we do know that it is high in protein and it is a better choice than some of the ingredients we have already witnessed here. If you’re looking for protein protection, a chicken meal isn’t bad as an ingredient.

Beet Pulp

If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you know beet pulp is an acceptable ingredient for the most part. While there is some controversy on the subject, for the most part, it’s a good source of fiber. Since some of the other ingredients aren’t high quality and the mixed meal ingredient can be hard to digest, adding fiber to a dog’s meal is a plus and something pet parents typically look for whether they use wet dog food, ground dinner, puppy food, kibble, Pedigree puppy growth solution, or other Pedigree dog foods.

Brewers Rice and Whole Grains

The last ingredients we are going to discuss in these Pedigree dog food reviews are brewers rice and whole grains. We’ve already seen some whole grain use in the whole grain corn ingredient but this is another similar ingredient.

Offering complete nutrition in dog food can put grains to use, particularly wholesome grains. In this case, we see an awful lot of grain which makes this food high in carbs. Much like any other part of Pedigree dog foods, we feel the balance is off here.

The grains are too heavy which makes this food more filler and carbs than protein. It’s not a great balance, even with the addition of things like dried peas and beet that add fiber. Pedigree dog food would be better to look at their nutritional balance, considering their catchphrase. This lends us concern for the weight management pet food that they offer. If the carbs are this heavy compared to protein, we just don’t see how it can be effective news for adult dogs.

Ingredient Conclusion

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The conclusion of our Pedigree dog food review when it comes to the ingredient list for Pedigree dog food chicken, rice, and veggies is that they could do far better. Our reviews here find that we are not impressed with the quality of the dog food ingredients used or the balance of those ingredients.

We cannot attest specifically to their other options like cuts in gravy, small dog kibble, wet food products, or other solutions but we can agree that Pedigree adult dogs pet food is not our top choice. That being said, it could be worse and Pedigree did use some quality mixed with some not so quality choices.

We don’t care for the addition of artificial coloring clearly labeled. It seems like an unnecessary additive. Finally, we also don’t see any probiotics or similar ingredients added, which is a concern to use for your dog’s overall health. Remember that dog food is your primary source of nutrition, Omega 6 fatty acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals as well. Pedigree dog food is ok in some areas but lacking where we really need them to come through for your pet.

Pedigree Food for dogs does offer a suitable balance for a nutritious diet but the source of that balance is what we question. Pedigree foods have 21% minimum protein, 10% minimum crude fat, and 4% maximum crude fiber. All of these are essential. We also see things like calcium, zinc, Vitamin E, and linoleic acid which are all valuable in a balanced diet as well.

The Importance of Probiotics

Did you know that your dog needs to have a healthy gut to thrive? This means that they need to be able to defecate properly and clear their anal glands. They need a healthy digestive system to keep them ticking or you might see them having issues like the doggy scoots.

Probiotics can come from natural food sources but they can also be added. It’s not hard for a dog food company to add probiotics to ensure your dog is getting all of the nutrition that they really need. Probiotics give your dog’s gut good and bad bacteria and balances them. When your dog’s balance is out of whack, you might see reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, or other ailments. The most noteworthy sign is an upset stomach.

Foods that add probiotics and prebiotics are really trying to get to the bottom on nutrition and making sure they hit all the parts. This is a valuable way to supplement your dog’s diet. Let us remind you again that a dog relies on its food to give them all of the dog nutrition they need. If the food isn’t doing its job, your dog is most likely feeling the brunt of that decision and you may never know.

Health Benefits

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We don’t want to completely rule out Pedigree dog food. In comparison to some brands out there, this food is not all bad. Pedigree did make an attempt to add at least the major points and to use some wholesome ingredients as well.

This Pedigree dog food does have some valuable benefits that can be obtained. Here are a few.

+ Contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and hits the primary nutrition needs in some way
+ Optimal fatty acids in the mix for a healthy coat and skin benefits
+ Includes wholesome grains in place of white rice, offering digestive support and fiber
+ This food has a unique texture designed to help clean your dog’s teeth while eating
+ Pedigree dog foods are made in the USA. There is no added sugar and no corn syrup or artificial flavors (although there is artificial coloring).

Overall, Pedigree dog food will support your pet and that is what pet parents are genuinely looking for when they look at pet food products.


Antioxidants are very important to the overall well being of your dog. Pedigree did add valuable vitamins and minerals that are efficient at providing immune support as well as digestive support. It is unclear whether the use of corn and other fillers could have a harmful effect in comparison to your dog.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are an important part of a balanced diet. A balanced diet will include fats, carbs, proteins, and grains. In this case, Pedigree has fatty acids which contribute to your dog’s hair and nails the most. They need these to keep their coats looking shiny and healthy and keep their nails and teeth strong as well.

Whole Grains

You will find a lot of options for dogs that are grain free. While this isn’t a bad thing and those are often some of the best quality foods on the market, you should know that grains are part of a balanced diet. You do want to be mindful of the grains that are used and you don’t want too many grains. Wholesome grains are great, when used in moderation.

We’re not a fan of corn but there could be worse fillers and grains included here. Most of the grains used are wholesome grains rather than white rice or similar additives that we don’t like to see.

Made in the USA

There are top countries that we prefer to see when it comes to where dog foods are made. This is not because we have any discretion against a country but rather just due to the testament of reliability of quality as well as the monitoring of the making of the product you are buying.

Foods made in the USA are one of our top choices because the FDA does have specific regulations for these companies to meet. While we might not love everything about Pedigree choices, they do meet all of the checkpoints in order to be approved to be sold as dog food.

Flavors / Product Line

Now, let’s take a look at the product lines available as well as the flavors.

Here are their product lines.

+ High protein kibble
+ Pedigree tender bites
+ Pedigree puppy growth and protection
+ Adult Pedigree food products
+ Pedigree small dog kibble
+ Pedigree big dogs blend
+ Pedigree weight management dry dog food
+ Pedigree ground dinner wet food
+ High protein wet dog food
+ Choice cuts in gravy wet food
+ Pedigree Homestyle wet food
+ Puppy wet food options
+ Adult wet food solutions
+ Wet food weight management
+ Pedigree Dentastix treats
+ Pedigree Jumbone
+ Pedigree Marrobone

There is a large selection of both wet and dry pet foods from Pedigree as well as a line of treats with various flavors available to choose from for your pet.

Now, let’s talk flavors. We are not going to list each flavor associated with each line. Just be aware that some flavors are available in both wet or dry dog food while others may be available in only one line of dog food for your pet.

Here are the flavors.

+ Beef and lamb
+ Roasted chicken, rice, and veggies
+ Grilled steak and veggies
+ Chicken and steak
+ Chicken and turkey
+ Chicken, turkey, and beef
+ Choice Cuts Prime rib and hearty chicken
+ Choice Cuts Bacon and filet mignon
+ Beef, bacon, and cheese
+ Chicken casserole
+ Bacon (treats)
+ Beef (treats)
+ Fresh (treats)

The Pedigree wet line has a lot more options as far as flavor combinations. We could be here all night if we broke each of those down. This gives you the gist of different flavors available to choose from for your pet. Look for vitamins and minerals and know your flavors and ingredients.


pedigree dog food cost
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Cost is another important factor when selecting a dog food. To be consistent with cost, we are sharing the prices from Chewy for the flavor that we completed the ingredient reviews for.

You can purchase this Pedigree dog food in a 33-pound bag for right at $20. A 17-bound bag, which is roughly half of that is about $13. And, they have a 3.5-pound bag that is only about $9.

Pet parents can use whichever meets your needs best for your pet. Ultimately, the larger Pedigree bags are the best bang for your buck here.

Where to Buy

Pedigree can be found a lot of different places. It’s a common dog solution that can be found at most grocery stores and pet food stores. You can order online from Chewy or another similar pet store as well. If you prefer the official source, Pedigree offers buy now options on their official website as well. Pet parents can have their dogs food in no time.


pedigree dog food recall history
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The final important factor for pet parents to consider before choosing food for their dogs is whether the company is prone to recalls. Pedigree has had 3 recalls on food since 2012 and they extended one of those recalls.

In 2012, the weight control foods were recalled due to small pieces of plastic in the food. They were able to narrow it down to just 3 foods and resolve the issue quickly. They offered a full refund. In 2014, Pedigree issued a recall due to foreign material in the food, which turned out to be metal fragments.

This recall originally pertained only to bags sold at Dollar General but was then expanded to bags from Sams Club. Specific batches were affected and those matching the details were offered full refunds.

There have been no new recalls for dogs from Pedigree since 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions to Consider

Is Pedigree Food Good for Dogs?

This is primarily a matter of preference to some extent. It depends on the quality of nutrition that you want to see for dogs. Overall, Pedigree does provide a balanced diet. We think the quality of ingredients could be improved but the food will effectively serve a purpose.

Is Pedigree Safe for Dogs?

There have been extensive questions as to the safety for dogs of this food. It’s the same with several other types of food on the market. While there have been recalls in the past, these date back to 2014. Overall, this food from Pedigree is safe for dogs, although possibly not nutritious.

Conclusion – Use Pedigree for Your Dog?

Woman and dog in the nature at sunset. Human and pet relationship, communication and interaction

If you’re one of the pet parents looking for the best options for your dog, Pedigree would not be our highest recommendation. While we certainly wouldn’t toss them out completely, we do feel as though there are several things they could do better with your dog in mind. Your dog deserves the best and this is only a slight version of the best.

If you do choose to try this food for your dog, it is an OK option. We would prefer more wholesome dog solutions but Pedigree does check all of the boxes and provides a balanced diet in their own way.

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