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Ollie Dog Food Review (2024)

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Choosing the right dog food for your furry family members can be a little tricky due to all the choices you are faced with, and the best way to find what is right for your fur friend is by knowing what your options are.

Ollie Dog Food is a brand you might not have considered yet, possibly due to it being relatively new, but in this Ollie Dog Food review, you will find everything you need to know about the brand and the products they offer, to help you figure out if it could be a good option for your dogs.


Ollie Dog Food on a Table

When you have dogs, you will quickly realize that no two dogs are exactly the same, which applies also to how each individual dog responds to a certain dog food, and Ollie Dog Food offers a unique approach to fresh food customized to suit the nutritional needs of your four-legged friend. It is personalized, natural, full of nutrition and packed with flavor, without any artificial ingredients, flavors or color, with several flavor options to choose from.

About the Brand

Ollie Dog Food was founded in 2016, in October to be exact, after the founders decided that they wanted to provide their own dogs with better nutrition that what they felt they could find in pet stores.

They wanted fresh food, but they also understood that the limited options would make it hard to find a good fit for some dogs, especially for dogs with dietary restrictions and allergies, and it was this that motivated them to do something about it.

They also wanted to make dog food that would combat canine obesity – a growing issue both in the United States and across the globe, canine cancer, diabetes and other health problems, and the best way to do this was determined to be by putting together a wholesome fresh diet adapted to each individual dog’s needs. The food is cooked and not raw, but the process used has allowed it to remain highly nutritious also after processing.

By working together with canine nutritionists and veterinarians, the Ollie Dog Food brand was able to come up with a smart algorithm to customize each meal, and they began making a premium fresh dog food full of nutrients like fish oil, cod liver oil, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, zinc gluconate and other human grade ingredients your dog will both love and thrive on.

The whole concept of the Ollie Dog Food brand is built on transparency and trust, where dow owners are invited into the production, and given full control and understanding of what goes into their pup’s daily meals. Being based in New York with production split between New York and Pennsylvania, the company delivers to almost every state across the country.

How Does Ollie Dog Food Work?

How would you like to get meal full of hearty beef, chicken or with extra cod liver oil – it is all up to you!

You customize your product directly on the company website, from the comfort of your home, where Ollie’s knowledgeable staff has set up a way for you to easily put together a balanced recipe, with all the protein, fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins (including vitamin E) your dog needs.

It is not hard to see why basically every Ollie Dog Food Review raves about it, because what is not to like about a quality ingredient recipe made especially for your dog? Good dog food is about so much more than to just fill up your dog’s stomach, and here you get optimized nutrition with every meal.

Dog Eating Ollie Dog Food

All ingredients used in Ollie Dog Food are cooked at a low heat, which is a process proven to preserve as much nutrition as possible before the food is frozen. You have several meal plan options to choose from when you opt for this pet food, or you can opt for a fully customized dog food meal.

Once you have put together your meal plan with the perfect mix of ingredients, with options like chicken, beef, chia seed, cod liver oil, turkey, lamb, blueberries, kale, beef liver and chicken liver, the fresh ingredients are frozen to last longer and for you to store it in your freezer, and sent out to you every two weeks.

The supply is customized to last 2 weeks and is calculated based on your dog’s age, weight and how much they eat and having it sent out every 2 weeks means you don’t have to worry about having a lot of storage space in your freezer, nor about running out.

Ollie Dog Food Ingredients

The meal options offered by Ollie are all made with natural ingredients only; no artificial flavors, color or preservatives, to make sure your canine friends only get what is good for them. The recipes have been developed together with experts in canine nutrition and veterinarians, to make sure the levels of nutrients like vitamin E, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, zinc gluconate, fatty acids like fish oil are just right.

There are no animal by-products used, and if you have chosen a chicken recipe – real and fresh chicken is what you get, and the same for beef and any other of the ingredients listen. With delivery every 2 weeks you will know for a fact that your dog is always eating fresh, and the ingredient list has been kept short and easily read, something that is rare for many commercial kibble products and wet dog foods.

Feeding healthy dog food has never been easier since you – as the customer – is allowed full access to what has gone into making the content of the packaging you receive.

The exact content will depend on which product you choose and which recipe you decide to go with, but the core is always the same – only natural ingredients with nothing strange or difficult to read and pronounce. All meat products, like chicken and beef, come from human-grade and free-range farms in the United States or Australia, in an attempt to have as little impact as possible on mother nature.

It shouldn’t have to be hard to choose good food for your dogs, and you should be able to trust the company you are purchasing from, and that is the key feature associated with Ollie pet food products.

Health Benefits

All recipes offered by Ollie are USDA regulated, but they also come with a bunch of health benefits for your dog or for your dogs. You won’t notice the difference from one day to the other when you switch your dog over from a different dog food brand, but if you are switching your fur friend from a low-quality kibble or wet food, then you are likely to see some remarkable change after a few weeks.

You can expect your dog to suddenly have more energy, seem more alert and a lot more excited about dinner time, but also for the dog’s coat and skin to improve, and some dog owners even report an improvement for dogs that suffer from skin allergies and itchy skin.

Feeding the right dog food, and a healthy diet like Ollie, does not just affect the outside, but it also has the ability to strengthen bones and joints, improve breath and oral health, metabolism and digestion, with an overall healthier dog as a result.

dog being fed Ollie dog food

Dogs need meat and protein in their diet, and the high content of quality meats like chicken and beef, along with all the additional ingredients, will provide your four-legged friend with a healthy source of quality protein, along with essential zinc gluconate, Vitamin E, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate and more, and while dogs only live for a limited time, the right food can prolong your dog’s life with several years.

With Ollie, you get a chance to give your dog the type of dog food they deserve.

Available Flavors

Not all dogs like the same type of dog food and that is why Ollie has made sure to provide several different flavor options, such as Hearty Beef Eats, with different meats as main ingredients.

If you have a picky eater or a dog with food allergies, this will come to be a major benefit as you can easily choose food with or without a specific meat type, whether that be beef or something else, and each recipe also contains a healthy mix of vegetables, seeds and much more – everything your fur friend needs not only to stay healthy but also to be able to enjoy every bite.

These are the main flavor options you can choose from when purchasing Ollie food, and you can also opt for switching it up from time to time if you have a dog that easily gets bored with their dog food. You will no longer be feeding dry or wet dog food, but nutritious high-quality fresh food delivered frozen for your convenience.

ollie dog food beef recipe

+ Beef. Beef is something most dogs would love to be fed, and this delicious Ollie recipe contains a high percentage of hearty beef, beef heart, beef liver and much more, and on the ingredient list you will also find blueberries, chia seed, sweet potato and a bunch of other delicious food items, and few canines would say no to this Hearty Beef Eats recipe!

Ollie Turkey Recipe

+ Turkey. A milder protein, and for some dogs easier to digest than the Hearty Beef Eats recipe, is turkey. Allow your dog to enjoy everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving food and an Ollie food recipe that also contains carrots that are excellent for eye health, blueberries, chia seed, coconut oil, and pumpkin.

Ollie Dog Food Chicken Recipe

+ Chicken. How about an Ollie dog food review favorite – the Ollie chicken recipe! Chicken is also a very lean meat that promotes a healthy weight and strong muscles, and few dogs will say no to the flavor found in this Ollie food! All Ollie recipes are fit for human consumption, even though they are ultimately made for dogs, and this recipe packed with healthy fatty acids from fish oil, carrots, spinach, and whole dried eggs is no exception.

ollie dog food lamb recipe

+ Lamb. If bird meat like turkey and chicken isn’t right for your dog, and if beef doesn’t seem to work either, then perhaps lamb is the way to go? Butternut squash, kale, cranberries, potatoes, and chickpeas are only some of the wholesome ingredients found in this tasty and nutritious Ollie dog food, and it is no wonder it is a top contender in this dog food review.

All these options make it easy to find your dog’s favorite and even more importantly – find something that works for every dog, regardless of dietary restrictions and preferences, and each flavor option has been tested and found to be equally nutritious and beneficial for your dogs.

How much does Ollie dog food cost?

When you sit down to look at the price of Ollie food, this ends up depending on the size of your pooch and on how much he or she will be eating for the two weeks to come. It is calculated based on weight and the number of calories your unique fur friend needs, and you will then be sent the exact right amount to prevent any of it from going bad before you receive your next shipment.

That said, compared to premium (high-quality) kibble and wet food, and taking your pup’s size and weight into consideration, Ollie and Ollie food fall in pretty much the same price range, which means you get excellent quality for a very reasonable price. Just like with any food product, it is cheaper to feed a small canine companion than it is to feed a large one, but this is something every doggy owner is well aware of, and one thing is for sure – Ollie, with its flavor, nutrition and quality, is more than worth its price.

Everyone has a budget when it comes to pet food, and if you would find Ollie meals to be a little over your own budget, you can always opt for smaller packages to use in combination with different pet food, but just remember that you might not get all the nutritional benefits if feeding another food alongside Ollie meals.

Available Ollie Offers

The best way to find out about special deals and discounts when shopping for Ollie food is by visiting the official Ollie food website, as this is where the food is sold from.

The Ollie website will often have 20% discounts especially for new subscriptions and first-timers, and they offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you would not be happy with your purchase. This is how sure Ollie is that you will like what you receive and that you will want to give the Ollie brand a 5-star review after trying it out.

You can sign up for emails featuring news, and the newsletter is likely to contain any information you need about ongoing offers and discounts.

Shipment is free, which is another great benefit when purchasing Ollie meals, and this is an offer that applies to every purchase and sent-out meal. The Ollie brand is all about pleasing its customers and the customers’ dogs, so if you have questions about prices and current price offers, you can always reach out to their customer service.

Ollie currently has an offer so you can try it for 50% off your first box. Give it a try – Get 50% off Your First Ollie Box.

Looking at a brand’s recalls is important when trying to determine whether their products are safe and reliable to feed to your best furry friend, and the good news is that Ollie does not have any registered recalls at this point.

It is important to remember that it is still a relatively small brand and a small company, at least when compared to many commercial pet food brands, which means the risk for a recall is overall significantly lower due to smaller product production. However, no recalls at all is a good sign, and Ollie passes this quality check with flying colors.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Ollie dog food raw?

No, Ollie dog food is cooked at a low heat to retain as much nutrients as possible for you pup.

How long is Ollie dog food good when frozen?

According to Ollie, the frozen packages should last for up to 6 months when unopened.

How do you prepare and serve Ollie dog food?

If frozen, thaw the food packages for 24 hrs in the fridge before serving. Once the food is ready to serve. Simply measure out the recommended portion of food and feed your dog – that’s it!

Remember, always place any left over food in the provided air sealed puptainer to preserve the freshness. Left over food stored in the fridge should be good for 4 days according to Ollie.


Ollie is a brand that clearly cares about you and your pooch, and that understands the importance of offering multiple options that will cater to the needs of different doggies. No two canines are exactly the same, and here you have healthy alternatives where you can choose to exclude or include a specific meet type, such as chicken, lamb, beef or turkey – all depending on what you think would be a better fit for your pup.

It is without a doubt a high-quality canine meal option that deserves all the positive attention it has been getting lately, not just in reviews but also from happy and content pet owners, and it is a great feeding option for anyone who wants the best for their canine fur friend.

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