luvsome dog food reviews

Luvsome Dog Food Reviews

If you shop at the grocery store chain Kroger then you may have likely come across their pet brand Luvsome.

Luvsome is a pet brand that offers essential pet items like kitty litter, dog food, and cat food. In addition to this, Kroger also offers dog treats and cat treats under the Luvsome brand as well.

In this Luvsome dog food review, we will be taking a closer look at the quality of their pet food. This includes the quality of the ingredients that are used in Luvsome pet products and how nutritious this pet food is for your dog.

In addition to all of this, we will also be providing dog owners with helpful information about the Luvsome brand.

This includes the general history of Luvsome and if their pet food has ever been recalled.

Here is a closer look at Luvsome, Kroger’s pet food.

About Luvsome

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Luvsome is a pet food brand that is owned by Kroger. Kroger is a grocery store chain that was founded in 1883.

Today Kroger has around 3,240 locations in the United States. Within the United States, these stores are mainly found in the South East and Mid West regions of the country.

Like many other grocery store chains, Kroger has established their own pet brand that can only be found within its stores.

For Kroger this brand is Luvsome. Luvsome as a brand offers a variety of pet-related products including a variety of dog foods, cat foods, treats, and even cat litter.

Luvsome is branded as being a convenient and affordable pet food option for pet owners that are looking for healthy food for a good price.

Luvsome also offers a variety of dog foods including an adult food formula, healthy skin and coat formula, a puppy formula, and healthy weight formula. In addition to this, Kroger also offers Luvsome pet treats and cat food as well.

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Luvsome Dog Food History

luvsome dog food history
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The history of the Luvsome brand is a fairly new one. Though the exact date when Luvsome food hit Kroger shelves is unclear, it is believed that this brand has only been around for several years.

On the other hand, the grocery store Kroger has a fairly long history for a grocery store chain. The very first Kroger store was opened in 1883 by Barney Kroger in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

From there Kroger slowly grew as a company and over time more and more Kroger grocery stores opened.

Where Is Luvsome Dog Food Made?

where is luvsome dog food made?
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Exactly where Luvsome food is made is unclear. There have been no official reports disclosing the locations where Kroger manufactures their pet foods.

Luvsome Dog Food Cost

luvsome dog food cost
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Luvsome dog food is branded as being an affordable option for dog owners that are on a budget. As a result, these dog foods tend to be on the cheaper side when compared to other brands of dog food.

Luvsome Ingredient Quality

luvsome ingredient quality
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When it comes to the quality of Luvsome’s dog food ingredients there are a mix of ingredients that are widely considered to be of good quality and some that are considered to be of lower quality.

Unfortunately, there are more low-quality ingredients than high-quality ones in Luvsome pet foods. All of this adds up to dog food that is not of the best quality.

The following ingredients are the ingredients that are generally considered to be of good quality in Luvsome dog food.

  • real meat (chicken, beef, salmon, etc.)
  • oat meal
  • dried spinach
  • dried carrots
  • calcium carbonate

However, there are many ingredients in Luvsome’s dog foods that are considered to be controversial. These items are mostly controversial because they are low quality ingredients that are cheap fillers.

Here are some of the lower quality ingredients that are commonly included in Luvsome dog food:

  • whole grain yellow corn
  • meat by product
  • poultry by-product
  • brewers rice
  • whole grain wheat
  • corn gluten meal
  • animal fat
  • soybean meal
  • brewers dried yeast
  • dried peas

In addition to being controversial for being cheap fillers with low nutritional value, many dogs may be sensitive to these ingredients. This is especially true when it comes to specific ingredients like corn gluten meal.

This sensitivity can manifest itself in the form of a general stomach upset, and in some cases, dogs may have a full blown food allergy to some of these ingredients.

In addition to whole ingredients, Luvsome also includes some vitamin and mineral supplements in their dog foods. This is customary for any dog food brand, and this is done to ensure that the food has all of the nutrients that dogs need in their regular diet. Here are some of the vitamins and minerals that are included in Luvsome dog food.

  • choline chloride
  • ferrous sulfate
  • zinc oxide
  • di-alpha tocopherol
  • vitamin A supplement
  • manganous oxide
  • copper sulfate
  • niacin supplement
  • calcium pantothenate
  • menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin k activity)
  • vitamin D3 supplement
  • vitamin B12 supplement
  • ethylendiamine dihydriodide
  • riboflavin supplement
  • thiamine mononitrate
  • cobalt carbonate
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride
  • folic acid
  • biotin
  • sodium selenite

In addition to these whole ingredients and supplements, Luvsome products often also include things like natural flavor and added colors like iron oxide color.

Top Luvsome Product Lines

top luvsome product lines

Luvsome has a small variety of dog foods on its product lines.

Although they may not have as wide of a variety as some other dog food brands, there is still pretty much a dog food for most dog owners’ needs.

In addition to products made for dogs, Luvsome makes products for cats as well. Although we will not be going into details about Luvsome’s cat food and cat treats here, it is still important to mention that Luvsome does have these products available to pet owners.

Here we will be going into greater detail about the dog foods and dog treats that Luvsome has available to purchase in Kroger stores.

1. Luvsome Skin and Coat With Salmon Adult Dry Dog Food

Luvsome Skin and Coat With Salmon Adult Dry Dog Food

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The first dog food we will be taking a closer look at here is Luvsome’s skin and salmon adult dry dog food. This food is designed for adult dogs that have issues with their skin and coat health, and it has salmon as one of the first ingredients in order to include some healthy omega fatty acids into your dog’s diet. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids have been shown to be beneficial to a dog’s skin and coat health.

2. Luvsome Natural Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

Luvsome Natural Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

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Luvsome Natural Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food is the average dog kibble that is designed for adult dogs. This food is chicken flavored and contains many of the ingredients that we have mentioned earlier in this article.

3. Luvsome Natural Real Beef Adult Dry Dog Food

Luvsome Natural Real Beef Adult Dry Dog Food

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Luvsome Natural Real Beef Adult Dry Dog Food is very similar to the chicken flavored Luvsome dry kibble. As the name implies, this kibble is beef flavored. However, it is also very similar in ingredient content and quality to Luvsome Natural Chicken dog food.

4. Luvsome Healthy Weight With Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

Luvsome Healthy Weight With Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food

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Luvsome also has a healthy weight dry dog food formula available. Although this dog food is also chicken flavored, this dry kibble is designed to help overweight dogs lose weight. This means that this particular food is lower in calories than the regular dog kibble is.

5. Luvsome Wet Dog Food

Filet Mignon Flavor Pate in Savory Juices

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In addition to dry kibble, Luvsome also offers some wet food options. Some of the wet foods that Luvsome has available include:

Like their dry kibble, Luvsome canned food is marketed as being an affordable option that is also convenient to purchase for pet owners. Unfortunately, the ingredients in Luvsome’s wet dog food tend to be of lower quality like their dry kibble as well.

6. Luvsome Chicken Puppy Food

Luvsome Chicken Puppy Food

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Luvesome Chicken Puppy food is a dry kibble that is designed for puppies. Puppies often need a different dog food formula than adult dogs do because they are still growing and developing. This means that puppies also have different dietary needs when it comes to their daily calorie and nutrient intake. Puppy food takes these differences into account to ensure that they have a well rounded diet.

7. Luvsome Dog Treats

Luvsome Dog Treats Beef Flavor Jerky Sticks

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In addition to a variety of different dog foods, Luvsome also makes dog treats. These dog treat products include:

All of these three different dog treats by Luvsome also all serve different purposes. For example, the dental sticks are designed to clean a dog’s teeth. Meanwhile, the beef flavor jerky sticks provide just a nice long lasting chew for your dog, and the peanut butter twistin mini bones provide your dog with a small tasty snack.

Alternatives to Luvsome

For those who do not shop at Kroger, there are some alternatives to Luvsome that are similar in price and ingredient quality. Here are some of the closest dog food brand replacements to Luvsome that we could find.

1. Iams

IAMS Minichunks Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice Recipe Dog Kibble

Iams is a dog food brand that is available in many different stores including Walmart, PetSmart, Petco, and Pet Supplies Plus. This dog food is not of the highest quality. However, it is similar in price and quality to Luvsome’s dry kibble.

2. Purina One

Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Formula

Purina One is yet another type of dog food that is very similar in quality and value to Luvsome. Plus, Purina One is available for purchase at Target and chain pet stores like PetSmart.

3. Cesar

CESAR Soft Wet Dog Food Classic Loaf in Sauce Poultry Variety Pack

If you are looking for a good replacement for Luvsome’s wet dog food then Cesar is a good option. Not only does Cesar have a very similar formula to Luvsome’s canned food, but it is also a wet food that is on the more affordable side as well.

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Where to Buy Luvsome Dog Food

where to buy luvsome dog food?
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The only place to purchase Luvsome products in store is at Kroger store locations.

However, Kroger also sells their Luvsome dog and cat food on their website. You can occasionally find Luvsome products online on sites like Amazon as well.

Luvsome Dog Food Recalls

luvsome dog food recalls
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There have not yet been any official recalls on any of Luvsome’s dog food or treats. In addition to this, there have not been any recalls on any of Luvsome’s cat food or cat treats either.


Luvsome dog food is a lower quality dog food that is sold by Kroger. Although this dog food does not have the best ingredients, it is marketed as being an affordable option for dog owners on a tight budget.

We recommend trying another more high quality dog food to feed your dog.

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