just food for dogs reviews

Just Food for Dogs Reviews

If you’re looking for great dog food that is made with fresh ingredients, Just Food for Dogs is a fresh dog food and it’s overall it is incredible based on our research.

It’s simple and backed by valuable research that was used for the creation of the food.

There are a lot of great facets like their own guarantee, the choice of customized diet needs, and the team of veterinarians that came together to formulate every last recipe that is offered by Just Food.

About Just Food

about just food

Just Food dog food all about providing valuable nutrition in an industry that can almost do whatever they want with food.

Honestly, do you really know what you are feeding your dog? Or how that is supporting or harming their health?

There are several quality brands out there. But there are several brands that take advantage of their allowed flexibility too.

In 2010, Just Food launched its official business. Here are some of the foundations of the company.

  • Working to drive change in the industry
  • Supporting rescue efforts to honor pet life
  • Always 100% transparent about their foods
  • Scientific evidence is a major part of every food decision
  • Pet health is their priority

They made the stance of making this more than just a business. Where many dog food brands are in it for the money, Just Food fresh food is in it to provide a better life and health through pet food.

Every meal they create was designed by a team of veterinarians using science to create the best concept for their foods.

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Just Food Fresh Dog Food History

just food fresh dog food history

Just Food shares a unique story that led to the creation of the brand. The original founder had a rescue dog named Simon.

As the years went by, they learned more and more about the kind of junk that CAN be used in dog food and how industry is almost entirely self-regulated.

That realization uncovered the need for change in their home. Rather than continue to support a broken industry that wasn’t looking out for pets, they decided to cook on their own. From cooking for their own dog to feeding neighbor dogs, Just Food was born.

They officially launched the brand in 2010, after coming together and creating a solid team of specialty veterinarians.

While they were feeding from home in the meantime, they didn’t want to build a total brand out of just their own home cooking. They wanted knowledge and science to choose the very best ingredients. This is one pet food that shows great thought and determination in every step of what they do.

Now, they’ve grown into a fresh food brand that uses fresh frozen food and pantry fresh meals that you can serve your dog. And each homemade dog food product has loads of study detail behind it.

Where is Just Food Made?

where is just food made

Just Food was founded by Shawn Buckley in California, USA. The brand is still located in California and that is where everything is packaged and made.

The food is available nationwide via shipping but it’s also sold exclusively in a few partner stores in California as well.

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Just Food for Dogs Cost

just food for dogs cost

Just Food for dogs has several different options – you can choose from their frozen varieties, DIY home kits, or pantry meals. They also do customized formulas if needed but you should anticipate some additional cost for this.

This brand has a subscription service as well. If you subscribe, you can potentially save 5% on your orders and you get a special deal on your first order as well. They don’t charge shipping to subscription members either so that’s a plus too.

The prices will depend on the meals that you choose as well as the pack sizes that you select.

Most of the frozen meals cost about $40-$50 for a pack of 4. The average is $6-$7 per serving. Pantry meals are about $6-$7 for a single pack and range from about $60-$80 for large cases.

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Just Food Fresh Food Ingredient Quality

just food fresh food ingredient quality
Photo by Olga Drach on Unsplash

This food for dogs takes a sole focus towards the best ingredients that you could possibly find. They are all about high quality ingredients. The ingredients don’t have any weird things that you have no clue what are. Regardless of the recipe, you have actual human grade ingredients, so it’s human food.

They don’t use any powders, preservatives, or artificial additions. They don’t use corn or soy. They don’t use fillers because they aren’t necessary with fresh food. The really cool thing is that they are transparent about their ingredients. You know exactly what is in every single package of food and you have options to choose from.

So let’s just look at one of the frozen meals for an analysis. Chicken and white rice recipe is always common so we will start there.

These are the ingredients.

  • Chicken thighs
  • Long grain white rice (enriched)
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Chicken gizzards
  • Chicken liver
  • Icelandic premium fish oil
  • Nutrient blend for additional nutritional support

It’s plain and simple. In a normal recipe, the addition of white rice might concern us but this is fresh white rice and it’s a good carb addition so we’re not going to poke at that too much.

The pantry fresh solutions are just as straightforward. There are never preservatives or growth hormones. The difference is you store this one in your pantry and the other in your freezer.

Everything is human consumption friendly and made in a kitchen that meets USDA requirements.

This food for dogs will have meats and vegetables that you might eat in your own kitchen. They even have macaroni or potatoes in some of the options. Your dog will have delicious meals and all of the ingredients are expressly considered for health and nutrition. The vets are part of the process so no ingredients are added without great thought in the process.

Top Just Food for Dog Product Lines

top just food for dog product lines

Just Food for dogs has several different products. We touched just lightly on them earlier but we’re going to dig deeper into the details behind the product lines. The product lineup displays a slew of tasteful choices that your dog will love, as well as custom diets.

Remember that this is all human-grade food. It’s truly real food from the kitchen. Dog owners can eat the food if they want or you can rest assured that your dog’s food is top-notch quality. Most pet owners see such a difference in their dog’s nutritional health.

Every line and flavor was thought out carefully. The team will always conduct independent feeding trials before ever putting the food into production for your furry friends. It is important to note that you should follow the feeding guidelines closely for your dog’s diet

Fresh Frozen Line

JustFoodForDogs Fresh Frozen Dog Food

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The frozen line of food for dogs is made of simple healthy ingredients just like what you might find on your own dinner plate.

Here are the different flavors choices:

  • Breakfast Special
  • Tofu and Quinoa
  • Chicken and Long Grain White Rice
  • Beef and Russet Potatoes
  • Turkey Whole Wheat Macaroni
  • Fish and Sweet Potato
  • Lamb and Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Venison and Squash

Take note that the macaroni food uses whole wheat macaronis and not just a carb-heavy macaroni with tons of preservatives in it. The beef blends all use ground beef with additional ingredients.

You should also note that all of the dishes have additional veggies in them that are not included in the name. Tofu and quinoa also have sweet potato. Ground beef russet potato also adds peas and carrots. You can find the entire ingredient list on their website.

You might find things like long grain brown rice, green beans, whole wheat macaroni, sweet potatoes, and more but remember that every ingredient is carefully selected for its health benefits.

Pantry Meals Just for Dogs

JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh Dog Food and Puppy Food

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If you don’t want to mess with freezing and thawing, try the Pantry Meals line. These dogs meals can be stored in your pantry and sport a shelf life of up to two years so dog owners don’t have to do the whole thaw and serve thing.

In these recipes (and the other lines), the meat is all USDA certified.

This is the most popular line for Just Food for dogs because of its simplicity and long shelf life.

Here are some of the flavors:

  • Chicken and Rice
  • Turkey Whole Wheat Macaroni
  • Beef and Russet Potatoes
  • Lamb and Brown Rice
  • Joint and Healthy Skin Support
  • Balanced Remedy
  • Renal Support Low Protein
  • Critical Care Support

You will notice that many of the recipes here are similar to the frozen line. Things like turkey whole wheat macaroni are always popular and chicken breast or chicken apple bark always wins. Those have added green peas or green beans too. Some have brown rice or sweet potatoes. They also have some specialty diets here so if your dog has a very sensitive tummy, one of these might be useful.

The beef russet potato is a top choice because it’s homestyle cooking. Anything with turkey uses ground turkey. Every recipe is proven healthy and loaded with protein, healthy fats, and other valuable nutritional content. There are grain free best dog food choices too.

DIY Homemade Kits

Finally, if you want to make up your own food but add nutrition, you can do that too. Grab your chicken or your sweet potatoes and cook it up. Then, you can supplement that with Just Food for dogs specially designed nutrient blend.

This is a powdered nutrient blend but it is again created by the veterinarian team and backed by research to fuel powerful nutrition with every meal. The DIY kit gives you a shopping list so you can make your own food and then add the nutrient blend of choice.

So, it’s shop, cook, and serve basically. Here are the blend choices.

And you can take it from there!

Alternatives to Just Food for Dogs

alternatives to just food for dogs

If you’re looking for an alternative food for dogs, you do have some other choices. There are several choices out there. Always be sure to pay attention to the details and how they choose their recipes. You also want to watch how transparent they are too.

The Farmer’s Dog

This dog food line from the Farmer’s dog was inspired by a farmer’s dog. You may have seen them on the Today show or on CBS News or Vogue. It’s simple, backed by science, and uses real food that comes from the farming community. It’s made fresh so your dog gets the ultimate nutritional needs.

Get Joy Food for Dogs

Get Joy is all about comprehensive nutrition. They work to keep it simple and reliable and simply provide for your dog’s needs for whole wellness. They also have specific meal plans as well as freeze dried meals. And picky eaters are welcomed into their family too of course.

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Ollie Food for Dogs

Ollie is another unique option. They have fresh or they have baked and you can also do a mixture of both if you want to. The company does provide a money back guarantee. They aren’t the best-rated on Google so this can be reassuring if you decide to give them a try. While that rating is only about 3.3 stars, you find a lot of other sources that highly recommend them. Their food is nutritious and designed for health. They appear to be well-made with a solid purpose.

Where to Buy Just Food for Dogs

where to buy just food for dogs
Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

You have a few options when you’re ready to buy this food for dogs. One option is to just go straight to their website. They have subscription options there. You can sift through the flavors and choose what’s right for you. You can also find them listed on Amazon and Chewy.com.

If you really want to find their food in person, some veterinary clinics carry the food throughout the United States. Aside from that, there are a few Pet Food Express locations in California where you can go to purchase the food as well.

Personally, we recommend having the food delivered to your door when you need it but it’s totally up to you!

Just Food for Dogs Review Recalls

just food for dogs review recalls
Photo by Real Natures Food on Unsplash

There was a period in 2018 when Just Food for dogs had to issue voluntary recalls for 3 of their frozen food flavors. They were lab testing the food and discovered Listeria in three flavors. What they found was that green beans were the cause of the contamination and they worked quickly to resolve the issue.

That recall affected 3 flavors and was handled quickly and efficiently afterward. The company was open about how the contamination was found and how they handled it. This has been the only recall issue in the history of this company.

Wrapping Up

If you want fresh food specifically for your pet, Just Food is a great option. We appreciate the thought behind all of their food. They make every move to be open and honest with people about exactly what their dogs will be eating. They have provided several different options and choices.

It is unique that they use a team of veterinarians to design every food and every flavor before they ever produce it. The concept and delivery are well thought out. You just need to choose the right fit and then set up your deliveries so your dog always has valuable nutrition in the freezer or the pantry.

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