5 Interesting Facts About the Cane Corso

5 Interesting Facts About the Cane Corso

Cane Corso Facts & Information
Image by Erika Varga from Pixabay

While this is a dog breed you won’t be forgetting anytime soon once you meet one (they are huge!), it is not the most common breed you may come across!

It has an established presence in many countries like the United States and several areas in Europe, but the dog has never gained the same popularity as other giant breeds like Saint Bernhard or the Great Dane.

It is a unique looking dog with a heart as big as its body, so don’t let that tough exterior fool you into thinking they wouldn’t be just as loving and loyal as any other dog.

It is not a dog for everyone, and there are a few things you should know before making a Cane Corso a part of your family. Below are also tips for how you can keep your Cane Corso happy, and what you can do to fulfill their instinctive needs.

1. Stubborn & Strong-Willed Breed

5 Interesting Facts About the Cane Corso Stubborn & Strong-Willed Breed

Cane Corso dogs are incredibly strong-willed and hard-headed, and while they are also loving and loyal towards their family members – they can easily become bossy. Many Cane Corsos will try to dominate the household and get to do things the way they want, and a Cane Corso owner needs to be firm and set boundaries from an early age.

They are intelligent dogs that could develop bad habits not cared for properly, and these bad habits can be difficult to erase later once the dog is older.

The hard-headedness does not mean that the Cane Corso does not want to please you, because they do, but it can be difficult for them to break the circle and re-learn a behavior.

For this reason, if you are lucky enough to have your Cane Corso from an early age, it is a smart idea to sign up for puppy classes and to be ready to work with your pup to establish mutual respect and understanding.

2. Excellent Guard Dog

Cane Corso Facts & Information Excellent Guard Dog
Image by M. Meyer from Pixabay

The name of the breed means “protector,” and it probably has something to do with its excellent ability to – you guessed it – protect. The breed history dates back all the way to the Roman Empire, and it has been used for protection, hunting, to help at farms and for other outdoor work.

It tends to be extremely loyal to its family but can show standoffish or even aggressive behavior towards strangers – to protect the family – unless properly socialized as puppies.

A Cane Corso should not be used only for guarding and protecting, as this will rob them of important ties with their human families, but they can make excellent family dogs if you are hoping for a dog that will also alert you to any funny business in- or around your house.

You should sign your dog up for puppy classes and doggy playgroups if possible, to work with socialization so that the breed’s protective side can be used productively and not become an issue.

3. Hassle-Free Grooming

5 Interesting Facts About the Cane Corso Hassle-Free Grooming

Not everyone likes spending hours every week combing, brushing and detangling dog hair, which is what you might find yourself doing with long-haired breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Afghan Hound, Old English Sheepdog and more, and for those who are not into grooming – the Cane Corso could be the ideal dog breed thanks to its easily groomed coat.

The coat of a Cane Corso is slick and short; there is no need to cut it, it won’t tangle, and it is easy to wash off with water and dog shampoo. On warm summer days, you could even hose down your dog to keep him cool, as he will be dry again before you know it!

It also requires minimal brushing, even though it is probably a good idea to invest in a good brush, like the Furminator, as this can help remove dead and loose hair that would have otherwise ended up on your new couch.

4. Enjoys Being Put to Work

5 Interesting Facts About the Cane Corso Enjoys Being Put to Work

While this is true for many breeds – the Cane Corso thrives when given a job to do. Teaching them to pull a small child in a specialized cart or sled will have them beaming with pride, and they can learn to pick laundry from a laundry basket and hand it to you for you to hang, go get the newspaper, carry their own water in a dog backpack and much more!

It is a working dog breed that feels fulfilled when it gets to work, so be creative and see if you can come up with a fun and safe activity for your Cane Corso!

Simple walks will go a long way, but they could become restless unless given something more “important” to do, where they get to feel like they are contributing to the family.

Giving a Cane Corso something to do does not mean it has to be an important task – the key is to make the dog feel important while carrying it out, so make sure you use plenty of praise and treats to show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

5. One of the Largest Dog Breeds

One of the Largest Dog Breeds
Image by Lucie Malouin from Pixabay

Did you know that the Cane Corso is one of the absolute largest dog breeds in the world? They have an enormous head that is only matched by a few other breeds, and their body is big, strong and muscular.

Seeing a well-kept Cane Corso in direct sunlight can be a breathtaking experience – their black fur gleaming in the light with every lean muscle in their body for the sunbeams to bounce off of. They could look dangerous from a distance, but once you look a Cane Corso in the eye – you see just how good they are.

A Cane Corso can weigh up to an impressive 120lbs, and they usually measure somewhere between 32.5 inches and 27.5 inches up to the shoulder. You need space to own a dog like this, and you need to make sure you have enough money each month to feed it dog food for Cane Corso dogs, specifically – they need to stay healthy.

It is an amazing dog breed for the right person, so the question is – are you the right person for a Cane Corso?

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