guide on how to groom your dog

How to Groom your Dog?

You can seek the help of a professional if you are looking for for the best dog grooming services. A professional will make your dog look amazing by giving him the haircut that suits him the most! One thing that needs to be kept in mind if you are taking the help of a professional, that’s to make sure to have the money to spend on these services.

If you do not have a professional groomer available, or you are not willing to spend the money, then you can be the groomer yourself – and groom your dog at home! You just need to make sure that you are aware of the right methods. These are discussed below, and they will help you properly groom your pup.

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Collect all the Necessary Grooming Items

Make sure that you have all the necessary items available in one place before you start grooming. It is going to be very difficult for you to search for the items and products you need while you are grooming your dog. Therefore, keeping all the necessary products together before you start is very important.

Start with Combing

Gently comb through the hair of your dog. Use a comb for this purpose because simple brushing is not going to be enough here. You have to make sure that you untangle each and every knot that is in your dog’s hair in order to groom them properly.

Keep your Dog calm

When you are brushing or combing, your pup may find it really irritating, therefore it is really necessary to calm your pet while you are doing so. You would be un-knoting the tangles and that can be really painful at times for your furry friend. You can just praise your dog in order to keep him calm.

French Bulldog with treatsBreaks and treats in between

Keeping your canine companion distracted from the grooming will make matters a lot easier for the both of you. Your dog will always remember the incident that happened while you were grooming him and will always be reluctant to get groomed each time. In aid of this, keeping him distracted while you groom is an advisable option. Make sure to give him treats in between and also short breaks to play, just to take his mind off the grooming.

Give your Dog a Haircut

Now you are all ready to trim, groom or even cut the hair of your dog. Just pick up a trimmer or a pair of scissors and start giving your pet the haircut that he needs.

Make Sure to Clean the Eyes and the Ears

Once you are done with the grooming make sure to clean the eyes and the ears of the dog properly. Even the shortest fur can trouble your pup in these areas – quite a lot.

How To Cut Dog Hair At Home?

Cutting your dog’s hair at home can be a pretty overwhelming experience, but if you have all the right tools, it becomes fairly straightforward. If you are going to cut your pups’ hair at home, the first thing that you need to do is to set up a cutting station. Then you have to have all the right equipment, such as a pair of scissors to carry out the task at hand. You can carry out all the steps in the same order mentioned in the section “How To Groom Your Dog”above, and give your dog a nice haircut at home.

Tips On Clipping Your Dog At Home?

Trimming your dog’s hair can be really easy if you use clippers. But you have to make sure that you know how to handle a clipper. Just before you trim your canine companion, make sure that you bathe and brush him properly. Bathing him will help ease any tangles in his fur, and make matters a lot easier for you both. Selection of the right blades is imperative in giving your dog a proper trim. Make sure that your clipper is not too noisy, or it can surprise your furry friend every now and then, making the task at hand lot more difficult. The experience needs to be a pleasant one for your pup.

dog-clipping-at-homeUsing the clippers for longer intervals of time can make them hot, and it can burn the coat of your dog. Therefore, you have to turn these clippers off every now and then – in order to prevent them from getting too hot. This is so they do not burn the coat or skin of your beloved pet. Now you can trim the hair of your dog anytime you want – even at your own home!

How To Become A Dog Groomer?

Pet grooming is an industry that is on a real boom, and is expected to do wonders in the years to come. Therefore becoming a pet groomer is considered a pretty smart move. Anyone who is looking to become a pet groomer is in the running of a great career ahead!

Pet grooming does not require any licensing or schooling, but there are some online pet grooming courses that you can benefit from and get the certifications. The more certificates you get – the better it will be for your reputation among clients (and potential clients). A large majority of pet groomers get on-the-job training when they start initially.

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