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How Much Does a Corgi Weigh?

Corgis are known for their cute little bums, stout figure and adorable faces. You might be wondering if their small and compact profile holds some serious weight.

So, how much does a corgi weigh and what is its ideal weight? Read on to find out!

History of the Corgi

history of corgis
Image by lucioliu from Pixabay

Let’s get to know these adorable and affectionate herding dogs before we get to the weight discussion.

Corgis were originally bred to be herding dogs, which can be difficult to believe for some due to their short legs, stocky stature, and potential back issues.

Don’t let their cute waddly walk fool you, Corgis are also known to be super fast runners.

This dog breed is famously preferred by the British Royal family, or Queen Elizabeth II to be exact. She often keeps Pembroke Welsh Corgis in her abode and enjoys their companionship.

However, you don’t have to be royalty to love this breed as they make excellent couch potato friends and cuddle buddies.

When Is My Corgi Fully Grown?

a fully grown and healthy corgi
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To understand the weight of your Pembroke Corgi and if he is within healthy limits is to know when they are fully grown.

A corgi is considered a small to small-medium sized dog, and these dog breeds usually reach full maturity at about 1 year old.

Keep in mind that their weight can still fluctuate due to dietary habits, illnesses, and more.

In general, a fully grown Pembroke Corgi should be between 20-30 pounds.

How Do I Know How Big My Corgi Will Be?

big corgi with a noticeable healthy weight
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A 20-pound and a 30-pound Corgi will have quite a noticeable size and weight difference.

For pet parents inquiring about what end of the weight spectrum their Corgi will end up on, we have a few tips to help determine the size.

Firstly, you can take a look at your dog’s paws. Their paws are a big factor that will impact and indicate the size of the dog. If your dog has what seems to be oversized paws, then there is a good chance he will grow into them.

However, if you feel like your Pembroke Corgi is pretty proportional, then he may have reached his full weight.

If you adopted your Corgi from a breeder, then you can get a pretty accurate estimate of the projected weight and size of your Corgi. The parents play a significant role in how a dog looks.

For example, if both parents are Corgis on the larger end of the scale at around 30 pounds, then the percentage of your Corgi being around that weight is higher.

What Is the Healthy Weight of a Corgi?

healthy corgi that loves food
Image by lucioliu from Pixabay

There is no one healthy weight for a Corgi. As we mentioned, some Corgis are larger and others are smaller. The parents play a big role in the healthy weight and size of a dog, but also the diet, when the dog is neutered or spayed and the amount of exercise.

If you have a dog that loves food and responds well to treats, it’s much easier to overfeed him.

However, we have seen puppies and dogs not as eager to gobble up the kibble as others. This kind of dog will be less likely to be overweight.

It is said that dogs that are neutered or spayed earlier will grow to be taller, thus adding to the overall weight of the Pembroke Corgi. This is because when the dog is fixed earlier in life, it hinders its growth plates from closing and results in a taller dog.

While each Corgi is different, the weight scale still falls between 20-30 and maybe even 35 pounds.

What we will say is Corgis that are heavier than 35 at most and about 18 at least may be unhealthy. We also recognize that there are exceptions to the case.

How Do I Maintain the Healthy Weight of My Corgi?

corgi with a healthy weight and always playing lively
Image by Svetlbel from Pixabay

Some of the most undeniable indicators of a healthy dog or puppy is an abundance of energy, and a healthy appetite. The veterinarian will always tell you a lethargic puppy with a lack of appetite is the most common sign of a sick dog.

If your Corgi is always lively and cleans out his bowl during meal times, then you have nothing to worry about.

The key to keeping your Corgi at a healthy weight is to monitor their food intake, not overfeed them treats, and provide them with enough exercise. These three primary factors together will equal a healthy puppy.

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For a Corgi, we would say at least 30 minutes of exercise is required every day. If it’s a relaxing walk, maybe extend the time to 45 minutes. The 30-minute mark is more for virgorous play with you or a doggy friend.

To prevent from overfeeding, pay attention to your dog’s right now and allocate the right amount each time. Remember to take treats into account as they make up the daily calorie intake as well. Each pooch is different, and some may suffer from back problems early on in life while others can make it through their entire lives without issue.

As pet parents, it’s our job to monitor our puppies and keep them healthy. Consider adding supplements to your dog’s diet, especially in old age to keep them functioning well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Healthy Weight for Corgis?

The healthy weight for Corgis will vary between each pup. A big indicating factor is how big the parents are. If your Corgi’s birth parents are both smaller, then there is a good chance your Corgis will be on the smaller end too. Physical traits can also be used to project the prospective weight of Corgis. Look at their paws, if it looks like they haven’t grown into their paws yet, then the growth period will likely still be going on.

At What Age Is a Corgi Fully Grown?

As a small to small-medium breed, Corgis reach their full growth at about 1 year old. At that time, their growth plates should have sealed and your pooch will have reached its full size.

Remember that weight gain is still possible down the line, but giving them enough exercise is key to regulating it. With their body structure, gaining weight can cause health problems such as hip dysplasia.

How Much Bigger Will My Corgi Get?

A great way to tell how much bigger your Corgi will get is by looking at his legs and paws. These animals might have oversized paws, which means they still have some growing to do. It’s also unlikely that your Corgi puppy will be small if his parents and litter mates are larger, so use the parents’ weight as a standard.

How Do I Make Sure My Corgi Is Healthy?

You can make sure your pet is healthy by monitoring his food and exercise. Pay careful attention not to overfeed your pets and to give them enough daily exercise.

Their exercise regimen doesn’t need to be overly hardcore. Due to Corgi’s short legs and longer body, no more than one hour of exercise is needed a day.


As parents, our job is to monitor the health of our animals. Keeping our Corgis at a healthy weight will increase their lifespan and keep them with us for longer. These sheep herder dogs should not be underestimated due to their shorter limbs, because they are actually quite fast!

However, limit their climbing and jumping down from high places if you can, and always make sure they are eating the best food to keep your Corgis at a healthy weight.

Did You Know?

There are two distinct types of Corgis – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the older of the two breeds, but they share similar body types and are both adorable.

Expert Tip

In order not to strain their backs, it’s not advised to allow your Corgi to jump down from tall heights. Over time, this will put undue stress onto their backs and even cause spinal injuries, which will require a visit to the veterinarian and maybe even surgery.

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