review of how many puppies can a pitbull have

How Many Puppies Can a Pitbull Have?

It’s so important to understand how many puppies a specific breed can have so you know what to expect if your dog gets pregnant.

If you understand how many fur babies you can expect you prepare all the accessories and tools you need to welcome them.

A Little About the Breed

how many puppies can a pitbull have
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Let’s get to know more about this very misunderstood breed. The pit bull has become synonymous with aggression and has also become the face of one of the most feared dog breeds.

While we can objectively say that there is some reasoning behind these notions, but they are not well deserved. So many people are buying into the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and other names the breed is known by that they have caused bans across the world.

Pit bulls are one of the strongest dog breeds in the world as well. You can just tell the pure strength they possess by looking at some of their muscle outlines.

It is true that the pitbull dog has quite a strong and sometimes lethal bite, they are mostly very sweet, affectionate, and loving dogs.

They were mistreated and misused in the past by mean-spirited and black-hearted individuals that took advantage of their physical capabilities. This was unfair and cruel, and it is also the reason why pit bulldogs have earned their inaccurate reputations.

Since then, many pit bull owners and lovers have worked to try and dispel these unfair views of the breed by trying to prove their sweet and innocent nature.

The list of known pitbull types includes:

  • Blue fawn pit bull
  • Rough-neck pit bull
  • Blue-nosed pit bull
  • Razor Edge pit bull
  • Grey line pit bull
  • Brindle pit bull
  • Gator pit bull
  • Blue pit bull
  • Chocolate pit bull
  • Gotti pit bull
  • Red-nosed pit bull
  • Tri-colored pit bull
  • Colby pit bull
  • Whopper pit bull
  • Wildside pit bull
  • Benmar American pit bull
  • Bullyson American pit bull
  • Ablepaws pit bull
  • Black pit bull

How Many Puppies Can a Pitbull Have?

2 pitbull puppies
Photo by Nathalie SPEHNER on Unsplash

Pit bulls are not small dogs, so you should be prepared for a few pups. In general, larger breeds tend to have more puppies and small to toy breeds only have 1 or 2 precious pups.

As a pit bull owner, you want to be sure you are well-prepared to welcome the offspring of your beloved female pitbull.

How many puppies should you expect? The common number is around 2 to 4, but you may also get the occasional 1 or 5 pups in a litter.

We cannot always accurately predict the size of the litter of our pitbull dog without anything short of an ultrasound, but there are some indicating factors that can help you get a better estimate.

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How Many Puppies Will My Pitbull Have?

pitbull mother and a puppy
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You can try to predict how many puppies your pit bull can have by looking at the below aspects.

The Health of the Mother

The most important element during breeding is the mom. A female pit bull needs to be at the height of her health to have a large number of healthy puppies. There are standards she must meet to be sure she is up to the task. Dog owners can take their female pitbulls to get health checks and specific tests.

The mom should also not be overweight as she will definitely put on more during the pregnancy. Overweight pit bulls could develop joint problems over time. A mom who is not very healthy may only deliver 1 or 2 pups. In addition to that, unhealthy moms are more prone to pregnancy complications and deliver more unhealthy pups with genetic conditions.

Age of the Mother

While the health and age of a pitbull dog aren’t mutually exclusive, they do affect each other. A younger pitbull dog is a healthier one. This is a general summation but one that’s commonly true, especially when it comes to gestation and giving birth. You shouldn’t breed a pitbull dog before she is a year old at the very least and definitely not after 7 at the very latest.

Age of the Dad

The dad also comes into play, after all, he is half of the genetic makeup of the pitbull pups. 7 years old is the common threshold from adult to senior dogs, so try and breed the male pitbulls before they hit that age limit.

When you Breed

When you decide to breed your pitbull will also matter. If you want a large litter, then you should aim for as close to ovulation as possible. It’s the easiest to manage if you choose to artificially inseminate your female pitbull, so that is always a consideration.


Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs, so we generalized how many puppies a pitbull can have based on breed size. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, there are some pitbulls that are on the smaller side and others that are larger. If you have a smaller female pitbull, you will also be looking at smaller litters.

Should I Breed My Pitbull?

pitbull breeding in a clinic
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Just because you can breed your pitbull, does it mean you should? Responsible dog owners want to be sure to give their dogs the best care possible. We would not suggest attempting to breed your dog if you don’t have experience or professional help. It should be done in a vet clinic or one that has the necessary equipment just in case there are any complications.

One very important item that people forget is there are so many healthy puppies and adult pit bulls that are sitting in shelters waiting to be rescued. If you really want a pitbull, why not look at your local shelter first? Then you won’t need to worry about the number of puppies your pregnant pitbull will bring into the world and all the care and preparation you need to make for not only the first litter, second or third litter.

If your local area sees a lot of pitbulls given away or surrendered annually, adding a number of puppies to the dog population will not help the situation. If you have buyers lined up, then by all means produce puppies. If not, keep in mind that you could be left with more than a couple of puppies to care for.

Pregnant Pitbull Care

Pregnant Pitbull Care
Image by Phimchanok Srisuriyamart from Pixabay

Let’s say your dog is pregnant, how do you care for her and make sure she is comfortable?

Adequate Nutrition

A key factor to ensuring your dog and her pups are in tip-top shape is to provide her access to balanced nutrition during pregnancy with all the necessary supplements. What’s needed will depend on your dog’s health, so your best bet is to consult with the vet before, during, and after pregnancy.

Your dog will still need post-pregnancy aftercare to ensure she heals properly.

A Quiet Environment

A pregnant female pitbull will be uncomfortable at times, so it’s important to create a tranquil environment for her at all times. This should be in a darker corner away from anything that makes loud noises and create a den-like resting place with pillows, blankets, and anything she likes.

Once you have created a little nook for her, it will also most likely function as the place she chooses to give birth. This way, it will also be easier for you to keep track of her and lend a hand when the due date draws nearer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do pitbulls stay pregnant?

The entire gestation period for pitbulls is around 63 days. That is how long you have to prepare for the arrival of the new puppies. The fetuses begin to take form around the 22nd day, and the heartbeats can be heard within 30 to 32 days.

As we ease into the second month, the fetuses will start to grow distinguishable features as well as eyelids and claws among other things. As you enter the 60th day or so, the pups will take their whelping positions and your female pitbull’s body temperature will decrease before labor.

How many times can a pitbull get pregnant?

We do not condone overbreeding, but a pitbull has two heat cycles a year about 6 months apart. This means your female pitbull can be 2 times a year from when they are 1 to around 7 years of age.

This is a generalization and it all depends on your pup. However, we strongly advise against breeding your pitbull once every heat cycle and giving her adequate rest between each birth.

Can a pitbull have 15 puppies?

Yes, it is possible for a pitbull to have 15 puppies, but the chances are very rare. In general, a pitbull has 2 to 4 pups with the occasional single birth or large litter. It all depends on the health, size, and age of your pitbull.


A pregnant pitbull is something to celebrate! Making sure you know how many puppies you can expect is the first step to being well prepared.

Make sure you take your female pitbull in for health checks and tests before, during, and after pregnancy to make sure she has an easy birth and speedy recovery.

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