guide on most adorable german shepherd mixes

15 Adorable German Shepherd Mixes

The German Shepherd, also known as a GSD, is a large breed working dog known for its intelligence and will to demonstrate its abilities. It is often used in law enforcement and for personal protection, but the GSD can also make a wonderful family dog thanks to its loyal nature and natural desire to serve and protect.

Imagine taking all the best qualities of a German Shepherd and mixing them with another breed to complement its traits.

This is the main motivation behind many of the German Shepherd mixes we see today – a perfect mix of two dogs, and this is an introduction to some of the most common German Shepherd mixed breeds.

Read on to see some adorable German Shepherd mixes…

1. Sheppadoodle


German Shepherd mixed with poodle is a Sheppadoodle – this cross can end up looking very different, even for puppies from the same litter!

As both breeds are active and intelligent dogs, it is a given that your new Sheppadoodle puppy will grow up to be alert and clever, and this breed mix requires training and mentally demanding challenges to prevent boredom.

It may or may not inherit the poodle’s soft and often hypoallergenic coat, but this is not a guarantee.

2. Golden Shepherd

Golden Shepherd

When you mix a golden retriever with a german shepherd, you get a large-sized dog with a fluffy and gorgeous coat!

Colors may vary, but you can expect a double-coat that is likely to shed heavily throughout the year. Intelligence, a gentle nature, and a strong will to please are expected traits in this mixed breed, as well as some of the protectiveness that is common for the GSD.

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3. Sheprador

© Mitch Barrie

This mix of two popular dog breeds – the labrador retriever and the german shepherd – creates a friendly and loyal dog that loves to learn!

Many shepradors will have the gentle mouth of a retriever, which makes them ideal as family dogs when there are small children, but they may also be more reserved like a GSD, instead of overly goofy and friendly like the lab.

4. Shottie


The mix between a rottweiler and a german shepherd is also known as a shepweiler, and it is a powerful breed that does not back away from a challenge!

Expect both intelligence and muscle power, but keep in mind that when mixing two head-strong breeds like these, it might not be suitable for first-time dog owners due to them needing proper socialization and training.

5. Shepsky

shepsky breed
© thegreattadow

These dogs are beautiful to look at, and a shepsky (siberian husky and german shepherd mix) fits in perfectly with an active family with access to places for the dog to run and burn off some steam from time to time.

It is likely to shed, especially during shedding season, but it is a highly intelligent dog that can make the most loyal family dog for a household where they are willing to work to satisfy the shepsky’s exercise needs.

6. Shollie


The shollie is a german shepherd and border collie mix, and they are known for being very trainable and smart, with more of the sharp and protective nature associated with the GSD than what you would expect to see in a purebred border collie.

This is an active and fun breed mix that requires plenty of exercise and mental challenges.

7. Shepherd Beagle

Shepherd Beagle Mix

While it isn’t always the case, a shepherd beagle is often middle-sized – something right in between the size of an adult beagle and a german shepherd, and they are usually quite a random mix of the traits you would normally find in the purebred ancestors.

It is an ideally sized dog with an excellent sense of smell and an admirable loyalty towards its human family members, and these dogs may inherit that typical beagle bark that beagle owners are so familiar with.

8. Shepherd Bulldog

german shepherd bulldog mix

By crossing a german shepherd and a bulldog, you successfully eliminate most of the bulldog’s known health issues, but you still get to keep that brave and lovable personality, mixed with all the working genes of a german shepherd.

You might even get a dog with some of those characteristic bulldog wrinkles, but not at the cost of a dog that cannot breathe properly.

9. German Australian Shepherd

German Australian Shepherd

This mix between a german shepherd and an australian shepherd is not for the couch potato, as it is a highly active dog that needs stimulation in order to not get bored and potentially destructive.

When provided for properly, it is an extremely loyal and devoted family dog that will do anything to please its owner.

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10. Shug

© Tony Alter

The idea of crossing a german shepherd with a pug may seem a little ridiculous as they are very differently sized, but by using a pug male and a german shepherd female, enthusiasts have found an unexpected way to create a dog that in many ways looks like a pug with a stocky body shape and wide muscular chest, but larger in size like the GSD, with a longer snout and fewer health problems.

11. Shepherdane

Combining the sharpness and intelligence of a german shepherd with the gentleness and playful personality of a great dane has proven to be an excellent idea, and many get these large dogs either due to their impressive size and looks, or because they are excellent all-round dogs that will happily accompany you on any type of adventure.

12. Shepherd Chow

shepherd chow
© Austin Kirk

A great thing about a german shepherd and chow chow mix is that they seem to inherit the absolute best traits of both breeds, both in terms of physique and mentality.

It is a bear-like dog with a thick and fluffy double coat, which will need regular brushing, and it is very playful and great for someone who wants a dog they can train and learn together with.

A shepherd chow is always eager to learn and will be learning on its own if you don’t stay on top of things, which could result in undesired behaviors.

13. Sheparnese

german sheparnese puppy

A bernese mountain dog and a german shepherd mixed together will inevitably result in very large puppies, and it is a popular designer breed bred mostly for company, even though the mix has also proven to be great for protective work as a result of their impressive size, ability to focus and overall sharpness.

14. Alaskan Shepherd

Alaskan Shepherd

If you are looking for a thick-coated and wolf-like dog breed, then perhaps a cross between an alaskan malamute and a german shepherd could be the right choice?

These dogs have the coats to be comfortable outside in cold weather, they aren’t usually “bandaid dogs” due to their independent nature, and an alaskan shepherd makes a great choice for a person or a family that wants a sporty and active dog that can keep up with an active lifestyle.

15. New Shep

New Shep
© Pyrografix

There are few shepherd mixes as fluffy and soft as the mix between a newfoundland and a german shepherd, and that is one of the reasons why this mix is becoming increasingly popular across the world!

They make great working dogs, bond well with their owner. and are very independent. They also tend to be comfortable both in and around water.

Worth Considering

It is important to take a dog’s genetics into consideration when choosing a breed, as it can help you understand whether a dog breed is right for you, and this can be significantly harder with mixed breed dogs. A puppy will inherit traits from both their mom and their dad, but it is not a 50/50 split, and it is impossible to know how much of each parent breed that will be in each puppy in a litter.

For this reason, when getting a German Shepherd mix where the other breed is also known, it is important to do research on both breeds to make sure it would be a good fit for you and your household.

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