Dog Belly Bands

10 Best Dog Belly Bands in 2022

Have you heard of a dog belly band? If you haven’t that’s ok because we’re going to answer all of your questions. These crafty bands are not the same as dog diapers. A dog diaper is similar to a baby’s diaper. The reasons your dog might need a diaper could be house training, incontinence, illness, that time of the month for your female dog, etc.

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Let’s take a look at what belly bands are. If you have a male dog, I’m sure you know they like to mark their territory. It’s in their nature, and even some females might exhibit the same tendency. Belly bands are a relatively new invention designed to help with urinary incontinence and marking areas inside your house.

This band is made with a waterproof exterior layer that wraps around your dog’s midsection and encloses his/her private parts. The inner lining of the belly band is absorbent and can be easily cleaned and changed.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Dog belly bands are a great training aid for male dogs. This helps decrease the chances of them messing in your house and on your furniture!”

If you’re still unsure of what belly bands are, we’re going to walk you through in more detail with our top 10 picks.

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1. Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Band

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Band

Different dogs and different breeds require different sized bands. The right fit is so important. The wrong fit can render the band useless. These dog diapers have the extra small option available for tiny dogs and puppies. For the low price, it comes in a pack of 3 with three different color options.

Dog belly bands are generally washable, and more economical and environmentally friendly than dog diapers. To increase the comfort as much as they can, the Pet Parents dog belly bands are made with soft material that doesn’t crinkle, and with Velcro closures that won’t stick to your baby’s fur.

+ Machine washable
+ Soft material
+ Velcro closure
+ Reusable
+ Many sizes

Why We Like It – Using belly bands to train your dog is to prevent them from territorial marking. These bands are machine washable and reusable to also prevent unpleasant odors. Environmentally friendly and easy to use, these are a great alternative to doggy diapers.

2. Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers

Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers

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Coming in seven different sizes, you can be sure you’ll find one that is perfect for your pooch. Make sure you measure their waists correctly to ensure a good fit. With many color options and even a cute patterned one to resemble a baby’s diaper, your pet will look adorable. There is an extremely absorbent pad sewn into the belly bands and the outer layer is 100% waterproof to prevent leaks.

These machine-washable belly bands can be thrown in with your normal laundry no problem. These Paw Legend reusable belly bands are a great alternative to the traditional throw-away diapers. The disposable diapers are a convenience our planet can no longer afford.

+ 7 different sizes
+ Easy to put on and take off
+ Highly absorbent
+ Soft and comfortable
+ Machine washable

Why We Like It – Instead of giving your dog a cumbersome diaper that can hinder their movement, belly bands can be a fashion statement while giving them freedom of mobility. Start preventing the mess and smell that can come from potty training by picking up the Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers today!

3. AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap

AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap

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If you feel the disposable options are more practical for you, then AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap is a good option. For a very low price, you get a 30-pack of disposable wraps. What’s unique about these wraps is they have a color-changing indicator to notify you when the diaper is wet.

Instead of needing to feel and check your pup every hour or so, you will be able to know at a glance. Being made with a comfortable material is important, but it’s also vital to make sure the material is breathable. Just like a baby diaper, breathable material prevents skin rashes.

+ Disposable
+ Breathable material
+ Convenient
+ Low price
+ Prevents leakage

Why We Like It – This product is thinner and more lightweight than the reusable options. The Velcro fasteners are also fur resistant and won’t tangle your dog’s fur and pull at it when you take it off.

4. Mkono Male Dog Belly Band Wraps Washable Diapers for Small and Medium Dogs

Mkono Male Dog Belly Band Wraps Washable Diapers for Small and Medium Dogs

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Mkono came out with dog belly bands suitable for small to medium dogs. Made with cotton, it’s comfortable for everyday wear for as long as you need. They also incorporated a breathable mesh fabric in the center. If you are worried about mesh not being able to prevent leakage, you can simply add an absorbent pad or sanitary napkin in the slot.

This design was made specifically for smaller dogs, so the coverage and curves will protect your dog’s lower section and ensure a snug fit. 3 adhesive strips keep the wrap in place and move with your dog’s every step. These belly band wraps are also machine washable and reusable.

+ Reusable
+ Machine washable
+ Breathable fabric
+ Curve design for a snug fit
+ Adhesive closure

Why We Liked It – The fit of belly bands or diapers plays a large part in their utility. This curve design will be a perfect fit for your small to the medium-sized dog. You can also customize the level of absorption by adding more or removing pads.

5. Brooke’s Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Brooke’s Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs

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Just looking at these cute patterns make the mommy and daddy in us want to press ‘order’ right away! The outer layer is leak-proof and waterproof. The winning characteristic of these bands is their elasticized sides for easy slip-on wear. They have added extra padding for protection to the already super absorbent pad.

This is a Velcro-free design with snap closures that are adjustable for an even more precise fit. Perhaps the best part of buying Brooke’s belly bands is the money-back guarantee. Now the next question is, should your dog be a ladybug or a cute little cow today?

+ Snap closure
+ Elasticized sides
+ Extra protection
+ Waterproof and leak-proof
+ Washable and reusable

Why We Like It – Perhaps the most important feature is the adjustable closure plus the elasticized sides. This pretty much guarantees no leakage and a better fit for your dog and is a design your dog can’t easily wiggle out of.

6. Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

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I bet you were asking if your female pooch would be able to use dog belly bands. For females, the bands more closely resemble a diaper due to the difference in anatomy. The function and purpose of the female dog diapers are essentially the same. They also possess a fully waterproof outer layer, but also an interesting permanent odor control layer.

Made with soft material with extra quilted stitching, Paw Legend has taken the level of comfort for your dog as a top priority. There is also a cute hole for your fur baby’s tail to easily fit through. Super easy to put on, the diaper has adjustable hook-and-loop tabs for a more customized fit.

+ Washable and reusable
+ Extra quilted protection
+ Odor control layer
+ Adjustable fit
+ Hole for your pup’s tail

Why We Like It – Finally, we have a dog diaper catered to females. First and foremost, they are designed for comfort followed closely by the utility. Don’t worry about unpleasant odors anymore and say goodbye to cleaning up unsightly stains!

7. JoyDaog Jean Belly Bands for Small Dog Diapers Male Reusable Puppy Wrap

JoyDaog Jean Belly Bands for Small Dog Diapers Male Reusable Puppy Wrap

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Why not turn something that could hinder your dog into a fashion statement? These cute little bands resemble jean shorts! Not only are they adorable, but they do their job. JoyDaog Jean Belly Bands are uniquely designed to protect against leaks with 2 layers of microfiber which can easily absorb urine and keep your dog dry. The mesh-lined material and cotton outer layer are skin-friendly and breathable. Specially designed with larger closure straps, there is no risk of slipping off no matter how active your fur baby is. Machine and hand washable, these diapers save money, and the environment.

+ Double layer protection
+ Breathable
+ Machine washable
+ Larger closure flaps
+ Cute design

Why We Like It – Hopefully, with the cute design and comfortable wear, your dog won’t feel so out of place with a diaper band on. They will feel more at ease to run free with their other pet pals with no worry of them slipping off.

8. Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs, Washable Puppy Belly Band

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs, Washable Puppy Belly Band

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Teamoy is also another very absorbent and durable brand. The mid-section is leak-proof with 2 layers of microfiber, which can absorb urine easily. Because the inner lining is so close to your dog’s skin, Teamoy has chosen a very breathable fabric with good permeability. The belly closure tabs are also larger to provide more traction and hold when your dog is active.

These reusable diapers are also machine washable, but better air-dried. This wrap diaper is specially designed for male doggies for the perfect fit. There is also no need to worry about leakage from the sides because the elastic edges not only provide extra comfort but are also a good snug fit to avoid any mishaps.

+ No leakage
+ Super absorbent
+ Elastic sides
+ Reusable
+ Machine Washable

Why We Like It – The waterproof outer layer is virtually impenetrable and prevents any leakage. The Teamoy wrap diapers have a good hold of your pups bottom for full active motion with no risk of accidents. It keeps the mess inside with easy clean-up by just simply throwing the wrap in the washing machine!

9. Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Diapers

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The sizes of these washable dog diapers are made to fit your dog exactly. But make sure you measure your dog correctly from the back legs to ensure a good fit. Not only is this option suitable for males, but the ergonomic shape also fits female dogs. Pet Parents is a great deal if you have both a girl and boy pooch at home.

Many dogs dislike ordinary diapers because of the crinkly material that doesn’t move with their bodies. This material is soft and comfortable with Velcro closures that don’t snag on their fur. Instead of just a mesh material to absorb urine, there is a diaper pad sewn right into the diaper.

+ Versatile
+ High quality and durable
+ Fur safe adjustable velcro
+ Washable
+ Leak-proof

Why We Like It – The advantage of having an absorbent pad sewn right into the belly band is it eliminates the need to touch soiled pads, you just simply need to throw it in the wash and let it air dry.

10. Cuddle Bands Male Dog Belly Band for Training and Incontinence

Cuddle Bands Male Dog Belly Band for Training and Incontinence

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Cuddle Bands is a real belly band that doesn’t double as a diaper. You are able to adjust the level of absorbency by selecting different things to slide into the band. Maxi pads are a great choice, but not included in the purchase. This reduces the chances of lingering odors on the belly band and it will be fresh after every wash.

The outer layer is made with high-quality anti-pill fleece for maximum comfort. The cute print designs make potty training a fun experience for all involved. Not only is this belly band useful for dogs that are used to marking their territory in the house, but also for those who are potty training.

+ Anti-pill fleece for comfort
+ Machine washable
+ Great for travel
+ Absorbent
+ Large Velcro closure

Why We Like It – Just from the picture, you can see this design is extremely easy to put on and take off your pup. The large surface area of the Velcro makes it harder for them to tear it off.

Dog Belly Bands Buyers Guide

Are you thinking about that nice vacation you have planned with your family in a couple of months? It would be nice to take your dog with you since they are a part of the family, wouldn’t it? These are nice thoughts and it’d be great to be able to do it. But what would you do if your pet needs to go potty on a long flight? Here is where dog belly bands come in. Before investing in some type of band or diaper, we’ve listed a few important things to consider below.

What to look for when buying dog belly bands?


Sizing is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right belly band or diaper for your dog. The wrong size can render the band useless. You must be accurate on the waist size of your dog. Measure your pet’s girth from right in front of its hind legs, and that will give you the best measurement to refer to when looking at different size charts. Remember, a diaper or band that’s too loose will lead to leakage and one that’s too tight could cause circulation issues and/or skin irritation.


The next thing to think about is the type. There are both disposable and reusable/washable options to choose from. Let’s weigh these options out in more detail.

Disposable items are for one purpose – convenience. You can just toss it away when it gets soiled, similar to baby diapers. I would suggest disposable ones for traveling because it can get pretty costly for everyday use. If your pup is a chewer or squirmer, disposable ones can also be harmful because they could contain chemicals and dyes.

As for reusable and washable ones, these are the best option for day to day use. This is especially true if you will be needing diapers for a long period of time. They are all made with heavy-duty and durable material that can withstand washing machine washes over a long period of time.

They don’t contain the harmful chemicals and materials disposable diapers or bands may contain. So when your dog is trying to free himself from its grasp, harm will only come to the diaper and not your pet. The only downside is the cleanup involved, but it’s all worth it in the end since it protects our earth. 

What are Dog Belly Bands?

Belly bands can be used for both female and male dogs. If they suffer from urine incontinence, are traveling with you, potty training, that time of the month, or simply marking their territory around the house, this is where these bands come in.

Does My Dog Need a Dog Belly Band?

The answer to this question varies from each individual. Are you training your pup not to mark its territory around the house? I can think of no better resolution to your problem than belly bands. Diapers are a bit more inconvenient and cover more surface area and are less comfortable.

If you are traveling, belly bands are also a great option because they are more comfortable and built to wear for a longer period of time. Some dogs suffer from excitement urination or anxious urination as well and there is no telling where or when this will happen. Belly bands can save you a lot of clean-up time if your dog is a nervous baby.

Last but not least, female dogs benefit a lot from belly bands or diapers because of their heat cycle which could last for about 2 weeks. This is similar to human females and this is something that cannot be avoided unless you get your little girl spayed. Look to belly bands as your way out of tiresome cleanups around the house.

How to Use Belly Bands?

Only use the belly band when your dog is indoors, or somewhere you don’t want them to associate with potty time. Change the belly band after the dog has an accident, but not right after. This is because most dogs dislike the feeling of a wet pad on their skin and this will teach them to avoid soiling the pad in the future.

Buy several belly bands or puppy pads to change your dog when one is dirty or in the wash. When your dog is outdoors, or in a place where they can go at their leisure, make sure you remove the wrap. The dog belly band should wrap around your dog’s belly. Make sure you cover their private areas and the band is tight enough so it won’t ride up.

Best Belly Band for Female Dogs?

Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

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Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers is our top choice for female dogs because it’s tailored for girls and their needs with their patent-pending design. Made with high-quality anti-pill fleece with the most adorable designs that come with a skirt or no-skirt options. These bands close with a Velcro strip and can fit sanitary pads inside for maximum absorption.

Best Belly Band for Male Dogs?

JoyDaog Jean Belly Bands for Small Dog Diapers Male Reusable Puppy Wrap

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JoyDaog Jean is an excellent choice for male pups not only because of the cute design, but the utility. These come in many size options to fit dogs of all sizes and breeds. Super waterproof with a sewn-in pad for easy use eliminates the need to fill the band with extra padding. The extra large Velcro closure makes it easy to wear and is machine washable.

Best Belly Band for Puppies?

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs, Washable Puppy Belly Band

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Most xxs-s dog wraps can fit puppies. A Teamoy reusable wrap is a great option because it comes in many sizes and has two layers of protection with elastic sides to give your puppy an added level of comfort. The wider Velcro also makes the band more secure on your new puppy’s belly.

How to Train Your Dog with a Belly Band

When your dog urinates in an unwanted area of the house, make sure you clean and deodorize it well. Never have your dog be without a belly band if you don’t have eyes on him at all times. The bands prevent them from marking in the house and leave their scent, which eliminates the desire to continuously mark their territory. If you are away for an extended period of time, make sure your dog doesn’t have free reign of the house. This is to avoid them developing bad housebreaking habits without your supervision.


Keep in mind that potty training takes time. Your dog may need up to a few months to get the hang of things, so don’t lose your patience. Comfortable materials may increase their acceptance of this training tool. Whether you have a male or female dog, you can find the right type of belly band/diaper for you on the market. Good luck with the housebreaking and we hope the belly bands reduce your stress levels and cleanups around the house!

Expert Tip

For the washable diapers/bands, make sure you close the Velcro area before washing. This prevents the Velcro from sticking to other clothes and from damaging the outer layer of the diaper.

Did You Know

The theory of belly bands is mainly based on your dog not enjoying the feeling of a wet pad against their skin! The feeling is unpleasant and this is the key to your pet learning not to urinate with the band on.

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