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18 Best Puppy Pads in 2021

Training pads are the answer to your prayers during potty training. They work like disposable diapers and belly bands and leave no messes behind. Sick and elderly dogs can also benefit from having a pee pad to avoid accidents. The puppy potty pad soaks up liquids and absorbs odors to keep your house clean and hygienic — no more worrying about having to come home to let your dog out. A small and simple mat in the corner of the room could be the solution.

Save yourself from having to clean and scrub their messes off your floors. If you don’t have a good carpet cleaner, this could be extra tough to do. With proper use, the training pads help potty train your puppy even faster. We have reviewed more than our standard ten options to help you choose the best puppy pad.

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Notes from our DVM, Sara Ochoa: “Reusable potty pads are very easy to clean and also help decrease the cost of having to buy potty pads all the time. This also helps reduce the number of potty pads that end up in the landfill.”

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1. All-Absorb Extra large Training Pads

All-Absorb Extra large Training Pads

Extra large pads are made for extra-large fur babies! You want a fast absorbing and quick drying pad for your home. The quick-drying surface of these extra large pads prevents tracking. The material is so absorbent it can hold up to 3 cups of liquid! Training pads hold liquid by turning the urine into a gel. Some pads also have odor purifiers built in like these from All-Absorb. This option is perfect for training large breed puppies or even to help with the elderly.

The five layers of absorbency protection prevent leakage when it’s time for cleanup.

+ Leak-proof backing
+ High absorbency
+ Non-toxic
+ Odor neutralizer

Why We Like It – I have personally had experience with my pup tearing and ripping the pad apart for fun. The fact that this option is non-toxic is an excellent choice for those with curious dogs.

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2. Pogi’s Biodegradable Puppy Pads


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Some puppy pads out there do more harm than good for the environment. Bio-Hybrid technology combines plant-based renewable materials in manufacturing. This is another leak-proof design with 5-layer quilted protection with a built-in attractant. Also turning urine into gel instantly, it neutralizes odors and dries quickly.

If you do not own a pad holder, the optional adhesive included in the package prevents the pad from moving. For such an affordable price, the 20-count package is environmentally friendly and can last you for at least a month! The large size is great for puppies to medium-sized breeds.

+ Non-slip adhesive
+ Affordable pricing
+ Biodegradable material
+ Built-in attractant

Why We Like It – Do your part for the environment by choosing this biodegradable option. The superabsorbent 20-count package can last for more than a month for under 15 dollars!

3. rocket & rex Washable, Reusable, Pet Training, and Puppy Pads

rocket & rex Washable, Reusable, Pet Training, and Puppy Pads

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You might raise an eyebrow at a reusable puppy pad, and this we can understand. But think about all the money you will save while being even more environmentally friendly! Equipped with more than adequate absorption and odor control, this reusable training pad prevents tracking and retains urine better any other pad.

Use this pad for any dog going through training or in need of assistance, and even as a mattress protector or to line the playpen! The four absorbent layers of material with a waterproof backing will prevent leakage during cleanup. The pads are free of harmful chemicals and substances and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

+ Washable and reusable
+ Saves money
+ Environmentally friendly
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why We Like It – Pups love to play with, chew and ingest anything they see fit. We shouldn’t have to worry about the pee pad as well. The non-toxic materials are safe to be used by your pup every day.

4. AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads

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Already super absorbent and turns urine into gel immediately, this pet training pad from AmazonBasics also has a plastic border on all sides to prevent overflow. The leak-proof backing and plastic lining protects your floors from unsightly messes, and the five leak-proof layers are fast absorbing and quick drying to avoid tracking around the house.

The built-in attractant draws your puppy to the pad when it’s potty time, which means a shorter training period with more successful results. These pads work great on their own or with a puppy pad holder. Each package comes with 100 pads that can probably last you throughout the potty training process!

+ Built-in attractant
+ Leak-proof with plastic lining
+ Protects floors
+ Super absorbent

Why We Liked It – Pads with built-in attractants minimize your efforts and time during the potty training process. Your pup will be drawn naturally to the pads, which reduces the chances of accidents

5. American Kennel Club Pet Training and Puppy Pads

American Kennel Club Pet Training and Puppy Pads

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The 6-layer composition of this pad makes it even more absorbent and leak-proof than the average potty pad. Eliminate odors with the antibacterial scented tissue and replace them with fresh scents that include eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and even newspaper print! The thin and basic design is perfect for lining carriers and pens and also the inside of your car! It’s so absorbent it can also double as a towel to dry wet fur or paws (make sure you do clean any paws that get dirty with a paw washer). Keep the bacteria and messes at bay with puppy pads from the trusted American Kennel Club.

+ 6-layer composition
+ Different fresh scents
+ Antibacterial
+ Highly absorbent

Why We Like It – The extra layer included guarantees less mess. We also appreciate the antibacterial tissue, because who knows what lurks and festers in these pads!

6. Wee Wee Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs

Wee Wee Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs

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Wee Wee Puppy Pads also have a 6-layer composition that protects your floor like armor. You can be sure these pads prevent leakage as the oversized quilted pockets give extra absorption as well. The wet-lock gel traps the urine upon contact, giving the liquid even less chance of escape.

If you decide to go for the odor control options, eliminate odors with the power of Febreze and neutralize the strong ammonia. With the extra built-in layer for odor control, the Febreze option is even more absorbent. All you need is one simple pad to take care of every mess imaginable.

+ 6-7 layer protection
+ Oversized quilted pockets
+ Wet-lock gel
+ Money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – The Febreze option neutralizes the smell of ammonia to keep your house free of any lingering odor and replaces it with a fresh and pleasant scent.

7. Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pee Pads

Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pee Pads

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Here is another quick-dry option that instantly turns liquid into gel, permanently locking the mess in the 6-layer absorbent material. You can choose to use the sticky-tape to secure the pad in place, but the adhesive is powerful so think twice about using it on hardwood floors.

Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with the odor control that eliminates any unpleasant smells. Are you often on the go? The built-in attractant can help with potty training even in your absence! If for some reason the pad isn’t up to snuff, you get your money back PLUS another 10%!

+ 6-layer absorbent material
+ Adhesive tape to lock in place
+ Odor control
+ 110% money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – This 110% money-back guarantee is almost unheard of. You will get your full refund plus another 10%! This has got to be the best deal ever!

8. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

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What an interesting concept brought to life! The hydroponically-grown (grown without soil) grass acts as a natural attractant that eliminates odors as well. It’s like having a small patch of lawn in your home just for your dog! It appeals to your dog’s instincts and makes potty training much more straightforward.

Because this grass turf dog potty is a relatively new idea compared to the pee pad, Fresh Patch gifts you with free dog training consultations! This is an excellent option for city-folk with no backyards and doesn’t have immediate access to parks. Bring home a little bit of nature to give your pets the freedom to relieve themselves whenever they need to.

+ Hydroponically-grown grass
+ Affordable price
+ Natural attractant
+ Free training consultations

Why We Like It – Of course, this option is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Say good-bye to artificial grass and give your dog the experience of having the outdoors right in the comfort of his own home!

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9. Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads (Lavender)

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads (Lavender)

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The Petphabet pee pad is extra absorbent and thick. Instead of holding the standard 2 cups of liquid, this one can hold up to 3! The purple color accentuates the light lavender smell that will keep your house smelling fresh. Fortified with plastic lining and leak-proof layers, protect your floor and keep the mess locked in place.

Feel free to place the Petphabet training pad on any type of rug or even carpet. Puppy pads are great if you don’t have access to a yard or when the weather takes a drastic turn. Click the ‘add to cart’ button now and get the money-back satisfaction guarantee protection.

+ Ultra absorbent
+ Light lavender scent
+ Leak-proof lining
+ Money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – The absorbency and the volume of liquid the pad can hold are of great importance. For puppies with bigger bladders, this ultra-absorbent choice will minimize your worries.

10. Pet Kindness Washable Puppy Pee Pads

Pet Kindness Washable Puppy Pee Pads

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Let’s look at more washable and reusable options. This one from Pet Kindness comes in a neutral color that will mesh with any interior décor. Easy cleanup is what a lot of pet parents look for with anything potty training related. These pads are so easy to clean, just throw them into the washing machine, and they will come out as good as new.

Save your money and the environment with washable options. They have superior absorption and protect your floors at the same time. Thicker than the usual training pad, these pads can double as blankets and mats for your dog to lie on.

+ Washable and reusable
+ Environmentally friendly
+ Saves money
+ Soft with superior absorption

Why We Like It – These washable pet pads come with a gift with every purchase! They include a small 40cmx60cm travel sized pad to give your dog protection even while on the road!

11. Simple Solution Large Washable Puppy Pad

Simple Solution Large Washable Puppy Pad

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Washable puppy pads need to be made of more robust materials and be more durable than the average throwaway options. Not only are they extra absorbent, but they also eliminate odors, and the one from Simple Solution comes in a cute paw print design! Washing and drying these pads every other day can be a chore and run up your electric bill.

But these 30×32 inch pads can hold up to 10 times more liquid than the standard washable option! Use these highly durable pads as protective covers or to line crates and carriers. Each package comes with TWO pads and travel pads!

+ Reusable and machine washable
+ Highly absorbent
+ Versatile
+ Soft with superior absorption

Why We Like It – You get two for the price of one and other travel mats as gifts with every purchase! Considering how versatile these mats are, you can find a purpose for the extra gifts.

12. Parachute Pet Products Puppy Pads for Pet Training

Parachute Pet Products Puppy Pads for Pet Training

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Parachute Pet advertises their 110% money back guarantee first. You get not only a full refund but also an extra 10% as an added thank you for trying bonus. This is just how confident they are in the quality of their puppy pads. The high-quality training pads are highly absorbent and prevent leakage.

For those who are not satisfied in their puppy training skills, Parachute Pet includes a free eBook with every purchase that will help you in the process. Give back to the puppy community, a portion of every order goes to the Humane Society.

+ 110% money back guarantee
+ Highly absorbent
+ Free eBook
+ Donation to the Humane Society

Why We Like It – Puppy lovers are part of a big family that spans the entire world. Buying something our dogs need on the daily while giving back to pups in need just fills your heart with love.

13. Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads

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If you liked the Petphabet option above but dislike the smell of lavender, we have an unscented option for you. Still acting as an odor-eliminating pad, this pee piddle pad locks in wetness and odor in the multilayers and prevents any leakage. Your floors are fully protected with this pad that can hold up to 3 cups of liquid!

The wet-locking gel contains the urine upon contact and keeps your dog’s paws dry. Keep the messes contained and your house clean with these potty pads. Still not convinced? The money-back guarantee will undoubtedly give you the nudge you need to press the ‘order’ button.

+ Odor-eliminating
+ Prevents leakage and protects floors
+ Money-back guarantee
+ Extra absorbent

Why We Like It – These puppy pads can even be placed in a contained outdoor area if that’s what you prefer. This could help your dog get familiarized with going potty outside.

14. PET CAREE Extra Large Pet Wee Pads

PET CAREE Extra Large Pet Wee Pads

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These extra large puppy wee pads have improved polymer technology. This technology is what turns urine and liquid into a gel on contact. So large and absorbent are these pads that they can soak up more than 6 cups of liquid! The large size is great for dogs of any breed, and the quick-dry surface will eliminate tracking and keep the mess localized in one area.

The built-in attractant emits an alluring scent that attracts your dog to do its business on the pad. Never has potty training become such an easy task with these indoor puppy pads. You can provide your pup with a safe and private space to do business indoors in your absence.

+ Leak-proof
+ Quick-dry surface
+ Absorbs more than 6 cups of liquid
+ Polymer technology

Why We Like It – An extra large pad with superior absorbency means less frequency of cleanup. Even if your puppy manages to fill it to the brim, the leak-proof backing will protect your floors.

15. Wee-Wee XL Puppy Pee Pads for Larger or Multiple Dogs

Wee-Wee XL Puppy Pee Pads for Larger or Multiple Dogs

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Do you have a dog with a large bladder or even multiple pets? Four Paws has an extra large option for you. These pee pads are 140% larger than the average pad with ultra-absorbency. The fortified leak-proof material will protect your house from messes even at maximum capacity.

The top layer is quick-drying and won’t cling to your pup’s paws or shred against their nails. The built-in attractant will reinforce your training routine and make it an enjoyable task. Lay one of these gigantic pee pads down for your pup or multiple pets to use.

+ Leak-proof
+ Quick-dry surface
+ Super large size
+ Built-in attractant

Why We Like It – More pets and puppies mean more urine and waste. Four Paws has graciously come out with these enormous sizes to save you the hassle of frequent cleanups

16. KOOLTAIL Washable Pee Pads for Dogs

KOOLTAIL Washable Pee Pads for Dogs

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Coming in three sizes and with one in a rather cute bone pattern, these pads provide your pets with the adequate room when nature calls. These pads are mainly made with polyester and are easily machine washable and reusable, saving you money and helping the environment.

Each package comes with not one, but TWO pads! This is great to alternate when one is in the wash; your dog won’t be left with anywhere to ‘go’! This super absorbent puppy pad is unscented and waterproof, ensuring full protection against leakage. The breathable material allows for the pad to double as a furniture protector.

+ Leak-proof
+ Machine washable
+ 2 in one package
+ Super absorbent

Why We Like It – This is an excellent option for elderly dogs with mobility issues. They can lie on the fresh and breathable fabric that can handle their accidents.

17. Hartz Home Protection Gel Dog Pads

Hartz Home Protection Gel Dog Pads

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Lock in the odor and mess with the flash-dry gel technology. Keep your residence smelling fresh with the odor eliminating the refreshing lavender scent. Each pad has a plastic backing to prevent against leakage and a border to block leaks around the edges and corners.

The unique 6-layer construction of this pad keeps the urine in small areas, allowing your pup to find a clean new spot every time — no more wet places and tracking around the house. Dog pads are perfect for housetraining or to line crates, kennels or cages.

+ Leak-proof
+ Quick-dry surface
+ Keeps urine in small areas
+ Flash-dry gel technology

Why We Like It – Having enough room to find new and clean spots on the pad keeps your dog’s paws clean and allows them to go in comfort without risk of leaking.

18. IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Premium Pet Training Pads, Extra Large

IRIS Neat ‘n Dry Premium Pet Training Pads, Extra Large

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The quilted top layer prevents splattering, leakage, and tracking in your home. This particular pad can absorb up to a quart (4 cups) of liquid! Urine will turn into a gel upon contact with this pee pad and gets fully absorbed. The sealed edges and polymer technology will keep the mess contained on the pad for efficient cleaning and disposal.

The pad will feel heavy when it’s filled up to capacity. Feel a sense of satisfaction to see the mess trapped within the bundle without a trace on the floor as you throw it out.

+ Leak-proof
+ Quick-dry surface
+ Polymer tech
+ Super absorbent

Why We Like It – Ease your sense of anxiety by not having to chase your pet around the house. You won’t need to seek out the next mess to clean up because it will all be localized in one area.

Puppy Pad Buyer’s Guide

Every dog owner’s dream is a puppy that never needs to ‘go.’ Gone will be the need for potty training and touching of gross messes. But we know this can never be true, and we need to take the good with the bad. Pee pads can bring us that much closer to this dream.

Having the mess contained safely and securely in one area with no seepage is the most we can ask for. So what features should we look for to give us the best training experience? Read on as we walk you through what to look for when buying a puppy wee pad.

What to Look for When Buying a Puppy Pad?


A quick-drying surface means the wetness won’t cling to your pup’s paws and have them leave paw prints all over your floors. By quick-drying we mean the moisture is absorbed within seconds. You won’t need to wipe little trails of footprints off the ground.


The last layer or backing of the pee pad should be waterproof and leak-proof to keep your floors safe from overflow. Some options we have introduced above also have a border to avoid seepage and spreading of the liquid.

Odor Neutralizing

The smell of ammonia can cause our eyes to well up with tears. It’s tough on the nose and throat. Odor neutralizing features are essential, and some pads are even fortified with Febreze and light scents to make it more pleasant.


One of the most critical factors, the absorbency is crucial for this product. All brands will tell you that their product has superior absorbency. It’s best if the company states just how much liquid it can hold. The capacity can range from 1 to 6 cups or more. We suggest going to a higher absorbency level.

Built-in Attractant

Before your life can be easy breezy, you must train your pup to use the pee pad. A built-in dog attractant entices your puppy to do its business on the pad. This will make the training process a great deal easier and minimize mishaps.


To keep the pad from slipping when your pup is answering nature’s call, some options come with sticky tape. These adhesive options will keep the pad in place on your tile or hardwood floors.


As we have said, our puppies have torn through puppy pads like tissue paper. Make sure the materials used are non-toxic for precisely this reason, and they get bonus points for being eco-friendly. Reusable puppy pads are an environmentally friendly option, as are the grass patches. The key is to make sure whatever is used is safe and durable.


When talking about safety, we mean making sure the pad is placed in safe places, not near any wires or electrical equipment. If your dog is a chewer, you need to make sure he doesn’t have the chance to do so or eat least catch him early on, so he doesn’t choke on the shreds.


Size matters a lot in this case. Make sure your pup’s paws are entirely inside the border of the pee pad. Anything smaller may cause him/her to miss. A larger pee pad could slip and slide under your little pooch or be confused with a sleeping mat.


There are three main kinds of puppy pads: disposable, washable and hydroponic grass. Disposable ones may cost more in the long run but are better for traveling. Washable options can save you money and are better for the environment. The real grass options give your pup a little piece of nature indoors.

Does My Dog Need Puppy Pads?

If you have an elderly or sick dog with mobility issues or even at the point of needing diapers, a pee pad is necessary. For those with healthy pups, pee pads are great for training, and/or if you have long hours away from your pooch. Sometimes you just don’t have easy access to a park or a yard when you live in a big city. Puppy pads also serve as a protector of your furniture and floors. It acts as a waterproof cover in case accidents strike. If any of these apply to you, a puppy pad could help. Why not make your life easier with this creative invention?


There doesn’t seem to be a downside to puppy pads. The only one we can think of after careful research is your pet might just prefer the pad rather than going outside. Not sure if this would be considered a con, but it will defeat the purpose of training them to go potty outside. When traveling, a puppy pad will become your new best friend and your most significant support. Line the carriers and crates with it to prevent unnecessary messes. Puppy pads are an ideal way to enforce your training routine and eliminate unfortunate accidents.

Expert Tip

An excellent way to get started with puppy pad training is to watch your pet for signs of needing to pee. When they begin sniffing, circling and whining, pick them up and place them gently on the pad. Do not let them leave the premises until they have done their business. Sometimes this could take a while, and we remind you to be patient. When the deed is done, don’t forget to encourage them with verbal praise and/or with a treat and of course lots of affection!

Did You Know

Puppy pads could defeat whatever kind of potty training you are trying to achieve. What we mean is, your puppy might take to the pad more quickly than you think. They might just prefer it over going outdoors or any other area you are aiming for. If you are okay with that, give a puppy pad a try with these essential tips.

A lot of pets won’t want to urinate on the same pad when there aren’t any more clean spots, or it’s pretty filled. This is understandable. Monitor the puppy pad and make sure you dispose of or wash it when necessary. This won’t discourage and deter them from future use of the pad.

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