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6 Best Anti-Chew Sprays for Dogs in 2022

The worst enemy of a perfectly decorated house is an avid chewer. It’s a growing pain and a learning curve that pet owners just need to put up with. However, your table legs can be saved!

Chewing can also be defined as normal and healthy chewing and destructive chewing. What causes a dog to chew in an unhealthy way? We’ll tackle that question and give you our top picks for best anti-chew dog sprays.

On one hand, we have the Kong toys and other durable and virtually indestructible chew toys that can appease snapping jaws. However, you’re in trouble once your dog diverts his attention to his surroundings. Your couch and other upholstery and belongings are at risk of being torn to shreds. But no worries, anti-chew dog sprays have got you covered if you need to stop your dogs from chewing. Read on for the reviews and buying guide.

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1. Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray or Hot Spot Spray

Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray or Hot Spot Spray to stop chewing

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Don’t be alarmed when your dog makes a disgusted face once his tongue comes into contact with the spray. Our top pick, the Bodhi bitter lemon spray, is 100% non-toxic and meant to taste unpleasant. It’s the humane way to keep your dog from chewing and licking harmful things.

Instead of spending time scolding and trying to deter your pet from doing something that only comes naturally; use this chew spray to stop your dogs’ chewing. The Bodhi bitter lemon spray is safe and effective while maintaining the interior of your home. The packaging is made from eco-friendly materials with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t love the chew repellent spray.

+ 100% non-toxic and safe
+ Maintains pet owners’ interior
+ Our Top Pick
+ Eco-friendly packaging
+ 100% money back guarantee if does not stop chewing
+ Bittering agents to stop dogs chewing

Why We Like It – The smell bitter lemon chew repellent spray is strong enough on its own to put some dogs and cats off and to stop chewing. Just make sure you use Bodhi bitter lemon spray in a well-ventilated area.

2. Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Chew Deterrent for Dogs

Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Chew Deterrent for Dogs

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Not only can it rescue your belongings from their demise, but it can also help recovering animals leave their wounds and bandages alone. The spray bottle top makes it easy to administer the chew repellent spray precisely in the right spot. They even come with dabber tops if you are looking to focus on a localized spot.

Grannick’s bitter apple spray is 100% safe and non-toxic. The smell could be overwhelming for some pooches, but your human nose is quite immune to it. Sprinkle the non-toxic spray-on rugs, carpets, and table legs to get the best results. Make sure to spray Grannick’s bitter apple spray on all important items before your dog has the chance to get to them.

+ Two applicator tops
+ 100% safe and non-toxic
+ Deters dogs from chewing on wounds as well
+ Bitter taste
+ Odorless to dog owners

Why We Like It – The dab applicator and spray bottle top is designed to provide you with the freedom to administer the chew repellent spray in a controlled area or on everything in the immediate vicinity. Grannick’s bitter apple spray for dogs is one of the best on the market, so give it a go for your pooch.

3. Anti Chew Dog Training Spray

Anti Chew Dog Training Aid Spray: No Chew Bitter Spray and Chew Deterrent for Dogs

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For maximum effectiveness, Pets Are Kids Too have concocted a powerful bitter deterrent spray that is 3 times as strong as the average chew deterrent. Since it tastes extremely bitter, you can be sure it will work! Just don’t accidentally get this training aid spray in your mouth! Your pet will be 100% safe with this formula that does not contain propylene glycol or other alcohol substances.

Keep your pet from licking and chewing everything in sight with this extra strength bitter training aid spray. Simply aim and spray and see the immediate change in your dog’s behavior. Reapply the powerful bitter deterrent spray as necessary until your dog has curbed his destructive behavior.

+ Alcohol-free
+ Bitter taste is 3x the average product
+ Safe for pets
+ Corrects unwanted behavior
+ Powerful bitter deterrent spray for dogs

Why We Like It – The best part for you but the worst part for your dog is the extra strength formula. If everything else fails, turn to this anti-chew training spray bottle.

4. Warren London Bitter Spray Anti-Chew

Warren London Bitter Spray Anti-Chew

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This product is safe to use on both cats and dogs of all ages (including kittens and puppies), and it adds a bitter taste to whatever sprayed on. You can use it on furniture or carpets, to make sure your home stays intact, or you can spray it on your pup’s paws to prevent licking and chewing, which some dogs are prone to.

Make sure you keep it away from your pet’s face, but other than that, the product can safely be used wherever needed. It is a cruelty-free product made to help you solve issues with the dog chewing where he (or she) is not supposed to, simply by making sure the area does not taste good when your dog starts to chew.

+ Bitter flavor your dog is sure to hate
+ Easy spray-on application
+ No harmful chemicals or additives
+ Safe to spray directly on the dog’s paws

Why We Like It – While some anti-chew products use fruity flavors to mix with bitterness (something known to appeal to some dogs), this spray is nothing but pure bitterness – a flavor your pooch is highly unlikely to want to chew on willingly.

5. Emmy’s Best PRO Anti-Chew Spray

Emmy’s Best PRO Anti Chew Spray for Dogs

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This patent-pending formula claims to be the strongest formula on the market! The alcohol-free formula is safe and works on both puppies and adult fur babies. What’s awesome about this Emmy’s Best PRO Anti Chew Spray product is it comes with an interactive 14-day training program that can be taken online at your convenience.

The program is meant to help you eliminate pesky chewing in just 2 weeks! Unfortunately, your dog will hate it, but you will love it! Emmy’s best has so much confidence in your satisfaction that they give you a 100% guarantee with a 1-year unconditional manufacture’s warranty. Have you clicked “order” yet?

+ Alcohol-free
+ Interactive online training program
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Why We Like It – A guarantee, a warranty, and a free online training course? What else do you need to convince you to order right now? How about a 2019 Family Choice Award? Both adult dogs and puppies chew, so you may wish to try Emmy’s Best PRO Anti Chew Spray dog product out!

6. Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray

Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray for Dogs

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The anti-chew spray is effective and safe to use even on your dog’s body to help with healing. If you find a formula that is 3 times as bitter as the regular product is too much for your dog to take, this is another option for you. It’s 2 times the bitter and unpleasant taste for your dog and double the effectiveness.

These dog repellent chew sprays also contain calming and soothing tea tree oil designed to provide an offset to the stronger formula. For sensitive skin, the tea tree oil really helps cool and heal hot spots. Not only is it safe on skin, but it is also kind to all furniture, clothes and fabrics around the house.

+ Alcohol-free
+ Safe on all skin and surfaces
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee
+ Professionally formulated

Why We Like It – Not nearly as strong as the 3x bitter formula, but gives an extra boost in case the regular spray dog products don’t work.

Dog Anti-Chew Spray Buying Guide

After reading through the product list, we believe you should have some idea of what constitutes a good dog spray. As mentioned, the anti-chew spray should be used alongside proper training to completely eliminate unwanted chewing.

We must remind you that all dogs are different, and some are unaffected by these dog repellent sprays. In that case, other methods or concoctions could have a better effect. Let’s take a look at what makes a safe anti-chew dog spray.

What to Look for When Dog Anti-Chew Sprays


Try to opt for ingredients that are as natural and organic as possible when buying chew sprays. Do not add harmful and detrimental chemicals into your dog’s body in order to keep your furniture, clothes, chairs and table legs safe. Steer clear of chemical-based formulas.


One such chemical to steer away from is alcohol. Although most dog products and perhaps some vets claim that a tiny bit of alcohol is harmless, we still advise against it.


The effectiveness of the product depends greatly on the formula. Results count, so what’s the best formula? You have bitter apple and lemon spray dog products with the average bitterness. If your pooch is unaffected, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to the 2x or 3x the bitterness deterrent spray products.

What is Destructive Chewing

Dogs and puppies chew, that’s just in their genes. However, if he consistently manages to leave a trail of debris and destruction in his wake for no apparent reason, it could be time to find a good bitter dog spray.

Some dogs and puppies chew for a reason, boredom and anxiety are among the common causes of destructive chewing. In these cases, the behavior could be tamed with chew toys, interactive dog cameras, exercise and extra attention from you. Aim to figure out the reason behind the behavior to find the best course of action.


Dog anti-chew sprays are meant to fix aggressive chewing, but not all dogs are susceptible to the taste. Dogs chew naturally so you are bound to have a broken chair or torn shoe here and there. It comes with the territory when you are a dog owner.

There have also been reports of dogs and cats like the taste of these anti chew sprays. The best path to take is to try and try again. Have you tried an anti chew spray before? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

Expert Tip

Only administer the anti chew spray on objects and surfaces you do not want your dog to chew on. If you spray and slather everything with the scent, then it will be extremely difficult for your dog to differentiate what is ok and what isn’t to chew on.

Did You Know

Yes, you can very well concoct your own anti-chew potion for your dog in the lab (kitchen). This way you can be assured that you know exactly what is going into your pup and everything is 100% safe and natural. Citrus and apple flavors plus a bit of sour apple cider vinegar are smells that really put off your dog. Hence why a lot of anti-chew sprays are apple and citrus scented.

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