Barx Buddy Review (2022)

Properly training your dog is one of the toughest tasks as a dog parent. Each dog is different and they also respond to different methods of obedience. What one dog can master may not be easy for another one. Incessant barking is one of the most undesirable behaviors a dog can have, so if you have an aggressive barker, what can you do?

You can’t control when a car drives by or when your neighbor walks by with their dog, but hopefully you can control the amount of excessive barking your dog doles out. It could drive anyone crazy, just like incessant crying from a baby can be hard to take at times.

There are “crueler” methods to deal with these habits such as spray collars, prong collars, shock collars, etc., but there is actually something that is more pet-friendly. The Barx Buddy is your new best friend for curbing barking. It is easy to use and incorporates ultrasonic sound, which is inaudible to humans but can deter your dog.

What exactly is this interesting device? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Barx Buddy?

barx buddy

As said, it’s a primarily ultrasonic noise device that doesn’t harm your dog, but is enough to distract him and pull his train of thought away from whatever has captured his attention.

The frequency is above human ear levels and there is also an LED light built in. The LED light is great for visibility during low-light conditions, and it adds visual stimulation for dogs that don’t care for sound or have gotten used to it.

The utilization of the BarxBuddy is also very simple – its just the push of a button! The small device can fit around your wrist or sit comfortably in your pocket during outings. The best part about the BarxBuddy is that it can be used to train away any unwanted problems.

Whether your dog likes to dig, get into trash cans or like to nip at fingers and toes, the Barx Buddy is your new best friend. The amazing pocket devices has many other advanced features such as lighting, infrared rays, LED light and even a frequency that drives dogs away.

How a Dog Whistle Can Stop Barking

A dog whistle can be instrumental in your quest to stop barking. But like many other training devices, this won’t get you out of all the hard work. You still need to pair training with positive reinforcement.

Get to know your dog, what does he like? Maybe he prefers a good belly rub to some treats. Knowing how to reward your dog is just as important as teaching them what’s “bad behavior”.

A dog whistle, such as the BarxBuddy only offers you a bit of help during this process. It still takes patience and consistency to teach your dog the right behavior. Once you find him engaging or about to engage in unwanted behaviors, just simply click the button for the handheld whistle to emit a high frequency sound.

It isn’t designed to hurt them, more to distract them. But we will say that the unpleasantness of the high-pitched and sharp sound may not sit very well with some dogs. As many dog trainers have mentioned, a good way (if not the best way) to get your dog to stop engaging in unruly behavior is to distract them.

If your excited pup is happy and ready to pounce on you when you get home, the best way to stop this is to distract him with a toy or something of the like.

Below we have some tips on how to enforce this newfound training device.

  1. When your dog starts to bark (or other undesirable mannerisms), get close to him and remain calm. Refrain from yelling, because your dog interprets that as excitement.
  2. Get in your dog’s field of vision and gently press the button.
  3. You should be able to see instant results or at least some acknowledgement from your dog.
  4. If you don’t you may have a more stubborn fur baby on your hands so try to add the LED light into the process.
  5. With the help of one or two of the stimulations, your dog should slowly begin to calm down.
  6. Once he has, you can then start to reward him with positive phrases, belly rubs and pats as well as treats.
  7. This will help them understand what it is you want. Remember that consistency is key so always have the BarxBuddy handy.

The Barx Buddy

The BarxBuddy understands the turmoil a misbehaving dog can cause. Dogs are great pets, but it can be increasingly frustrating when you have a stubborn one on your hands.

So if barking is a problem or even stray dogs coming on to your property and tearing through your yard and perhaps even attacking your fur baby, then the BarxBuddy can potentially change your life.

Obedience training is good and quite useful, but unless you have the proper devices reinforcing you, the results can take weeks or even months to appear. With the Barx Buddy, you can enjoy instant results (but it may take a few days to stick).

The harmless ultrasonic frequency works with all dogs and is enough to at least distract them and grab their attention. Other than the sound emitted, you also get an LED flashlight for extra visual stimulation and it’s an easily portable and easy to use device.


+ Small and easily portable
+ Easy to use
+ LED light
+ Ultrasonic frequency that doesn’t harm dogs
+ Successful results
+ Comes with a lanyard attachment
+ Cruelty-free alternative
+ Can be used for other unwanted behaviors


 + The LED light is not very big

Top Rated Alternatives

Bark Silencer

As great as the BarxBuddy is, the Bark Silencer may be an even better option! It’s also gentle and humane and the design is small and easy to pocket, similar to the Barx Buddy.

The Bark Silencer is a 2.0 version, which means there are no kinks that haven’t been figured out. It’s a new and improved model that helps to train frustrating and unwanted behaviors out of your dog.

You can even have a hand in stopping your neighbor’s yappy dog or aggressive dog from harming you or coming onto your property. Don’t worry if the dog is across the street, the Bark Silencer has a range of up to 50 feet!

There are two levels you can customize. The first one being a much gentler frequency that will just deter dogs and the level 2 being the stronger one, powerful enough to drive dogs away. It’s 100% safe and also comes with the integrated LED light.


+ 2 levels
+ LED flashlight
+ Gentle and humane
+ 100% safe
+ Effective
+ Can be used for any unwanted behavior
+ Easy to use 


Dog barking can drive people nuts, but there is no way treating your dog in an inhumane way has every crossed your mind. If distraction with treats and toys prove to be futile, then maybe a dog whistle is what you need. The Barx Buddy is a great choice with the Bark Silencer 2.0 as an even better alternative.

With proper encouragement and consistent training, even the most stubborn and ill-behaved dogs can get the hang of things.

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