Bark Silencer Review (2022 Review Updated)

How many of us dog parents wish there was an easy but humane and gentle way to stop our dogs from barking? Even if it’s just a fleeting thought, we know it has crossed our minds before.

Barking, digging, nipping and jumping, there are quite a few bad habits your dog can pick up. Spending time with other dogs can also result in them bringing home some unwanted tendencies.

Let’s focus on barking today. With the right training method, it can also be carried over to curb other undesirable habits. We can agree that we all love our dogs to no end, but is there something we can do to help them become even more well-behaved?

Prong collars, spray collars and shock collars can deter us from using them due to their names alone. Don’t worry as there is a gentler alternative – the Bark Silencer dog whistle!

What is the Bark Silencer 2.0?

bark silencer
So what exactly is the Bark Silencer? To put it simply, it’s an electric ultrasonic dog whistle. You may be thinking that a dog whistle is used more to call out to your fur babies, so you are wondering how it can help curb barking.

The Bark Silencer operates at a frequency that is inaudible to human ears. However, just because you can’t hear it doesn’t mean your dog can’t. Just keep in mind that having no sound doesn’t mean it’s not working.

It’s gentle, and won’t harm your dog’s eardrums. To add to its appeal, the Bark Silencer also comes with a small infrared light and a flashlight attached to it. Usually, the Bark Silencer whistle itself should be enough to stop your dog in his tracks, but just in case it’s not, the flashlight will do the trick.

With both the flashlight and the whistle, you now have two separate ways to control your dog – visually and by ear. You can even use both simultaneously to give your dog plenty to focus on.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Bark Silencer or any other type of training tool is not meant to be used as a form of punishment. In fact, you should always have some form of positive reinforcement ready. Treats and encouraging tones and a kiss is a great way to show your dog he is a good boy.

The device comes with a battery and is currently on sale for 50% off the regular price! With the Bark Silencer, you can forgo all the other methods of training and also experience a higher success rate!

How a Dog Whistle Can Stop Barking

Dog barking
Before you pull the trigger on any training device, we understand that responsible dog parents need to do their due diligence to make sure the device is safe. So how exactly does the Bark Silencer work?

First of all, you need to lower your expectations. Understand that a bark control device such as the Bark Silencer isn’t an end-all solution to the problem. It needs to be paired with patience as well as consistency.

A lot of dog parents underestimate the importance of a good pat on the head or your dog’s favorite doggy treat. A Bark Silencer will however, open the door for you to head in the right direction.

The easy handheld device is gentle and easy to use. It doesn’t require you to be hands-on, and just the simple click of the button will do. It will emit a high pitched ultrasonic sound that won’t harm your dog and is inaudible to you.

The sound can be described as unpleasant, but nothing your dog can’t handle. However, similar to shock collars or citronella collars, not every dog will react the same way. This is why the included flashlight is so important.

Just in case the sound isn’t enough to help your dog think twice, the flashlight will give that extra layer of stimulation that will do the trick. For the sound, it’s designed to surprise and catch your dog off guard to distract him from whatever it was he was barking at.

Just in case he is too focused on whatever has caught his attention, you can turn to the flashlight to give him extra visual stimulation. Redirection is the secret method to training and a lot of top trainers such as Zak George always encourage this.

Once you have gotten the hang of this with barking and have seen visible results, you can gradually transfer the skills you have learned from curbing barking to other behaviors such as digging, nipping and jumping.

What Makes the Bark Silencer Better than Other Products?

Dog training devices are not new to the market and there is an endless selection for you to choose from. So what makes the Bark Silencer the optimal choice?

The Bark Silencer was created as the number one solution to a problem. It offers multiple forms of distraction including the flashlight and even has a small infrared light.

The device is handheld and small, making it easy to take with you no matter where you go. Slide it in your pocket or your purse for easy access and the lanyard makes it easy to hook it around your wrist.

There are two levels, the I and the II settings. The level 2 is obviously the more aggressive option and we don’t recommend this unless you are using it on an aggressive dog (meaning there is potential someone or some animal could get hurt).

For training purposes, please only use level 1. This emission level is used for course correction and the alternative is much louder and can be considered a form of punishment if used incorrectly.

The level 2 sound emission is meant to scare threatening dogs. This is very useful for individuals who live further away from the cities or up on a mountain with the chance of encountering coyotes, and more.

It can be seen as a way to protect your dogs from potential harm and not only a device used to teach them how to behave. It’s much less dangerous than other training alternatives and it’s very easy to use. Have we mentioned that the Bark Silencer is on sale for 50% off?

How to Use the Bark Silencer

To be effective, you need to use the device correctly. Don’t use it unless your dog is exhibiting bad behavior.

When he starts, that’s when you can pull out the device. As soon has he gets in a bark, you blow on the device. Just one sharp blow like you mean business should do it. Your dog should at least acknowledge the sound emitted whether he stops dead in his tracks or just looks a bit confused.

If just one blow did the trick, praise your dog immediately afterwards. If one was not enough, then give the whistle another sharp blow. It shouldn’t take too many times for your dog to quiet down.

If you are finding that you have a stubborn fur baby on your hands, then you may want to incorporate the flashlight as well. Blow on the whistle and shine the flashlight at a spot where he can see.

Even the most stubborn dogs will stop and investigate the sound, the light or both. Once you have successfully calmed him down, remember to give him plenty of encouragement, praise, love, and treats!

Consistency is key, and to keep the Bark Silencer handy. Dogs are simple animals, if you utilize the Bark Silencer one day and not the next, he won’t understand what the purpose is.


+ Easy to use
+ Great alternative to crueler and more harmful options.
+ Proven to work for barking
+ Can help curb other unwanted behaviors
+ Small and portable
+ Has an integrated flashlight as well
+ Two customizable levels
+ Great training tool
+ Sleek design
+ Fits into the palm of your hand with finger indents
+ Included lanyard
+ On sale right now


+ Easy to misplace due to the size

Customer Reviews

“It works!” –  Magdalen Jenkins

“It worked like a charm!” – Kim Janney

“Works perfectly at 10 meters.” – Ollie Collins

“Very pleased with my purchase. Fast shipping.” – Laura Berge

“Super! The device works perfectly!” – Faye Berge

“Arrived in a couple of weeks and as described”  – Allie Huel

Become one of these happy customers today!


Look no further for the answer to your barking problems (paired with consistent training of course). A bark control device offers another alternative to the more inhumane options. It utilizes an ultrasonic pitch that is meant to take your dog by surprise.

Just like all forms of dog training, consistency is the key paired with endless positive reinforcement. Even for the most stubborn dogs, pleasing fur parents makes them happy.

The Bark Silencer is a device that’s always ready to use with the simple click of a button. You will be able to stop your dog from carrying out unwanted behaviors without harming them in the process.

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