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Bark Begone Review (2022)

Barking is a tough behavior to nip in the bud, but with the proper training device, it will get you that much closer. When nothing else seems to work, a barking deterrent such as a dog whistle could be your only option.

There are other devices on the market that claim to do the job a dog whistle can, can they involve arguably more harmful methods. We are talking about the shock collars, prong collars, and spray collars.

There have even been cases where the use of the above-mentioned devices actually led to more aggression in dogs. It can’t be argued that we all love our dogs very much, but incessant barking could be enough to drive anyone crazy from time to time.

If you are reluctant to try the spray, prong and shock collars, an ultrasonic dog whistle could be the perfect training tool for you and your dog. When harsh words just don’t seem to do the trick, then perhaps a dog whistle will.

What is Bark Begone?

bark begone

The Bark Begone is an electric dog whistle that dominates the market. Think of a whistle, but a higher-tech one that is meant just for dogs. The Bark Begone is meant to accompany you and your dog on walks, to the park and for all other occasions.

The sound emitted from the device is inaudible to humans, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing the whole neighborhood just to train your dog. The same can’t be said for your neighbors dogs though.

The Bark Begone can undermine bad behavior and protect your dog as well. Since not all of us speak the dog language, it’s hard for our dogs to understand just exactly what it is we want all of the time.

Help mediate the situation and teach your dog right from wrong in a humane and ethical way. Other than the ultrasonic sound it emits to distract your dog, the Bark Begone is also accompanied with a built-in flashlight.

Just in case your dog isn’t surprised by the sound, the flashlight will surely get his attention. Not to mention, it makes a very handy tool for nightly walks.

Some people might balk at the ultrasonic frequency thinking it’s harmful or could hurt your dog’s ears, but it’s not. It’s easy to use developed by professionals and is completely harmless.

How a Dog Whistle Can Stop Barking

barking dog

How can such a simple device stop barking? A whistle is a simple device, but a dog whistle possesses the capability to emit a sound at a much higher frequency. Basically, the ultrasonic sound is designed to snap our dog out of his barking state.

However, you can’t just rely on this product to do the job for you. You need to pair the Bark Begone with consistent training, patience and lots of positive reinforcement to ensure the results.

The best thing about a dog whistle is it isn’t only a barking deterrent, but it’s a legitimate training device. You can use it to stop your dog from pouncing on guests or digging up your yard as well.

Once you have mastered the technique with barking, you can gradually move on to other behaviors. Don’t worry about potentially harming your dog’s hearing ability. The Bark Begone emits a sound at a high frequency, but not at a high volume.

It’s out of our range of audibility but it’s not foreign to a dog. It was designed this way to not disrupt other people whilst training your dog. The sound will catch your dog’s attention because it’s not one often heard in his normal environment.

Also due to this logic, you won’t have to worry about using the Bark Begone while other pets are in the vicinity.

The Bark Begone can work with other dogs or animals as well. For example, if your neighbor has an aggressive dog that likes to hop the fence and bully your fur baby, you can spot him coming and flick the button to stop him in his tracks.

The Bark Begone is a temporary solution for all behaviors unless it is paired with long-term training.

What Makes Bark Begone Better than Other Products?

what makes bark begone better than other products
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

The Bark Begone is not a normal dog whistle. It can not only curb unwanted behavior through sound, but through sight as well with the built-in flashlight. You don’t even need to be near your dog for it to work as the range is up to 70 feet! Just remember to be close enough to offer positive reinforcement right afterwards.

There are also two customizable levels on the Bark Begone. The first level is ideal for training your dog. It’s just an uncommon sound that is invisible to human ears and designed to take your dog by surprise.

Level two is where it gets a bit tricky and should never be used for training. It’s a more aggressive and louder sound that would be used to ward off aggressive dogs or nuisance animals.

For further instructions on when and how to use the different settings, you can refer to the user manual that is also included in your purchase.

The Bark Begone is a handheld device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Not only that, but you can slip it easily into your pocket or keep it in your purse if you have one. Or you can keep it on hand by slipping it over your wrist with the lanyard.

The built-in LED flashlight is what gives the Bark Begone as well as the Bark Silencer an edge in the market. Some dogs may be less effected by the sound or be too enamored with whatever has caught his attention.

In this case, what you can do is use the LED flashlight in tandem with the ultrasonic sound for better results. Redirection is what many dog trainers teach us to do when it comes to training, and what better deterrent than a high-pitched sound with visual stimulation?


+ Small and compact design
+ Has a built-in flashlight
+ Included lanyard
+ Two customizable levels
+ Great alternative to other devices
+ Easy to Use 


+ The price is slightly higher than some other devices

Our Recommended Bark Begone Alternative


Remember that dogs are loving animals and even if they are known to be from a stubborn breed, your happiness makes them happy. They are programmed to please but they may not necessarily have the know-how. Which is why it’s up to us to give them proper instruction.

With the Bark Begone or Bark Silencer helping us out, your dog can better understand what you want and look forward to earning your affection and his treats! You don’t necessarily need to turn to harmful devices, especially if you have a Bark Begone in your arsenal.

Once you understand how it works, it will be easy for you to transfer that knowledge into other problem areas.

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