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CBD Oil for Beagles – Improve Your Beagle’s Health

Beagles are a very unique breed of dog, just ask anyone who owns one! They were originally bred as hunting dogs in England and they have been around for a very long time. In fact, there are writings containing references to Beagles in documents dating from as early as the 1400s. This hunting instinct probably explains why they are always on the move and investigating, although this vigilant inspecting can sometimes lead them into harm’s way as they are so preoccupied with their foraging. Indeed, you very rarely see a Beagle out and about that is sitting still. They are extremely loving animals and love company and if left alone too often they can cause mischief and not just a little bit of damage.

They can also be one of the most stubborn of animals when it suits them. Whilst Beagles do not drool or snore particularly they do tend to bark, and a heck of a lot. And that howl is not like any other, you can always identify an unseen beagle from the sound it makes. However, they do not make good guard dogs and would more likely seek attention from an intruder than scare them off. Like all dogs, Beagles can get ill and are prone to some illnesses more than others. This is where CBD oil comes into play. And although Hemp derived products are becoming more and more popular, some people are still unaware of this amazing plant, so here is a quick overview before we return to our canine friends and their ills.

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Beagles, Illness, And CBD

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, comes from the hemp plant, parts of which are also used in the production of the drug cannabis. Unlike cannabis, however, Hemp oil does not contain high amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the element of hemp that creates the euphoric state when used as a drug. It is becoming widely farmed in the US and is legal in over thirty states and is not addictive or harmful. CBD oil is often taken by humans as a treatment for a wide variety of illnesses including arthritis, diabetes and can even be effective in lessening the side effects of cancer treatments. CBD in the animal world is successfully used to relieve hip dysplasia in dogs and most physical disorders involving inflammation across a wide range of the mammal species. Cannabidiol is also 100% sustainable, organic and natural.

Beagles are everywhere. One of the most famous dogs in the entire world is a Beagle: Snoopy of course! And we often see them at airports and border crossings using their unique talents in the name of security and the prevention of smuggling. Despite their hardiness though, Beagles do of course fall ill, and there are some complaints they are more prone to than others. Quite a list in fact.

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   Rich In VitaminsUnusually for a smaller breed, 20% of Beagles can suffer from hip dysplasia. This is a painful condition that can result in lameness and in worst case scenarios, immobility. Long backed breeds also tend to suffer from Invertebral Disc Disease, this causes the discs between vertebrae to burst or swell causing pressure to be exerted on the spinal cord which results in extreme pain and sometimes even paralysis. Degenerative Myelopathy is another common problem for Beagles and can result in death a year on from diagnosis and is a degenerative disorder also affecting the spine.

Epilepsy in Beagles

Epilepsy is seen more often in Beagles than any other breed and causes fits and seizures of varying degrees of severity. Some diseases suffered by the Beagle are hereditary in nature, Chinese Beagle Syndrome being one. This causes malformation of the muscles, bones, heart, and skin resulting in a dog born with high ears, slanted eyes, and tight skin. Their gait is also affected by CBS as they are born with deformed tendons.

Beagle Pain Syndrome is another unique problem for this breed as the name clearly states. Usually affecting younger dogs less than three years old and it causes various degrees of pain in the sufferer. Like Inherited Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism. BPS Is an auto-immune disease resulting in the body attacking its own blood vessels near the brain, heart and other organs, although in the case of AH, it is the thyroid causing the damage. Finally, there is Distichiasis, a condition affecting 17% of all Beagles and concerns the eyelashes growing backward into the eye causing damage to the cornea. As said, quite a list and a particularly nasty litany of maladies.

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Common Illnesses of Beagles

So, as you can see, there is quite the list of illnesses common to the breed and these are accompanied by all of the other maladies that all dogs can suffer from, not just Beagles. Fortunately, CBD can help treat and ease many of these complicated health issues replacing or working alongside synthetic, pharma produced drugs. It is also good to know that CBD can treat and assist in the alleviation of many other illnesses and diseases beyond those listed above. For now, we will concentrate on how CBD oil can help two of the diseases from those listed above.

CBD can be very effecting in helping to cope with Invertebral Disc Disease or IDD. When your dog is suffering from IDD it will display some of the following symptoms, Loss of appetite, cries of pain, unhappy to go for a walk and play. It will appear anxious and perhaps howl and bark for no apparent reason. Muscles spasms, tension and even possible a hump along its back will also indicate IDD’s presence. It also may lose control of its toiletry functions and experience weakness in its hind legs. All pretty nasty for our little canine pal I am sure you will agree.

These problems occur due to the cushioning discs that sit between the vertebrae of the spine bursting or bulging and moving out of their regular position causing pressure to be put upon the nerves and tissue running along the spinal cord. How this condition is treated depends upon how badly the dog is suffering from it. Pain-killers, anti-inflammatories, and steroids prescribed by your vet may in some cases be enough to quieten the problem down and return the dog to good health. In other, more severe cases, an operation may be needed.

There may however, be no need for the introduction of medications that can have at best unpleasant side-effects, at worst serious residual problems as CBD can play a huge role in restoring your dog’s well-being. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and is the most beneficial naturally occurring treatment of inflammation. It is also a hugely effective, and again natural, painkiller so with those two factors in play it is perfect in the treatment of IDD. Research and study show that cannabinoids are vital to our system in the relieving of pain. In fact, this is true right across the mammal world as we all possess what is called the endocannabinoid system which deals with producing and releasing those cannabinoids that help fight anything from discomfort to outright agony.

CBD – Studies Show Effectiveness Of Drug On Mammals

In a range of studies from the 1980’s to the latter part of the first decade of this century, it was shown time and time again that CBD was an effective and, as importantly, not harmful in any shape or form, type of painkiller and as a treatment to combat inflammation. As humans and dogs, rats and horses for example, all have this endocannabinoid system, any research and experimentation are valid for all mammals regardless of which species is under the microscope. So, if CBD works as an inflammatory for a human or squirrel, it will work perfectly well for your Beagle dog. The only difference is that the dosage varies in relation to the size of the patient.

Another ailment from the list and treatable with CBD is epilepsy. As previously stated, this is quite a common problem with the Beagle, more so than a lot of other breeds. Being a lifelong problem, epilepsy is generally treated with regular prescription drugs and causes fits or seizures that vary quite dramatically in their severity. There are very many symptoms of this illness including vomiting, temporary vision loss, and irregular leg movements.

These can be accompanied by Barking and howling, drooling and foaming at the mouth, behavioral changes and stiff limbs and perhaps most tellingly cognitive problems ranging from mild twitching and convulsions to a sudden loss of consciousness with a tendency to slump to one particular side. Once again, all unpleasant stuff.

To understand how CBD can help with these matters it is important to know that there are two types of epilepsy. Idiopathic and structural. The former has no obvious triggers that are produced by specific illness or trauma. Instead, experts think that Idiopathic epilepsy is caused by a genetic factor or environmental elements. These causing a rapid firing of the neurons of the brain which result in the suffering of a seizure.

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CBD – Known For Reducing Fits And Seizures

Structural epilepsy, however, is almost always caused by an elemental cause such as degenerative brain condition, head trauma, tumor or chronic inflammation of the brain. That last giving you a huge clue as to why CBD can help treat beagles suffering from structural epilepsy, in fact, CBD oil has been proven to calm the misfiring brain in both humans and animals greatly reducing the amounts of fits and seizures experienced by up to 35%. The Lancet medical journal published a paper in 2016 which showed a study that validated that figure in trials involving 200 people and also went on to state that a number of sufferers stopped suffering from attacks completely following their using of CBD in the study.

Epilepsy is one of the largest areas of research concerning how it can be affected by CBD. Indeed, such is the mounting evidence that Cannabinoid oil is an effective measure against the problem, many governments around the world and a high number of states in the US now accept the use of CBD as a valid and effective treatment for the problem.

A quick visit to web sites and forums around the web will reveal many stories of beagles successfully using CBD treatments to combat their illnesses. For instance, a hop over to and you will come across the stories of Oscar and Winston. Oscar is a beagle suffering from arthritis, hip and joint pain and general pain issues that were impeding the poor guy’s mobility. After putting him on a course of CBD treatments his owners were over the moon with the results. Winston had problems with epilepsy. His vet prescribed him the regular drugs that vets suggest for his problem and the side effects were almost as debilitating as the illness itself. Looking for alternatives, his owners were told about CBD. They dropped the original treatment and replaced it with Cannabinoid oil and Winston has now been free from seizures for 18 months. These are just two of the many tales of success that can be read about on Beagle and CBD websites.

CBD Products You Should Try

There are a lot of brands of CBD based medications out there and your first foray into finding the correct one for your dog can be a little overwhelming. Perhaps the best way to begin looking is to visit those aforementioned specialist web sites and see what other people are saying or you could ask relevant questions on the forums and message boards. Despite there being so many retailers to choose from, generally speaking, the same ones keep coming to the fore as they tend to be the most reliable and reputable. For example, a product and company whose names keep popping up time after time are the King Kalm CBD 300mg rx treatment from the King Kanine range at This is a highly recommended supplement from a well established and respected retailer.

Whichever of those illnesses listed your Beagle is suffering from, or any illness at all in fact, it would be very wise to take the time to consider CBD as the best course of treatment. Once thought of as just an “alternative” therapy it is, now a fully credible, highly researched and authority validated treatment for IDD, epilepsy, dysplasia and a whole range of other maladies. It will only take a small amount of time to do a little research into CBD, its effects in regard to the health of your dog and also where you can buy it, but the benefits to your Beagle could be huge.

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