Best CBD Treats for Dogs

9 Best CBD Dog Treats in 2021

Dogs all over the world suffer from separation anxiety, irrational fears of loud sounds or big crowds, panic when being transported by car and much more, which can become a problem if the stress caused is very severe.

Not only can it result in destructive behaviors (excessive barking, howling, chewing, licking and digging), but it can push some dogs towards aggressiveness!

The good news is that there is the help out there online, and a natural and CBD-based calming dog treat might be the solution you have been waiting to find. But, where can I find CBD dog treats near me, and what should I look for? These two questions are common and perfectly reasonable!

Now, however, with the internet – any responsible dog owner has access to CBD calming medication for dogs with anxiety, and since it is a natural composition of herbs and oils, it is an excellent way to help a nervous and stressed canine to a better (and less stressful) life.

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1. KarmaPets Calming Treats

KarmaPets Calming Treats for Dogs Tub


If you have a dog that freaks out whenever a neighbor comes over for a visit, that can’t settle down when there are noises coming from outside the apartment, or a dog that has a hard time dealing with stress, anxiety, whining, barking – then these natural CBD treats for dogs could be helpful.

They are chewy, tastes like a delicious treat and are said to calm about 99% of dog anxieties, to help give your pup less to worry about, and an improved life quality. By administrating these before a potential stressor, it can help regulate the chemicals in the brain, and lessen the sensation of panic and anxiety.

This supplement is made with natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, organic hemp oil, and passion flower, and it helps calm down the dog without causing drowsiness.

+ Soft chew-treats
+ Calms 99% of dog anxieties
+ Vegan and organic ingredients
+ No drowsiness

Why We Like It – These CBD dog treats are calming and relaxing, without causing drowsiness. This means that your pup can keep enjoying his or her regular activities while feeling less tense.

2. Pawlife Calming Treats

Pawlife Calming Treats

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Every dog gets stressed sometimes, but some dogs tend to stress more than others and express anxious behaviors that can come to limit them in their everyday lives.

For these dogs, CBD oil dog treats might be the solution, as it reduces built-up pressure and prevents destructive stress-related behaviors such as digging, howling, excessive licking, biting and even subtle signs of aggression.

These dog CBD treats also work for hyperactive dogs and can be great for better focus during training sessions and in situations (such as in crowds) where the dog needs to keep it together.

It is a CBD dog treat without added fillers (such as dairy and corn) or artificial colors, and it uses natural ingredients to calm your fur buddy down.

+ Safe and mild formula
+ Natural bacon flavor
+ With organic chamomile
+ No fillers or artificial colors

Why We Like It – Supplements can be difficult to administer, but these cannabis treats for dogs taste just like bacon – tricking your dog into thinking it is a reward, rather than a calming aid. They will be beginning for their CBD treats before you know it!

3. Zingy Paws Calming Treats

AuMeow Calming Treats

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Perhaps you have tried everything to relax your best fur friend in certain situations; such as when being left alone, on New Year’s Eve with all the fireworks or when the neighbor is having a loud party (for the 3rd time this month), but you haven’t found a solution that worked.

These CBD dog treats for anxiety and stress start working fast, they can be given in advance when you know that something stressful is about to happen, or when your fur baby is already starting to get worked up.

This is a supplement packed with vitamins and minerals, hemp seeds and mild natural sedatives like chamomile and passion flower.

The natural herbs found in these CBD pet treats do not cause drowsiness or put your dog to sleep, but instead, they work to take the edge off anxiety and anxiety-related stress.

+ With natural herbs and vitamins
+ For anxious and hyperactive dogs
+ Completely Valerian-free
+ Delicious meaty flavor

Why We Like It – One of the best CBD dog treats, made with only natural herbs and enriched with vitamins and minerals, to give your anxious pooch nutrition and relaxation at the same time.

4. Petipet Plant-Based Treats

Petipet Plant-Based Treats

Getting CBD dog biscuits or cannabis dog treats for an overly anxious dog can turn out to be a lifesaver, and these delicious CBD treats for dogs are among the best on the market.

Let your four-legged friend try these apple, baobab, and carrot treats – all fortified with calming ingredients like passion flower, organic hemp, and chamomile – and see the difference it will make in unpleasant and/or stressful situations.

The products used to make this bag of dog cannabis treats are all human-grade and made in factories approved to handle human food, which guarantees its high quality.

+ With carrot and apples
+ Money-back guarantee
+ Human-grade ingredients
+ Long-lasting effect

Why We Like It – These hemp dog treats are both healthy, effective, long-lasting and made in trusted factories in the United States, and they make a great supplement to your dog’s diet when needed.

5. PremiumCare CBD Treats

PremiumCare CBD Treats

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Need a solution to your dog’s separation anxiety or panic whenever fireworks go off on New Year’s and other festive holidays?

These delicious and duck flavored weed dog treats will quickly convince you that they are among the best CBD for dogs with stress-related issues since they start working almost immediately, they taste good and they are made with naturally calming ingredients.

Valerian root, ginger root, passion flower and chamomile all chip in to take the edge off your dog’s distress, so that he or she can enjoy their life fully, without having to stress and worry so much.

They are hemp dog biscuits – edibles for dogs – made to help a hyperactive or nervous dog to calm down, without causing drowsiness and without sedating them.

While on these CBD treats – your dog will be able to engage in any regular activity, only with less pressure and stress.

+ Calming, relaxing and healthy
+ All natural and organic ingredients
+ Easy to chew and irresistible duck flavor
+ Prevents destructive stress behavior

Why We Like It – When looking for CBD dog treats reviews is a great way to learn more about a product.

This cannabinoid-based pet treat product often rates high among buyers online, due to its delicious flavor and quick-acting calming effects.

It is natural and provides your pup with a small health boost every time you feed it to them.

6. Dog Anxiety Relief with HEMP

Dog Anxiety Relief treats with HEMP

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Reduce stress and calm anxiety with these dog weed treats made to lessen extreme anxiety symptoms; such as separation anxiety and fear, and give your furry friends a chance to enjoy life to the fullest.

They calm both stress, hyperactivity, and aggression caused by previously mentioned factors, and the duck flavored cannabis dog biscuits contain only natural and healthy ingredients.

The organic hemp is full of healthy fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), antioxidants and protein, which all contribute to eliminating inflammations in the joints; something that in turn can reduce bone and joint related pain issues.

There is also organic ginger root; known to be great for car- and motion sickness.

+ For stress, aggression, and hyperactivity
+ With Omega 3 and Omega 6
+ Reduces bone and joint pain
+ Ginger to prevent motion sickness

Why We Like It – Not only do you get canna biscuits that are great for anxiety reduction, but you also get the benefit of cannabinoid dog treats that can help protect bones and joints, as well as prevent motion sickness (which is a major issue for many driving dog owners).

7. Half Baked Hemp Dog Treats

These veterinarian-formulated soft chews are nutritious, delicious and contain CBD from organically grown hemp oil.

It helps to relax an anxious or stressed dog, by controlling their hormone levels and replacing sensations of stress and panic with those of calm and ease.

It can also be beneficial for dogs suffering from age-related pains, and hemp oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are both beneficial for proper cardiovascular function.

Help your dog feel more relaxed, while also boosting their overall health and immune system, by giving them one of these beef-flavored chews whenever you feel they might benefit from one.

+ Soft and chewable
+ Delicious beef flavor
+ For a healthy heart
+ Reduces pain and stress

Why We Like It – The superior flavor will be enough to convince even the pickiest eater, and these promote both a healthier mind and a strong and pain-free body, especially for aging dogs.

8. Zesty Pets Anxiety Composure Relief

Zesty Pets Anxiety Composure Relief

Zesty Pets peanut butter flavored calming treats are a popular option for dogs!

The flavor is hard to resist which allows you to feed it to your pup like a treat, and within minutes you will start noticing the calming effect it provides.

It can be given as a preventive method, already before something triggers the dog’s anxiety, or you can administer it when you notice the stress symptoms.

Prevention is always best, but not always possible. It has organic ingredients and L-Thiamine which stimulates the dog’s brainwaves, promoting relaxation and calm.

This product also contains L-Tryptophan, ginger root, valerian root, and passion flower, to provide a mild yet effective stress-reducing effect.

+ Safe to use and easy to administer
+ Peanut butter flavor that is hard to resist
+ L-Thiamine for calm and relaxation
+ Organic and natural ingredients

Why We Like It – Many other similar products are beef- or bird flavored, and this is a great option for dogs that have a soft spot for peanut butter (who doesn’t?).

Natural and fast-acting ingredients make it safe to use and beneficial for your dog’s health.

9. POINTPET Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement

POINTPET Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement

Treat your aging dog’s joint pain and problems with this hemp supplement! It contains chondroitin, glucosamine, and yucca, along with the anti-inflammatory effects of the CBD – creating a force to be reckoned with in the fight to keep an older dog agile and pain-free.

These duck flavored dog treats are made with 100% natural ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the dog’s body, which means he or she can start enjoying the benefits almost right away.

It has been carefully lab tested to establish safety and quality, and POINTPET guarantees a positive change within the first 30 days, or you get your money back.

+ No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
+ With 100% natural ingredients
+ Promotes healthy joints and bones
+ Money-back guarantee

Why We Like It – Caring for a dog’s bones and joints is important already from the start, and as a dog owner, we owe it to our dogs to take extra good care of them as they age.

This natural supplement has calming effects while also boosting the dog’s skeleton and joint functions, and it comes in the shape of a delicious chew treat.

CBD Dog Treats Buyers Guide

Nobody wants to see their best fur friend terrified of fireworks, shivering in a corner as thunder roars outside the window or throwing up in the car on the way to that hiking trail you’ve been looking forward to exploring, and CBD dog treats is a great and quick solution to have at home for these situations.

Nobody knows your dog as well as you do, so you can learn to anticipate these episodes of anxiety, fear or aggressiveness, and feed your pup a CBD treat to try and stop it already before it starts. It is a natural and safe alternative to strong sedatives and harsh medications, and it is something that has the potential of improving the life quality of an anxious- or nervous dog.

There are a few different types of dogs and situations that could benefit from the use of CBD, and if you feel your pup might belong to one of the categories – then it might be worth giving it a try! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to help your four-legged companion overcome their troubles, their stressors, and their fears?

Separation Anxiety

First up is separation anxiety. A surprisingly big number of dogs in the United States, and in the world, suffer from separation anxiety. Some dogs pace endlessly while their owners are away, others bark or howl, some chew and destroy furniture and others might lick excessively on their own paws – potentially causing bald spots and rashes.

In many cases, separation anxiety can be prevented if the dog is properly trained at an early age, or it can be eliminated with patience and training later, but sometimes you and your dog might need a little help! CBD dog treats won’t solve the issue altogether, but their calming effects could make it easier to work with the dog to overcome their fears of being left alone.

Destructive Behaviors

So-called destructive behaviors usually have their explanation in some type of fear, anxiety or obsession. Perhaps the dog digs big holes in the yard, chews up every shoe in the house, barks non-stop at every noise from outside or howls as soon as he or she is left alone or confined to another room.

None of these are good for a dog, since it connects to stress and anxiety, and it is something you want to nip in the bud as soon as possible. Using CBD pet products can take the edge of whatever it is that provokes the unwanted behavior, which gives you the opportunity to start training to get rid of the behavior altogether.


All dogs fear something, but some dogs take that fear to the next level, where it starts to affect their quality of life. It can be thunder, fireworks, flies, the vacuum cleaner, other dogs, car rides or the neighbor with a beard, but once you feel that the fear is starting to take over – it is time to act. No dog should have to suffer because they are afraid, if it is not absolutely necessary, and CBD treats have been proven to greatly reduce extreme fear in dogs, cats and other animals.


An unwanted side-effect of anxiety, fear, and obsession is aggression, unfortunately. A dog that is scared might channel that fear and have it surface as aggression, where they might bite when feeling cornered or uncomfortable. This could quickly escalate and get dangerous; both for the dog him- or herself and for the pets and people close by.

If aggression surfaces suddenly, a veterinarian should be consulted to make sure it is not a sign of a medical condition or injury, but once that has been ruled out – CBD pet treats might be worth trying, since it helps calm the dog down, it reduces anxiety and stress, which are often triggers of aggression.

What to look for in CBD dog treats?

Many of these products are very similar, especially in terms of composition, ingredients and even presentation. You want to make sure that you are purchasing your product from a trusted source or brand, and that the product you decide to give your dog is made for pets.

CBD for people and CBD for dogs are technically the same, but the dosages are different, and you don’t want to accidentally overdose your fur buddy, which is why it is best to stick to products specially made for canines and other house pets.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is a chemical (1 of 400) found in hemp plants and in cannabis. It does not produce psychotropic effects, which many mistakenly think since what produces this in cannabis is the compound THC and not CBD.

CBD, on the other hand, has numerous documented health- and medicinal benefits – both in humans and animals – and it can help reduce stress and replace feelings of anxiety with those of calm and happiness.

It can also help reduce pain and inflammation, making it a good supplement for dogs with joint pain, and it has gained in popularity lately due to its relaxing effects on hyperactive, stressed, anxious and aggressive dogs.

Are CBD dog treats legal?

The short answer is yes; CBD is legal in dog treats and pet products as long as it derives from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. It may seem a bit confusing since CBD comes from cannabis, which is not legal everywhere, but products made for dogs sold commercially are legal, due to the two factors mentioned above.

Where can you buy CBD dog treats?

While some pet stores might sell CBD treats for pets, the easiest way to get them is through the internet. The internet offers a wide selection of natural and calming dog medication, and it is easy to compare prices and presentations, and that way choose a product that is right for you and your dog.

It does not matter if you have been looking for the best CBD dog treats Denver has to offer with little to no luck because let’s face it, when it comes to CBD dog treats Colorado might still have a few miles to go before they provide you with your preferred product.

If you shop online, it doesn’t matter where you live, since your CBD treats will be delivered straight to your door.

Will CBD dog treats make my dog “high”?

No. This is a common misconception when it comes to CBD dog treats and pet supplies, so let’s clear it up once and for all.

As mentioned above; CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant, but it is entirely different from THC – the cannabis compound that induces the sensation of being “high.” That said, your dog will not be affected the way a human smoking- or ingesting cannabis would be and will only enjoy the naturally soothing benefits of CBD.


Why let your dog suffer from stress and fear if there is a safe and natural solution to the problem? Let your pup try a CBD dog treat to see if it helps and discover how it gives you a better chance at succeeding in eliminating the fear or the unwanted behavior with training and patience.

CBD dog treats are safe alternatives to more traditional (and often strong) medications, that allow your dog to continue with his or her regular activities since CBD has calming effects without making the dog tired or drowsy.

Expert Tip

Always read dosage instructions on the back of the product, to make sure that your dog gets the amount he or she needs for maximal effects.

Did You Know?

There is some research indicating that CBD may have an anti-tumor effect, which would mean a reduced risk for certain cancers when using.

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