Best Calming Treats for Dogs

Top 10 Calming Treats for Dogs (2021 Reviews)

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It can often be hard to keep our pets well behaved. That’s why many people use calming treats for their hyperactive or anxious dogs. These behaviors are often by-products of anxiety, so a calming treat will benefit both you and them.

The best calming treats for dogs are administered regularly and contain a myriad of healthy organics, such as hemp oil, CBD or CBD oils, vitamins, roots, chamomile and more. These help with anxiety, digestion, stress, nausea and other aspects of general health.

Not all of the best dog calming treats contain active ingredients. Chewing also helps to ease a dog’s anxiety. We recommend these indestructible dog toys.

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We have spent countless hours finding the best dog calming treats so you don’t have to.

These products are made by reputable companies, backed by consumer feedback. You’ll find something to help every dog’s anxiety below.

The Best Calming Treats For Dogs Below:

1. KarmaPets Calming Treats

KarmaPets Calming Treats for Dogs Tub


KarmaPets Calming Treats are one of the best dog calming solutions on the market, with glowing Amazon reviews from experts and owners alike.

These treats are highly affordable, so trying the best calming treat on our list won’t break your bank. Buy these training treats here.

KarmaPets calming formulas help balance your dog’s brain chemistry, reducing stress from daily activities, loud noises and other problematic situations. Give your pup daily joy with a happier, more relaxed state of mind.

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Around 105 separate calming treats are contained in each 8oz bag.

This equals a month’s supply, contained in a recyclable, resealable jar with a lengthy shelf-life.


KarmaPets treats are 100% vegan, containing only natural supplements such as passion flower, hemp oil, chamomile extract and more.


Organic hemp oil and valerian root in these treats for dogs help to reduce stress without triggering fatiguing side effects.


Our choice of best calming treats for dogs prevents common stress symptoms like barking, whining and scratching.

These dog calming treats also encourage good behavior during travel, walks and social events. For the best results, combine with a harness.


A safe and organic supply chain ensures these calming treats are free from GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.


+ Natural, healthy ingredients.
+ Balances dog brain chemistry.
+ 100% money-back guarantee.

2. Zesty Paws Calming Bites

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Zesty Paws are one of the best calming treats for dogs. They collaborate with the pet industry’s brightest minds to incorporate the latest breakthroughs in treatment for anxiety in dogs.

They are devoted to customer trust, revealing every ingredient on the packaging with nothing omitted. Zesty Paws calming chews have been a cornerstone of anxiety relief for many years.


Zesty Paws calming soft chews contain around 90 chews, which should last for 1-2 months of regular use.


Zesty Paws use only safe, organic ingredients suitable for all breeds and ages. These are complemented by a light turkey flavor to ensure these calming treats really are a treat.


Zesty Paws dog calming treats utilize suntheanine, which stimulates your dog’s brain waves to reduce anxious thoughts.

Suntheanine also calms without inducing drowsiness.


These calming chews prevent classic symptoms of anxiety such as barking, aggression and agitation. The soothing ingredients also help prevent hyperactive behavior;


Zesty Paws only contain organic, natural ingredients. They are tried and tested to ensure your dog’s calm and safety in any stressful situation.


+ Keeps aggressive/agitated behavior at bay.
+ Around 90 chews per pack.
+ Contains pure suntheanine.
+ Reduces stress.


– Using the suggested dose of 2 chews per day may make the pack finish quickly.

3. Pawlife Calm Pup

Pawlife Calm Pup


Pawlife calm behavior pup chews address the problem of your dog’s anxiety while providing nutritional benefits. Pawlife strive to calm and elongate your furry friend’s life.

Pawlife was a forerunning in identifying that dogs need health-conscious care and thought as much as we do. Their calming treat contains vitamins and natural ingredients to treat anxiety and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.


Pawlife calming treats for dogs contain around 120 units. This should be enough for around a month and a half of regular use.

All ingredients are clearly displayed on the packaging.


Pawlife understand that animals prone to anxious thoughts aren’t always interested in dog calming treats containing healthy and natural ingredients. That’s why they masked their healthy blend with a duck flavor, for nutrition which doesn’t compromise on taste.


Pawlife natural calming aids use a healthy cocktail of organic hemp, chamomile, passion flower, valerian root, ginger root and l-trytophan.


These dog calming treats keep your pet serene and aggression-free in stressful encounters, including those with loud noises, unfamiliar people and more.

Simply administer a few hours before potential stress and enjoy the results.


Pawlife’s all-natural calming aid comes with no fillers and a 100% money-back guarantee!

Every calming treat pack is manufactured in the USA, under strict guidelines and regulations.


+ Contains quality ingredients.
+ Helps reduce agitation/frustration.
+ No filler by-products.
+ 100% money-back guarantee.


– Some dogs may dislike the duck flavor.

4. Petipet Calming Bars

Petipet Calming Bars

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Petipet have a clear vision of what they want from a dog calming treat. This includes an efficient approach to both nutrition and anxiety treatment. Their vision is reflected in the high quality of their Amazon reviews and specialist feedback.

An all-natural mixture of herbs, vegetables and fruits (such as watermelon) give these bars their calming effect. Petipet bars contain no harmful chemicals, sweeteners, soy, wheat or other by-products.


Designed for convenience, Petipet treat bags fit snuggly into any bag or dog backpack.

They are fantastic value for money, with each 180 unit bag lasting for two months at the recommended dose.


Petipet’s efficient blend of herbs, fruits, vegetables and more works to counter both your dog’s anxiety and improve their general health.


The list of dog-friendly ingredients in this product is staggeringly comprehensive, including apples, carrots, hemp, chamomile, passion flower and the curious baobab tree extract, which is known for compact nutrition.


These bars will leave your dogs event-ready. They relieve separation anxiety in dogs left alone, as well as helping to calm your dog for events such as fireworks, lightning, busy celebrations and more.

This means they’re perfect for bustling times of the year like Halloween! Not got your dog a costume yet? Try these awesome Halloween costumes for dogs!


All-natural ingredients mean you don’t have to worry about side effects like drowsiness or fatigue. Petipet’s health-conscious approach also means your dogs will grow stronger, as well as braver.


+ Perfect bedtime snack.
+ No by-products included.
+ Prevents anxiety and aggression.
+ 180 chews.


– Bigger dogs may eat through the pack quickly.

5. Healthy Shelby Calm My Dog

Healthy Shelby Calm My Dog


As a relative newcomer to the calming dog treat scene, Healthy Shelby treats quickly established a reputable name. Vets and Amazon reviews alike attest to their power in reducing anxiety in dogs. Say goodbye to teething troubles, biting and loud barking behaviors.

Healthy Shelby treats use only the healthiest blend of ingredients for a balanced vitamin intake. These smart treats work to both calm your dog and keep them healthy.


Healthy Shelby treat tins contain around 100 chews, enough to last a month.

The packaging is also complete with a handy weight-to-dosage guide.


These calming treats are designed for healthy content. Feeding your dog these vitamin-packed treats may mean fewer trips to the vet, which is good for your wallet.


A recipe of powdered passion flower, ginger root, chamomile and more ensures your dog will be well behaved, without tipping over into being sluggish or drowsy.


A simple dog treat around half an hour before a stressful interaction will help to prevent agitation, sickness and anxiety


Healthy Shelby calming treats rely on 100% safe and natural calming compounds manufactured in America without imported goods.


+ Calms upset stomachs and induces calm behavior.
+ 100% satisfaction guarantee.
+ Stress-free within 30 minutes.
+ Nutritious & healthy.


– May require a week or two to see results.

6. Hanzi Pets Tru-Calm

Hanzi Pets Tru-Calm


Hanzi Pets brand has received much well-deserved praise over the last few years, both in Amazon reviews and veterinary recommendations. Their soft chews alleviate anxiety in dogs in a way which is healthy and sustainable in the long-term.

Hanzi Pets believe in using only the highest quality ingredients, which is why Tru-Calm treats are so popular. Anxiety impacts all dogs differently, but Hanzi Pets’ solution is all-encompassing.


Each tub of Hanzi treats contains around 120 chews, enough for a month’s use on average.


The herbal composition of this calming treat is masked by a natural duck flavor. Gone are the days of coating pills in peanut butter or wrapping them in cheese slices!


These dog treats include calming organic chamomile, valerian root, l-trytophan and ginger root.


Hanzi helps owners to take control by reducing stress, anxiety-driven aggression and more.

Their mild sedative effect also makes them perfect for indigestion, gas and vomiting. This means they’re ideal for anxious car travelers.


These chews only feature time-proven ingredients, like l-trytophan, that support a calm attitude to uncomfortable and frustrating situations.


+ Contains organic ingredients.
+ Helps with nausea.
+ Perfect for a bedtime snack.
Ideal for sensitive stomachs.


– May take over 2 weeks to see effects in your pet.

7. Lively Pets Ultra Soothe Calming Aid

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Lively Pets’ aim to provide long-lasting solutions for pets that suffer from anxiety. They boast one of the highest success rates on this list for separation anxiety, agitation and more.

Despite being a new brand, they have over 300 positive reviews on Amazon. This is because Lively Pets calming aid for dogs uses only organic and natural ingredients to fulfill their motto of providing pets with a longer, calmer life.


100 chews fit snuggly inside of Lively Pets’ pocket-sized tin, meaning you can keep your pet calm and collected wherever you go.


Passion flower gives this supplement its calming power. This organic ingredient reduces the nerve cell activity your dog experiences in aggressive or anxious moods.


Passion flower, chamomile, l-tryptophan and ginger root naturally relax and calm your dog in any stressful situation, whether it’s meeting new family members or spending time away from you!


As well as preventing classic stress symptoms, Lively Pets calming treats for dogs treats spasms, gas pains, vomiting, upset stomachs and other more uncommon gastric problems.

This makes them the perfect treat for dogs with an anxious belly!


Unlike many other dog treats on this list, Lively Pets avoids valerian root because not every dog may tolerate it well. This level of caution is applied throughout their manufacturing process.


+ Helps with spasms.
+ Reduces anxiety and diarrhea.
+ Stabilizes pet mood.
+ 100% money-back guarantee.


– May not be as strong as other chews.

8. Strawfield Pets Calming Soft Chews

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As a family-owned business, Strawfield Pets has come a long way. Their safe and effective treats have received much praise in Amazon reviews and people worldwide value their incredible versatility.

People from households with a large variety of dogs swear by these treats, as they treat stress and anxiety no matter the dog breed or size. They are perfect for separation anxiety, storms, hyperactive behavior, vet visits and more.

They are especially useful for those more fearful dogs who are fresh from adoption shelters.


Strawfield pack 120 soft chews into a small plastic tin which fits easily into any pocket or purse.


These dog calming treats are nutritious yet deceptively tasty, thanks to their bacon flavor. This is enough to leave most pups begging for more!


Strawfield chews use a healthy blend of organic and relaxing herbs to induce a calming effect. These include valerian root, chamomile root, ginger root, passion flower and l-tryptophan.


Strawfield treats’ main selling point is their versatility. They work to help ease the huge range of symptoms which anxious dogs display – from aggression to whimpering, Strawfield can help.


All ingredients are sourced from US soil and manufactured in a sterile, monitored environment at Strawfield headquarters.


+ 100% made in the USA.
+ Reduces separation anxiety.
+ Ideal for all breeds.|
+ Results within 30 minutes.


– Some dogs may not enjoy the flavor.

9. Valerio Organic Dog Hemp Chews Calm Treats

Valerio Organic Dog Hemp Chews Calm Treats

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Valerio love to give back. That’s why they donate a pound of dog food to a shelter with every purchase. This level of love and dedication goes into every pot CalmTreats, to ensure no dog has to live in fear.

Premium selections of all-natural ingredients at affordable prices are what gives CalmTreats an edge over their competitors. If you are looking to create a stress-free environment for your pet without breaking the bank, look no further.


Valerio dog relaxants come in a travel-friendly plastic case, weighing only 17oz and containing around 120 chews.


While designed for anxiety relief, Valerio are also sure to steer clear of unhealthy ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat and sugars.


Valerio utilize five powerful, organic ingredients known to help relieve anxiety, stress and frustration. These include hemp oil, valerian root, chamomile, ginger, passion flower and l-tryptophan.


These chews prevent stress and anxiety symptoms such as excessive barking, licking, aggression, hyperactivity and destructive tendencies.

They are also perfect for preventing pet travel sickness.


Valerio ensures your dog’s safety through rigorous site inspections by third-party groups. They also only utilize natural ingredients to create a healthy calming treat for both body and mind.


+ Includes 5 organic ingredients.
+ Prevents anxiety & motion sickness.
+ 100% money-back guarantee.
+ Gluten-free.


– May not work as effectively for all breeds.

10. Shed Dog Calming Soft Chews

I Ruff You Calming Soft Chews


Shed Dog soft chews are designed to give your pet maximum organic anxiety relief without resorting to chemical drugs or veterinary anxiety medications. Their 100% organic ingredients help dogs of all breeds and sizes to cope with loud noises, panic attacks and other overwhelming situations.

These calming treats for dogs taste great, are easily chewed, and maintain lasting effects when used regularly. Shed Dog avoid heat while manufacturing to ensure more vitamins and nutrients are retained.


The Shed Dog package contains 12.7 oz. worth of chews, which translates to around 95 individual treats.


Shed Dog calming treats for dogs are nutritious despite being designed primarily for anxiety relief. Their all-natural blend is beneficial for all breeds and sizes.


Passion flower, ginger and chamomile are combined in a heat-free environment for maximum nutritional impact, granting anxiety relief without tiring side effects.


Shed Dog is designed to help your dog with all the common symptoms of anxious thoughts, such as excessive barking, separation anxiety and aggression.


All production is overseen by qualified professionals and each ingredient is vet-approved. Shed Dog chews are designed to support a beneficial diet.


+ Heart-shaped treats.

+ Heat-free manufacturing.

+ USDA certified herbs.

+ 100% satisfaction guarantee.


– Some owners may not notice behavioral changes.

Calming Treats for Dogs Buyers Guide

What to look for in Calming Dog Treats?

As dogs cannot feed themselves, it is our job to monitor their diet. This huge responsibility can often be overwhelming, especially for new owners.

After all, each brand claims to be the best. As such, it is key to know the right product for your dog’s needs. A trip to the vet is the best way to clarify which treatment suits your dog’s situation.

We have created the following list to explain away the jargon of calming treats for dogs and ensure you make the right purchase. Before making your trip to the store or to Amazon, read below and get informed.


Calm dog

Packaging can be vital when making a decision. Bear in mind that packaging is designed to attract you, so don’t be fooled by cheap tricks and colorful designs.

When buying dog supplements, ensure the packaging is well presented and provides a comprehensive ingredient list.

Filler Products

Carefully reading the product packaging can save you from inferior products. Steer clear of supplements using filler ingredients such as soya, wheat and sugars.

While these ingredients are not necessarily harmful, they aren’t helpful either. They can cause weight gain and usually signify an inefficient product. Aim for packages that clearly display their filler-free composition.


Taste varies widely between products. Whether or not you need a flavored calming treat will depend on your dog’s disposition. If you have a fussy eater, it makes sense to choose something pleasant-tasting over the herbal flavor of some supplements.

Bear in mind, flavors often come at the cost of nutritional value. If your pet is fussy, you may also consider coating their supplements in peanut butter.


To remain competitive, many treats that help with dog anxiety are also designed to double as nutritional supplements.

Dog anxiety relief

Look for brands which avoid using heating processes in their manufacturing. This ensures maximum nutritional retention, meaning more vitamins for your pup and more value for your money!


Many ingredients in calming dog treats are very similar. Most chews contain five common herbs which aid with anxiety relief.

The following sections will explain how each ingredient works.

Ginger Root

Ginger helps prevent upset stomachs and nausea, rather than anxiety.

This makes it perfect for dogs with motion sickness, sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. Ginger also reduces bloating, which is ideal for large breed dogs prone to this problem.

Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory, making it great for early cancer symptoms and joint diseases, such as arthritis.

Valerian Root

There is much dispute over the beneficial properties of valerian root for dogs.

While being popular in anti-anxiety treats, it isn’t suitable for all dogs. Some dogs may react well, some may react negatively and some may not react at all. Unfortunately, this all depends on your dog.

However, valerian root is not dangerous. The worst-case scenario is an upset stomach. Valerian root is also unfit for dogs with itchy skin or dogs who run hot, due to its warming properties.

Valerian root is mainly valued for its anti-convulsive properties, which help treat conditions like epilepsy. It is also ideal for dogs with upset stomachs.

Chamomile Flower
Chamomile flower

Chamomile flowers are a go-to herb for dog anxiety calming treats. They help your dog by soothing the digestive system, calming aggressive behavior, healing wounds, dispelling bacteria and getting rid of worms.

Chamomile is a mild herb and 100% safe for most dogs. However, just like humans, some dogs can have allergies. This is why it’s important to start with small doses of anti-anxiety treats and work upwards.

Passion Flower

Passion flower is a high-quality ingredient which can help reduce many symptoms in anxious dogs and help calm many stress-induced behaviors.

This flower improves your dog’s mood and prevents destructive behavior by stopping important neurotransmitters from breaking down.

It also helps seizure-prone dogs by increasing GABA levels in the brain.


As an essential amino acid not produced by the body, L-tryptophan is one of the most valuable supplements.

It is important to include l-tryptophan in your dog’s diet, as it regulates stress levels in the brain. It is also a serotonin precursor which determines your dog’s happiness levels.


Dosages for calming treats usually work based on pet-size. A guide should be printed on the packaging of your product or on a leaflet inside.

The guidelines are usually as follows:

+ 2 chews for weights up to 25lbs.
+ 3 chews for weights up to 75lbs.
+ 4 chews for weights over 75lbs.

Do Calming Dog Treats Work?

Like any organic medicine, doubts are often in our thoughts when it comes to calming treats. However, many buyers experience great results.

It may be the case that your dog doesn’t react to a specific treat. Different products work well for different dogs. Finding that a particular brand doesn’t work is not uncommon.

This is why it is important to explore a few brands before committing to bulk-buying any product.

Are Dog Calming Treats Safe?

Calming dog

All dog calming treats made in the USA are overseen by rigorous third-party inspections, tests and safety checks to ensure your dog gets safe, high-quality products. If you are shopping on Amazon, look out for products shipping from outside the US – as they won’t be covered by this guarantee.

However, it is still important to allergy test your dog with small doses of each treat before starting treatment. Just like humans, our four-legged friends can be allergic to individual ingredients.

Following a week of testing, it is safe to increase the dose. Remember, most owners only see noticeable results after two or three weeks.

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