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Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Review

Whole Earth Farms puppy food and adult dog food is produced by Merrick Pet Care – a company with many years in the dog food industry. They have been making delicious dog treats since 1988, and high-quality premium whole farms dog food and other kibble and wet food varieties since 2003.

Merrick Pet Care got its start inside the Garth Merrick family kitchen; where Garth himself set out to make his own nutritious dog food for his furry friend Gracie. He wanted her to have the best that there was, because just like most responsible and loving dog owners – he felt that she deserved it. This eventually turned into a business, and they have continued to grow ever since.

Today, Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food is available for both dogs and cats, and there are several wet and dry options to choose from. All their products are made in their own factories in Texas, and they have recently gone on to build a spectacular state-of-the-art building which is now being used as their new site of production. The company prides itself in using no ingredients from China, and instead, they use locally acquired ingredients with a known origin and of guaranteed quality.

As an additional plus, Merrick – the company behind Whole Earth Farms grain free dog food and other products – also work actively to improve the lives of animals in need, by being involved in rescue groups, donating and participating. By purchasing one of their products, you get a chance to lend a hand to a company that truly cares.

About Whole Earth Farms Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food has skipped all the unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients; such as animal by-products (a low-quality protein source), soy, wheat, artificial color, flavor and preservatives, corn and other fillers, and they have instead chosen to use natural and wholesome ingredients.

The first listed ingredient is always a premium protein, followed by vegetables and fruit, and they offer both grain-free options and Whole Farm dog food with grains, for you to pick what you feel would work best for your dog.

Whole Earth Dog Food requires a reduced amount at each meal, due to its high nutritional content, and it has an ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and more to keep dogs all sizes happy, healthy and content. There are also a few different product lines to choose from, as the naturally complete Whole Earth Farms society aims at satisfying the individual needs of every dog.

Whole Earth Farms dog food reviews seem to agree that most of the products offered seem to live up to the same standard so that you can choose freely. The product lines available are:

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Range

Grain Free

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey

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The number one ingredient is either deboned meat, poultry or fish; providing the lucky eater with a great source of premium protein for lean muscles and never-ending energy. There are ingredients with natural supplies of fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin so that you can keep feeding the same food also as your dog grows older.

Strong bones, joints, and immune system are all key aspects when it comes to allowing a dog to age with grace, and with this dog food Whole Earth Farms make sure your pup is taken care of throughout their whole lives.


This Whole Earth Farm Dog Food takes canine nutrition back to basics. It is a Whole Earth grain free dog food loaded with meat; poultry or fish depending on the flavor variety you choose, and it is crunchy and delicious. Each bag also has mixed-in freeze-dried raw pieces – packed with nutrition and vitamins, and an explosion of flavor is carefully baked into every bite.


Not all dogs do well on grain-free Whole Earth Foods dog food, and some dog owners still prefer the inclusion of some healthy grains. This classic recipe mixes protein, vegetables, fruit, healthy levels of fiber, whole grains and berries, and it has Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, along with Chondroitin and Glucosamine for healthy bones and joints.

Lil’ Plates

Whole Earth Farm Li'l Plates Dog Food

Small breed dogs and large breed dogs are similar in many ways, but they have slightly different dietary needs. This product line contains several kibbles and wet food products made to suit our smallest fur friends; with just the right kibble size and consistency for small and sensitive jaws.

Limited Ingredient Diet

Sometimes less is more, and this is definitely true for Whole Earth Farms Merrick limited ingredient product line. As stated by many Whole Earth dog food reviews, it is a line of high-quality products where the content has been drastically reduced. Only one protein source can be found on the ingredient list, which is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, food allergies or other stomach concerns. The simple composition aids with digestion and promotes functional metabolism.

All Wet

Merrick Whole Earth Farms also offers all their kibble products as wet and mushy canned food, that even the fussiest eater won’t be able to resist! Get it grain-free, with 96% meat, with a special recipe for small dogs or anything else you may feel your dog would benefit from. You can use wet Whole Earth Pet Food on its own or add it as a delicious topping, and Whole Earth Farms reviews can tell you more about each product available in the line.

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Recall History

Up to this date, there are no known Whole Earth dog food recalls, which is a good sign regarding quality and the care put into making the product. Who makes Whole Earth Farms dog food is relevant when it comes to Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food recalls, however, as some of their other products (such as Merrick) have had recalls in the past.

This does not necessarily mean anything, but while it is great to see that there has been no Whole Earth Farms recall, it is still important to consider that it is a new sub-brand that has not been around for very long yet. Keep an eye out for whole Earth Farms dog food recall updates, but this far the brand seems to be doing great.

Which Dogs Can Eat Whole Earth Farms Dog Food?

Thanks to the wide and varied selection (read Whole Earth Farms dog food review sites for more detailed information), any dog can enjoy the benefits of healthy and good Earth dog food.

There is Whole Earth puppy food (the Whole Earth Farms puppy recipe has been adapted to the needs of a growing dog), naturally complete dog food for all life stages, food ideal for aging dogs (seniors), Whole Earth Farm wet dog food, several grain-free options and much more. This means that no dog is left behind when it comes to nutritious and affordable dog food, and there is an option that fits every dog.

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Best Whole Earth Farms Dog Foods

1. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey

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A kibble is full of wholesome vegetables, fruit, added vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and – of course – high-quality protein. It is suitable for dogs all ages, and a Whole Earth Farms review favorite.

2. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Salmon & Whitefish

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Salmon & Whitefish

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If your dog is sensitive to chicken, which is not uncommon, this fish recipe makes for a great alternative! It is a naturally complete Whole Earth Farms dog food; with a high Whole Earth dog food rating in most Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food review.

3. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Turkey Small Breed Canned

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Turkey Small Breed Canned

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With this mushy and delicious small breed recipe – your fussy small dog won’t be able to say no. It is easy to chew, smells just like a real meat stew, has added vitamins and minerals and fulfills every small dog nutritional need!

4. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Healthy Weight Adult

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Healthy Weight Adult

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This Whole Earth Farms healthy weight product helps promote highly functional metabolism, it aids with digestion and contains just enough of each ingredient to give your dog what he or she needs – without adding extra weight. Excess weight can be a serious health concern for our canine friends, and this crunchy kibble will prevent them from packing on additional pounds. See more diet dog foods here.

5. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Canned Puppy Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Canned Puppy Food

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Merrick Whole Earth Farms grain free puppy food gets your puppy off to a good start in life, by providing the right levels of nutrition for healthy growth. It is a wet food that can be helpful during the teething process, as the puppy might be experiencing oral pain which then prevents them to eat properly.

Whole Earth Farms Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

Coupons and discounts usually show up for shorter periods of time, so it is all about being vigilant on websites that sell the product you are searching for. At the time of writing, Chewy offers a 30% discount Whole Earth Farms order, when signing up for auto-shipping. This is a good deal as you get a chance to try a product for a cheaper price, and you can usually discontinue an auto-shipping order at any time without restrictions.

Petco.com offers free shipping when spending over $49, and PetFlow currently has two separate offers on the table – $10 off plus free shipping on orders over $60, and 20% off on the first bag when you sign up for automatic and programmed shipping.


Is Whole Earth Farms Dog Food good for dogs? Yes, it is a high-quality dog food with a large variety of healthy options. Whole Earth Dog Food Ratings are overall high; placing their products on the top of the list of both dry and wet dog food. Whole Farms Dog Food reviews rave about it; not only due to its nutritional ingredients, but also thanks to the affordable price.

Good dog food should not be a question of the owner’s financial resources, as every dog deserves a healthy meal. A Whole Earth Dog Food review can only tell you so much, however, and it will be up to you to dive in to find the best food variety for your dog.

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