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Wellness Core Dog Food Review (2021)

Review Of Wellness Core Dog Food

About Wellness Core

Wellness Core and the Wellness family are not new on the dog food market, and they have been around for a lot longer than what one might think. It was in the ’90s that they started working towards healthier dog food that was also more sustainable and better for the environment, and they have been perfecting their recipes ever since.

Today, Wellness dog food can be found in stores all over North America and in many other countries, and its high Wellness dog food rating speaks for not only its quality ingredients but also for how it is a brand that dogs have come to thrive on.

One thing that makes Wellness different is how they have dedicated time and money to create sustainable initiatives – with the admirable goal of helping the environment. Environmental thinking is becoming crucial in the society of today, and it is nice to see a company taking this so seriously.

They are the first dog food company to partner with TerraCycle – a leading recycling organization that turns to package into new and innovative products. What is so amazing about this is that once your dog finishes a bag of dog food, you get to send the packaging to TerraCycle for free – helping the environment by choosing Wellness brand dog food over other dog food brands.

You gain 100 TerraCycle points for each pound of waste you send in, and these points can later be converted to money and rewards that you can choose to donate to the school or nonprofit of your choice. To participate, you need to go to the Wellness natural dog food website and register for their recycling program. It is completely free and takes only a few minutes, and then you are good to go!

About Wellness Core Dog Food

Complete Health Wellness Core Dog Food

As pointed out in Wellness dog food reviews – Wellness is a protein-rich kibble and wet food for dogs all sizes, ages, and breeds. It is made primarily with real meat, and depending on the presentation, you can expect to find meet listed first; or first, second and sometimes also third. When it comes to Wellness Large Breed Dog Food reviews agree on one thing – it is ideal for our biggest furry family members.

Their original large breed formula has deboned chicken listed first, followed by chicken meal and turkey meal. Real chicken has very high water content and can be somewhat deceiving when listed high on the ingredients’ list, but having it followed by two meat meal products indicates a high-quality dog food, as meat meal contains approximately 300 times the protein you find in the original meat product.

Is Wellness a good dog food? Wellness dog food is full of interesting and natural ingredients like flaxseed, carrots, spinach, broccoli, kale, blueberries, apples, pea fiber, dried ground potato and more, and it has added taurine for heart health.

There has been some debate lately regarding grain free dog food and its effect on the canine heart, but the issue is seemingly the lack of taurine in some of these dog foods. Wellness grain free puppy food and adult grain free dog food have good levels of taurine, to keep your pup’s heart strong and healthy.

The brand offers Core Wellness puppy food, Wellness wet dog food, Wellness large breed puppy food, several adult dog food varieties and food for senior dogs; giving you multiple options to choose from. Wellness understands that no two dogs are the same and respects it by creating several different but equally nutritious dog food lines. High in protein and fiber, with no fillers, preservatives or artificial color or flavor.

Wellness Core Dog Food Recall History

Wellness dog food was recalled twice in 2012 – once in May and then again in October the same year. The first recall involved the product Wellness Core Large Breed Puppy Food (Wellness Core Complete Health Puppy Food), and it was done voluntarily after Diamond Pet Foods announced a salmonella outbreak in their South Carolina factory. It was the only product affected, and Wellness supposedly no longer purchases anything from Diamond Pet Foods.

In October 2012, Wellness dog food recalled their Wellness Small Breed Adult Health dry dog food, due to possible moisture contamination. The company reported that a batch had presented signs of being higher in moisture, which could eventually cause mold, but they also stated that it did not present a health risk. This information is confirmed by multiple reliable Wellness Core grain free dog food review websites.

In March 2017, Wellness issued another Wellness Core dog food recall. This time it was the canned Wellness Beef topper, after suspicion of elevated levels of (naturally occurring) beef thyroid hormone. Neither of these three recalls should be a cause for concern, according to Wellness Core dog food reviews, as all three of these Wellness dog food recall incidents have been requested voluntarily and as a measure of precaution.

Which Dogs Can Eat Wellness Core Dog Food?

Wellness Core puppy food opens the door for puppies and young dogs; giving them a healthy option that will help them grow at a steady pace. Puppies have slightly different nutritional needs compared to adult dogs; where protein levels and more needs to be properly adjusted, and puppy food reviews praise Wellness and their high-quality products for being fully apt for growing dogs. You have the option to choose between regular Wellness Core puppy formula, small breed puppy formula, and a large breed Wellness puppy food.

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A dog food like Wellness works well for pups with health conditions and sensitivities, as they have cut out any artificial additive and replaced it with only natural ingredients. Wellness also offers a ‘simple’ recipe where only one protein source is used, which is ideal for dogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs.

If you are still unsure of what it is that your dog is sensitive too, you can opt for trying different products from the simple dog food line until you find the one you like best. Keep in mind that many dogs appear to be sensitive to chicken and/or eggs, so consider trying a variety without these two.

According to Wellness Complete Health dog food reviews (also backed up by the company website), all products contain healthy levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin – great for bone and joint health – making Wellness a great food for dogs throughout their lives, and also as they age.

You can easily start out with Wellness food for puppies, move on to one of their products for all life stages and finish with a senior dog food product; and that way you never have to make any drastic changes to your dog’s food. Wellness also offers food toppings for picky dogs, to make a meal more appealing and harder to resist.

Simply put, Wellness Core dog food is suitable for both small dogs, large dogs, puppies, and seniors, and there are healthy options to cover their every need from puppyhood to adulthood. If your dog has known food sensitivities, you might want to consult your veterinarian before making the switch. Choose Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy kibble if your pooch is young and adjust it accordingly as he or she ages.

List of Best Wellness Core Dog Foods

What would be considered the best Wellness food depends entirely on the individual needs of your dog, and it is up to you as his or her owner to figure out what variety would make the best fit.

Wellness Core reviews agree that most products in the multiple product lines live up to the same quality (some are given a 4.5/5 rating rather than a 5/5 rating by dogfoodadvisor.com, but mostly the same), which gives you the option to choose freely between kibble products, wet foods, food toppings and various different treats. Here are five recommended Wellness Core products, often mentioned in Wellness Core grain free dog food reviews:

1. Wellness Core Original Turkey & Chicken Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Original Turkey & Chicken Dry Dog Food

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2. Wellness Core Chunky Centers Chicken & Spinach

Wellness Core Chunky Centers Chicken & Spinach

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3. Wellness Core Reduced Fat Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Reduced Fat Dry Dog Food

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4. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Small Breed

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Small Breed

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5. Wellness Core Chunky Centers Tuna, Chicken & Kale

Wellness Core Chunky Centers Tuna, Chicken & Kale

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The easiest way to get access to a larger selection is by shopping online; where you can also compare prices to find the best option for both yourself, your budget and your dog.

Core wellness dog food reviews is another great way to find a suitable product for your needs, and you can always choose to look at specialized websites with Wellness Small Breed dog food reviews if you are looking for a new diet for your small fur friend, Wellness Senior dog food reviews if your dog is older, other Wellness Core dog food reviews and so on.

Wellness Core Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

Amazon Prime will occasionally offer 25% off Wellness Core products, so if you have Prime – you might be in luck! Verify directly at Amazon.com to see if the promotion is valid at the point when you plan to make your purchase, or otherwise just sit tight to see if it will be offered again. If you are signed up for a Newsletter, it is very possible that these could give you a clue.

Signing up for the newsletter directly at the Wellness Core website might also give you access to discounts and promo deals, but this could also change depending on your location and the time of year. Another idea is to look for discounts when you sign up for automatic shipment at websites like Chewy.com, or just look for the most affordable product online.


Is Wellness dog food good for our furry friends? Definitely! The brand gets an impressive 5/5 rating, not only from us but in many Wellness Core grain free dog food reviews, reviews on Wellness dog food and Wellness Core puppy food reviews.

It is made with natural ingredients; packed with healthy protein, taurine for cardiac health, fiber for better digestion and added vitamins and minerals. Wellness Core is a dog food brand offering complete and nutritious meals for dogs all over the globe.

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