pure balance dog food reviews

Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

Owning a dog can be expensive, with vet bills, dog food, toys, grooming, and more, the costs can build up. Dog food is often an area you don’t dare to cut costs.

Thankfully, with Pure Balance dog foods, you can afford to cut costs without compromising on quality. With natural ingredients, proper meat and grains in their ingredients list and delicious food your dogs will want to eat, this brand is a great option.

After trying out this product ourselves and delving deep into the brand, we have decided that this product deserves a 4.7 out of5.

Keep reading to learn more about our Pure Balance dog food reviews and why we gave it the score we did.

About Pure Balance

about pure balance

Pure Balance is a brand that is designed to be affordable while not compromising on quality. It contained great ingredients and is a good source of protein with sources of real meat proteins like turkey meal or real lamb as its first ingredient.

This is a Walmart brand, but that doesn’t mean it can’t compare to any other dog food brand out there such as Diamond Naturals, Dr. Tims, Iams, and more.

While it is a Walmart brand, it is made by a different dog food company known as Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.

They aim for local, natural ingredients with natural flavor instead of artificial flavors that you can find in other products.

Pure Balance also has a lot of options for your dog or cat, with grain-free dog foods still containing taurine, wet foods, and even natural rolls of food.

The biggest difference that makes it stand out from other dog foods in its category is the fact that it contains real, healthy ingredients like chicken meal, poultry fat, and brown rice.

When we came across this brand, we knew we had to do a Pure balance dog food review.

Overall, we give Pure Balance and their dog food an easy 4.7 out of 5. Keep reading to learn more about our dog food reviews and why we chose the rating we did.

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Pure Balance History

pure balance history

Pure Balance dog food was created in 2012. This product was created by Walmart when they saw a need for more affordable but nutritious pet food.

Though it is considered a Walmart product, it isn’t actually made by them. Instead, they use a company known as Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to produce a majority of their products.

This is a US-based product, made in Pennsylvania. They also locally source most of their ingredients, trying to stay within ten miles of their manufacturing plant.

Strangely enough, not all of Pure Balance’s dog foods are made by Ainsworth. However, the company that makes those other products isn’t very clear.

We do know that everything is made in the US, but some products are sourced throughout the world.

Pure balance has a variety of different types of dog foods. Not only do they have dry dog food that is available grain-free or with healthy grains such as brown rice, but they also offer wet foods, fresh sauce, and even whole dinners.

This is good for any dog, and you can adjust their meals as they get older.

They have won awards for their products as well, including winning the 26th Annual Retail Council of Canada’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Where is Pure Balance Dog Food Made?

where is pure balance dog food made?

Though Pure Balance dog food is a Walmart product, it is not specifically by Walmart itself. Instead, they hired a company under J.M. Smucker known as Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC.

They are the same LLC that makes the Rachel Ray Nutrish brand and another dog food that used to be known as Dad’s Pet Care before it was rebranded as Ainsworth Pet Nutrition in 2010.

The company hasn’t had the greatest history with its dog food brands with a lot of false claims and improper nutrition. However, since making the Pure Balance dog food, there haven’t seemed to be many issues, so we are hoping they’ve turned a new leaf.

This company operates out of Meadville, Pennsylvania. They also locally source their ingredients, keeping all of their food items within ten miles of their manufacturing plant.

Unfortunately, Pur Balance dog food isn’t made completely by Ainsworth. Some of their products contain ingredients sourced outside of the United States, though the dog food itself is still made in the United States.

Who this other company is hasn’t been released.

Pure Balance Dog Food Cost

pure balance dog food cost

As with most Walmart-branded products, Pure Balance strives to keep costs lower for all pet parents and dog owners. Most of their dry dog food costs just over a dollar a pound, while their wet food costs about 15 cents an ounce.

Though this may not initially seem like a lot, with companies like Blue Buffalo charging anywhere between three and five dollars a pound and above 20 cents an ounce for wet dog food, you can see how the costs can build rather quickly.

It isn’t the cheapest option either, as some dog foods will charge less than a dollar per pound, but those dog foods aren’t often made with quality ingredients or the right nutrition like Pure Balance has.

Pure Balance Ingredient Quality

pure balance ingredient quality
Images from Unsplash

Speaking of quality, you might wonder what actually is in Pure Balance’s dog food.

To start with, Pure Balance’s first ingredients are always the meat. So, as an example, the Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice dry dog food have chicken and chicken meal as its first two ingredients.

However, it isn’t just in their chicken dog food, their turkey recipe has turkey meal, turkey, and poultry fat as their first few ingredients.

Having real meat as your first ingredient can be very comforting and does make you feel like it is a step above other brands that don’t include meat or meat meal in their top ingredients.

There are some controversial ingredients in their list. This includes items like:

  • dried peas
  • pea protein
  • brewers rice

While these items aren’t inherently bad, they are considered controversial for a few reasons. For example, brewer’s rice, while it is often used for dogs with sensitive stomachs, is considered a cheap filler that doesn’t add as many nutrients.

Some of their grain-free options contain taurine. This is good because grain-free foods can actually cause harm to your dogs due to the lack of taurine. However, if your dog can’t eat grains, this is an alternative that allows them to still get the nutrients they need in their diet.

While there are some fillers, there are no artificial ingredients and they have a great fat, protein (including meat and pea protein), and carbohydrate ratio in their ingredients list. It also only uses human-grade food for all of its ingredients.

Top Pure Balance Product Lines

Pure Balance Dry Dog Food

Pure Balance has a large range in their dog foods. They have traditional protein and grain-like chicken, lamb, and beef but they also have a wild and free set that includes proteins like salmon and wild boar.

Their dry dog food doesn’t contain any fillers, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. They also don’t add things like corn, wheat, or soy, so for the price, you can be sure your pet is getting the food it needs.

They also have grain-free dog food in their dry food section that uses pea and pea protein on top of their meat so you can be sure your dog is getting the nutrients it needs.

No matter your dog’s age or dietary needs, you will find something your dog enjoys and can eat with this dry line.

Wet Dog Food

Pure Balance has some fun takes on their wet dog food. While they have the traditional cans, they also have wet dog food dinners. These are often meats with gravy and some vegetables. Both come in a variety pack option, so you can find the flavor your dog enjoys best.

What separates the dinners from the regular wet dog food cans is that they are often grain-free, and are single-serving meals so you can just place them on your dog’s plate or in their bowl and you are good to go. They also contain a full balance of vitamins and minerals so that you don’t have to mix them with anything to give them the nutrients they need.

Also included in the wet food option is Pure Balance’s Fresh line. These are tubes of meat that are set up to look like a sausage.

Usually, these contain superfoods and wild animals like salmon.

These are more expensive than traditional dry foods, but provide nutrients for dogs that might have a hard time eating hard kibble, or that just need a little treat occasionally.

While the cans aren’t bad, as they are a couple of cents an ounce, the fresh tubes are close to six dollars a pound. This is still cheaper than other brands but does hurt the wallet if you are used to only buying dry kibble.

Alternatives to Pure Balance

Diamond Dog Food

Diamond Dog food has products that will fit any dog’s needs including grain-free dog food.

However, for their natural line, if you don’t need grain-free dog food, it has a lot of natural ingredients. Chicken, chicken meal, and brown rice are your first ingredients.

It doesn’t contain some fillers like dried beet pulp, but for the most part, it is full of protein, vegetables, and minerals that your dog needs.

Unfortunately, their normal line does contain a lot of not-so-great ingredients like corn, by-products, and fillers that make this product not quite so good for your dog, despite having a similar price tag to Pure balance.

Iams Dog Food

Iams has a simple and natural line that has an all-natural flavor.

A downside is that it contains a lot of fillers unless you go with their more premium options. While there is chicken fat and chicken meal in their ingredients, they are low down on the list and primarily use chicken by-products. Also, even in their non-chicken recipes, there is usually chicken, which might not be good for your dog.

Also, their basic product line can contain rosemary extract. Though it isn’t a problem in small doses, too much can cause kidney failure in dogs if you aren’t careful.

Where to Buy Pure Balance Dog Food

where to buy pure balance dog food?
Images from Unsplash

Pure Balance is a Walmart brand, so if you are going shopping for it in person, that is the best place to check.

We haven’t found it in Petco and Petsmart when we looked in our area, so while it is worth looking there if it is all you have nearby, we don’t recommend relying on them to have it.

You can also find it on their online store and on Amazon as well. While Chewy is a great company to use for dog foods and other items necessary for pets, we, unfortunately, haven’t found this dog food on their website either.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls

pure balance dog food recalls
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Pure Balance experienced a food recall in 2021. This affected not only their wet and dry dog food, but their cat food as well.

The recall was due to possible contamination of Salmonella or Listeria, which is common in dog food recalls.

While this might seem scary and like the brand can’t be trusted, this actually isn’t all that bad compared to some other products that get recalled far more often.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, for the price, not much can beat Pure Balance. While you, unfortunately, can’t find their dog food everywhere, it is available in Walmart and online at Walmart and Amazon.

It comes with various products that suit your pet’s needs, no matter what they might be, while giving your pet the nutrients it needs.

Though there are much better dog foods out there, these also come with higher costs.

With no artificial colors or flavors, little to no fillers, and meals your dog’s love, you can’t go wrong. This is why, after our Pure Balance dog food review we gave it a 4.7 out of 5.

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